Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jogging after so long!

The idea turned out yesterday's morning once I woke up from my sleep. My body felt so listless and certain muscles were severely pain. However I forced myself rather than taking MC after knowing the awaiting workload at the office needs to be done by yesterday. The workload had motivated me somehow. Huhuhu

I've worked in this new company for almost 2 months now and since then I never took any outdoor exercise to break a sweat. Not even once!!! Plus I took unhealthy diet most of the time without any control schemes. This might be the main reason why my body is so weak, not as energetic as before! Devastating myself!

Since then, I decided to spend my Saturday morning for exercise regime. The best location that came across in mind was Titiwangsa Lake. I eager to run after imagine the atmosphere and also the fact that this is my first time to utilize the facility.

Seems like the plan worked well. Just morning I was on the jogging track just to realize what I had already planned. I've invited my cousin and a friend to come along however the bed gave the best offer to resist. So, I continue my plan while contemplating that there will be a lot of joggers will accompany me. Hahaha

The jogging track is surrounding the Titiwangsa Lake. This recreation place is very popular among the KL population and located not far from my residence area (walking distance). It just takes around 10 to 15 minutes of walking and could be lesser than that if you accelerate your walking style.

I set myself to accomplish 5 rounds minimum. However, I only managed to finish 3 rounds which if I bring to the math, I still short for 2 rounds from what I had targeted. Even though, 3 rounds were enough to torture my physical body.

The energy gone quite fast!!! Can you imagine I passed out after 3 rounds? The desire to run is there yet what does it means when the legs refuse to run? The stamina is on the critical level and need to focus more on the outdoor activity soon so that the problem will be fixed!

Those who think by accomplishing 3 rounds are just a breeze, I assume that you are concreting my statement about myself. Hahaha

And now, this is the come out after putting my stamina to the limit - I thought I will be energetic and feel fresh yet I'm enduring the muscle tense instead. Huhuhu

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beware when you withdraw your money

Last Friday, my office (by referring to the 2nd floor where my workstation is being located) was shocked after one of the staffs told about a brother of her being robbed at one of the well known gas station nearby, in the toilet to be specific!. The incident happened whenever the guy went to the station's toilet right after he withdrew the money. Loads of money of course!

From my own standing point of view, it's believed that he had already been targeted since the moment he headed to the ATM machines. The culprit was observing him since then and when the guy decided to go to the toilet, it was clearly bad idea. Plus, carrying the loads of money had geared up the culprit's motivation I guess.

Well, it wasn't his mistake, no one on earth will aware about that he would be the victim especially at a gas station and in a clear daylight. Exception given to the person who commits the crime as he would knows better his evil operation.

From the above incident, deep down in my heart, I presume that our country doesn't safe anymore. My opinion was supported by others even I didn't say it out loud. I'm very confident with that after hearing everyone's sigh.

To the victim, hope he will recover from trauma soon and escape from the financial matter he probably faces due to the incident. Hope everyone will be extra careful when it comes to MONEY.

The moral of the story, please bear in mind to do the feces and urine job first before you withdraw out your money. A lesson learned :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Do'a - The Second Ponder

As part of the company initiative to bring the Islamic spiritual and create the harmony working environment all over the workplace, the management team has organized a special slot for Islamic lectures pertaining the religious issues and ethics. The slot being held on every Friday morning and the venue is at the discussion room.

This special program has been practiced like for many many years ago and surprisingly, it still continue to keep the pace until today. Since I'm one of the company's backbones recently (hell no to be truth), I'm now become one of the listener of this lectures. It is also the fact that everyone is mandatory to come and listen on what the lecturer is going to deliver unless, the person unable to make himself/herself available due to the certain excuses.

For today session, the lecturer is one of the company's staff and he is at his late 20's I guess. Normally, the company will invite the totally - stranger -lecturer from outside to come and give a talk but today, the fellow staff was ready on action.

The topic was quite simple yet enough to jolt me and probably to all audiences in the room as well. The fellow staff threw out a few questions to the audience as introduction instead of giving the definition of this particular topic - DO'A.

By asking whether if there any person amongst us still practice or even memorize any of the do'a that I've listed below:

1) before and after you have your meals.
2) whenever you are wearing and taking off your clothes.
3) before you enter and exit from toilet.
4) before you start and accelerate your vehicle.
5) before you step out and stand at the doorstep of your house.

Reminiscing my kindergarten moment, I used to memorize all the do'a, recited all of them accordingly before I commit something. It feels like the do'a come first in mind before anything else. But now, as I grown up, I forget most all of the do'a as I start to leave behind the daily practice. Forgetting verse by verse as the time passed by.