Sunday, July 26, 2009

weekend - out of the blue...

Yesterday evening, when the sun started to hide it's ray, one of my friends gave me a phone call, asking me whether I'm free or not this weekend and he planned to put my name on his team list for Takraw tourney somewhere in Mantin. Initially, I wasn't interested with that as I tend to sit back and have the relax setting during the weekend after 6 days of being a workaholic person yet, he insisted me to get my ass in and convincing me that we are going to win this tourney. He is such a determined person indeed.

I don't know why I'm so excited of no reason to start writing down in this second paragraph and next. But I'm very sure that this is the very stunning, very dazzling, very sensational, very remarkable, very outstanding, very outrageous, very fascinating, very tremendous, very fantastic, very magnificence, very superb, very amazing, very fabulous and very marvelous weekend as our team has a very convincing winning the title of Takraw tourney.

Start from the preliminary stage, we got almost 16 teams took part and more than 50 participants were endeavor of playing to the death to strike the title. We have to face all of them no matter what. Our team is just a sudden-form-team and I never played with them apart from my killer as we were played together since ages. It's quite lucky when all my team members were on their top-notch, everyone played well until the final even the sweltering sun was burning the skins.

After we sacrificed and nail it everything we had in every match, finally we able to bring back 5 massive hampers. This is something out of the blue and I never think to win this. The winning momentum will keep me smile and I'm going to strike a new title next week, the ping pong tourney. Oh shit, should get myself on training yet I'm still wonder, where do I can find the people who could train with me?
my great teammate

of course this is me :p