Monday, July 13, 2009

31st - got incentive

Monday morning took it's turn pretty quick than I thought and Sunday went away in just a blink of eyes. I didn't feel that I was sufficiently enjoyed the weekend to the fullest and when I woke up today, what??? It's Monday and should got myself prepared and off to work.

It was a breezing morning and the weather was just fine, sometimes the torrential wind blew away against my direction and consequently, I was freaking numb and my legs were trembling a little bit. It's normal when you are traveling to anywhere in the morning and feel the extremely cold is not supposed the top issue. err.. f**k, this entire paragraph is so freaking pointless.

I'm working in here for a month now and this is the week number 6. So that's mean, my working day in here has attain for 31 days (not including the public holidays and my boring weekend). Got another 2 months remain before I could set myself free. I wish the time could tick a little bit faster then.

Oh yeah, I never expect that I deserve some incentive from this company. Meaning, I got bonus today even I just work in here for 30 days and imagine, how lucrative I'm for working in here. Even the amount it's not much compare with other people (seniors) yet to having something like this makes me smiles all day long and boost back my interest in here.

Actually the rumors about this bonus has spread all over this company since the past few weeks, but I don't think I deserve this kind of incentive until one of my friend (he's a new joint as me) show me his pay slip with his dull face. Afterward, I just sneered at him and find the QC's clerk immediately to confirm, wait for miss Phoebe to hand over the cash and I got my bonus :)

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