Tuesday, July 21, 2009

38th - I hate blood test

My superior was not around today as she need to attend a special practice in somewhere, I'm not sure the exact location but for sure, she would be in the practice room for the whole day. This is the second day that I didn't meet her and frankly speak, I feel that I've lost some guidance from her. She leaves me away without saying any, even goodbye and didn't brief me what I'm supposed to do. She has to prepare my complete schedule beforehand.

I got a blood test today in TKYB, not only for me but also for the whole worker especially operators whether they involve directly or not. Even the staffs which stay in the office and rare to expose themselves and inhale the lead powder need to take part on this test. For those who are trying to skip away, surely they'll got a warning letter inside their mail box.

I'm quite scared of injection tools and to have this blood test was scared the hell out of me. I never have been injected for quite some times and suddenly the nurse needs to take my 4ml blood fluid. What? I though they just cut my skin and take only a drop of blood specimen and the test done.

Things that happen to me during this blood test:
  1. My body was trembling, I was thinking to run away until all QC members calm me down.
  2. My hands were suddenly freaking numb, my face turns to pale and lips wasn't in red anymore.
  3. The nurse didn't find my blood artery. So she holds my arm and make it warm a little bit. A moment later, the artery starts to show up.
  4. The artery does show up, yet it's too tiny and the nurse need to chance the small size of the sarcastic injection.
  5. I was screaming when the needle start to puncture my artery. I got an ear full when everyone was laughing to their death.
  6. Everyone only took 4 or 5 seconds to have 4ml blood in the special container, but I need more than 10 seconds before I could completely flow out my 4ml blood.


bloodytiramisu said...

Good then you have overcome ur fear..
haha me too dont usually like the needle thing.but hey, u did it!
n...haha i will surely laugh at u if i were there...


ahahah, yup, finally i could addressed the fear after some people do encouraging me for not to be afraid...

"ala, cam kene gigit semut jer" they still quote this old fashion of persuasion.