Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The test for my wisdom


Today is Monday, July 16, 2007 and I’d like to present something in my blog. It’s not so important and not too interesting as well but it could be entertained you very well somehow. Just hope you all will enjoy this SHIT.

I just want to clarify about my terrible weeks that I must go through with the damn assignments and the tension exam week, the exam that will test my wisdom as a Civil Engineering student. The exam will be held in just 2 days which is starting by tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (Tuesday n Wednesday)

Yeah!, it's not such a novelty moment, just 2 days but I feel like a big calamity come through over my head. It's burden me with no specific boundaries and I feel like my head will detonate into a thousand pieces.

For sure, exam is the main villain for every single student in the earth. No doubt! My cardiovascular is just starting to pump over my blood rapidly than it should be and my chest is trembling after reminiscing my trait which always forsake my studies.

The mourn thing is, I was occasionally present all classes which has stated on the schedule, and always neglect my lecturer during they give their lecture as well (Silly me) I’m very terrible sorry to my lecturer. Please forgive me oh my lecturer!

It's not just my fault, the one who needs to be blamed is the people around which always instigate me to do other thing rather than listen to your boring babbling. All lecturers need to commendable whatever they didn’t do to improve the student’s knowledge. I didn’t meant to offend anyone, I just tell the truth.

Who else that can make me lose of concentration except the people around me? (Think it) Argh! I'm starting to talk nonsense right now. I’m terrible sorry. I just want to defuse all the disputes and misconception which had happened to me.

Back to the main point, there are only 2 subjects that I’ll sit for the paper out of 4 subjects that I run in this semester. As an exam candidate, I need to gain and raise all information related to the real questions that will be asked in the exam.

Monitor all possibly answers from the prediction questions which had presented from my lecturer perhaps will make me more tranquilly during answering the questions on the answer's script

I also need to more befriend to my lecturer and every clever student in my class It seems unreliable for me that such a notorious of a lazy person to do such thing, but I think I still can be a worthwhile person rather than I just petrify myself and dream to increase my pointer.

I just want to show to everyone my real existence and avoid them to keep despised me. Yeah, I got a new willpower and desire after I was completely finish my assignment, but honestly, I’m not done at all, still have a single assignment remains.

Even it is a small amount of number, but there are a lot of implementations need to be taken. There’s no resort for me to relax until this crucial week over. Sometimes, I just want to commit suicide but when I think it back, it just vain, beside that’s not the best procurement of settlement of any problem.

After this horrible week, I’m free as no more assignment, no more exam and all I got after that is self-esteem of FREEDOME. This boredom week will stop to torture me. It such a nuisance! But all that thing will happen after I through this week. The exam which is withering and frowning me still need to go on, my misty eyes need to implement their obligation, make all researches and revision based on the recent note.

I need to emphasize tomorrow's paper and the data to make sure my answers are more sufficient and reliable. I do a teeny-weeny note, but thats not for cheating during the exam, just for my preparation and hopefully it will be useful duly it purpose. We know right, we are not allowed and completely prohibited to cheat.

Aftermath from my past behavior, from now on I need to push hard of memorizing all answers that would be jotted down on the answer's script. The old british aphorism just happen to me, what goes around comes around.

This nowadays moment will be my remembrance and be my good riddance for my bad habit. No more last minutes of completing assignment, no more forsake my studies. Everything will be changed in the next semester right after 2 weeks breaks.

Yeah baby, I’ll pledge my clause. Acquiring a great pointer will be constantly of what I’m aiming in this semester. The initial movement that I got to do now is, expand all essential answer and memorize it, there’s no resort to understand every single points.

I’ve no time, it would be worked if I do this for the past weeks ago. But right now, I’ve no choice, I’m literally desperate, maybe I need to stop here, this entry seems sufficiently at this daytime whereas I got many thing need to do.

I just wonder and fallacy about the aphorism, which 1 is correct? What 'goes around comes around’ or ‘what comes around, goes around’ but what ever it is, for me both sentences are actually related to each other nowadays. We just can’t blame only a single party, other parties should be blamed as well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Very Brand New Assignments

Today is Monday, July 9, 2007. The time now is 12.40 in the afternoon and this weekend is sucks. Do you know why? Because I need to face about 5 new assignments. Those assignment's briefs have published out by lecturers.

I need to pursue a time to settle up these tasks before 18th July. There’s only a couple of weeks ahead. If I’m not done yet before the date line, I’m screwed up and I’m the dead meat my friend. No doubt!

Don’t you think I’m too pathetic right now? All weeks that I’ll go through soon are very horrible as no games, no exciting activities at night and so on. Everything is all about the task given. But something that I can’t miss, the evening sport, whatever happen or how busy I’m, I can’t just sit in front of my desktop, stare the bright monitor.

Oh no man! That’s totally makes me feel unpleasant. At least I need something to reduce and decrease my tension. I’ll become an insane and totally can’t handle well the situation. Plus the latest matter, I’m just submit 4 assignments a couple of weeks ago.

After checking by the lecturer, there still a mistake which need to be corrected. So I need to redo my assignment but not overall, just the particular task. After I got this massive calamity, everything will be completely changed such as the time would be an equinox, no time for oversleep, the thing which always lingering in my mind is assignment. I'm going to be crazy soon. Argh!

But I need to regain back my spirit, get back my willpower as all these are completely related to my future and my fantastic dreams. Even my dreams keep fluctuated, at least I have a dream rather than I got no ambition to pursue. Furthermore, I state a clause and promise to all my beloved person, that I will study hard, stop fooling around, restrict the excitement from over the boundaries and everything that would makes me forsake my responsibility as a student.

I pledge them a crucial successful, promise for dedicating my time in books and whatever that relate with education stuff, but what can I do, I'm vulnerable of sick of those crappy things even I don't want to mess up with them in long term. At the same time, I tried to not devastate all kinds of promises, but, I can’t. I’m just a normal human being.

Back to the main point, about the very new assignment, there are 5 assignments that I need to run before the final exam that will be held in couples of weeks ahead. There’s no time to fool around, all I have to do right now is just concentrate to the task given, surfing the internet, refer to the lecturer's notes, copy from others and anything that will produce and gather me a solution.

Even I was completely prohibited to done something forbidden technique such as copy from others, but I’m unable to follow the constitution that was monitored. Occasionally, we also need to done something wrong to raise something tolerable rite? I’m not wondering about those who was succeeded also just did something wrong for their self-importance.

I have 4 subjects in this semester and it's required me to accomplish 9 assignments. It's clearly a real big of numbers. Nowadays, I had done 4 assignments and there are 5 assignments still left. MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES AND APPLICATION (MPA)- I got 2 more, CIVIL ENGNIEERING CONSTRUCTION A (CECA)- I got 1, SITE SURVEY PROCEDURE (SSP)- I got 1, and PROJECT MANAGEMENT (PM)- I got 1.

The total is 5 assignments. Argh! I’ll be suffered and tortured all day long. Someone please help me! So, I need to manage my time well to make sure all my leisure is completely off and make the time more efficient.

If I’m just neglecting all importance time, for sure, it will be threaten my pointer and of course my reputation as a no. 1 rookie in diz college :D I need to become a talkative person to gain an imformation, no time to feel shame to each people, everything need to get done faster soon or I’ll deserve something bad.

For sure, trying to complete all these crappy things would make my wrist painful, maybe I need to massage or warming up 1st before I start to type something on the computer's screen with my fingertips.

Moreover, when I pushed all over my afford to settle this, I eager to deserve the DISTINCTION based on my afford that I have poured over the task. My intuition convinces me about my existence to accomplish this.

In a few days ahead, I'm still optimistic that I’ll done this triumphantly and I’ll hit all barriers and obstacles by my own afford. All I need is composure and tranquilly while completing this, sometimes I feel like I’m trying to defuse a nuclear bomb which stuck in my head!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Abadiah, Shell Mantin, Petronas Nilai, Rumah Syak, Sukan Malam Shah Alam, KL dan Cheras Downtown

Assalamualaikum and very good evening to all my acquaintances. Today is Sunday, the exhausted Sunday noon actually and I just woke up. As usual, before I fall asleep again, I like to jot down something in my blog. It's quite interesting but not entertain you at all as it just happen to me and a few persons only.

I’m the story teller and you just need to read every single word that I have produced here. Alright, we start from the time now, the time now is 1.30 o'clock in the evening and the day, as I mentioned before, it's Sunday.

Yesterday, for the whole day, I got nothing to do with my leisure and just concentrate and gave full dedication on the task given from my lecturer, it makes me sick of thinking and surfing the internet, try to find the answer that I don't know where they are hiding from me. I’m just fed up and mourned badly.

Let start pal. The time shown was 3 o'clock, so I decided to take a rest for a while and just went for sightseeing around my accommodation. During stroll around in my college area, I met my friends at ABADIAH, which is the most popular restaurant among the rest here.

So I joined them, ordered a glass of sirap bandung from the waiter, watching my friends eating their food, it makes me starved. I think, maybe I should join them and eat rice with a few dishes which has served for customer.

The taste is not too bad, that's why there’s no hesitant for us to enjoy the food in here, but this restaurant still have drawbacks especially their service. The drawback is, I tell u, please don't order any kinds fried rice even nasi goreng biasa or nasi goreng kampong.

1st, the taste is extremely bad and very disappointing. 2nd, their chef took along time to cook the fried rice and to serve it. I don't know whether the restaurant only have a single chef or other matters, but for sure, the service is very bad.

After 45 minutes sitting and chit chatting with my friends, we decided to move, a few persons planned to go to Mantin to settle down their business, and I followed them as I have a mundane affair over there as well. I need to buy a bottle of 2T for my bike. So we need to back to our apartment first.

Then we took our helmet and started our trip to Mantin together. It just about 4 to 5 km from our college. After bought the thing that I need, I had changed my fundamental plan as I went to SHELL. Over there, my friend wanted to wash their motorcycle.

And the worker is about to start their obligation, a few friends also came over there after a few minutes past, everyone had done their business and they look very interested to watch the worker washing the bike. Actually, the place that we came over are nearly, just a few blocks of building, that's why we can assemble at the SHELL after we finished our affair.

Afterwards, my friend regain back his worthy bike and it's ready to use, the worker had washed the bike, but the owner was not satisfied about something, there are a few spot that still overwhelming by an oil.

The dirty place was revealed so the worker need to wash again but this time, only at the oil spot. We all still on poise and totally composure and don't want to make the situation more complicated, just let the worker done their job. After that, everything has done, the new shining bike is ready on action.

After that, we came back to our accommodation while 1 of my friend needed to move to KOMUTER BATANG BENAR to fetch someone, I’m not sure whether his broad or his friend. Ah, let it go! I don't want to be a jerk. After we arrived at the accommodation area, we were not came over to our apartment, but we were LEPAKING at one particular area.

After a few minutes, my friend suggested to go to SHAH ALAM to watch Sukan Malam Activity. It’s a great idea. Furthermore, I got nothing to do at the night, so maybe I should join the idea and enjoy myself rather than I just sit at home and suffer of boredom. Moreover, I'm a person that have an attribute of vulnerable of bore.

At the time we had compromised, we started our trip from Mantin to Nilai and straight to SHAH ALAM, the time is 7.30 pm in the twilight. Moving out from the accommodation’s surveillance gateway with just three bikes with 5 persons, we trough to Nlai. Over there, we need to refuel our tank as initial preparation for a long journey and to ensure our bike is not lacking of fuel.

We went to Petronas Nilai for that purpose, after everyone filled their fuel, we continued our journey. We had to stop by at shak’s house as he needed to take something. After a few minutes of waiting, he appeared back and we continued the journey.

This time, we went straight and didn't make any stop by at any place. On the way about 30 minutes, we reached over there and trespassed the event area, it's beside the stadium and to not wasted any time, we searched for parking and park our bike at the strategic area.

At this place, I need not to worry anything whether my bike or police. It's because this time, everything is legal and the bike, there are a few marshals were taking care our bike as long as we don't park outside the parking boundaries.

So there’s no point for morons or crooks to try something stupid such as stealing any part of the bike. If they do, something bad will served them right, but surely I’m not convincing you but you better trust me, the marshal also need to take responsibility to refuse any chaos that will be probably occur. I’m not sure what was the time we had reached, but for sure, the function was all about to start.

Luckily, we were not too late to watch an uncommon stunts that were showed from the rider, so we rushed to the particular location to enjoy it. 1st, we went to willy area that show every single person who wants to challenge their ability of PACAK.

The person who has done that in the longest time will get the gift from the administration, it such a competition for mat rempit actually to restrict them to make a crazy work at the road. Yeah, everyone is talented, I don't know what makes them happy when they willy. The tire just fluctuated and the rider needs to control and balance their bike.

It just like that I think. After bored of that action, we moved on at the other particular area, this time, we watched the weekang… haha…if willy, the front side tire will go up, reversely, this time, the backside tire will raise up. To make it, we need to find the suitable speed before we pull the brake trigger.

If we just brake not within the suitable speed, surely there’s vain as our backside tire will not raise up. But it still a terror action and would face any pitfall if we careless. We need to have an enthusiasm of willpower.

I think their dedication and willpower need to be exemplary by everyone in everything they do. Moreover, at the other area, we can find the special competition, the lowest hazardous and lowest possibility to drag anyone who tried it from get a broken bones, the competition is riding the bike as slow as possible, the slowest rider will get special recognition at the end of the event.

Afterwards, we moved on to other booth which is the place that show the creative and the pretty bikes. After observed the bike which is attracting us, we eager to try something that seldom to find out at any area. For me, this is probably the second time and for them, maybe it is the 1st

time ever.

We had a chance to play a paintball. The most popular, most expensive sports and high probability of illness, I tell you what, if you just get shot by the bullet, oh man, you will suffer for a moment. Want to try?. Hell no rite!

After completing the game, we just sat at our bike, there's no show was running anymore as everything had finished and the winner had been decided. After a few moments, the administrative announced the winner for all categories and the winner look very ecstatic of the result and the gift as remembrance.

I got envy with them as they just made everyone impressed and they made it triumphantly. Can you imagine, getting something like that from KBS can make you proud? I don't care what kinds of style or method to get the recognition, but, if I can grab a loving cup from the government, it makes me pleased. I feel like I want to seize the cup. Surely!

30 minutes past over, the administrator declared the event is over. So we needed to move out from the area, our new location now is Shak’s friend house at somewhere, I don't know where as I just forget to observe the signboard which has provided by the local authority. Straight to the point, we reached at the place. Met a few persons and moved on to Dataran.

The time shown is midnite. We moved crawly to KL city. After riding a few minutes, we reached over there. The fundamental plan is to watch the other function from mat rempit. But its pointless as the function was not begin yet. But we keep waiting. There was no sign for the function to start instead the situation is totally gloomy.

Subsequently, we decided to go to Cheras Downtown except shak and his friends. Just a few km from dataran. Right there, we spent a few bucks to get something. Stroll around the area and tried to find something special. We just spent almost 2 hours of walking. During walking, as usual, our stomach was starving.

So we went to food court nearby the trade center. A few moments were passing through, and the time now is dawn. So we decided to head back to our home sweets home. We informed shak that we are about to move out from KL. And he replied and insisted us to wait for him. So we keep waiting at PETRONAS in the way back.

Waiting for a quite some times, shak had arrived, he told us there were a big fuss between 2 kinds of motor clubs. But I ignored as I didn't understand what is the situation actually. Furthermore, there’s nothing to do with my life.

Consequently, we headed back to our accommodation and there’s no harmful circumstances as the road was clear from any car.We reached over the area in 4.30 in the dawn. Yeah, it's very exhausted trip for me. My eyes were starting to misty and sleepy. Then, I get my shower and lied down, then I felt asleep.

I think, that's all for this daytime which I can share with you as I'm lacking of idea now. The last thing that I would like to advertise to you is, don't forget to watch F1 today!