Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Memory

As the year is drawing to a close, most Malaysians are either enjoying some time off with their loved ones or drawing up New Year's resolution but things are heating up on my career interest. Back in year 2009, I was a student but now since in the midyear of year 2010 until present, I declare myself as an employee. Surely my point of view, the mission, vision and my goals as well should be different regarding the evolution of time.

Okay, now it's time to say goodbye to year 2010 and welcome the year 2011. It's a New Year's eve and in less than an hour we will move to the next year. I believe most of us are so much ready with wish-list such as new willpower, new determination, new desire, new changes and new resolution so that this New Year will run with a fresh kick start. Most of the wish must be related to the turnaround of the bad thing so that life could be running better compare with the past.

In year 2010, it brings a lot of feeling and emotion towards each day and night that I have been through. 365 days are not a short period and obviously many things had happened over the year. All the feelings were jumbled up together and swipe to each other which make my life complete as it contains of joy, happiness, anger, mad, excitement, exhilaration, challenges, sweet moments, bitter moments and so on.

So, I shouldn't forget those memories throughout the year of 2010 regardless the sweet one or the bitter one, both are playing big roles in reforming my habit, behavior and commitment. The lifestyle I used to live with would be the useful experience in the next year especially whenever I'm at my deepest point. Experiences are the good lecturer isn't it? Okay, the upcoming entry would shows my resolution list for year 2011 :)

A "YEAY" On The Government Thanksgiving

Well, we have been given a sudden public holiday on Friday which was announced and approved by the government in conjunction with the victory over the Suzuki Cup. This is the recent impact after Malaysia enabled to trash all the title rivals and this latest impact is hitting at the right moment :)

Just visualize this, Friday is a public holiday due to the government generosity of its meaningful thanksgiving after Malaysia won the Suzuki Cup, Saturday is a public holiday in conjunction with the new year of 2011 and Sunday, it's clearly a weekend. By having these three days in a row period is just a perfect year end's bonus. It's a real big bonus and very convenience for everyone, indeed.

All Malaysians are adamant to appear and step forward for giving their full support and cheering up all the sportsman and sportswoman's endeavor if the relevant parties or ministry department knows how to pay back all the painstaking motivation all Malaysians had shown. By giving public holiday is one good way of incentive so that the people would know the government still concern and look up on their contribution.

I realize by giving a one day off this Friday to the public could give effect to certain quarters and appear as irregularity, especially the one who is in the realm of entrepreneurship and the one who hires many local manpower. It could seriously damage the growth of profit's graph due to the loss of productivity.

In the mean time, those employees are absolutely ecstasy towards the news. Even they are not working, their wedges is absurd to be reduced since it is the government order. Anyway, I hope everyone is happy with the public holiday this Friday to celebrate and look forward to the new year. Wish the country could win many more in this particular arena so that more sudden public holiday could be announced to symbolize the government appreciation :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Malaysian team won the trophy but actually they are not

It's a well relief once the final whistle of the second-leg of the Suzuki Cup final was blown, alerted the match was over as particular and the tournament meet the end as a whole. The question of whether Malaysian football team to win the title as the history in the making or otherwise has finally answered.

I'm seriously proud to be Malaysian now. Indeed. Well it is a party time for all Malaysian fans to celebrate along with the winning trophy after waiting patiently for such a long period (14 years of waiting I guess). We as Malaysian have every right to be in jubilation while the young Malaysian side deserves high credential upon their performances.

I'm not the one to be a football pundit, yet I just can't help myself to share my opinion and thought from what I had observed. To tell the truth, it was a disappointment somehow after Malaysia team was unable to keep the winning streak. Plus, the lost happen whenever Malaysian player played more to defensive and play safe while the opponent played the attacking strategy. It was a one way traffic game!

Okay, Malaysia team won the trophy but actually they are not. Get real folks! Hey, you should aware that they were beaten just now by Indonesia team with 1 - 2 defeat. Notwithstanding Malaysia team won in the first-leg of the final, it doesn't enough to show Malaysia team has take total control of their bitter rival, Indonesia.

They (Malaysia team) win the trophy after the aggregate goals were tallied with 4 - 2 victory. Thanks with the high scores back in Bukit Jalil Stadium. I describe this glory is just a pretty much luck! Vigorous training should be lunched so that Malaysian football team could improve more with convincing performance in the near future.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Malaysian national team is on fire!

First of all, I want to offer my congratulation over the Malaysian national football team after be able to beat Indonesian national team in the first-leg of the Suzuki Cup final with very convincing win recently. Netted three stunning goals over the closest rival Indonesia is not an easy task. Obviously, praises over them were skyrocketed nowadays.

It takes courage and high determination and 100% focus is needed in the pitch to pave such glory. I hope Malaysia could stay calm and focus for the second-leg of the Suzuki Cup final which will be held at away pitch (Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta) to keep the winning habit and the winning streak.

Mathematically, Malaysian national team is still 90 minutes away from the trophies and it's enough to make me concern about their next match in Indonesia side. I'm afraid they unintentionally conceded three goals which bring them level in term of aggregate.

Even they have quite an advantage and chance to snatch the title after scoring quite number of goals without conceded any (clean sheet) in Malaysia, the atmosphere in Indonesia will be much different in term of the support from their fans which is believed even more fanatics.

The Indonesian supporters would be the true super villain upon Malaysian footballer. I'm afraid they will be petrified upon the constant pressure and indirectly pandemonium their playing rhythm. Well, whatever it is, I still have faith in Malaysian national team to bring home the Suzuki Cup trophies and mark the new history by ending up the trophy for the first time.

Last time, I was on relaxed setting and was watching Malaysian footballer against Indonesian national team, broadcast live on TV1 from Bukit Jalil Stadium after I was unable to afford a ticket due to the time constraint.

But I'm still satisfied as long as I could watch the way they played. Well, I'm not the one to boast about my love for Malaysian national team but I got quite an ear full when Malaysia was beaten by Indonesian national team in curtain raiser of the tournament last time.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

First of all, I want to dedicate this first paragraph towards those who are celebrating Christmas recently. I don't think it's too late to wish all my Christian friends out there a Merry Christmas since it's still snowing in Europe.

Does snowing in Europe got something to do with Christmas celebration all over the world? The fact seems unreliable, so don't believe it plainly. Anyway, I'm wishing all my Christian friends a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!

Well, I wonder what is the common activity all the Christians do during Christmas. Decorate trees? Have a feast among the family members, relatives and acquaintances or likely called as family gathering? Playing firecrackers or firework like most Muslims do?

But one thing I'm pretty sure. Before the Christmas day hits, we could see the malls bursting with people who are doing their Christmas shopping. They hit the stores and walking around with one aim which to be buying a Christmas presents for their loved ones and acquaintances :) I wish I could have one later :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

When The Toothache Pain Strikes, The Food tastes bitter. Once It's Painless, The Food Is So Much Heaven.

Since just evening, I was extremely hungry even I have had consumed a few slices of cakes and hot beverages. Foods were treated by the sub-contractors before I went back home from the office. I could hear the tummy is growling and situation went worse after the rain just didn't make thing any better. So right now, I'm having a slight of peanut butter with chocolate stripe, sandwiched by two slices of gardenia's bread.

Well, the paragraph above is not what I'm trying to cite here. The main point that I want to highlight is about my recent experience under the toothache circumstances. To tell you the truth, having such pain from toothache is just an agony and such a hard-to-forget experience of a life time.

Err...this is absolutely not my tooth...

I started to experience the pain since a month ago due to cavity. Every time I eat, I need to beware of the damage structure of the teeth so that I will not hurt myself when I start chew. As one of the preventive measure I had enforced, I had put an extra careful in digesting process where only a few selected foods are allowed to consume.

This one as well, it's not showing my tooth. Mine more handsome!

Because of the horrid pain, I had inclined to set up an appointment with a dental specialist (dentist) at my home town last week (Sunday, December 19) in order to eradicate the misery. After a series of surgical operation took place, now my teeth are painless. Even it costs me almost Rm 200, I still think it is valued for my invested money. I regain my chewing power!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why on Saturday, why not on Sunday? (Wedding Cik Nora)

This is the best part of the wedding. It was an absolutely sensational performance!

Last Saturday was my relative wedding reception. The bride is my aunt actually and also the fact that it is the exact reason for my homecoming in the first place - to attend my aunt's wedding reception. I'm wondering about a few things which have bewildering my head, frowning my forehead and shrugging my shoulder.

Okay, I have nothing to comment regarding the color scheme they had chose, the total wedding invitation cards they had distributed, the wedding concepts they showed whether contemporary or anything else, the way they run the wedding arrangement and miscellaneous things.

Well-deserved photo since it was a standing-ovation from the crowd

The event was held on 18th December 2010 which is on Saturday. It's obviously uncommon when they pick the date where basically people tend to choose the weekend (Sunday) as priority for such event. Furthermore, as everyone knows, Sunday is a public holiday and most of the guests are free to come to cherish the invitation.

The wedding event took place on 18th December 2010 which is Saturday. The date will turn to 25 December 2010 in a week later and it falls in the similar day (Saturday). To more specific, it's a Christmas day. Then why the duo (bride and the groom) didn't pick that particular date to enshrine their precious moment. I bet it would be more memorable moment for them. I believe so.

Unless they have their own particular reason by doing so, then I got nothing to do to against their decision - making.

(This image has uploaded without permission from any party)

Last but not least, I want to express out and offer my congratulation for the duo (the bride and the groom) for their wedding. Here is wishing each new day finds your heart closer. your lives fuller, your love deeper. Congratulation once again on your new life together :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Real-Life-Scene in Bus Terminal

After the days were tallied, it has been almost a month that I haven't back to my hometown and visit my whole family. So last Friday (17/12/2010), I went back to my hometown (Batu Pahat) along with my cousin.

I bought the tickets a week before (Saturday, December 11) at Bus Terminal, Bukit Jalil. If you aware, during that time, JomHeboh! event ran their program just nearby the station. This place was crowded with visitors and traffic congestion is just inevitable. Luckily I took my bike to ensure my mission's accomplished without so many errands (being stuck in traffic congestion)

As I agreed to meet my cousin as we picked the bus platform as rendezvous, I waited him since I was the first to show up. The bus was there but the door was yet to be opened. A few moments of waiting, the bus driver opened the door and allowed the passengers to get inside. At that moment, my cousin still didn't show up.

I decided to go in first without my cousin at my side. The intention was to book our favorite seats first before somebody else do. Normally, we prefer to seat at the forefront, specifically behind the driver so that I could see the clear front view from that spot. At first, the intention seemed to be fine but it won't stay for quite long.

After a certain moment, there was coming my cousin, and at the same time there was a lady just right in front of him. Once the lady confirmed her ticket with the bus driver, She came and seated next to me, just right on the place where I have booked for my cousin initially. I clarified about the matter but she claimed the seat temporarily belong to her by referring her ticket.

In order to cease the misunderstood from dragging even further, I let the girl took the place. So, my cousin was seated a few rows behind me. Since he had no complaints, it should be no problem for me and the girl either. I bet it was her first time traveled with an express bus!

Those who are rarely travel with an express bus, this is valued advice for you: Once you are solely take an express bus as transport to go anywhere, you could pick any seat randomly as you wish.

It's a free seating actually. Please do not refer to your ticket, it just a paper of evidence that you have paid the ticket's fee. The number on the ticket is just to make sure they don't exceed or outnumber the passenger's limit.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Takraw is What I play best, so...

(Low quality images were taken from my humble Motorola V3i Phone)

Last week (Sunday 12/12/2010), I had participated in Takraw tourney which was held at Paroi, Negeri Sembilan. It was my old schoolmate idea since we never played together and haven't met for 5 years.

Over the years, he improves very well in Takraw as he takes "Tekong" for his best position. There were 24 teams and we were divided in 8 groups. Each group contains 3 teams. In the preliminary stage, all games were not very challenging and we had succeeded to leap to the next stage, the relegation stage.

Unfortunately, we were unable to go further in the tourney after we were trashed. We were beaten with embarrassing score as we had conceded too many easy points to the very skillful rivals. Okay, that's how our journey in this tournament ends up.

Now it comes to the registration fees. To ensure we are able to be one of the contenders in this tourney, normally we were required to pay certain amount of money. The total registration fee is Rm 300 per team. I presume it is pretty expensive for those who come from rural area.

It's nothing wrong about that and I could understand why the registration fee is needed. It might be to buy trophies, medals, consolation prizes, pay certain amount of commissions over the crews and not to forget - gain profit for certain incumbent parties.

Lucky for us, we hadn't paid any single cent since all fees were settled by NSSDC (Negeri Sembilan Skills Development Center). Meaning to say, we were under NSSDC umbrella and all we need to do is just to play for the sake of NSSDC organization.

Okay, this is the deal. In case we win the title, we could take home those prizes and cash but in return, we need to enshrine the glory in the name of NSSDC organization. Do you clear?

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Letter to JRM Management Office

17th December 2010

Aras 1, Block B8, Government Administrative Center,
Parcel B, 62502 Putrajaya.

Atten: Eng. Mohd Salleh Bin Mohd Yusof

Dear Sir,


Permission to Utilize The Lift Motor Room

On behalf with the above matter, we are pleased to ask permission to utilize the lift motor room for block 7 & block 8. The work will be carried out from 17th December 2010 and the completion date is expected on 31st December 2010.

2. For your additional information, in order to ensure our manpower to undergo their tasks, it is necessary for them to enter the lift motor room since it is the only access way available to reach their workplace.

3. Within two days, the complete schedule in term of the date and the time will be submitted to your department for your perusal. The type of works that will be carried out will be compiled together.

4. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Health & Safety Officer,
Astea Innobiz Ventures Consultancy Services

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

G.I pipe relocation had failed...Part 002

After the incident, I went down to ground level where the G.I pipe landed. I investigated if there is another affect due to the falling impact. I brought along the camera so that I could record some related photos of any defect for proof purpose.

Existing broken glass

Based on my observation, I noticed an existing broken glass, just under the build - in - tinted glass we had broke. The place is cordoned by barricade tape as well and a piece of paper was glued on the tape. A shot message has written on the both portion. The message tells "Awas, Kaca Pecah!" with intent to deliver a subtle message to public.

With no hesitancy, I could tell that someone had broken the glass first before we struck the second hit on the other glass. I was surprised at first but when I think further the way the accident happen, I'm sure that we have nothing to do with the existing broken glass.

Broken build - in - tinted glass

Unfortunately, the situation would become complicated once we report to the JRM maintenance office. Surely they allege that we are solely the source of both broken glass as they link the existing broken glass with our case. Yet it still can be corrected if someone wants to step forward and clear the allegation.

Accident area has been cordoned by barricade tape.

Fortunately it happened on Saturday where all government staffs are off from their duty. I bet no one knows about the incident accept all of us and the construction crews. My superior asks me to do a stand - by report in case someone do issue to the incumbent party.

As long as no one open their mouth and no complaint from any parties, this problem will remain top secret for the sake of the company's reputation. I know this perception is clearly wrong, but this is inevitable once you step in working life.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

G.I pipe relocation had failed...Part 001

Last Saturday, there was an accident happened at my workplace and this is the first since I've been appointed as safety and health officer in here. This is the moment where my expertise and responsibility play big role. It happened at one of the office building at government administrative center, parcel B Putrajaya. The unwanted accident happened at 11.25 a.m.

Accident scene

Those who are familiar with this center, the accident occur at behind block 1 and opposite the auditorium. This accident is resulted from misconduct work by the manpower that was in charge. It is considered as human error as all safety aspects have been monitored.

G.I Pipe

The task is to relocate a 5 meter G.I pipe/steel pipe from level 5 to level 3 by using a string. Thing went wrong when the manpower fails to do the work according to the safety guideline as he tied the string at the middle portion of the G.I pipe and force the pipe loosed its balance.

As a result, the pipe was swinging hardly from left to right and loosed contact towards the string's grip. Subsequently, the particular pipe was directly felt down from level 5 to ground level and struck the glass window. The impact has causing a built - in -tinted glass had perished in the process. Luckily no one was wounded and fatality free.

Referring to the suggested technique of handling that kind of task, two strings should be used and convincingly tied at both end of the G.I. pipe and two manpower need to engage to control each string. Unfortunately, the manpower failed to follow the procedure due to lost focus or negligence upon the safety conduct in order to run less errands.

The manpower can't be solely blamed, the supervisor as well should concern and take responsible over the matter. The supervisor is believed careless in doing his job as he didn't pay attention and monitor the worker properly. I used to urge about his careless yet he refuted the allegation.

Monday, December 13, 2010

1432 Hijrh Resolution

It was Tuesday in the past seven days and it was a public holiday in conjunction to Maal Hijrah. It means a year start in Hijriah calendar for Muslim world. Basically. all Muslim around the globe will organize small gathering at the mosque to recite the year end do'a.

Normally, the year end do'a recitation will be held before the Maghreb prayer while the year start do'a recitation will be held just right after the Maghreb's azan is over. Muslim in Malaysia have practiced this kind of routine in every year since ages and so do in another nations where there are Muslims organizations and populations do exist.

Well, I just want to write about my 1432 Hirah resolution due to this yearly event. Last year, I missed to be part of the gathering as I used to busy with my mundane affair. It seems that I was not take this at high concern and I'm shamed on myself as a Muslim.

As a result, I'm keen to come out with my new resolution to symbolize the changes I've made and keep to look forward on it all the time. My resolute lists are shown as follow:
  1. Be a good Muslim in term of deeds, behavior and attitude.
  2. Pledge myself to not miss daily worship.
  3. Living my life with full of prosperity, tranquility, solidarity, harmony, serenity and peace.
  4. Wish Allah would grant me easiness and facilitate me in conducting my daily basis and hope for Allah's bless.
I don't know how far I could keep up with those list notwithstanding it doesn't seem a far - reaching resolution but one thing I could guarantee, I will try at my best!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

mishap and mischief (the extension version)

The picture above visualizes how our main electricity circuit board was constructed by the developer. This is the place where the thief is believed to pull out the fuse from the socket. As I try to be in the designer shoes, the first thing across in mind is - no one will try to steal the fuse. It is priceless anyway if they tend to sell it.

Well, clearly it's a good typical Malaysian point of view, would the bad typical Malaysian think on the similar way? Do you think those people who overwhelm by malicious emotion will think similarly as the good people do think? Well, I concern about this matter and would not prefer to stay out of the business.

Now it comes for another issue where this circuit board is not frequently maintain in efficient manner. The circuit board could be reached by hands as the fence is not proper enough for securing purpose. In safety contexts, it could harm and endanger the residents, it's likely the various potential of hazardous could be possible to happen and jeopardized people. The safety is not very convincing as the fence sometime remains unlock!

Just imagine whenever the children come to touch the wrong portion of the board, where the electricity carry high voltage and strike them, surely they will be dead on the spot or admitted to the intensive care unit as their heart beat comes to halt. Plus, when the rain comes down and the water splashes towards the board, don't you think it will spur the spark or short circuit upon the electricity power supply.

If less fortunate, it may cause terrible explosion which could take the maximum death toll. Maybe I sound too exaggerated, yet the preventive measure to against mishaps and mischief still need to undertake. The developer should take high concern about this matter and improve the safety aspects in order to prolong and preserve the prosperity and tranquility for the future generation.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

mishap and mischief

Last Sunday was a massive disaster (should I used word "terrible" instead "disaster") It was freaking hot since our electricity power had cut off. At first, I thought TNB had cut it down due to the unsettle bills, yet my housemate convinced me all utility bills have been paid

I thought the whole neighborhood had faced the same matter, but it seems impossible after I noticed certain houses still could switch on their light. I could tell through the friction of light which had brightened their house. It happened during evening time, around 5.40 pm just right before I went out for evening sports.

I don't expect any unwanted or misfortune thing as I thought the power had been disabled by TNB technical support due to conduct their yearly maintenance. Once I back, the problem hadn't remedied yet. It seems my expectation faded down into the drain.

It's not only my house got infected, there were another 3 houses were likely face the same matter. Thus, everyone assembled outside and wondering the cause of the matter. Someone suggested to check the main fuse in the downstairs (This is a flat, so our main fuse is located at the same corner regardless the level we are staying)

We stared at the same spot and found out that the fuse had loss due to a theft. Then, we issued this to our security, asking them about their responsibility and effectiveness of securing system they have applied in this neighborhood.

One of the security could identify the suspect and was seeing that guy on the scene, but unable to take action on that moment. A frustrated person was directly claim by saying publicly, "this security guard is useless as he let the suspect went free. Then, what is the purpose of us hiring you?". Unleash the anger by shouting "dumbass". (I've converted the original statement from bahasa to english)

Subsequently, the guard tried to describe the suspect by telling the physical look of the thief. One of the obvious marks that he could recall was the thief hand has tattooed. My housemate knew the crook and able to recognize the suspect. The crook is his country mate. According to him, they were fought due to misunderstanding of certain issue. It is believed about their past.

The time was over the twilight and my housemate eager to find the suspect. I didn't want to get involved over the hassle, so I tend to be a bystander, waiting the solution from the sideline. It is believed the motive of the thief trying to make trouble just want to avenge my housemate as this is not the first time that guy seek trouble and fault. Plus, the fuse is worth less than Rm 10 if he intended to sell it. It is definitely doesn't make sense. The fuse is inexpensive!

An hour later, the suspect had finally caught up. Then my friend brought him over the security for identifying purpose. In the rendezvous, the guard had changed his statement which linked to freedom of the suspect. Not to forget, his action had provoked certain person. The further action was taken by lodging a police report. That night, I slept inconvenience due to the heat up.

Next following morning, the home owner came to the house, hoping to seek the solution by get rid the fundamental matter. He brought the new fuse to replace the stolen one. Once the fuse is connected, the electricity power is back. Everything is back to normal. The home owner claimed the price of the fuse is almost Rm 100 but others revealed it was just Rm 10.

WTF! What is the point by telling us such lie? Does he thinks by telling the lie, the thief would stop disturb us? The crime undergone by notorious person, likely a junky and nobody has stop button to cease or curb their crime and vandalism. Since now, I never heard the follow up news, I bet the thief is still outside, think freely to launch the next step of revenge assault.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Don't you just hate when...part 004

Since I still stick up with the same title apart from the numbers of series, I'm pleased to come out with another series of unsettle issue from the previous entry. You are likely not recommended to scroll down your page as I believe everything that written in the next paragraph could stand on its own feet. It's able to deliver the clear subtle message of what I've considered as negative consequences due to "changes/transformations/switches".

I used to get familiar with my college's area and its surrounding. I had been there for more than 5 years since I stepped on the ground for the first time in early year 2005. After completing my diploma in year 2008, I decided to undergo my degree program in the same year, under the same institution and territory. Thus, it's required me to extend another 2 years time to complete my degree program. The completion date was in the mid year of this year.

Now, it comes toward the raised matter...

Since this college is surrounded with many shops and premises, I know very well which particular shop I need to go to if I need to buy something which is rare or not available or hard to find in common shop. Certain quarters, they valued your money with their high standard quality to meet your satisfaction and desire. "Valued for money" becomes their mark in business.

After became one of the populations there, I could tell which shops offered low price than any other shop for the similar stuff, which shop would give you their best regard, which shop will treat you like their friend and not to forget which shop offered the best quality in return for your decent payment.

Don't you just hate when...

When I've done with the sub-topics of the monthly safety report, now it comes for the binding process to take place. It's not a hard task, not even complicated yet it's requiring some time to get it done. I need to print out a few word documents, printed out a few pictures, make a few copy of the whole report and get it properly attached with nicely fold with plastic cover at the top and bottom portion.

When I was undergoing my studies, I know which shop could give these kinds of services at decent price as I used to submit my every single assignment. Practically, this report has no different at all despite the content is not so much similar, yet the way how the report looks alike is likely same.

Once I moved to Balakong, everything has changed. Obviously, this territory is pretty big compare with the small town called Mantin. There are a lot of premises and shop lots running their daily business solely to sustain their long lasting descent besides to create an active economic growth.

Become a new comer is not easy. I felt awkward with this new dimension. I need to walk slowly along the facade and staring those signboards which is advertising their type of business until I spotted the shop which provides the service that I'm looking for. However, it's not just like that easy. Sometime, certain shops have printer but they don't have photocopy machine and vice versa.

It's hard to find a shop which could get my report done in just a go and give me less errands. There's a lot of stationeries here but they just not proper equipped especially with printer and photocopy machine. But now, after two months time, I could overcome the matter very well. Now I know where to find the stationeries which could cater with my needs. Yet I still hate to spend my time and stupidly waste my precious effort just want to roam and seek the stationery. Argh! (Sigh)