Tuesday, June 30, 2009

20th - the sequel of unfortunate things

Last night, I took my dinner at somewhere outside and this is the first time I didn't cook for my dine. This time, the sabahan were accompanying me and we were talking about many topics mostly about something I didn't have any idea before, not until they reveal them and that's what I get when I associate myself with prudent people. This is our last met before they takeoff and headed back to peninsular soon and more specifically, they will not come back again as they have completed their bachelor except for a few reason they can't avoid and need to come back. I would lose some friends again but I will try to stay in touch with them as possible as I could.

I went to work like usual but not in a normal way as I faced so many complicated moment. I woke up late today and have to rush all the way once I opened up my both eyes so that I couldn't late for my thumb print. If I'm late, surely my wedges will be deducted as a penalty for my own mistake. Today is not my day as I always stumble up with so many trouble in everything I did since from the morning until at this moment and absolutely flawless free.

  1. I woke up late and a little bit panic when I was thinking about the time, whether I still can take my breakfast or starving all morning. So I decide to take it and stay with the decision until I was full.
  2. Can you believe my bike's engine went off in the middle of the traffic jammed, just right in front of the traffic lamp post. I released my clutch a little bit early and was not pulling the throttle sufficiently when the red light turns to green. It was such an embarrassing moment for me and you just imagine how clumsy I was at that moment.
  3. I was given a task today which is to conduct an attachment of SOP card or what do we call as Standardize of Procedure (if I'm not mistaken) at all machines in the Motorcycle plant. It supposed didn't take many hours but I did almost in 3 hours time. The reason is, I found myself in trouble with the laminate machine. It's a very brand new machine and I just create the problem by using it without follow the instructions provided.

Monday, June 29, 2009

19th - temporary QC in assembly dept.

As usual, I came to work and met my supervisor after 5 days without looking her face since last Thursday. That is my routine in every morning before I start my duty and without my supervisor around for a couple days back, frankly says from my little heart that I never miss her even a bit, maybe because she's not contribute something that influenced me much.

Back to the story, at first, she told me for not to do anything at that moment until she calls me up. Before I step out from the office, the assembly engineer wants me to replace one of the QC inspectors in his department as that individual who is supposed to in charge was on the emergency leave. I just snatch that offer as I think that it would be something interesting to go through.

I was in this department in so many times before, regularly when I was a new comer and still use the "temporary past" in my grasp and the sole card for me to access the factory. The point is, to get myself familiar with all battery process and expose myself all over the machines. And today, I was in here again with different time and objectives which is to be one of the inspector and try to enforce all checking system in a proper way.

It was not easy actually and I was struggling to understand all the requirement process of checking. Even I know that I'm just a support person, leaning something new is always be in my top priority and the sole motivation of me painstakingly leaning all the process is just to get some skills so that I could run the machines again, in case when I'm in need. It takes me a while to warm up on it and i just did the basic process and prefer on that way. I didn't want to explore more as I don't want to ruin the machine's setup. After the whole day to get myself involved with the production line, I could say now that most of the checking techniques are in my pocket.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

weekend - a series of unfortunate situation

I was in Putrajaya last night with a bunch of my fellow friends as we planned to watch Transformers, revenge of the fallen in somewhere around Alamanda. I'm literally can't wait to watch it, so we moved out together promptly at 9 and reach over to the location after few minutes time.

Unfortunately, things were not happened as we want, all seats were not available anymore even a single seat. This is probably happen because everyone still eager to have a sit for the movie as the rumors claimed that this movie will going to be the best selling in worldwide once it release out in the cinema.

Then, we try to switch the plan from watching Transformers to another movie and we got a few choices. Another unfortunate situation appears, all seats available were unable to occupy all of us. So, we come out with the new plan, this time, someone was proposing to play bowling as a replacement activity. Everything weren't right last night after all lanes were full. Owh my god, what a waste.

we had our dine at somewhere in cyberjaya before we continue our trip to KLIA. Just want to enjoy the night view over there while waiting for a few aircraft to takeoff or landing from the runaway. Once everyone felt bored, we headed back to college in the dawn and a few unexpected situations happened. I just don't want to write down those things as it was nothing to do with my life, it's messed my entry with something that I don't really like to pan out instead.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

18 th - same old drama to share

It was Saturday again and I came for work today even a half of my inner part was whispering for not to do so. With my little soul boost out, I vowed to myself for not to skip in every working day unless I don't have any option. I used to wake up a little bit late mostly around the brunch time if it is Saturday, the off day for every single student including me where we don't have any classes to attend except a revision class or something else. Well, I have to wake up early nowadays due to my new commitment and hopefully I could bear with it for a couple of months ahead.

My supervisor didn't come over for 3 days in a row and thing was not getting any better after most of the engineers that I hope could help me to kill some boring also were not coming. What the hell on the earth is going on? So who will be in charged to guide me and monitor all the staffs around the factory? The answer is no one will keep an eye toward us and once again. I was lost for no reason as I was so damn bored.

Motorcycle plant was not produce any battery today as the lead plate (one of the battery's nondetachable material) was running out. So the leader was coming out with the temporary plan which is, to decorate or do some changes with their working place so that it's more comfortable and spacious.

Not so many different compare with the assembly department, their production is pretty slow after they have to close down 3 production lines out of 4 lines which are available. Meaning, only a single production line was still producing batteries while the rest were urgently need to close down due to a few reason. While they were thinking for the solution to overcome the problem, I decided for not to get myself interfere from their business and I ended up the working day by ran some errands by my own.

Friday, June 26, 2009

17th - worth experience

I've no idea why I'm suddenly very excited to blog out and put something, purposely to share with my regular blog readers. This is probably because of what have I done today is way different from my daily basis. It's normal to get excited on something that you never ever expect. You would have the real excitement when you are experiencing something outstanding and when it just happens once in a lifetime.

For two days in a row, my supervisor was on her leave and once again, no one is going to guide me or at least to let me know what is actually I'm supposed to do today. I don't have a clear view of what is the next stuff that I have to take responsible when I'm so obsessed to explore more in this battery industry.

I offered myself to every single engineer on each department in case they are desperately require a favor or at least a company, it would be something advanced if they were willing to take me as their temporary assistant. I think that I'm expecting too much here, silly me.

I'm going to simplify this as I don't have much time to waste. Afterward, someone gave me a phone call and asked me a favor. He was an engineer from battery formation department and he offered me some job. I'm quite happy as I was deadly bored of doing nothing and I just accept the given opportunity

First thing that comes around in my head was, how hard it can be? Well, the job description is something like this, All I need to do is to polish away some minor scratches on the battery's seal until it changes from the uneven surface and become a little bit shiny. It was not so hard yet it takes time to make the surface looks even and I have to bend my body all the time. Consequently, my back was in pain and I was sweating out so much drops for something that is not under my knack.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

16th - hari ni aku free

First of all, no stunning moments were happened today. I'm still stuck with the same thing everyday, same old drama that I've to go through all over again and again no matter what before I decide to come out with the resignation letter. So I'd keep all the details brief and for those who feel like this entry is quite boring, please move to another entry or skip away from this page is highly recommended.

As my routine before I start my duty, I'll meet my supervisor to get some specific schedule order whether is there anything I need to do especially in term of testing or I would be free for the whole working time. If everything is confirmed, then I'll proceed based on the task schedule provided from the QC manager.

My supervisor was on her leave today for unknown reason. As usual, no specific instruction is assigned for me and clearly I could walk free to everywhere. I prefer to get myself in the motorcycle plant based on a few reasons that I stated on the previous entry. For better understanding, take a short tour and go get them by yourself. It was a boring day indeed as the time was ticking slowly and annoying the hell out of me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

15 th - out of idea...

While waiting for the new vibration tester to develop by the special team from R&D *R&D stands for Research and Design*, I already know since from the very beginning that it would be a long day today. Normally, if I don't have any test to run, I would be in the production line and monitor all operators do their job. Sometimes I feel like a manager or an engineer that always staring at the workers, to ensure in every single thing must be in perfection and think about something profitable all the time that makes their head spin.

Today, I prefer to be in motorcycle plant as it is a very peaceful department, less in term of noise and dirt. It's not a very narrow space and has a very high roof so that the air ventilation could flow very smoothly. The heat produced out from all running machines would float up and will be sucked through the suction pipe. Before the air is about to release, it must be filtered first to make sure all unwanted materials or waste are not going to pollute the environment. That's why I'll come by in this place regularly so that I could release away some tension.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

14 th - betul, rosak balik.. buang parit jela..

I'm still having my mood to write down about the vibration tester in this entry and I think only this issue could makes myself a little bit lesser from the very high tense, mostly gather from the working area. Almost in every previous post, I was jotting down something related to vibration tester as I always working together with this stuff. I can't describe anything else that obviously I don't get myself involved apart from this one. All posts are based on my reality life after all and I start to fed up.

After a few days the vibration tester is under the workshop department for repair, the engineer who is responsible to design back the machine has officially inform me that the machine can be used again. So, I moved the machine by my own and no one came for help. In here, you have to work by your own except you are desperately need more hands in order to finish something. You'll have no option to take and asking someone around you for help is much better.

I start to proceed the testing which is delayed due to the previous problem and it was looking good for the first 45 minutes. After the time range, the machine starts to develop the new problem. This time, the basement for the motor, or what they call as bracket has a major cracked. If I still proceed, surely it would crash in thousand pieces.

I manage to report this new defect to my supervisor and she has issued this matter with the engineer. The engineer concludes to design a new testing machine which is more durable and more sophisticated to replace the old machine. This current machine is no longer use and ready to throw in the junkyard. Only that I could understand as they used to speak Chinese all the time.

Monday, June 22, 2009

13th - motorcycle plant

I was inside the motorcycle plant just morning, as I didn't have to put my commitment on any types of testing today. The motorcycle plant is a new production line and starts to run the operation since the last two weeks ago, almost the same date of my enrollment in this company. From the name itself, we would know that this production line is producing the battery product, especially for motorcycle use.

This is not the first time I was in charged in this department, I used to have a walk inside the area in so many times especially when I have intention to skip away from my work. Therefore, I'm so familiar with the people over there including the line leader, post burning team and the packing crew. Most of them are foreign worker especially from Nepal and Bangladesh. Working together in different language, different race, different culture and also different religion is not easy, yet it's not so hard if you know the limitation and how to communicate better with the people around you. I could see they do tolerate to each other and solve the problem appears together. Such a great bonding of humanities.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

bilikku da cantik,

I'm sick of seeing my messy room which is full with my jumbled up notes at each corner of my room, debris from the old boxes and dusts are floating freely at the atmosphere. Not to forget, spiders and a few teeny - weeny insects were moving crawly and construct their web for their solid hideout doesn't make things any better unless dirty.

It's a good timing as I'm off from duty and clearing away all unnecessary stuff would be the terrific activity to fill up the time. I took almost 2 hours to settle everything and now I could say that my room is much better compare with the previous circumstance.

It is a little bit neater and tidier room after I pour out almost all of my energy on it. I've no idea how come I could live in the most messy and miserable room of mine so far. Actually, I wasn't sleep in the room :)

This is the weekend I was looking for since a couple of weeks ago. Today, F1 race is coming back for their action after the long break, not so long actually but it's enough to despair me. I miss the roar sound, come out from the engine, it's so manly. Nothing much I want to say, just a short fact to share with all of you. So, take a short tour in http://www.formula1.com/

Saturday, June 20, 2009

12th - jadi mando

Today is Saturday and I never expect the time is revolved much faster than I thought. Usually, I was deadly bored to wait for the day to change and now everything is switched far from it's normal. It's totally different. What I'm trying to deliver is, you would feel the time is ticking a double faster especially when you fill your life with something, it doesn't bother whether you like it or not. It's more effective when you have the enthusiasm in everything you do.

My supervisor is on leave today and no specific task was assigned for me. So, an engineer asks me a favor to replace one man from his team. I accept the offer with my heart wide open and hope it would be something that could be fascinating me.

However things aren't happen as I wish. This job is quite similar with my job routine, still standing stupidly at the production line and observe the operator while they were doing their job. I was strictly prohibited to give a hand or interrupt in their business even I know I could do that much better. Now I know why the engineer asked me for this, he wants to ensure those operator are committed in doing their work and not skip away from their responsibility. It's kind of a boring job!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

11th - aku start boring...

Like the days before, it's not so hard to work in here especially working as a QC inspector instead, it's not a pleasure job as you think. Nothing much you could do except to follow all lame rules and manage to get your job done. Different thing happen for operators, they do their job repeatedly every day. Even it doesn't expose them in many situation, at least they have something to do rather than standing idle and do nothing. You could imagine the time goes by so slowly if you put yourself in my place.

I was in the office and met my supervisor as she told me to do so yesterday. She asks me to accompany her to go to the workshop department and see whether any effort is applied to the vibration machine or not. The worker is just do their work very well as they could detect what is the main problem. He told us that the machine would be ready for action in a couple of days.

That was the last moment I'm enjoying my work today and it took only 30 minutes of time. My supervisor asks me to keep an eyes in the assembly department while she was headed back to the office. For your information, Assembly department is the worst working area after Pasting department. It was noisy, dusty, miserable and disgusting place. Indeed, I hate this place.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

10th - masih dgn mesin rosak..

Nothing much I could do in the 10th day after being involved in this batteries industry. No specific task was assigned for me in the morning and I decide to look after the vibration tester. I kept trying for the breakthrough of the problem made by the vibration machine. Well, the machine still doesn't improve any and all my effort is just vain. It was ended by reporting the crappy problem to my supervisor.

My supervisor managed to issue this problem at the maintenance department. A few minutes later, two practical students came in for help. I did a short briefing regarding to the problem and explained how the machine is supposed to function. We start to come out with a few possible ideas and proceed along with the solution. Once it's done, I start to give a test in order to ensure no such problem from happen again. It was looking good at first time, not until I increased the frequency, the motor and the plate were unable to rotate properly and not stable anymore. Instead, new defect appeared.

No option could be made unless to send this machine at the workshop department for rebuild again. The machine is extremely broken.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

9th - bodoh punya mesin

I was continuing the task that I began yesterday which is the vibration test. After quite some times in trying to obtain the data, I start to lose my composure and become impatient. By using the vibration meter, the wire from the meter is connected to the vibration machine and once the machine start to vibrate, the vibration meter will show the result in numerical format due to the vibration at the plate.

Unfortunately, not every single data shown is relevant with the vibration produced out by the machine. The reading is not accurate anymore. It supposes to be like this, when the frequency is increased, the vibration is getting harder and the reading from the meter should be higher and higher. Nevertheless, this situation is not happen and the reading is fluctuated. I aware about the source of the problem, it is coming from the vibration plate itself and the rod of the motor.

After a few hours working together with this crappy machine, finally it was brake down. I took almost 2 hours to recover the defect and regain back the power, but it's not stay long. The gear was snatched out from the orbit and the gear is failed to rotate. Nothing much I can do as the time shown is almost at 5 o'clock where it is the time for home.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8th - ujian getaran dan uniform

From time by time to day by day, everything is new and it is getting a little bit much better even a few circumstances still not really suitable on me. Still, I'm trying my best to make myself able to adapt this uncommon situation, even I start to realize it was totally absurd to go through. After all, nothing is perfect

Do you still remember in the previous entry? I had been stated down that I was fixing the vibration machine. Today, I was given a chance to conduct a test regarding the vibration of the green batteries by using the machine I fixed recently. The objective of the test is to find out whether the acid inside the container is spilling out and splashing to everywhere from the seal or not. If the result shows that the fluid spills out from the battery's container, it means the machine of "heat seal" process has a problem. The further action need to take in order to improve the problem and prevent it from happen again. I was failed in the first attempt, so do in the 2nd and 3 rd. What a poor thing.

I was requesting for my uniform since yesterday and I got them in my hands today. I got 2 uniform shirts and 3 pants which can be used by tomorrow morning. I suppose to have 3 shirts, unfortunately M size is not enough from the closet. Well, with this uniform, it's encouraging me to stay focus in my new lifestyle as a worker. It's like a new spirit somehow. CHEY-WAH!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

7th day - baiki mesin

I back to work today after a day of public holiday yesterday. This week is quite different from the previous one and I have to do the same thing, to get myself in befriend mode and try to get the connection with the new set of employees. New shift means new employee and new line leader.

This is the first time I have been given a specific task that need to be done. After a week was being cooped in the assembly area, today I was appointed to fix one of the tester machines which is called a vibration tester. Even this is not under my responsibility, I try to take this as a challenge to impress the people over there.

Failed at a few attempts, that was not enough to stop me. Some adjustments need to apply so that the tester could start to function again. Finally after the implementation, it is working now and ready to proceed the next test. So, my hands were covered by the disgusting oil and it was sticky. it's gross!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

weekend dan keputusan peperiksaanku

Weekend went away pretty quick this day as I woke up in the middle of the day. Suddenly night came over, left the sun behind and never ever to be seen again until the next earth's rotation on it axis in the next following day. The clock is ticking a little bit faster and I couldn't get the sufficient time to restore my body. Therefore, not many things I could do in the quite short of the time range. All I could do is watching TV and switching the channel all over again until my both eyeballs all freaking listless due to the radiance from the screen. It was a boring weekend indeed.

The final exam result was out in couples of days ago after Rashid was informed me about this. I was working on that day and still don't have time to check it out at the school's board until today. So, I was asking him to check for my results and thank god, the results for every single subject I took were all fine. It was surprising me initially and I asked him to recheck again as I don't think to deserve it. It is confirmed and obviously I do make it. ALHAMDULILLAH.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

6th common problem n conflict

I'm still look awkward though after the 6th day being in the factories as I could see so many things happen back there. There are so many problems occurred with all machines as it always break down and not function properly. As consequently, it's involving with all battery formation process and it has to stop as well. These time, you could see the line leader is the busiest person in there and walking everywhere for maintenance service to figure out the problem. Apparently most of the machines look too old and it supposes to be checked every time. However, they just do checking once in a while and not cover all section. They just do random checking.

Conflict happens in everywhere and it's inevitable whether you are a manager, a line leader or even the operator. We never expect when the conflict would exactly attack and start to influence in people mind. It's always happen when there is a dispute opinion, nonparallel attitude or different behavior and the victim would try to release them out by fighting. I watched this situation today where the line leader is unsatisfied with the QC's checking. The line leader was accusing the QC as a problem maker and causing the problem towards the machines supervised under him. The QC was trying to fight back and bring this problem to the management for further action. From my point of view, the QC is done nothing wrong as he did his job very well. He's absolutely innocence and the line leader never plead guilty. Silly line leader!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

5th.. aku da start bosan...

The working day continues and this is the 5th day out of 90 days that I have to go through. I plan to work here as temporary and I expect the total number of days is just 90 days. This is not the exact number and surely it will has a little bit changing in the future whether it's lesser or more than what I have expected. Even the management doesn't know about this.

I was doing my daily routine as a new QC inspector by observing the production line. Meanwhile, I try to get new knowledge as many as possible in order to operate all machines. If you are a person who is very curious in something that rarely to find, you would be interested on it and try to figure out everything you could see. These are such a very precious opportunity and try to utilize anything to get yourself full with knowledge. From time to time, I'm so familiar with the machines and there's a lot of things I could learn here. I just have to open my lazy mouth and urge out some question. It's so simple.

Working as a QC is not easy or complicated. I'm so bored back there and I talk with some of the operator about my feeling. Surprisingly, they told me they feel very lucky if they could be in my shoes. Can you imagine how bored I'm back there if I have to stand stupidly without do nothing and watch the operators do their job? QC will do the checking in every two hours and record all required data in the record book. In order to kill some boring time, I took 10 - 15 minutes time to walk around and roamed the whole factory. If i bump with the manager, ignoring him or her could be the best thing and switch myself as I'm doing some checking. Then, you'll escape.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

4th day.. ada benda aku still confius

I'm still confusing about the schedule of break time and the shift they practice in this factories. Some operators from other department could take their break early while some more is still focus in conducting their work. Some operators have 3 shift and some operators have lesser than that. A few operators do have only one.

There are 8 hours working time for each shift and you could extend for some hours more. It is considered as Over Time and it is based on the demand from the customers. Obviously, it happens every day.

I got three times for break, which is at 10 o'clock in the morning, 12 o'clock in the afternoon and 3 o'clock in the evening while the operators in my department don't have any except 12 0'clock in the afternoon to get their lunch. I even don't know about my break time until they remind me about the tea time.

So far, I'm just keep observing the process in every production line they have. Each line has a few machines for a specific task need to be done. The arrangement of the machines must follow the sequence so that every process could flow smoothly to form a battery. There is a checkpoint on each machine and my responsibility is, to check the outcome with the jig tools or refer from the specification card.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3rd.. ada progress ckit..wawaa

I start to converse with some workers in my department where I do reckon I have to because in the next few days, I would work with them as a team. By saying the various types of greetings as a basic start, I was starting to warm up our conversation and talking about our personnel life, address and mostly about their working experiences and how long they have been working as a topic.

Some of them are still new comers but it's hard for me to realize which one is permanent or temporary as they wear the same uniform as permanent. Here, each position level is based on the uniform colors. As an example, the manager wears the peach uniform, QC wears light brawn uniform, maintenance wears dark blue uniform and the operator wear the yellow round neck T-Shirt. S

o you'll know which one is your manager, operator or even a person who is in the same level as you. You would fine the manager, the QC inspector, operators and line leaders in every department and the different is only the total number of operators and QC inspectors who are in charged. The manager will come out with task schedule that shows in which department need to use more inspectors and operator. All these are based on the how busy or complicated the department could be.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2nd day..so far so good la...

2nd day as a worker for Tai Kwong Yokohama Batteries Industry is much better for me as I was free to explore the entire factory without interruption from any superior who were in charged for every department. It's more to something like a self-learning trip and I have to do some particular thing by my own. My position is a Quality Control Inspector and the responsibility is quite simple but I need to have the good sense of material's defection. Obviously, my job is to enforce inspections in every 2 hours and record some data in the report booklet for future reference. Some new friends were told me that, It's quite complicated at first, but I would familiar with my job in a week or lesser than that.

There are almost 7 departments available and each department need to locate at least 1 QCI to observe and to ensure every outcome materials or parts are follow the standard. This process must follow the sequence of the battery formation process, which is starting from the casting, pasting, parting, plastic and the last process is assembly. For the first 3 weeks, The QC manager is appointing me to in charge the assembly and plastic department where both of departments are complicated among the rest. I'll see how complicated the process tomorrow and hopefully, I could make it. Plus, the department's term or "code" of this company didn't make things any better. Each code is represented as a special procedure or process. I'm not familiar with the code for now.

So today, I didn't meant to left my temporary pass at home and I'm quite lucky when the security didn't aware about my pass. I took all PPE that provided including safety boots, gloves and masks, which is mandatory to put them on whenever I enter the production line in every departments. I gave a try for all PPE provided and all I can say that those things are irritating and I feel sucks. I'm so uncomfortable especially when I put the mask on, I couldn't inhale and exhale smoothly. It makes my cardiovascular to pump the blood rapidly that it suppose to. I'll try to endure these annoying circumstances for 3 months because this factories is full with lead powder are floating at the atmosphere. When the powder is absorbed into your lungs, you would suffer many sort of illness. so, got to watch out!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

satu hari bekerja - bosan

This is my first day as a worker and nothing is interesting to share. Just a basic procedure where I have to attend the special class or in specific name, it is called a training class. from 9 a.m until 5.30 p.m, I was in the training room apart from the an hour break time from 12 o'clock until 1 o'clock

There are 8 new persons with different position were joining me. 3 persons were in charge in order to train and expose us to the basic knowledge of ISO, Health Safety and Welfare which is implemented in their company. Their briefing is quite good as they keep relating everything about the company along their speech. I didn't urge out any question for further information and I was guessing that I don't have to. Initially, it was hard for me to understand but, it seems pretty simple when both of the things are coming together.

I was literally sleepy for the class actually. It is not because I couldn't sleep last night but the comfortable circumstances drive me so. I washed my face more than 2 times in every 3 hours time and drank some water for some refreshments.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

hari minggu dan F1

The weekend is striking again after six days, which is full in so many mundane affairs that we need to deal with and through no matter what. In the sequence of the days, Sunday is a public holiday where people will be off from their duty apart for a particular persons or parties. Obviously, I never feel the excitement of weekend since a couple of days back whenever I'm on holiday now. Everyday is same to me when no more class need to attend, no more assignment need to submit, no more time to stick around with books and frustrated myself with crappy people. So, for the whole week, I'm responsible in nothing :)

The best part of the day today is, F1. Only this kind of expensive sport could bring the real meaning of my weekend. This time, it was a Turkish GP and we could realize that the temperature is extremely hot. You could see the track's surface is a little bit smoky caused by the heat from the sweltering sun. It has been a while that I didn't hear the fantastic sound from the car's engine and once the race start, I increased the volume navigator until the highest pitch. I was really enjoyed by doing that and I could feel the situation is so lively around me. It's much better when your favorite driver become a stormer and win the title. It was so exciting in my definition.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Runner-up pon ok apa!!!

The alarm clock went off at 8.30 a.m and it was a clear sign of the Saturday morning. As everyone compromised to continue the tournament yesterday, I prepared myself before walked away to the court. I was there a little bit late and a few friends were sitting together along the trench's concrete wall. I joined them by sitting under the tree so that the leaves could be the shelter of the sun's ray while waiting for another "star" to come. Meanings, these people were unable to make it on time.

The tournament started around 11 o'clock in the morning where the sunbeam is started to light the ground. The mission today is to finish up the tourney and it began by the game of semi final and proceed to the final. As the sun was vertically right on my head, the sweltering sun was becoming the second thing need to be concerned after the rival that I'm dealing with. So, our team was able to make it through in final. Unfortunately, we were unable to grab the title but we still become the runner-up. We could be the champion but the sun was there and we couldn't stand any chance to beat the opponent. It was a fair and square competition and no one was rumbling about their dissatisfaction.

I'm supposed to get the ticket and come to my hometown today as I promised to attend one of my friend's wedding reception with some friends and I'm just disappointing them by canceling the plan. OMG, what have I done!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

aku dan YES karnival????

This is not suppose to be a long entry as I didn't have through many things today. Even though I could feel this is a long day to go through and it was full with a common activity. Like today, I watched a movie called SNIPER. I don't want to elaborate more in term of the cast, the actors, actress or even the synopsis. It is fine if I just state the title here and you can search by yourself if you want to dig more :)

I formed a team in just a few seconds and enrolled our team in Takraw tourney in the very last minute (2 days ago where it was on Tuesday evening). So, I had a couple of matches so far and I was having a spectacular moment when our team is able to make it through in semi after the preliminary stage. (Actually, most of the participants are from my own friends where I'm used to play with in every evening). I'm so familiar with them and vice versa. We just enjoy and play like the one we used to, yet, we are on the TAKRAW TOURNEY. You have to know that, everyone still want to strike the champion title and the dedication and determination still alive when we struggle on the game. The next big thing for tomorrow is.........(drum beats)........ trying to get our team on final stage.

I came to the Carnival area just now where it was full with booths where some commodities are ready for sale especially souvenirs, bracelets, foods and etc. Some miscellaneous stuff that you never ever met was preview for the students as well. The situation is most likely to Pasar Malam that you commonly found on Wednesday but it comes with the different name, which is YES CARNIVAL. Unfortunately, I never explore what is the specific meaning for YES itself and I never care. Watched live band performances for a while because only this event could grab most of the student's attention. I don't like their performance as I never know the performers. Folks, you could ponder out by yourself and please do not be influenced by me.

Q: so, what did I spend for money over there?
A: I spend nothing. I probably think that nothing is value for money to spend. The money is worthy for something else. Perhaps, something that could be able to fulfill my desire.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

syukur ...aku dapat :)

Like usual, I woke up from a long sleep, opened up my eyes promptly at 11 a.m and rushed over to my phone as I put it in my room since last night. I manage to sleep at the parlor where the air ventilation is much better, a little bit windy when the sliding door opens widely and with double sleeping mat upon on the floor, it's enough to voluptuous anyone. Moreover, the global warming is fluctuated recently as I could feel the heat is trapping in the whole apartment and pissed the hell out of me.

Back to the story, there were 3 missed calls from the unknown number but I'm really sure those calls were from the TKY industries. Then I called the numbers back to conform and once the operator picks up the phone, I was directly asked about my application and the operator replied with something that I didn't expect. It was totally disappointing as the operator said, "This is the hunting line, we never record any dialed numbers and you have to wait for any followed up calls. Thank you". Well, poor me with retarded face come along together.

A moment later after the devastating answer from the operator, my phone was ringing back and the same number appeared on the screen, I was ecstasy when the call is coming from the TKY industries and thing is getting more interesting when someone was telling me that my application is accepted. I could start by this coming Monday and I can't wait to have my first go.

Just want to share a very short conversation before the line went off:

Me: hmm, could you simplify a little about what should my outfit look alike and what I'm supposed to do and not supposed to once I start my work?

Operator: please note down that u have to wear a formal outfit, no jeans are allowed and make sure you wear shoes and not slippers or any kind of sandals. One more thing, please bring together your picture in passport size.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

minta minta la dapat...:)

So, I start to open the new chapter in my life today as I was looking for job vacancies available nowadays. At first, the plan was just to find the part-time job but finally I decided to change the plan to something, which is more benefit on me regarding to the salary, experiences and so on. I'm looking for any job as long as it fits on my qualification level and the working place is not too far from the college area as I want to stay in college's accommodation and spend the whole holiday here. I was discussing with my parents and they have nothing to object my decision. Everything's pretty well for me so far, not until my application form is acceptable.


EXPECTED WAGE: RM - (sorry, I've to keep this secret for a particular reason)

Morning, I gave a phone call to one of the factories in Semenyih and the line was accepted by the operator before I was connected to the HR department. Communicate in an official way, the HR department had briefly explained about the job available and a few basic procedures that I have to follow before I'm able to have the second chance, the interview.

Initially, the HR was asking me about the qualification and I told them the truth and without corruption for any statement. At first, the HR was surprised when they heard about my field and they never thought a Civil Student is interested to work in factory. Actually, they are looking for the employees especially that have the Mechanical or Electrical education background so that they could fill the vacancies in their company. Luckily, the HR keeps shine my day when they asked me to give a try and bring along my CV during the interview session.

Afternoon, I start to arrange every important certificates and documents where I think have a possible to bring the position closer. I was typing out my CV and some of the content I was fully quoted from the template that I browsed on the web. Here, a few parts I couldn't stop myself to cheat. Thus, some parts are not relate and nothing to do with my daily basis. Before print it out, I have to recheck those sections repeatedly in so many times until everything is fine. I have to careful or they would find out the secret.

Evening, with my guts on, I came through the electric fence and went through to the office. I was confronting with the receptionist there and she gave me a form that was full with empty space and insists me to fill up the form so that all data could be recorded clearly without skeptical. I took more than 30 minutes time before the form was ready to submit back to the counter. A few minutes times were passed and someone was coming to me asking a few questions which are more to my personnel lifestyle. Once he done, he called another 2 persons to join him for interview me. With my CV was open up upon on the table and passed it from someone to another, they start to ask me everything from the basic to the complicated things even sometimes I have no idea for the question itself. Three persons were in charge in order to interview me and you just imagine that i have to answer all the various questions flippantly. some answers are so lame as my brain can't work faster. so, I've to pray to ALLAH and let ALLAH to grant me this. INSYALLAH.......

Initially, I came to apply the technician position and when they checked on my certificate, they decided to locate me in the Quality Control where I think it's more easier and fit on me. I'm not really sure but I believe that I could enjoy myself with this new work and new environment.I just have to endure this for 3 months before I resign and continue my bachelor later when the new semester is reopen.

So, what did they said before the interview session found the end point:

"Your application form will be processed within two days and you'll be informed within the time range or as soon as possible. I think you've to get the hair cut as we are enhancing the very high implementation of disciplines here"

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    aku gembira ka tidak gembira ka?

    It has been a while to me for not blogging in with my daily basis and jot down some new experiences that have come across in my life when every seconds were ticking away. Certain circumstances didn't make things any better when I couldn't have an internet access to wherever I was traveling to. Even, the eagerness to have a seat in front of the monitor and type out something by using my fingertips has lost my interest.

    After a few days being cooped in my room without done nothing, I decided to join a trip to Genting that was organized by my classmate and started to plan to get myself away from the real world. All in my head were all about to have fun and put away any sorts of intervention from anything especially to something that I'm not so pleased. At first, it started very well, but it's not remain the same until we were descending down from the Genting's peak. During at the top, I was literally lost initially, yet I could bear with the unfamiliar situation as I've to endure it and thing is getting a little bit better from time to time. Can you imagine how awkward and inane I was when I have to associate myself with a bunch of people that I'm not really know and some of them were really strangers to me? I'm not trying to isolate myself as I was keep quiet and talk less apart from some particular friends. Therefore, it took time for me to warm up before I could fully confront with them without humble and in decent manner. I was just being myself until the last time we met together whenever the farewell moment was taking place. So, on top of that, I enjoyed this trip but not at all. The most part which is took my interest the most was Solero shot, cyclone and roller-coaster (do I spell those words right?), yet, I missed the horror moment for roller-coaster as it was under the maintenance all day long.

    I would like to take this lucrative opportunity to wish one of my cousins for his wedding that was held in last Sunday and I'm very sure that this is a very precious history in his life time so far. I'm praying for you to live happily forever after and hope you'll have a good generation in the future.