Sunday, February 28, 2010

The last homage

I know my lecturer has decided to stop her service duty but never know about her to move out from her current apartment. I thought she would stays in the apartment for quite some times more since I never asked about her next plan last time. Never expect for her to move away real soon.


So today, as Syuk told me that Mdm Afifah is looking for some favor, I was certainly will come over to contribute a huge portion of my energy and I'm so much ready to conduct any uplift and down-lift work. Even though, I reached a little bit late after receiving a signal from Mdm as I didn't even took my shower yet.

At the moment I arrived, there were a few persons that are likely a bunch of strangers, doing the transferring work of several furniture, boxes and miscellaneous from Mdm's and assembled them at the lobby. Among of them, I can tell a few persons are coming from mdm's family. Recognized them based on the similar look and shape which is likely resemble to Mdm.

I was abruptly take my role at the moment and continue until the last part. Later than that, they relocate again all the stuff into the lorry with proper arrangement - only experienced person knows how to arrange all the stuff so that it could accommodate all things and left no free space.


It seems that the lorry unable to accommodate all Mdm's belonging and it's clearly required to have another trip. So the lorry was coming again at the evening for the second time - to continue what we were done in the morning and transfer a few stuffs more to mdm's new home. Luckily, today' atmosphere was good, the sky is clear and no heavy clouds were moving crawly not just like a couple of days before. The possibility of rain can be neglected.


As I didn't feel any severe muscle soreness, I started to do my FYP even I'm not really into it as I pushed myself. Try to put more endeavor against it and pretend to like it. Proudly to say that I started to have the good rhythm and it's getting better from time to time in term of emotion and dislike feeling.

~no picture's taken~

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maulidur Rasul

As everyone knows, yesterday was a public holiday due to the celebration of prophet Muhammad's birthday or some people prefer to call it as Maulidur Rasul.

~The brand new of resolute~

So, as I'm one of the adherents which are called as Muslim, would like to apply new resolutions in term of behavior, attributes and practicing good deeds in my next lifetime. InsyaAllah, I'll practice more constant in my daily lifestyle based on the references of Prophet Muhammad's narration, demonstrates and real-life example. InsyaAllah

Deep down in my heart, I'm so grateful as I born as a Muslim and take Islam, the right belief as my own religion which is well known by its convincing truthfulness and wonderfulness.

~Reality Check~

So, I have no class for 5 consecutive days in total since it started by last Thursday. I supposed to fill up all the time by focusing towards the FYP, CMID and not to forget my sieve analysis. I do try to complete the task and mitigate my joy, but it still can be considered as failed - Just do something with a few layers of papers and suddenly I lost interest and succumbed with the surrounding.

Yet again, the temptation is hardly to manipulate and spur me to cling with those crucial works. The other influences from surrounding become villains and keep preventing me from completing my work. I've no clue what else I need to do in order to get myself become more determined. *sigh*

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Randomiesss - Every moment Counts

Even it was only 2 days I abandoned this blog due to disarrange activities, I have tons of points need to be shared here. Everything was stuffed in my head and just need to spill them out in just a few seconds ahead. Will try to summarize as short as possible :)

Location: McD Nilai
Time: Night (23/2/09) - Dawn (24/2/09)

McD - I used to not like this place before

Yesterday morning was a presentation day. So, the night before, I managed to do discussion with all my team members at McD - the only place where we can stay up for a long duration. We have to complete all the requirement tasks and things become worse after we didn't start anything yet. To make the situation even critical, we only have a couple of hours to get the task done. After we put a drastic brainstorming session, all works were eventually done just right at the dawn.

Location: Campus - Lecture Hall
Time: Morning (24/2/09)

It's clearly show that all my group members were not having sufficient sleep and rest after struggled to the death. All my members had the eye bags under their eyes and some students start to label us as Junkies/crumbs. My mind was blank and I can't think anything as my inner was floating to nowhere and to present my slide must be in chaotic way with flippantly speech. Yet, we were lucky after our turn was decided to be held by next week due to the limitation of time.

Location: Apartment
Time: Evening (24/2/09)

As I've been excepted from the presentation in the morning, nothing had took my attention apart from my bolster and mattress. From afternoon until the evening time, I dedicated my evening by sleeping until I lost an alert to my phone that was ringing for a quite number of times along the process. That was Syukri which was trying to reach me as Mr Dian insisted to do so. It seems Mr Dian starts to look after me regarding my research project that is clearly still not amend yet :(

Location: Seremban
Time: Night (24/2/09)

It was a sudden decision from us to have some night activities rather than being stuck in the boredom. So we moved to Seremban by Afiq's car that packed for 5 passengers. That night was full with excitement even I was still not in the mood for any sorts of entertainment. We took dine at Old Town and had a great shot for bowling. Just imagine after you conscious from a long sleep, your head still endure the dizziness, your body is suffering less energy and suddenly you force your entire body and flesh to all out. Don't you think that your life is so miserable?

Location: Concrete LAb
Time: Morning - Evening (today)

Mr Dian's class was officially announce to be canceled yesterday and no substitute lecturer has been assigned like before. I'm aware that the due date of submission for my final project is approaching quite fast. In just a blink of eyes, now I have less than 2 months to complete my thesis including conducting my Skid Resistance and Sand Patch test. So today, it is crucial to use all my lucrative leisure to get more retained sand as possible as I can. Finally, I could accumulate at least 4 kg of retained sand and to reach this total amount is something that I can proud of.

~~End of ramblings~~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's grumbles :)

Today's class was just fine even Mdm Hema still not around. So, to ensure the class keeps running, Mdm Hairun took over the role as today's substitute lecturer to proceed the lessons. We were enlightened about the new subtitle,"contaminated water". It's more to biological terms that most of the doctors in the world need to get some idea of it. Unfortunately yet again, I'm not interested with it and sadly to say, some little diversion took me the most.

Evening, I skipped my sieve analysis test for the second time as I don't have any option to take. I need to go to Public work Department or in bahasa we call it as "Jabatan Kerja Raya" to set an appointment.

That was our intention beforehand yet it switched to something even better. I could say that we were so lucky today as the person in-charged was willing to entertain us. So, we just went straight to the point as we mentioned the top purpose of us painstakingly in their departments.

I'm moving to mcD now - to further enforcement of my project*sigh*

updates - clear cut the confusion n farewell party

Maybe some of my friends are still astonished when I decided to go back to my home even I was homecoming just a few days back during the Chinese New year. So, I think it's the ideal time to clear cut this confusion. The motivations of me painstakingly to go back this time is because:
  1. To attend my friend's wedding. We are staying in the same village and same residential area. As I leave in a very peaceful and harmony neighborhood. So for not letting myself get involved in the event is just not right.
  2. To get my study and project go smooth along the process, it's crucial to have a guide line from the person who has a wide experienced in the field of Civil Engineering. So, I met my cousin for begging his specialty.
It seems that this institution is losing more capable lecturers and consequently, it looks pathetic and fragile.

Yesterday Evening, I wasn't run the sieve analysis instead I attended a farewell party for Mdm Afifa and Mdm Honey as both of them are leaving. This event was organized by my own classmates and it's not fancy at all yet it still happening. We don't have any special guests, only students from our class and a few lecturers were invited.

Last but not least, I want to thank both of the resigned-lecturer-to-be for being my lecturer. From my personal experience, both of you are the ones who have astounded me with your uniqueness, eccentricity and distinctive character

Friday, February 19, 2010

This week is not really encouraging

Currently, I'm blogging out from my friend's house. I'm seriously never expected that I could have the free internet excess here :) To utilize this opportunity, blogging is the last option after I'm done with all my internet communities and emails.

Today, water class began at 8 a.m and it was a real torture to wake up early in the morning. It seems that in this entire week, all the actual lecturers are not around until next week as Mdm Hema also is still not coming back from her country.

So the class was conducted by Mdm Su from the beginning until the end. Reminiscing my diploma's days, she used to be my lecturer for one particular subject - HSW and frankly speak, I was a very bad students. Always caused a problem, keep bugging in her class and my assignment always went out from the scope. Even though, she still helped me out in dealing with my education matters

Evening, I'm still running the sieve analysis test and gain a few kilos more of retained sands based on the required size. I have explored something new today. It's not effect at all towards my experiment later yet it just a new invention - I could gain 50 grams per test and it takes me 20 rounds to obtain a kilo of sands. *Sigh*

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday - no much different

The beauty of sands

Today didn't bring much different compare with yesterday. I came to the class for the same subject and met the same substitute lecturer as Mr Dian still on his leave. The worst part is, I came quite late more than what I did yesterday. At the moment I leaped into the class, the time showed at 30 minutes pass over 10 o'clock. Actually, 30 minutes late can be considered as a serious discipline case :)

Today's lesson was quite boring and I just can't stop myself from sleepy. It's not because I wasn't have sufficient sleep time but it was the way the lecturer deliver her lecture. She presented to us a bunch of slides and elaborates them based on each slide that she had through. It's all about the theories and I've no interest with it. Yet, I'm still appreciating her effort in order to enforce her responsibility and mitigate our stupidity.

Evening, just like yesterday, I'm still working with sieve analysis thing and gain almost a kilo of retained sands. The process is not so complicated yet, it takes time to accumulate those sands to reach the required weight. Will working on it for a couple of rounds more

Don't ever think that I'm going to construct this by using my retained sands

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday's randomies

Sorry, this is the best picture of the lecturer that I could snap :)

So today I put myself back on the track as I came to the class in the morning. Apparently, some of the students especially from the Chinese community were not around. They still on their holiday even they know about the class will reopens today. It seems that they are illegally taken the extra days off for the Chinese New Year. Despite that, the class still kept bugging around, disheartening the innocent lecturer.

All my classmates have been informed that Mr Dian is still on his leave today. So I managed to come a little bit late - 10 or 15 minutes pass over10 o'clock. I was quite shocked once I step into the class as the lecture session had been started. I never expect for the lecturer to start the lesson very soon.

So, this substitute lecture took over the stage only for today class due to the Mr Dian absents. she is a very confident person, her English language is quite fluent and understandable, She has a good contact with the students and the lecture session went smoothly. As conclusion, she did quite well as she knows how to generate a good bond between a lecturer and students.

She's responsible to explain and deliver a clear definition of "contract". A subject that is not under the civil student's jurisdiction - it's under Quantity Surveying course I guess and today, we were learning a few terms that normally use in the construction field. Unfortunately, I didn't get it at all. Oh Come on! I'm not familiar with those terms anyways.

Evening - I continued my sieve analysis for sands with the size of 200 micrometer and below. I'm glad to say that I obtained a few grams more today. Will sieve and obtain more sands with such size tomorrow :)

I kill the night effciently :)

(This picture is not relevant with the article below)

I'm quite bored last night. So I manage myself to do some tiny editing and adjustment for my blog page. Most of the modification is in term of the colors scheme so that it looks more striking at some particular area. Only the great observer could spot the different :)

Oh yeah, now I get my own shout box. After almost 30 minutes of searching and change the color setting - changing the color scheme from default setting to the current setting really consume too much minutes, now it's ready to use as you can see on the screen (on the left hand side) So drop me a line once in a while!

Once I done with the blog page, I was roaming on Facebook to see any updates and comments that exists. Suddenly, I stumbled upon this Facebook account: KAJIAN DR FADZILAH KAMSAH TENTANG SIFAT MANUSIA. This is a research of human behavior and characterization based on which month they were born. This is actually more to motivate people as we know this man is a good motivator and this research is done by Dr Fadzilah Kamsah himself

I was born in December, so this is my character overview:
Sangat setia dan pemurah Bersifat patriotik Sangat aktif dalam permainan dan pergaulan Sikap kurang sabar dan tergesa-gesa Bercita-cita tinggi Suka menjadi orang yang berpengaruh dalam organisasi Seronok didampingi Suka bercampur dengan orang Suka dipuji, diberi dan suka dibelai Sangat jujur, amanah dan bertolak ansur Tidak pandai berpura-pura Cepat marah Perangai yang berubah-ubah Tidak ego walaupun harga diri yang sangat tinggi Benci pada kongkongan Suka berlawak Pandai buat lawak dan berfikiran dengan logic.

Well it's suddenly spur me to give more effort to do more :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Homecoming - no hard feelings

Just got back to my hostel and I'll try to recap all my activities along the 4 days of time at home.

Day 1 (13/2/10)

My cousin offered a ride as he wanted to go back to Batu Pahat. So I accepted the lucrative offer and we were moving in the morning after he picked me up. We reached at Batu Pahat in the afternoon and he dropped me at my home, then continued his journey to his home.

Evening, I fetched my auntie at Rengit after she went out to evening market for shopping. According to my cousin, this market is called as "CAR BOOT SALES" in UK. To get some ideas what is "CAR BOOT SALES, please go to Google it :) My auntie is actually came from JB and decided to spend at least 3 days at my home. Night, I came by at my cousin's nearby for his wedding event that will be held by tomorrow morning.

CAR BOOT SALES. I've no idea what is the ideal term in Bahasa Melayu :)

Day 2 (14/2/10)

My mum insisted me to come early to my uncle's as today is my cousin's wedding. So I woke up early and went over there as my mum's wish while she was coming almost in the afternoon due to attend a few wedding events.

I spend almost 10 hours of time over there without do nothing in particular. Basically, I'll do some favor or at least contribute something for the event just similarly what I did in any wedding ceremony in my village but not in here. I stood for no chance on that day. Obviously, there are a few persons in charged for every area and to give my hands were just make the area looks crowded.

By the way, I want to wish my cousin Selamat Pengantin Baru. Please realize that you live your life as a spouse now and hope you'll live happily forever after.

Day 3 (15/2/10)

My hands were full in this day as I need to help my father to do some gardening works at his farms. I used to help him but it was a couple of months ago and to start again the task force, it takes me a while to warm up before I can all out.

Do I look like a real civil engineer-to-be? WTF?

It seems that my father was utilizing my 100% energy as I need to go through some enormous difficulties and hardness. I was lifting a quite number of heavy containers that full of crystal clear water from point A to point B by using improper pathway. If the surface or texture is even, it's not going a big fuss for me :( Later that time, I was helping him to fertilize the plants and I was successfully covered a few errands.

Day 4 (today)

It's time to depart from home and come back to college. As I came back to my home on last Saturday with my cousin, so do the way I'm going back to college. We were moving just right before the brunch and reached after noon time.

Currently, the day time is so hot and I could feel a symptom of throat sore. I need to have a quite number of gulps but quite lazy to get my ass moved to grab a bottle of cold water even the freeze is just a few milliseconds away.

Oh, I'm planning to clean up my super duper miserable rooms :) .TaTa..

Friday, February 12, 2010


Finally this evening, I'm able to conduct the sieve analysis and able to accumulate a few grams of retained sands. The particular size of the sands that can be taken is below than 200 micrometer and it still not enough. The sieve process will be continued after the Chinese New Year as I need more sands with such size to ensure my sand patch test to obtain the precise outcome.

Due to the current Chinese New Year celebration, I would like to wish Happy New Year and Xong Xi Fa Cai to all Chinese community and for those who are celebrating. Just want to remind some of my Chinese friends, don't forget to hand me some "angpau" yeah...:) That is the first red envelop that I'm keen to seek once I'm coincidentally meet you guys..:)

Until now, no signal is available for the water to flow back through the pipe and host. I've no idea where else to find the source as it becomes so limited now and unable to accommodate my daily lifestyle. Hope I could cope with this terrible situation for less than 24 hours as my homecoming is tomorrow morning...yahooooo!!!!!!

legenda water crisis

The water crisis in my hostel has been distracting my daily routine. At this moment, I aware how much the water could influenced me as I need them almost in everything, mostly for cleaning and purified purposes.

Since this semester began, this is the first time I absent for Water class due to the water crisis this morning. No water available to take shower, or even to wash my face. If I still come to the class, surely I'll look sleepy and the worst part is smelly. Everyone will sneers on me. Don't you think it's quite embarrassing? Well, I still wonder from where they get the water as this water crisis is covered all the places around here.

This matter arisen since the past two days (apart from my block) as no water supply at my campus and so do at the food court. It's unpleasant once you go to the toilet and to wash your hand before and after you eat. And today, the crisis is finally effecting my block.

Anyway, this is not the first time for the water crisis to happen. I'm staying at this densely populated area almost for 5 years and this situation just happen once in a while or probably 2 times per year. Plus, the water crisis this time comes without any notification and it's very disappointing.

So, the total day of this crisis is almost 3 days now and I presume this matter will end by this evening. Otherwise, it's a very hard day to go through...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Real Hot Day

Today is very hot even I stay at home (the best shelter I believe) with the ceiling fan turns on with the maximum speed, I'm still sweating a lot. I can't stand anymore with this extraordinary hot weather.

I supposed to run the sieve analysis just evening for my research project, unfortunately I've to cancel the test and take a long nap as replacement for today's evening.

Last night, my members and I have completed the report, prepared for the presentation slides and I slept at 4 a.m. (I didn't know at what time my group members felt asleep) It was at the dawn and the worst part is, I just can't sleep well as I got irritated with the light stomachache.

I woke up at 7 a.m to performed Subuh prayer and try to sleep again. Unfortunately, the eyelids still can't be closed even I tried in so many ways. So, I still remain awake and conscious until the CMID class took place.

Things that I want to highlight here is, can you just imagine how could I stay energetic after only three hours of rest - Not including the uncomfortable condition during the rest in the process. Then I want straightly continue to run the sieve analysis at the evening without break. It's impossible as I'm just a human being. I need a quite some time to restore.

So I manage to run the sieve stuff later on tomorrow evening. It must be tomorrow otherwise, my research project will be delayed and directly become the fall behind student in term of progression.

Presentation no more within 2 weeks time :)

I don't understand why, when it comes to presentation, my tongue becomes numb. Everything that I want to say is suddenly disappear from my mind. I got blank yet I start to feel the confident level has developed in me :)

Finally we had through the presentation part without any problem. There were so many questions arising and we manage to entertain all of it. Before this, during the Q&A session, there are limited for 3 questions only from the audience, but in my case it was suddenly switch to open question, no limited number. We have been fired with a quite number of killing questions and eventually, we manage to defend and answered.

Unfortunately, one of our members was not coming during the presentation. Lee's already come back to his home town due to the Chinese New Year. Even our performance today is not quite excellent. But Lee, you still missed the presentation mark.

Regarding the performance, we still in the average level, we still lack of skill utmost in term of the way we present and answer the question, all this must be done in diplomatic way, reflect to the audience with good manner and without hard emotion - the body gesture also need to be highly concerned.

Back to my group members, last time I have 6 members and since last Monday, I have added another one members due to her late registration. Because we are the only group that have 6 members while the rest have 7 or 8 members in their group and we have no option except to take her into our group. She is officially become our group member from now on. To Fatma, I just want to wish you welcome to our group and hope you will dedicate full cooperation to us.

presentation - hope to do very well....

Last night, we continued our work at McD and it's exactly happen as we planned beforehand.

We bumped with some of our college-mates, already doing the farewell party for their resigned-lecturer. So, the place was quite crowded and it takes at least 30 minutes before they dismissed and clean the messy spot - That spot is quite comfortable to continue our uncompleted report . A few students from another College also were doing their revision and it didn't make thing any better.

After almost 6 hours being stuck in there, finally our report is completely done and credit to all my group members for the commitment and contribution that they have been shown. I can say that all distributed task is done in triumphantly.

The only thing that left is the presentation session, Can we make it????? In less than 1 hour, we'll figure out the answer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

presentation - we have to work faster team!!!

Snap some pictures would kill some boring time

In the previous post, I mentioned that I'll have a presentation in 2 days time. Do you know the reason why I mention in "2 days time" even the presentation is actually begin today (10th FEB)?....

The reason is because, one of my group members has managed herself to not available today as she has one particular task need to be done in Nilai Road Stone. So, Mr Dian has given us a privilege option to present our task tomorrow.

Our report still not done yet even we were trying to complete everything this evening. There are some improvement regarding the data collection yet it still very slow in term of progression.

So we manage to continue tonight at the library and if the report remains uncompleted, we have to continue at somewhere else, probably in McD. The worst part is, the library is closed at 9.30 p.m and the time is very limited to get all tasks done. No matter what it takes, we have to complete the report tonight and prepare for the presentation tomorrow.

:::::::For those who are offended:::::::
hope you read this

I want to apologize to my classmates especially to all members of Global Unity team (that's what they call their company's name) as what has happened today. Sorry for all my wrongdoings and my overdo manner towards you guys. I didn't mean to offend or to make you feel upset - I never have intention to do that and I'm just joking around, please don't take it serious. You know me in person and the way I behave. Isn't it?

They are really crazy!!!!

presentation - gud luck to us!!!!


The next presentation will be held in just 2 days time but the preparation is not yet to be made. This is the second presentation as we move to the chapter two, out of 9 chapters. Meaning, we have to go through all 9 presentations almost in every weeks.

It looks very terrible if you view this situation in negative way, but if I view this from the opposite way, it benefits me more in the end.

  • It more like to practice session, it could make me more comfortable when performing my slides
  • It makes the confrontation between the presenter and the audience become much better
  • To increase the confident level and reduce the anxious feeling so that I'm not trembling along the presentation process
  • To improve my communication in English to become more fluent.
  • To fulfill the requirement of this subject - if I'm not take part in the presentation, no mark for me and to get first class level is just absurd.
To all my group members, I just want to remind you that we have to work harder from now on due to the date of presentation is approaching us quite fast. Prepare all your data based on the task that I've been distributed to you and we'll combine them to form a report.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

it suddenly turns out!!!


hmm, it has been a long time that I have abandoned this blog, suddenly I get excited to write but the time has always become the great villain as it treats me very limited time. Even, writing in this post, I couldn't consume too much time as Hydro class is just 10 minutes away.

That's all for this time, I'm looking forward to the next later, maybe it's not like the previous entry which I jotted a quite long post and put everything inside but I'll come out with a short, simple and solid entry. Just to make sure this blog is still alive and doesn't look inactive and at the same time, reduce my eagerness in addiction in writing...hehehe...

I guess class will be started in 7 minutes time, gotta run now!!!!!!