Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Boring Wednesday ever!

Hye pal, I just woke up from my nap. I'm really exhausted and a bit dizzy right now, maybe I didn't sleep well last night. Dealing with the task given need me to push hard over my energy and ability. There’s no option to sleep or rest. I’m totally desperate. Today is Wednesday, 30th may, and the time shown is 1 o'clock in the noon, not much I can do today except checking my email, cook something as I’m starving right now, chatting and the best option of killing my leisure: watch movie :D

Alright pal, let me clarify to you about this day. This Wednesday is the mid day of 1 week break for my college and I’m still staying right here. Yup, only 1 week break. I don't think it's quite enough to stay together with my lovely family, stroll around with fellow and doing something extream. This college is extreamly silent since last Monday as everyone already finished their exam and affair with this college.

Everything is really odd. There’s no a big amount of fancy cars like before, no motorcylist keep rounding this entire college, no crowd of students “lepaking” under the tree and everything is awkward for me. Feel a bit terrify of this notion cause there’s no 1 that I can staring at. What else I could do?…suma dah balik…huhuhu… live in this situation makes me feel like I had been exile from my own tribe. Everything is equinox and I don’t feel any happening right here on. It's completely absurd to stay in here more longer. I’m screwed!

But it doesn’t matter. I’ve good inception for this new lifestyle. I got bucks that still accompany me. My housemate had made a decision that he was going back yesterday. Persuade him? Argh! Don't be silly as it's totally pointless since his mom insisted him to come back home as soon as possible. Fortunately, my financial had been recovered becouse my parents had made a financial distribution for me recently.

Furthermore, I’ll get some bucks from MARA soon. Those two sources of money are the only livelihood for me to sustain. I need to manage and planning frugally so that I could spend the money wisely. I must spend only for necessary and worthwhile stuff. Truthfully, I’m extravagant person.

Well, I don’t cook anymore, I mean, a special and delicious dishes that always cooked and get ready by syed as he went back to his hometown on last Saturday. I do cook actually, but just an ordinary meal such as nasi goreng and some fast food. It just an adequate delicious and the taste is not good enough. I’m sick of fried rice and any kinds of fast foods here.

Otherwise, if I’m just eat those crappy foods, I probably unable to wake up in the next following morning. So I need to spend some money for some dishes at food stall. Thank god, there is one stall still run their business even this is a holiday week. So I’m just bought some dishes from there and keep to proceed it among 3 - 6 days ahead. Besides that, the hawker that in charge is such an adorable hot chick :D

Ok folks, thats all this daytime. Have a nice day and I’ll catch you in the next article. I need to pursue my beg pack.

=–=–=–=bye bye=–=–=–=–…..

Monday, May 28, 2007

Massive Calamity


Hello guys, we meet up again after a few “boring” days that I stuck with my assignment in this damn college. Right now, I’ll tell you my current circumstance. I tell you the truth that I’m really bored, starving and have no idea what I should do right now. So the best way that I can do is just filling my leisure by post something in my blog and I’m relly like to invite you to read this babble. So, feel free to read the entire article ok!

Ok folks, let see what do I have here=-=-=- keep tinking=-=-=-

Alright, I would like to tell you about a couple of days ago. It was 26th may isn't it? On dat day, I got other burden that I need to take responsible. The damn thing is I got another f***ing assignment.

Right now, I'm currently running 2 complicated assignment. And it still in progress. Plus the assignment that I get recently (owh my goodness) I got 3 assignments need to complete. What the heck. But actually, this problem caused by me and I should blame myself. I always keep delaying the assignment given, if I’m juz keep doing n doing, maybe I can prevent this from torture me. I’m so regret now.

Maybe, the crutial action need to be taken as copy and paste process look convenient for solving this shit. But whose the victim? Everyone looks same as me, not everyone lah. Only some of them are still stuck and stick with the task given and have no idea when it’ll be covered. One thing that I’m really sure is, I need to rushing from now on. If I don't do so, my pointer will decrease drastically.

Copy and paste are not just a straight way, instead I’ve through a lot of barriers or obstacles or objection including the person that I need to approach, edit the original articles, changing site project name and etc. But seriously, I prefer more to done this shit by my own effort. After all, I need to submit all this assignment right on time before the date line whatever cause it takes. So, I’ll do my best and all the best for my friends which si currently keep progressing their assignment as well.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Al - Fatehah fot the late Toyie…..


Today is 26 May 2007 and the time shown is 1.15 noon. Feel like a thunderbolt approached and through in my ear, my old friend had passed away for the past of couple days. Receive this surprised news from my comrades really depressing and shocking me.

All this happen in just all of sudden. I can’t remember either his real name or his full name, but for sure his nick name is Toyie. After all, its been a long time we haven’t connected. No one expect, Toyie has died so soon. The very worst thing is , he died in a bad tragedy after he involved in an accident.

I don't know the exact venue but somewhere in Melaka for sure. Reminiscing my late friend, knowing him since I was studying in Batu Pahat Technical School (SMTBP), we are in form 4 at the time, he such a nice guy, well mannered person, smart and generous. We live at the same block but in different dorm. Our dorm are not too far as his dorm is just opposited with mine. We had a great time together despite we are from different dorm.

In fact, we played together, learning how to play guitar together, playing valley ball game and went to mosque together as well. I just can’t remember all the good circumstances moment. I’m really sure dat everyone who knows him better will say that they love him, because he never annoyed the people around him instead of making everyone cheerful. No wonder he always merely smile and laugh and hard to find him in despair.

Furthermore, he’s good in chess and pingpong game and in the other hand, he always beat me and I’m just a looser. Honestly, I’m feel a bit envious to him as his ability and commitment are really unquestionable. He’ll do anything with full of indeed. He will become a workhorse of every task he do and to me, he such a worthwhile person. Sometimes, I was thinking, whether I can be like him or not. It still remains when I try to complete this entry. I‘m really proud of him.

And now, it just a wonderful memories for me. I don’t have any chance to apologize and pay back the care and kindness that he has shown in some little way. I’m really disappointed. All I can do now is just donating him Al-Fatihah and pray him for peaceful. Hope god will grant him a paradise . And for you guys who knows and read this entry, I’m begging you to do what I’m juz done. Donating Al – Fatehah to my late comrade. If you do so, only ALLAH can rewarding you all the kindness.

One man down doesn’t mean evryone will fall. Be tough as life keeps going on. There’s still a long journey to proceed and evreyone will be buried in their own grave in funeral day. There’s no anything can prevent or avoid our destiny. After all, dats what we consider as FATE.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Exam’s over and the damn shit cheater!!!

Today's the last exam day. I'm so happy because I don't need to stick around with notes, books and damn bored stuff anymore. Feeling this kind of relief make me more excited to update this blog. Sharing this kind of happiness with you guys make me cheers up.

1st 2nd 2nd day inside the exam hall - I was a bit nervous because this is the 1st time I'm sitting for the very important moment after I was playing around and forsaken my studies. Argh!!! I'm so regret right now. I got my exam paper from the examination instructor that I never know their name and where are they come from. I was trying to not look at their fierce face. It's damn awful you know!

Okay, let's forget about them. To make the story short, the instructor declared the exam to start. I was answering those questions as everything were already in my mind. I copied down on the answer script that was provided. Everything was clear as almost 70% from the overall questions given are really easy. Since last night before the exam started, I was trying had in memorizing them and ignored my dinner, ignored my games and ignored my friend as well which were need some favors. Sorry guys, I just want to pay more attention on my revision. Unfortunately, there were some questions that I didn't expect will be asked on the exam's paper.

When everything was already in my mind, I did it properly. To not waste my time by looked around and observed any candidates, I tried to prevent any sound from bother me even I don't have any sound insulation. But the roar of people still gets through in my ears. Damn you all! But the truth is, I'm really not in good circumstance at the time. All I can do just proceed. For the question that I had no idea about the answer, "hentam" or "goreng" was crutial at the moment. I wrote down the answer an adequately based on my knowledge. I didn't want to let any answer script blank without ink. I tried to obey my parents order since I was in primary school and now I'm inheritng that crutial technique.

After answering all damn questions, I was done and I think that I'm not doing well in the exam. I still have 30 minutes time remaining before the exam was over. 30 minutes is too long at the moment while everyone tried to asnwer all the questions. The exams instructor keep walked around the hall. I dont' know what does actualliy he wants. Can they just sit for a minute, have word with their friends? Don't they feel bored, tired or even exhausted? They make every candidates feel discomfort and cant concentrate on what they were trying to finish. What a small minded people?

While waiting for the time's up, there was a student that was really attracting me. He just keep looking around as he tried to get answers from others. But I'm not supposed to jump in conclusion easily. Just curious, I keep observing and finally, I know what is the main purpose - he was securing something from the instructor view. Yeah! He tried to cheat in exam. he pulled out a piece of paper which has tiny words written on both portion from his pocket. Now, with no hesitancy, he copied down those words on the answer script, there's no doubt. I'm really sure that he was under cheating activity. Damn!!! I'm just calm and try to ignore as I just forsake that crappy guy.

I don't want to get involve in his forbidden bussiness. If the jerk gets caught, just give him a big clap for "Mr. Cheater" and I'll say "it serves you right". For sure that he will get an adequate punishment from some parties.

Then the time that I was waiting for had reached out the level - times up - hooray! Exam is over and I don't want to reveal the guy's name, because it's probably will make the situation become more complicated and worst - I just let them go. I believe in old British aphorism, what goes around comes around and I'm waiting for god to teach him a lesson.

Now for the time being, I'm free from any kinds of stress. Who knows if I get another problem later on. All I can do now is just pray to god to grant me a DISTINCTION. Okay, that's all for today. My mind is so numb right now and I want to get my "sleeping duty" bye bye :) . .

Monday, May 21, 2007

Exam is around d corner!!!!

yeah! The day that I'm looking forward will reach out soon. actually, it's not about the exam week, it's all about holiday. The time that I’m free from anything like books, construction site visit and so on that involved with my studying activity.

I’m sick of it but before I could feel the excitement during the holiday takes place, I need to go through the exam first. This time, I got 2 papers out of 4 subjects that I’m running for this semester. Even it seems a little bit calamity, but I feel something massive over my head. I get rid a problem and my mind always thinking about the exam's paper again and again.

I still try to get rid of this shit and at the same time, I also try to figure out what the question's need. So, I make an appointment with my lecturer, sit and talk together, negotiating about the paper and it seems fruity at last. But for me, it still not enough yet it still a good effort rather than I didn’t do anything. From now on, I’m just focus on the predicted question that given from my lecturer.

Hopefully, all the predicted questions will be exactly same with the exam's question and I just want to answer all the questions in very please. Obviously, the result scheme become more complicated nowadays. It's really ridiculous and nonsense. The exam will take two days as it will start from Wednesday until Thursday and now, I still have two days remaining before the exam take place. Pray for me a successful as I’m counting on u guys!!!!