Sunday, July 12, 2009

weekend - become a better man

well..well...well... I'm just stuck in a common weekend I guess, nothing was stunning to share and I couldn't get a chance to put myself on any exciting moment, everything is annoying the hell out of me and killing me at the same time. Surely, this might be just another boring entry especially for those who were regularly stumbled upon this fantastic blog (waa, I'm so full with myself :p)

Do you believe that you could change your bad habit or behavior (especially your evil part) to something that your family and relatives or even your girlfriends or boyfriends could proud of by doing something avail repeatedly. I believe on that and it just happened on me today.

In my case, after being woke up around 6 o'clock almost in every morning for the sake of my sucks working day purposes (except weekend), suddenly today, I could woke up around 6 o'clock by myself and surprisingly it happens without the crappy sounds rang out loud from my alarm.

yup, surely I didn't lock the alarm as today is a public holiday and manage myself to oversleep. Since I started to become an employee, I never missed to lock up the alarm as it helps me out a lot and made my day away from looks pathetic.

Could you realize the way that I'm improving myself? That's the point why I'd like to share this, to help you in developing your own life, even it won't effect yours at all yet to have a little bit changes is just fine. Just do it repeatedly without pushing yourself so hard and I assure that you'll see your life is improving along with your new appearance. I don't think you'll facing any difficulties. I experienced this earlier than you and I never met one :)


lily abd ghafar said...

practice make perfect....


definitely correct!!!!!!!!!!!