Thursday, July 23, 2009

40th - new testing implementation

Straightforward to the point as I'm running out of time in my untidy room, with the time is showing 30 minutes pass over the midnight. It's a bed time and I'm supposed in my dream, have a good time probably somewhere around Paris. I was negligent for quite some times as I watched Transformers 2, the revenge of the fallen for the 2nd time, downloaded by my housemate a couples of days ago. I forget to update because this movie is fucking awesome.

Seems like I can't stand any chance to have a relaxation day as a new testing is need to be implemented. This time, to form a battery by using the second grade material particularly the negative and positive plate. Second grade material is a raw stuff that has a minor defection yet still can be used. In this case, I need to form a battery by using the defected plates.

Second grade plate could be determined by observing the plate surface. If there are many holes on the plate (in Tai Kwong, they called this defection as a powder drop), it would be considered the plate as a second grade. If the plate have a serious powder drop, the plate can't be used anymore and need to re-process.

Usually, second grade plate could be used but one condition needs to apply which is in one battery, you are not allowed to use 100 percent defected material. Meaning, you have to grab a small amount of defected plate and stack alternately with the flawless plate. This is what they always practice if they find the second grade plate.

And now, they try to change the style, change the solution of the second grade plate and try to use 100 percent defected plate to form a battery. They want to investigate whether the quality of second grade plate could be much similar with the non defected plates. If this testing finds a good achievement, surely no need to distinguish the plates anymore apart from the serious powder drop plate during the staking process.

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