Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To a woman who has almost everything, thank you for reading :)

Dear my sweetheart, the most adorable girl in my heart, the one that truly unique and absolutely wonderful, the one who are attracting me with the originality, natural and pure of smiles, behavior, habit, attitude and personality that you have, the purpose of this entryl is just want to tell you that I’m really miss you :(

Well frankly speak, I’m kindly upset with your very last text message that you send via phone in the late afternoon just now. The content which was clearly telling me about your unavailability for tonight was just crumbling down my heart at the moment I read it.

But sayang, you don’t need to take it too serious okay. It’s normal to feel it when we need to be apart from each other for certain time gap. It does happen especially when someone is falling in love and get possessed into it...hehehe...

Deep down in my heart, I could understand the life that you need to go through and all I can do here is just to support you while you are cruising the hardness of your life. I could understand your situation and I promise to watch your back at all time

Well currently, this is the only way and opportunity I could grab to show you how much I love you and how serious I’m in maintaining our love relation and of course, I want to keep it as sweets as possible. I can’t guarantee you happiness and snatch away all your sadness but I’ll try to entertain your world and maximize the excitement to the lofty.

When you said your sister didn’t go to work as she took a leave, I feel bad actually but at the same time I’m quite happy as she would be around to accompany you tonight since you are sick and not feeling well. I wish she can take a good care of you until you feel better or at least there is someone who can look after you and available in case you need something. I also feel guilty and useless when I couldn’t show up when you are really need me...hmm, I’m so sorry sayang... terrible sorry :(

Last but not least, this might be the end of this entry and I would like to give some useful advices for you dear which are: Please take a good care of yourself, don’t skip from your medicine, take your medicine when the time comes and don’t forget to take your lunch and dinner right on time.

Oh, one more thing, all the words that exist in this entry are dedicated for you, those words are purely come from my heart and idea which is blending together to form all the paragraphs above. I’m not quoted or outsource any single words above from any books or any person whether you might know or not, whether still alive or dead. It’s original and I could guarantee you that you will never ever fine any single line in the web once you google it...:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

2 months? it's hard to believe this

Oh my god, I have abandoned this only my web page for almost 2 months time. Surely it is something unbelievable as I use to keep my blog update from time to time. Does it means my interest in blogging has disappeared or faded down into the drain?

Since I got the internet access strikes in my lappy right now, let me tell you what has happened to me over the period - 10/4/10 until 6/6/10. Too good to be true if I mention here my life is so much good. Well, I'm living in planet earth and of course the sadness and the happiness are jumbled up together.

Well, sorry my dear, I don't think I have desire to write it all down in here. Lets forget about the past and let bygones be bygones folks :). well, gotta say goodbye now, I'm looking forward to the next post.

bye bye....