Tuesday, July 14, 2009

32nd - I bring the changing

I've see many big things change since I'm in here. Most of the changes are involving all crews and departments, the way it happened is pretty drastic and a little bit hasty as well. I mention about the 'big change' just now due to the truth situation. How come I can't consider this as a big change after they have practiced something for many years (it's so obvious to consider it as a culture) and suddenly they need to follow the new freaking lame regulations, probably provided by the top management to gain more profit I suspect.

A few changes happened so far since I'm in here are shown as follow:
  1. The whole maintenance departments has change to somewhere at the very end of the factory's boundaries. So, those who are in this department don't have any choice to walk in a very long distance.
  2. QC department would be change the location to somewhere but the place is still not confirm yet, still waiting for the latest decision. Surely, I'll be the victim to contribute my energy and hands.
  3. They are closing down their branch in Ipoh and transfer all management and production in semenyih, unite together and will be managed under the current management
  4. They change the working days from 6 days to 5 days a week but this privilege is effect for all engineers only.
  5. Normal worker as me didn't effect at all, yet our 15 minutes tea break time in the morning and evening has been annulled. What??? it's going to be a long day to wait indeed.
  6. Instead, they take 30 minutes time from our morning and evening tea break and accumulate with the lunchtime. So, we got an hour for lunch. What the hell, I'm not the one who take 1 hour time just for lunch then, when I finish my foods, what I'm going to do next? sleeping but where? I'm going to be the dead meat.
The office claimed that this is a part of the group's initiative to provide quality weekend to all employees. it didn't make sense, this is annoying!!!

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bloodytiramisu said...

ur job's new changes..it sucks.