Wednesday, July 8, 2009

27th - I feel good,

As my superior went off for her outstation to Ipoh for a couple of days and forth, somehow I feel that I have a space for myself to be independent enough, walking around to nowhere and get some new friends with only a smile as a start up. I was informed by my superior a day before about her left, I mean yesterday (ckp yesterday kan senang, lagi mahu belit2) and thing is getting better when my manager decided to come along with her. It such an extra happiness as no more people are protruded their eyes on me for the whole day.

So, I spend the very pleased moment mostly at the office. Reading newspapers and have a talk with the engineers back there were all I did, I was enjoyed utmost all the moment and I could say they are friendly when we start to know each other better. Albeit, I couldn't stop them from lodge a report to my superior about my activities today and hope they could spare me this time. On top of that, this is way different from the first moment I met them where, they were a little bit arrogant, show their retarded face in every time I said out a "hello".

Too good to be true if I say that I'm just sticking my ass around the office. Sometimes I'll walk out to nowhere and ran some errands lonely, just want to make sure that, no one especially Qc inspector suspicious of something and get envious due to my free time.

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