Sunday, July 19, 2009

weekend - potong rambut, takraw kat nilai

Weekend is coming back and I already have a big plan for killing some leisure that I might have today. It was running in my head for a long time until I made the most hardest decision in my life (I think) and without no hesitation, without solid pressure from anybody and without critical thinking, with my heart wide open and the willingness of myself, I was going to get my hair done somewhere around Mantin.

Within less an hour, the result was come out after waiting the barber finished up her job and the new look of me is freaking sucks!!! argh, I don't like the way she cut down my hair, this is not the style that I asked her to do. I just can't stop myself from laughing to the death when every time I'm standing in front of the mirror, stare my own freaking face makes me screwed up, really!! mmg berdekah!!!! Every time I try to relax, the bad dream emerge and linger inside my head, those people outside are going to make fun of me, mocking me until the tears out. argh!!!!!!!

Well, I still have guts to through all possibilities from the people around, do some significant adjustment towards the hair which is necessary and applied a little bit of gel, Surely it will looks fine. In a few days ahead, surely I could bear with this unexpected situation. F**k la, how come the barber does something measerable like this on me? I still can't except this recent unfortunate thing.

Evening, one of my fellas was calling me, inviting me to join a takraw friendly match, somewhere at Kota Seri Emas, Nilai. I do think that not many people know about this place as it's a new development area, populated less than a thousand people I think (it just my assumption, don't trust me at all, mind you!!!) So, it such a wonderful offer and I decided to have a go.

The total number of us is 3 persons which is an adequately enough to form one team and we were there from evening until the twilight came over. Well, I could see the real game of sepak Takraw in here, most of them played very well, everyone is eager to win and defeat all their opponent is always the main target. It was quite hard games indeed and I could gain some knowledge from them and getting a new network is a must, in case we want to challenge each other, surely it must be in a good manned :)

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