Thursday, July 2, 2009

22nd - hujan dan test baru

I woke up from my sleep early in the dawn and I could hear the roar sound from outside, It was raining heavily. It was cold and I couldn't stop myself to grab my warm blanket, cover up all over my body so that I could start to gain some heat. In such a very pleased moment, I couldn't endure myself from felt a sleep again. Yet, it wasn't take long as my alarm rang out loud, a signal to prepare myself and have a breakfast.

It was still raining outside but not too heavy, it's already switched into the drizzle and got my raincoat ready. From the weather features, it was convincing me enough to roll out. I wore the old raincoat so that it could cover me from to get soaked. I thought the weather would change after 5 or 6 km ahead, but it wasn't change and keep raining until I reach to the destination. Things were going bad in the middle of the journey when my raincoat torn along the sleeve. Every drops from the sky came in and things are not getting any better when the muddy from the road is splashing over me. I was fully soaked and looked gross.

Most of the engineers were absent today due to the weather and my superior was not one of them. It was disappointing me actually, with my tousled hair and rumpled outfit, I was thinking to sit idle at somewhere until my apparel is fully dry. But, she didn't think on that way and start to brief about the next testing, surely for me to run. A test to ensure for the polarity tester and short circuit tester are still efficient to use.

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