Saturday, July 4, 2009

24th - line leader bodoh

I'm still undergoing my previous testing and it takes a long time to finish. Today is the 3rd days and probably the last day for me to conduct the test and come out with the final results. This test covered 4 production lines and each line has a single polarity and short circuit tester. So, the total number of testing that I need to run is about 8 tests with the different types of models (each line produce a different models).

Polarity and short circuit tester are very crucial machines and without these two testers, you wouldn't have any idea to know whether it can be used or not before the customers keep the battery for their use. If the customers find out the battery can't be used, they have a right to issue a claim and surely this situation would be ruined down the company reputation, consequently, it's leading the company to close down.

To run this testing is not just a straight way. I have to communicate and associate myself to all line leaders who are in charged. I have to ask their permission first and trespassing is something not allowed in here. I have to show some respect so that they could give their cooperation. Unfortunately, not every line leader was giving me a chance to enforce the test and some of them refused. So, I have to drive myself to encounter attachment disorders as a result of unwanted discord with them.

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