Friday, July 31, 2009

47th - stuck in the state of bored

I still run some errands alone as I usually did since I was in here, specifically when no testing needs to run, which is to be in the production line and monitor the employees, give some guidance if necessary towards on every single wrongdoing they have committed.

Since yesterday, I know there is no testing would be assigned for me and realize today would be a long day for me indeed. Not many things I could do today and I'm really bored to the death. I was becoming one of the slowpokes on this earth as my body didn't sweat even a drop. I need something that could an adequately kick my nerves to move and generate all my body cells so that I could be more energetic. Well, I don't have that for now.

It just a big lie if I said nothing happened on every moment that I went through today. I do through many things but it just the same circumstances, no extraordinary stuff happened to show any different. It's something like the same old drama that I wrote it all in the previous entries.

I never have intention to write it all over again as I know it would be a crappy and boring article to be. I'm also frustrated and fed up to write the same thing every day. I wonder when all this could change to something way different than this.

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