Monday, July 27, 2009

43rd - less fortunate..

I was struggling yesterday for my victory and my body didn't have sufficient time to restore properly. Today is Monday and I need to go to work, all my body parts are listless and not very well at all. Thing's not getting any better after my skin switched into darker due to the sunburns. I'm not very sensitive with the sweltering rays, yet to have a black skin cover up all over my body is not something that could please me :(

Not so many work had done and no testing anymore need to launch on this day. Moreover, my superior wasn't come due to her alternate leave and I thought that I could have much time to spend only for relaxing. Things didn't happen as I wish after my superior was calling me from nowhere and turn myself into apprehensive mode, she insisted me to be in the production line for a while to replace one of the QC over there. She told me that the QC in charge were unable to come due to the personnel matter. I start to realize the call was ruining down my day :(

The phone call went off and I start myself to frown, feel a little bit aggravate towards my superior. How come she knows the production line was lacking of QC and desperate to need one as temporary successor? and why she was pointing her finger on me to find an ideal solution? I still accept the task and did anything that necessary especially on checking and recording part. Fortunately, it didn't take long as one of the main machines broke down and the maintenance in charge were unable to do anything until the special force get involved later. So, the production line didn't have any option accept to stop the whole line.

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