Thursday, August 13, 2009

56th - construction begins

Yesterday, I was mentioning about the rumors regarding the new development made by this company. Initially, I thought the enforcement will be start within 3 or 4 days ahead but obviously, my expectation is completely wrong.

Once I enter the motorcycle plant, I saw a few unknown people with the "temporary pass" tag attached on the shirts, kind of busy with their work, to gauge the boundary and make as many as required with the tiny string crossing to each other. While some people were standing and talking altogether while observing their labor completing the gauge task.

I let them to settle up their work (well, it was a very bored view to see them, did a general fundamental process in construction and I thought it's better for me to leap away), even sometimes I start to dream about my future - would be the biggest part of successful team in construction and managing the most of the biggest project in the future.

My focus is back to the motorcycle plant - tried to mitigate the battery rejection.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

55th - new development

It seems that this company has accumulated such a bunch of money since the early of their establishment. I'm quite shock once my ear get full with the rumors of a new building will be designed and develop straightforward in the upcoming days.

From time to time, this company tries to expand as wide as possible their wings in order to fullfill the non-stop demand and directly accumulate the massive profit as a reward. Since the half decade ago, this company never stops in order to develop new factories, warehouses, building and so on in order to support and balance the demand, which is keep increasing from time to time.

Surely, this construction activity and development project would be attracting enough fro my eyes as I'm a person who is the next engineer to be in the next few years. The purposed site is just right in front of the motorcycle plant and there is no reason for me to not make an observation at any time when all construction works take place.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

55th - new joints

Since yesterday, I realized that this company still desperate to find the manpower as many as possible to sustain and keep this company to reach its lofty goals - to supply batteries all over the world under the name of Yokohama Batteries, for sake of its profit.

There are 5 new manpower will be hired today and most of them will be located at the different department, respected on their skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, from those new manpower, no one is spared for QC department. Which is, this department is requiring the very high of labor to hold the quality control positions and vacancies.

I can't wait for someone to come and take my position as I'm assigned by my superior to be the temporary inspector at the motorcycle plant. My job and responsibilities in here will last whenever the new QC is promoted - agreed by the human resource management to approve this new inspector.

Monday, August 10, 2009

54th - lacking of rest time

First of all, before I start moving to the next paragraph, I just want to inform everyone that this is the scheduled post which was written down earlier in a word document before I transferred in the web page of mine. I can't post out this entry as I can't find the internet access here in my room. I've no idea what happen to this fucking college because it starts to create a problem with the internet connection. Surely a million of people are getting pissed right now and I'm one of them.

It seems that I'm quite busy with my activity during a couple of weekends. The day that I expect to sleep a little bit much longer. it would be more pleased if I lied down on the very comfortable mattress of mine until the brunch time. Yet, it was totally failed to achieve this objective that I set in my wise mind beforehand. Just imagine, yesterday I woke up early in order to go to my convocation ceremony (I'm afraid to miss the bus trip) and today, I still need to wake up early to go to work. It's quite similar situation but different purposes. After all, this is the life that I choose and I vowed for not to look back and retreat. Go Kamarul...Go Kamarul!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

weekend - convo, what a day..

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages and Mac Lovers, I have crossed the holy grail of formal education cycle and have stepped on to a new horizon. Where my future life looks easy to fill up the vacancies, gaining the holy source of money for my own livelihood, to feed and sustain without much effort.

I was having a chance to attend a wonderful convocation after I sacrificed almost 280 ringgit. The total fee wasn't including the guest that you might bring along during this ceremony in progress. I paid 280 ringgit just only for a couple of hours in order to sit, listen and watch the flow of this event, which I reckoned that it didn't take me the most. Well, money is something worth, but not for the services, it's worth nothing and nonsense. I'm supposed to deserve more great of joy which is suitable with the money that I have invested. I need something value for money.

Maybe some people would say, such event like this needs to be the greatest memories as it happens once in a life time experience. Its fine, these people do nothing wrong. Unfortunately, I'm not a person who is concerning in keeping memories in my head, or at least to frame any photo and hang them in the wall, staring on it all days even it just a glimpse. It just a waste indeed and make my brain a little bit messy. Literally, keeping memories is not my stuff, still many things need to think and I don't want to make the brain jammed when all of these matters are jumbled up. It's going to blow into a thousand pieces later.

From the whole event, I could come out with a short summarize even I'm not pleased on this ceremony:

Legenda Education Group (LED) held its fifth Convocation Ceremony on Sunday, 9 August 2009. It was held recently at Shangri La Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL. The Convocation Ceremony started with the lighting of the lamp of wisdom by the Chief Guest Dato' Saifuddin bin Abdullah (Deputy Minister of High Education) and other guests of honor.

This year, a total of 662 LEG students graduated in their respective fields of studies (correct me if I'm wrong regarding the total number). All 662 students were undergraduate students in various fields, namely Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Business Information Systems and etc. All graduates received their scrolls of honors from Deputy minister of high education, Dato' Saifuddin bin Abdullah at the Ballroom of Shang Ri La hotel.

p/s: Please be cleared that I've nothing to against the tradition or culture that was created since ages. It just my point of view, the way I see how I wasted much time and cash. After all, from my point of view, convocation is nothing. It doesn't help us even a bit in pursuit our carrier. So do in determining our next future and achievement. Dear folks, please do in believing me.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

53rd - a letter to Tai Kwong group

To all members of Tai Kwong batteries industry:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, all of us have done the company proud as we have a splendid production record which is, we able to produce out more than 150,000 automotive batteries for the month of July. It's clearly shows that we have earned the right to walk tall, knowing that we can achieve what was unimaginable since the first time I become the new joint of this group.

Personally, it has filled me with pride, being able to tell others especially outsiders or even my regular blog readers that Tai Kwong Yokohama Batteries is not the "Chinaman company" that some sneered at. We now have a team of professionals that withstood the pressure and challenges that management has thrown at.

I know that some of us in particular have been directly or indirectly affected by verbal and written reprimands and I'm glad that it only made us stronger and more determined to prove ourselves.

It's very much more than the 150,000 target breaking that should be highlighted but the ability to accept change to improve, is really beyond my expectation. Keep it up guys!!! Although credit should not be taken away from the marvelous effort by the production team, but recognition must also be accorded to the unsung and often forgotten people behind the scene.

The maintenance people that ensured less breakdowns and all the support people like me, which is contributed also deserve a pat on our backs. A special mention to our beloved manufacturing executive, Mr Todd Lisborg for his excellent production - management. Well, a celebration is in order and frankly speak, I'm proud to be a part of all this achievement.

Kamarulzaman Bin Nordin...
Quality control inspector II.
Tai kwong Yokohama Bhd...

Friday, August 7, 2009

52nd - Interested in table tennis


Well, I prefer for not jotting down anything like usually I did, which is most of the contents were probably related with my daily work. Nothing was stunning has happened, no extraordinary moment needs to share today, all I have is only to endure every bit of endless suffer that I'm facing very often almost in every day. Let's find something diversity apart from the working stuff...

Last Tuesdays, Tai Kwong advocated a table tennis tourney for all their workers. So, everyone could participate in this indoor tournament as long as they work under Tai Kwong properties including me. I'm the one who enrolled my name since the last two weeks when this tourney was advertised all over the factories. It's all free and the bills of all trophies or any sort of prizes are under company's financial management.

Once I enrolled my name in the registration sheets, I was eager to have at least a short training in order to improve my terrific skills. It has been a while that I didn't hold the table tennis's bad and I start my first step out with the training room. Here, the management provides a special room for training purpose and will let you to practice for how many hours you need depends on your endurance.

They only allow you to start your training at 6 p.m every day, which is after working hours and will be continued until the next 3 or 4 hours ahead. But, I just came once even some of them were practicing most in every day. The reasons are shown as follows:
  1. The distance between my home and the work place is around 20 Kilometers. It's far enough for me as I need to through the haunted area alone even it's not midnight yet. The route is extremely silence and very dark.
  2. It's not because I'm coward or no guts. The source of the problem is, I got problem with my sight. Some people do now how I'm struggling to see when the surrounding is very dark or too bright. Please don't mock me, mind you!
  3. After I finish my training on that day, I reached home around 30 minutes pass over 9 0'clock. Obviously, it's still early but I didn't think on that way. I grab my pillow, setting up my mattress and bed, felt asleep until the next following day without taking bath.
  4. During the practice session in the training room, I stood for no chance to get more point as all my services were replied with the opponent's crazy return. It's hard for me to find the starting point and the breakthrough of the ideal performance in this way, even some of them were trying to guide me. I burst out so much frustrated feeling on the way home. I was giving up.
Well, after I through all these moments, I tried to find a new way of solution. I was trying to ask all my colleagues or even their networking friend that they possibly have, whether they are interested with this indoor game or not. Unfortunately, it wasn't my day. It's hopeless when everyone gave me the same answers and those answers still can't satisfy me.

Thing was not getting any better when I need to go to Pekan for 2 days in a name of outstation for the sake of Tai Kwong dignity. I moved over there on Tuesday, the same day with the tournament took place and there's no chance for me to play. On top of that, even I still have a chance to play, I don't think I could make it through in the next stage. I'm surely will be kicked out during the preliminary stage. End of the long entry :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

51st - it's never change...

After 7 days that full of joy and excitements, now I need to put myself back on the track, to become a very responsible, energetic, hardworking and aggressive employee. Take and face everything no matter what, let them to stimulate with my passion and painstaking in order to done any task.

Well, it just a starting point for today, which I thought that I could revive and regain back the spirit of "working" beforehand. Unfortunately, it won't take long as the situation has forced me to switch the vision to something way different. Something that makes me sleepy, hopeless, annoyed and look so stupid. The situation that I mean is I need to cling around at the Motorcycle Department again.

As everyone knows, I was in Pekan for the last two days and have spent my own money for my budget including foods and any other expanses. Now, it's time for me to claim back all the money that was invested during the business trip from the management. Hopefully, they would give extra bucks to show their highly appreciation due to my diligent services.

Based on my money track backs, I was spending around 20 ringgit per day including foods or any sorts of diversion activity, Meaning, I was spending at least 40 ringgit for two days in a row. According to my department's clerk, management would contribute 30 ringgit per day to whoever which is need to work outstation at least a day without consider the location, whether the distance is quite far or not.

If you spend extra money which is exceeding than 30 ringgit per day, management are not going to cover back those extra money and they still pay you the total amount which is already stated on the agreement sheets. No privilege for you even you are the manager and they never concern about the location that you need to attend. So, you should be wised in spending all the time no matter where you are.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

50th - bad moments..

This entry is the continuity of yesterday's post as I wasn't had enough time to share my daily live experiences. Back to the topic, yesterday was a very tiredness day and everything looked sucks. It started with the people over there where they can't give their full cooperation with us.

Once again we have to work under the sweltering sun and things didn't get any better after we need to brought and remove all 73 pieces of batteries from a pallet and put it in front of the 73 units of trucks.

I don't mind at all if those trucks were located in a short distance from the pallet but thing's that totally makes me screw up is, we need to walk almost 100 meters with a very heavy batteries are hanging on our both hands. Just imagine how much suffer we have to endure if we need to remove all 73 pieces of batteries.

It's hard for me to believe that in a big company like this, they don't provide any forklift for the guest's uses or at least to provide a small trolley for us is just good enough and we are very thankful. They do have forklifts yet they were stingy to lend one of it.

This time, the task is quite tough and complicated. And the worst part, it takes a long time to accomplish. They were strictly prohibited us to work until the twilight come over or exceeding the time. As a result, we have to rush in installing the batteries before the approved time. Luckily we make it on time and I don't want to talk about the quality. Just imagine how was the quality if you work under pressure circumstance?

I dumbfounded for a moment once I heard they asked us to park our vehicle outside of the factory's boundary and not allowed us to park inside. I've no idea what were they thinking and what is the purpose of all this. They think that we are going to steal one of their vehicle products or abduct one of their securities.? Such a bunch of small minded people. So, we had to walk almost 300 meters before we reached at the work place.

At night, I was suffering bruises all over my fingers, yet I still could jotting down something inside my blog, that what I was looking forward when the job of the battery's installation get done. Well, I'm in my room now, waiting for tomorrow morning. Sometime I wish for the time to tick slowly as I'm very lazy to start working tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

49th - currently in Pahang for 2nd time

First of all, I'm currently blogging from Pekan, Pahang once again, online-ing with someone lappy and surely I didn't have much time to hold it on my grasp as the owner needs to use for working purposes. Yesterday, someone was calling me and wanted me to get involved in this business trip. Well, now I can see that I'm becoming one of the company's important assets as they still put a trust on me even I wasn't come to work yesterday.

Lately, seems that my schedule for these two weeks was full with excitements stuff as I was traveling out away far from my common boundaries. Last week, I was in Pekan for a business trip and in the last two days, I was in Perak in order to attending my Friend's wedding reception.

Right now, I never expect that I was given a chance to escort a special force to go to Pekan for the second time within a week, with a special purpose and objective which is to install back the batteries into the DMAX pick-up trucks.

There are 73 pieces of batteries with the loading around 18 Kilos need to be installed on the provided case, inside the truck's engine. Last time, the task is quite easy as we just need to take it out from the truck's front hood but now, it's getting a little bit tougher than before as we need to lift it with 18 kilos of load stick along and locate it properly inside the case. It quite tough and a little bit complicated as we need to ensure no scratch even a single line during the process takes place.

Last time, the time estimation is only 2 minutes per battery and now the time need to be expanded more that 4 minutes time if no problem arise. This time, we have to install more than 4 bolts and make sure it's tight enough. That's the main thing why it's costing me so much time. And the time estimation could exceed more than 5 minutes time if we have to face any lame problem such as loosing the screw or the bolt is not in the right socket.

Got so many thing need to be described here, but I'm running out of time right now as the owner of this lappy is going to retain his belonging in a few second time. So, got you tomorrow...

Monday, August 3, 2009

48th - cuti

I didn't come to work today due to the weaknesses condition of my entire body, the source is probably come from a 2 days trip to Perak and consequently, I felt so week since early in the morning even I was still could be able to wake up once my alarm rang out loud.

Yet I still have a spirit and decided to put some energy as a little effort to kick my ass to stand. Unfortunately, It just a waste once I remembered that all my uniforms were dirty as I left them unwashed since a past few days in order to travel to Perak. Quite despair a little bit Then, I decide to continue my sleep.

9 o'clock in the morning, an annoying sound came over from my phone. I could recognize of the ring tones and it was a calling from my office. Try to trace me and to ensure that I'm safe enough, asking me a concrete reason why I'm not coming to work today. I never know all these people love me a lot until they really want to know the roots of my reason. Well, I think it's such a nuisance.

In order to cover up the situation, one of my friends suggested me to take an emergency MC which, I could easily get from a particular clinic. At first, I'm not interested until I changed my intention in the late evening. So I went to the particular clinic and cheating the doctor once he asked about my illness.

I'm totally lost a big amount of cash as it was costing me around RM 30 ringgit for the medicine, just want to get a piece of precious paper that has written "medical certificate" on its surface. Well, what kind of sacrifice I did just now and it worth nothing. Surely I'll try to claim this on HR department especially for the cost of the medicines.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

travelling to Perak..part 003

After a few hours time we were sitting on the chair and while having a chit chat with all members under the massive concise tent and shelter, The groom, which is my friend was introducing his wife to us. I just can't hear her name clearly and I've no intention to know more. I got nothing to do with her name I suspect but based on what I heard, she's an Indonesian. Not a common Indonesian that we could easily find as a maid or whatever, but she's an autocrat which is living with fancy stuff and luxury lifestyle.

It's time to move our ass away to the next location. We though that it was enough time to spend with our marriage friend and seems that his hands would be busy once all of us disappear from his ground yard. I'm sure he has to clean everything, clear up all rubbish, get rid and vanish all unnecessary stuff away from the eyesight that would ruin down the scenic ground yard.

So, once again we have to split into a few bunches of people, this time it's not two, but three groups which is, one group was heading to Penang, one group to Parit Buntar and the other one was headed down back to KL. I was in the group which is to Parit Buntar as we had a place to sleep and rest. It's a rented house that belongs to one of my friends. Luckily, no one is going to be a tenant of the house and it's so obvious that we had a chance to have a place to stay.

At night, we planned to roam all over the penang island. Franky speak, I couldn't find myself to enjoy the sea view as we traveled at the night, almost midnight actually. All I can see is only a black wall which is completely block my eyes. It was a little bit frustrated feeling actually as this is the first time ever I'm going to step over the Penang ground.

No many place we could hung up as the weather was on the raining mode. Once we satisfied on what we had through and experienced, we decide to went home and take a total rest before we headed back to KL. Before that, we were trying to trace the gang from Sentul but we failed. Too many obstacles need to face and one of them is, one of the car was lacking of fuel, forcing us to forgo our plan on that night.

After a long tighten sleep on the very comfortable mattress, the noon was coming, We get ourselves prepared for the way to back in KL. As usual, it took almost 4 hour time on the journey. Plus we had stopped at R&R in Sungai Perak. That was the last station we stopped and the next location is in Sentul. From sentul, once again Jang and I rode away from KL city to where we came from. Until Nilai's tol plaza, we split away to the next destination.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

travelling to Perak..part 002

From the stall we move straightforward to Ayap's at the very early in the dawn and the time was very late, around 3 o'clock in the morning. I felt guilty at the moment I knocked the door, disturbing someone while he was sleeping. But we don't have a choice and I don't want to sleep anywhere like homeless people even sometime we look so. We aren't junkies to sleep on the bus station or any public shelter indeed.

Ayap was welcoming us with his ugly eye bags, seems that he was sleeping for a long time yet still drowsy. The mattress was ready to have my tiredness body, I just bedridden and felt asleep once I put my head off the pillow, waiting for the sun to arise on the next day. We have a long journey to go through.

Next morning, almost 20 people were ready to go to Perak. The mission is quite same, to attend one of our friends's wedding reception in Taiping. From 20 persons, 12 of them are from Sentul itself and the rest are former students from LEG college. Even we are not from the same clan, yet we have met quite often before this in so many times. Therefore, we know each other even we are not so close.

Sentul were moving first and left us behind as we need to wait another person from Kuantan. At first, he decide for not to come until he switched his decision at the very last minute time. Consequently, we need to wait him to reach Sentul until afternoon. While waiting for him, we decide to find a special present to show our congratulations due to our friends towards his wedding. So, we accumulate a few bucks to find a big one.

The journey began just right at the afternoon. At 3 o'clock in the evening, we were finally reached over to the groom's house. The rain was falling down yet it was not so heavy, it was drizzling. Once again, we met up with those Sentuls clan and obviously, they were full enough and all of them in a lazy mode. We did a handshake with some of the people that we thought as the groom's family members or important people that have responsibility to ensure this event to succeed.

We were offered to have some dishes and drinks which is already served and waited to be eaten. We were starving to the death and without wasting time, I fed up everything until I burped out and alternately drinks a few gulps of water, just to make sure the digesting process went smooth through the intestine. Sometimes I almost mustered out as I stacked in too many foods.

travelling to Perak..part 001

I'm planning to go to Perak, not for a business trip but to attending my close friend's wedding reception somewhere in Taiping. This plan was issued since the past two weeks in order to get everyone's approval and setting up everything accordance to the event based on the group's compromising. The event is exactly on Saturday and I have no option except to take a leave for a day.

I move out from my apartment and through the accommodation surveillance gateway at the midnight and headed to Nilai as someone was waiting me at somewhere. In a way from my apartment to Nilai, there are many haunted places that always been talking utmost everyday by the population here. So, I've to go through alone all these horrifying place that full with hair-raising rumors of ghost story at the middle of night. You just imagine how scared I was at that time.

I met Jang at the Nilai's Tol Plaza and we had a short conversation before we continue our journey and headed to Ayap's in Sentol. Jang was coming from Melaka as he works over there since 6 months ago after he graduated from this college. It has been a while that I didn't meet up with this guy.

We were in Sentul after a few minutes time of riding and united with some friends over there and manage to find any stall that still run their business at the very late night. All of us will join the trip to Perak and tomorrow will be more person would like to escort. With the relax setting and with a few cups of drinks get served on the table, waited the hot drinks to reduce the temperature a little bit lesser, we start our conversation with the variable of topics and most of the topics are related in what we are up currently.

Most of us have our own carrier apart from me which is still a student and obviously no special commitment to take care of. It has been a while that we didn't hang up like this since all of them graduated from undergoing their HND during the old days. From my point of view, they don't change much and show no different at all. They still stay with their own personalities that I know before. Having this change to mingle with this people is a very lucrative moment.

Time was switching into the dawn and everyone decided to split away to their home while me and Jang moved to Ayap's which only a few seconds away.

the journey will be continued. A plenty of dramas still to come....