Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Want to Run a Bussine$$$$$$$$$$

Went to Legacy Hotel yesterday which is located in the middle of Melaka city. My friends and I moved out from the accommodation area around 9 o’clock in the morning and traveled to Melaka with the same purpose - to attend the business seminar with Herbalife nutrition product. It has been a long time that I didn’t come to Melaka and this is the best time to be a spectator over there.

8 persons with 2 cars are really comfortable along the way. We arranged that each car must have 4 passengers to avoid we from pressed to each other.We arrived at Legacy Hotel around 11.30 o’clock, it’s around 2 hours after we stuck in the car. Search for the car park and we get the special one, right in front of the hotel’s lobby. The hotel is quite beautiful with a unique design, I don't know how to explain as I’m bad in describing things. All I can say is, this hotel’s rating is 4 stars.

We get shock at first, nobody is from herbalife production team were walking around. We thoughot that the seminar was cancelled or postponed to the other day. Actually, we are late for the function becouse before we plan to attend diz seminar, we are informed that the function will start at 10 o’clock. But luckily, we met suzy tan, one of the speaker in the seminar. She told us that the seminar will start at 1.30 o’clock. The function which starts at 10 o’clock is for those who wants to know what Herbalife is. Surely, we didn't come for that, we come to learn how to become a rich and expand our business.

We bought the ticket at 7th floor inside the hotel and planned to go to the shopping mall nearest to the hotel while waiting for the seminar to start. Not much we can do there, just roamed around and search a great place to get some foods. We went out from the mall and try to find any restaurant available. Quite hard to find the best foods, the only option is, we ate at the mamak’s stall. Eating and chatting, joking and funning, the time came. We went to the hotel and lifted to 7th floor and went over the seminar room.

Diz is the second time we join the seminar, before this, we went to Flamingo Hotel at ampang. This time, the participants is around 45 persons, compare at Flamingo, there are over 400 people attended. It’s a big different. There are 4 speakers that gave their speech from how to make a business until how we can get the profit. There are many interesting things that I need to story here but maybe next time as I’m not pleased to do so right now. After all, they raise my faith to keep running this nutrision and healthiness product to help people around with finantial problem.

Seminar are about to over, 7 o'clock in the twilight. We took a pictures with every single respondent of the product, also with top management of this product as our evidence for our market target.On the way back, we found someone at the lobby, a foreigner from UK, who is the most successful coach in this product. Such a friendly, well mannered and generous person. He likes to speak to us and never stop until he wish. He showed us how to success in this business, including his skill and how he attract the people’s faith. We do have fun!

Heading back to nilai, we took the entrance at Alor Gajah and exit at nilai, we took our dinner at Mali Nilai. Discussed about the event that just happened while we have a great food from the kelantanese meal. Then, we went home and temporary die. We need to wake up for the next following morning, we need to attend the class. Chow!!!…

Sunday, May 18, 2008

wUt Ev3r j3 l@H!!!!

Rite time 4 d rite thing… its time for bloging.... There r nothing can make me cheer up rite now, perhaps, jotting down something in diz blog can overcome and killing my suxing time rite now….even gaming n movies, those things r not interesting anymore n I easily get bored when I started to play n watch…its kind da vulnerable of bored syndrome… did ya hear bout this syndrome b4??? Actlly, I created by myself…huhu…

In d beginning of diz xciting, I’ve no idea wut is d best thing to story here xcept my life story… n I tink that is not the best story n I’m quite bored bout that… lets try something different frm d previous article.. argh, I’m lacking of idea here, so i juz write down anything that trough inside my mind… it doesn’t matter for ya, I guess…

Rite now, this is the last semester for my dip, but not least 4 me to keep staying here… there are 2 years remaining 4 me to be 1 of the Mantin’s community after I started for d past 3 years … huhuhu… this suburban area is quite sux, most of d people r out of behavior. Shud I called them a small minded people??… Stroll around inside our campus n havoc d peaceful night. . Coming wif their terrible bike with damned noisy piping, its enough 4 distracting all people’s mind n soul… they love to pull their bike’s trigger until at d very ends n bcoz of that, they’ll ride d bike as fast as can n neglect all d people’s safeties around… can u imagine how suxx diz place,??… one more thing, I almost 4get bout diz, illegal race, they’ll perform almost in every nite.. myb to show their stupid bike is faster than ever…faster than any1..argh..Wut d fish!!!!!!

Hmm, got sumtin much interesting here…a new astro has been installed in my pent – house apartment yesterday… n now I’m enjoyed every single channel subscribed. But no movies packages diz time, surely it’ll course me a loads of cash. Besides, I don’t hv much time 4 watching tv until 2 – 4 hours…I’m quite bz to accomplish my esement requirement… actlly, I don’t hv a tv rite now, I borrowed from mail 4 couples days until zairi’s tv arrive frm Kelantan. But I tink, zairi’s tv not gonna b long in my apartment, bcoz, I’ll change it to d biggest 1 with an absolutely powerful sound system, the size is, u surely not gonna believe diz… it 30 in. wide..hahaha.. tell u what, I’m not going to watch in my rest room, but it feel like a cinema with a superb sound system.

Juz come bck from apen’s…2day is d ceremony for his new house located at sendayan… I got invited wif couples of friends since 3 or 4 days ago… d date is in a gud timing, It’s on Sunday, d day that evry1 got bored d most… 3 oclock in d evning, I moved wif din to Labu, met jang n shark there, n straight to apen’s. wah, I’m really starving at dat time n when I d delicious dishes have already served, I ate until i'm not able to stand up....i’m full!!! Thanx’s 4 d dishes … I’m feel gud enough….

Ok, its time 4 bed, 2moro I need to travel to Melaka, got some business there…d way to become a richman…. Money…money..money….