Thursday, July 30, 2009

46th - batteryrejectandstillintheoutstationmode

I'm still tired today even I was reaching at home around 3 o'clock in yesterday evening after a very long trip. We start our journey and left Pekan around 10 o'clock in the morning and took almost 5 hours before we found ourselves in the Mantin territory.

I was one of the passenger and didn't drive the vehicle even a meter, but I'm still unable to stop my body from feeling a very tiredness. I don't know what happen to my biological sleeping clock as I feel sleepy all the time and lazy if I couldn't fall asleep.

I'm still free from any testing and the only think I could do right now is, standing and cling stupidly around the motorcycle area with the sleepy eyes and force them to protrude. Yet, there's one thing that still need to get my attention, to count the total of rejected batteries of motorcycle and record them into the rejection check sheets.

I'm quite shock once I'm done the counting. The total amount of the rejected batteries is out of my expectation. It's more than 350 pieces in four days and this matter was never happen before. Well, no wonder why this matter come arise.

Currently, the motorcycle plant have 2 primary shifts which are in the morning and evening. The production rate is pretty quick and so do for the rejected battery. It increased from a day to the next and the problem will finally goes to me. What I'm supposed to say to the maanger?

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