Monday, January 31, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 020

All the knowledge and skill sets are being utilized accordingly with the mission and vision that had been drawn earlier before the mission took place. All people who had been involved in so many ways feel proud of this achievement indeed.

Hahaha... Why do I think that I'm just over doing with my writing and exaggerating it? Apparently, I'm trying to make the story a little bit sensation by injecting certain emotion so that it's seen alive. It sounds very flat without some sort of emotion. Owh, whatever!

Will be continued...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 019

So, from the selection process above, my father and his friends have tying a sturdy correlation of friendship. It's also indirectly had created a solidarity bond for both of them as particular and the entire teammates as a whole based on the integrity that each of them had shown earlier.

After three years in the foreign land, it was the time for all six members to come back to their origin country, Malaysia. There were not coming home with bare hand instead with full of knowledge and variety of skill sets.

Will be continued...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 018

Okay, it's enough to ramblings about the vision and mission overview. It's also enough to brief about how both of vision and mission could reflect our country. Now back to the main point on how my father and friends of him get well through the good friendship.

As you read on my previous entries (if you really did the read), I have stated all the selections process which was quite tough. Just imagine there were thousands cadets which come from assorted background and all of them have a same intention and desire. Plus, the desire is just too hard to resist. It won't make thing any better, isn't it?

Will be continued...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 017

By exposing to the cutting edge technology and knowledge-sharing strategy between both countries, it's believed to be able to foster good connection between Malaysia and Australia. It's also a fine way to form good universal bonding in order to ease human violation and to curb the crime and terrorism.

If we refer to the world's history book, Australia was superior to Malaysia in term of many things. One of it is regarding the defensive technology and military facilities in the hidden arsenal. So, it was a great opportunity to work together with the country that more advance compare to Malaysia where it could be the guidelines for Malaysia to move forward.

Will be continued...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 016

From these three years of learning exercise, it's expected would be a strategically collaboration where it was purportedly to enhance and enrich the information gathered between two countries.

It's also would be indirectly to impetus on improving the current technologies that had been adopted by both countries and further understanding in term of the country defensive measure at that time especially for Malaysia.

Will be continued...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 015

All the six members of the group had played their part well. To be picked is such an honor as there were hundred or thousands challengers that have the same intention - to be the part of the delegation and enjoy luxurious trip to Aussie. Spend the quality time abroad is such a once-in-a-while experience. Isn't it?

In my father's case, he was being assigned as a representative for Technical Department which is dealing with the engine of both Jet Fighters and Choppers.

Will be continued...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 014

After all criterion had been taken into account, all six candidates had been chosen after the tough vying to carry out the responsibility of government's order. My father was the one who had succeeded amongst of the six members that had been chosen.

He had successfully passed the entire criterion and then followed by his best friend. It had been proven as each of the duo had been tipped to be one of the six delegations after they demonstrated very good disciplines and their performance had impressed by many.

Will be continued...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 013

Those invested money and advantages were the part of the government's initiative to spur the group to demonstrate the learning's spirit. There's a hope behind all the sacrifices that had been made to be fruity and give a long run benefit to the country. Afterward, the government will make the full use of those benefit and utilize them accordingly for the sake of Malaysian supremacy.

There was a hefty sum had been allocated to accommodate this squad over the three years period in Aussie. The cost was including the certain hidden things like whenever the government had concerned the issue of comfortableness and conveniences life for the group so that each member could be mentally and physically ready for the leaning process.

Will be continued...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 012

It might be a great loss for country as well if they fail to accomplish the mission and fail to achieve the ends meet due to their lack of capability once they come back after three years of learning.

That is why to pick someone that has high capability needs to be emphasized in order to avoid such aftermath from happen. It's also understood that all their living cost, periodically flight's ticket, monthly expenditure and accommodation were fully supported by the government, through the Air Force unit.

Will be continued...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 011

Every selection stage had been conducted in extra careful, close observation and in appropriate way in order to ensure the selected candidates are suitable enough and really fit for this mission. It's not like they pick on you because they are cronies of you or they had a same bloodline with you or a relative of you or they come from the same neighborhoods as you or a close friend of you.

It's strictly prohibited to practice such thing as the selection process must be transparent apply. Without a proper selection, it's afraid that all the money that had spends on them will be down into the drain.

Will be continued...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 010

Meaning to say, he has an English-learning background and to pass all English exams were not a real matter for him. Thanks to his brother (my uncle) who had encouraged and was being supportive over my father.

It's also the fact that my uncle had successfully influencing my father's mind until he was made a wise decision to enroll himself in that particular English-based-learning institution. Based on the paragraph above, it has clearly shown that the government didn't simply pick any candidate without going thoroughly many aspects.

Will be continued...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 009

They were also need to sit for English tests where it came in variety of formats. It's purportedly to meter up the ability in speaking and writing skills of each cadet. Once they had passed all the papers, the chance to be called to fill up the vacant can be considered as a half way progress then. At that time, it's such a privilege for those who speaks proficient English language.

My father was quite lucky as he was in a particular secondary school where all subjects were taught in English language. From the learning process until dealing with the school's management, he had been forced to interact with the surrounding only in English language.

Will be continued...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 008

The opportunity offered by the ministry of defense at that time was limited to six vacant only. In line with that, only the best is likely to be choose. Before someone is being called to fill up the vacant, they need to undergo a few level of disciplines process to measure their capability and commitment.

That wasn't the only things that count, those disciplines also need to be supported by assorted criterion as well such as education background, physical outlook, performance during recruitment and so on. Not to forget the fraternity which had malicious intention to spoil everyone else chance was one of the great challenge and such a super villain to defeat.

Will be continued...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 007

After a few months in the academy, my father had been given an opportunity to enhance his knowledge and sharpen his skills after was being offered to further his study in Aussie. Over the period, he had studied abroad to seek further information by underwent the collaboration research exercise between Malaysia and Australia. The researches were covering a lot of things especially on the cutting edge technology majorly involving jet fighters and choppers.

He was not the only cadet that received the once-in-a-life-time-opportunity at that time yet there were another five members had jointed the mission to form a skillful and solid team. Each members of the team had been assigned for a different task. Each one of them was expected to bring home the new information in term of skills, techniques, procedures, data arrangement and so on which could be benefited to the nation especially in fostering the national defense as a whole.

Will be continued...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 006

Oh shit! I don't know where to begin. There's a lot of thing in my mind and I need to simplify them first and arrange accordingly based on the right sequence. To use the chronology system is likely not appropriate.

Everything has jumbled up as all the facts appear in mind at the same time. Well, I need to narrow down and sort out all the useless clutters so that whatever I write down will be looked more convincing and reliable. There's a plenty of necessary things that pertinent his past. To write down the whole story is not a wise idea anyway.

According to my mother, the first time my father met his friend was on the enrollment day of Air-Force recruitment back in late 80's. That time my father was still young, single and yet to be married. So did with his friend.

Will be continued...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 005

Just know I re-read all my entries from January 12 until January 15. I figured out that I was writing something way irrelevant from the title itself. I was dumbfounded for a moment as its very shameful to state unrelated issue which got nothing to do with my intention. Well, since I was dragged out the irrelevant, I stress out the verdict to continue until the end.

I guess it's enough for me to write down regarding the feeling and expression part. Since the topic has changed the direction from somewhere to nowhere, I would like to continue with a bit of my father's past so that you'll get a clear view of what actually had happened over the duo in the past years. Certain part is unlikely yet to be ascertained as I gathered the fact by hearsay majorly from my mother.

Will be continued...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 004

Its fine if we are unable to dream the expression but it sounds ridiculous if we don't have any idea what we suppose to do once we meet our old best friend. We should bear in mind that the first thing that would come in action is to shake their hand and greet them. Normally, the next basic start is asking their condition and healthy as fundamental topic to ignite the next curiosity approach.

Then we are obviously will drag them for a long conversation to seek further unknown subject on each other while we were untouched. We will have a long chit chat and most of the talk pertaining the current lifestyle, family, properties, business and so on. That what my father and his friend did in the first time they confronted after haven't met for ages.

So, the topic comes to various and the conversation sometime has diverted towards more hilarious condition after certain amusing issue come to be highlighted, cheering the atmosphere with sincere grinning from ear to ear and interval by chuckles. My father couldn't help to deny the ecstasy as he looked inevitably pleased at that moment.

Will be continued...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 003

Once he got our address in hand and based on it he managed to surprise my father. That was why they came in all of sudden instead of phoning us at the first place. That time, he came along with his entire family on a sole mission which is to visit us. My father felt much appreciated and the atmosphere a little bit heartwarming as I saw the duo wipe-out-their-tears scene.

Just imagine the feeling that you might have after you never ever met up your old fella after being separated quite long. Thing will be more tragic after knowing the fact that he/she was the one who was being supportive over you at any course. The sweet and bitter moment that count surely.

Okay, could you feel the expression? Could you describe the feeling or the feeling is just indescribably or you can't find the suitable words to represent the feeling? Well, even me after I put myself in the shoes, I couldn't feel that particular expression as I just live my life for almost 23 years up to date and has yet to face such situation. No wonder you can't!

Will be continued...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 002

If I'm not mistaken, my father was being apart from his best friend for almost 15 years .The next paragraph would describe a bit of how the fate works. After so long, they are able to meet up.

My father's friend had came to our house once, so this is the time for my father to pay back the visit. Meaning to say, the motive of this trip is to return back my father's friend visit and as the fact that my father is eager and excited to meet his best acquaintance.

The fate has turned around after my father's friend had suddenly appeared at our doorstep during the Hari Raya festival last year. The-all-of-sudden visit had making my father came to a state of shock. Thanks to the one who had forwarded our full address and valid contact number which lead the duo to reunite for the first time after being apart so long.

Will be continued...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Event of New Year's eve...part 001

On the New Year's Eve, I was not one of the New Year's revelers who had partying while waiting and counting down the New Year of 2011 to kick in. I was in Salak Tinggi to meet my parents there where they were on trip from Batu Pahat.

My father came to Salak Tinggi with initial intention to visit his old friend and the fact that to enroll my sister in her new college on the next following day (Saturday). It's also the fact that they took advantage of 3 public holidays in a row where they felt on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in conjunction with AFF Suzuki cup won by national team, New Year of 2011 and Public holiday respectively.

So, we met at my father's friend house. I had been there before and this is my second time to travel there. So, put aside the possibility of me to get lost in the area as it would not be the issue. Plus, I have a few friends which are staying nearby and had roaming around the place for a couple of times. I could say that I'm quite familiar with the place and ascertaining the surrounding pretty well.

Will be continued...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 011 (Series Finale)

Since the 1st January 2011, I have coming out with the New Year's resolution and I guess, it's time to end it up. This is the last entry and would be the series finale..chew~wah... Including this entry, I have written 11 entries related the New Year's resolution and I have started to lost interest. I'm tired of thinking as I don't have any clue what is the next word to grouse about.

Back to those resolute, the sole motivation of me painstakingly come out with resolute #1 until resolute #7 are to guide and bring me to the stable future. I wrote them down to demonstrate the enthusiasm and a positive outlook on the forthcoming years. Reveal how I want to shape the next four years by contemplating every possible way to grab the level I'm dreaming in very triumphantly.

For resolute #8, it is different issue. I could take an efficient action immediately at any time whenever I start to concern about it. It's about my self-organize-problem. I could fix it with vigorous awareness campaign and It can be more effective when a little pressure put upon me such as nagging or babbling. I recognize both as supportive and constructive encouragement from surrounding.

Well, action speaks louder than words. If I keep bitching about my own-far-reaching New Year's resolution but no immediate action has been taken afterwards, then it's futile and pointless. In line with that, I have vainly written those resolute and everything will fall down into the drain. It's useless and hopeless!

Anyway, this is just a plan. I would not be nabbed or police would undergo probe and bring me to gallows upon conviction albeit I'm unable to commit and have to breach and violate all the resolute or towards certain part due to reasonable excuse. I just need to omit a few things to ensure the resolute keep rolling so that I could thrive to my goal no matter what :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 010

Resolute #8 doesn't reflect my future at all. when I was about to come out with the new year's resolution last time, I was under uncertainty circumstance whether to put it on the list or not since it just relates on my lifestyle and personal life. But finally, I managed to write it down even it is blatantly couldn't spur up the benchmark of my achievement.

To tell you the truth, my room is super messy yet it's not dirty. I repeat - it is super messy but not dirty. Do you hear me? Hopefully my shout doesn't fall in the deaf ears. I don't know why this kind of bad behavior happens to me. I'm not neither a lazy man nor I'm becoming one.

This kind of behavior is not a new thing. It has continuously happen since I was a kid back in my home. After I sat for PMR examination, I continued my studies in technical school and stayed in hostel. Two years later, after I sat for SPM examination, I underwent my studies in higher learning for 5 years. Now, I'm working and live my life all by myself.

Even many things have changed over the period, one thing still remains the same - I seldom have intention to tidy up my own room or space and do not practice the chores exercise in daily basis, weekly basis or even monthly basis to maintain the cleanness.

It doesn't makes sense if I never did the chores and tidy up my room. I used to clean it up once in a while like brushed away the dusts, remove clutter things where I presume I don't want it to block my view line anymore and disposed trashes into the dustbin. Ironically, The neat and tidy "mode" just stayed for a few hours before I start the old routine.

I wish that "cleanness" could be stay for much longer instead of temporary basis as I never enjoy doing this particular activity which is namely as chores exercise. Since it's a new year, I will try to change it for the sake of better lifestyle. I'll start self pushing from today onwards!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 009

Resolute #7 stresses about how the significant of experience could influence my future. Every moment I went through whether it is a bitter one or the sweetest one should be recognized as a lesson learned. At certain point, those lesson learned could be worthwhile or guidance for certain repeated circumstances in forthcoming.

I don't know whether you have ever heard about this or not but I believe most of people have stumbled upon this particular quote "experience is a good lecturer". It does true. You will never know when you need to rise again until you realize you have fallen downward. Unfortunately, you'll never success to rise again without experience.

Let say you fail in doing something due to wrong pace or you had refused to follow the procedure accordingly, in your next attempt, you have to implement based on the corrective measure to tackle the problem.

If you commit a wrongdoing, just don't repeat it all over again and again. Use the experience you have gained beforehand to turn things around. This time around, make sure you avoid by doing the same mistake so that you would not fall in the same failure.

Back in my case, by holding up my current position, it gives me privilege to gain more experience. During my time at construction site, I got a lot of chances to observe and learn various construction activity and phase.

I spend almost 6 - 7 hours in 6 days in every week there. If I get curious in something, all I need to do is asking the site supervisor or site engineer straightforward instead of watch them with blank mind. Maybe for the time being, the knowledge has nothing to do with my job, but who knows it would benefit me in different ways later on.

Once I have done with one location, I crave to seek more. I will walk away to somewhere else where the other different task is undergone. Here, I will find new attractive thing which could trigger my curiosity sense. Here the leaning process and gaining knowledge process take place.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 008

Resolute #6 plays much vital in the next four or five years after I have steady accumulated cash in saving account or in other terms, it's called as financial capital where it's the most important thing to run business.

By creating many new networking amongst the processionals, you would create and open many wide chances as they could be the springboard to the business we intent to run. There are various of favors you could have from them especially regarding beneficiaries which could expedite the set up process and progress.

Create new networking amongst the professionals are not too difficult. All I need to do is respect them due to their specialties, being polite all the time, befriend with them and being articulated as much as possible but not too much because you'll be looked annoying on their eyes.

Once they found you are annoying, the chance and opportunity that you might get would be tarnished. You have squandered the networking as all beneficiaries that stranded on you would be pulled out away from you. A person who seems to bring a bright future suddenly disappear and leave you nowhere in the business realm. What a disappointment!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 007

Resolute #5 pertains about to be wised in spending. The cash flow must be controlled as the money flow out should not surpass the money flow in. This resolute encourages me to buy things based on the need but not for the desire.

I should control my monthly expenditure if I'm keen to achieve the resolute #1 and #2 in successful scale. Those three resolute are linked together which means if I have violated any of those resolute, the impact will be imposed upon one another.

I realize this resolute has something to do with my purchasing power yet I'm determined that I could cope with it even it takes me a while to disperse the shopping spree temptation. I'm optimistic it will works out sooner or later depends on my performance. Only time would tell!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 006

Resolute #4. Frankly speak that to fall in love at the young age is not necessary. Plus love at the young age would distract the chance or as somewhat "threats" of successful life in the near future.

It's better if you focus on your saving activity and plan to run your own business at the young age. Once you start make money and gain loads of profits, you will feel the enchanting life in the long run. Yet the possibility of losing money need to be taken into the account as the risk is still there.

I think people are normally losing their money continuously at the young age where they pay anything just want to cheer up their loved ones and ironically, most of them are being separated in the end. From there, your invested money doesn't shine your days anymore.

Put aside the possibility for you to marry the potential rich girl and visualize this - Save money and be in business, get your mansion or apartment and buy a spacious luxury car from the profit you have gained. After both most basic needs are ready, then seek a girl and built up the happy family so that both of you will through the quality life.

Once again, the possibility of losing money need to be taken into the account as running any kind of business would put your money at stake. Think carefully before you make your move and everything you have planned must be in top-notched scale.

If you recognize yourself as the real man, then that is the path you should take but when the nature calls, it would be a different issue.

Will be continued...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 005

My resolution for year 2011 seems a far-reaching one yet I'm optimistic for more greatness to come. I come out with those resolutions after brainstormed and not deliberately pick them up by haphazardly. I'm not a petty-minded person yet I'm a forward-thinking person.

My New Year's resolution - An Overview

Resolute #1 and #2 should be working together since resolute #2 is reflected by how well my performance for resolute #1. If I could demonstrate good discipline to ensure the success of resolute #1, there should be no worry for resolute #2.

After the rough calculation were made, I have estimated to accumulate the minimum cash of 48K by the end of year 2014. From that hefty sum, it comprises of some for my car's loan, apartment's loan, marriage reception, invest in stock market & unit trust and last but not least - allocate some to establish company and set up the business under my management.

Resolute #3 is still under consideration and depends on the needs in the future. If the car is yet not to be needed in my daily basis, so it's pointless to own one. If I do have one, surely I need to pay its monthly fee where I consider lost to my saving cash. Plus, car is considered as great depreciation asset. It's not similar of owning properties like apartment and land where it is considered as appreciation asset.

Will be continued...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 004

As you could read in the previous entry, I have stated 8 resolute for the year of 2011 which I presume those resolute is relevant for the time being to foster in shaping the future. Those resolute might be validated for the upcoming years as well as I have a long term goal in plan.

Okay, I would like to reveal the reason of me painstakingly pick out those 8 resolute items. To be honest, I'm a regular reader of many books which has written by Azizi Ali. My cousin is the one who introduced me with those books back in 5 years ago.

The contents of the books are majorly about financial planning and since then I have read many financial book from this particular writer. I found all methods and advices are likely reliable and do make sense. This also the fact that this particular writer has spurred my desire and impetus the spirit to bolster strive.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 003

After I revealed my New Year's resolution yesterday, a few more have suddenly come across in my head. They came just right when I was about to go to sleep. So, I'm going to write down a few more resolute so that it looks a hunky - dory resolution list :)

Resolute #6: Create new networking amongst the professionals - Since I work for this consultant firm, I have exposed myself and meet various of individuals. Most of them are playing a big part in the construction field. I met a few architects who were responsible in designing for many enormous building in Putrajaya and skyscraper in great KL city. I also met the project director and main contractor's representative which were responsible in construction stage for those building. I met a few officers from Putrajaya Holding and also officers from Public Work Department (JKR). All these chances were bouncing over me whenever I have being appointed as safety officer for this rectifying work at the Government Administrative Center, Putrajaya. I'm very optimistic that some of them could influence my future. InsyaAllah.

Resolute #7: Gaining experiences as many as possible - This resolute also quite important. Experience could be the springboard if you intent to expand your career further. Experience also need to go parallel with knowledge since experience is nothing without knowledge and vice-versa. After I think about my current role at the construction site, I could say that I'm in the right track to learn a lot of things. I'm grateful after Allah has granting me the chances which could link me to my future dream.

Resolute #8: Start self - pushing for chores exercise - This resolute sound a little bit nonsense yet I'm looking forward on it. To tell you the truth, I'm not a very hardworking person when it comes to keep my room in clean, neat and tidy circumstance. I'm not lazy yet I just enjoy the scene where a lot of things are messing the They look good to the way they are. You could ask my mother or my former housemate to seek the confirmation. Sometime, I could notice a spider web hanging at certain corner! It takes me awhile to change this particular bad habit since nobody seems to like it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 002

After I adjourned my New Year's resolution list and bitching too much on the previous entry yesterday, now I'm likely to come out and reveal all significant points on the list which are:

Resolute #1: Saving money - Since I'm working and getting my paycheck at the end of every month, I've allocated a few hundred in my ASB account. I also have channelized another a few hundred to another leading financial institution which is namely as CIMB Bank and Maybank. Normally, I could save about Rm 600 and the amount sometime could be up to Rm 800 or Rm 900 depends on my monthly expenditure.

Resolute #2:
Accumulating financial capital
- I'm not the one who like to be an employee or work for someone else for the rest of my life. I have a dream to be a manager or run my own business and for that sake, I have a plenty of plan in the future. Then, accumulating financial capital should be the most necessary thing I should done first. I hate people who always bitching to run their own business but don't have any saving in their bank account to cater all the things it takes. At last, they end up the plan with history.

Resolute #3:
Resisting the desire of owning a car
- Used car or the new one, I'm not going to buy any, not until year 2015 comes over. This looks difficult to get it done, but I have to obey this resolute so that everything I have planned would be perfectly on schedule. I would try to make my bike at full use over the remaining years to cater all journeys before the time reaches the year 2015. I wish my company could provide any transport such as four wheel drive car for me not just for my convenience at construction site, but also for all outdoor activities.

Resolute #4:
Resisting the desire to fall in love
- Having girlfriends are fine for me but I should think deeper to fall in love with them. I do want to have one but not until the year 2015. I do reckon that it's not the right time for that. I think from the year 2011 until the next four years, I need to focus on somewhere else. Having the loved ones at this moment is not necessary I guess.

Resolute #5:
Spending wisely
- In order to cater the resolute no. 1 and no.2, this part is really significant. I need to control my financial behavior and expenditure so that I don't look very extravagant person. Money track back would be used if I have financial matter in constant way such as over spending.

Will be continued...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 001

As promised, now I'm blatantly about to reveal my New Year's resolution list for the year of 2011. I contemplate this year would be my starting point or a fundamental preparation for my future and a long term basis of successful. In this year, I wish everything I do would be worthwhile and benefited me for a long run as in return.

Reminiscing year of 2010, I have to say that this is the year of my turning point from was being a student, then was being a jobless young graduate and after that I involve in working life in late October of year 2010 until present.

After the years were tallied, I was being a student for almost 17 years. It does make sense after the year toll is calculated from I was in kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and whenever I underwent the higher education level.

If last year resolution list (did I have that list? was more to education context such as don't want to skip the boring class or not trying to escape from the annoying class and lectures anymore, submit assignment before the due date, stop copy and paste exercise from someone else, score for flying colors in every single subject...bla...bla...bla but this time, it would be literally much different.

At first, I have a plenty of plans and goals for the year 2011 and ahead. I'm barely couldn't highlight the important one but I manage to narrow down and justify or in other words to simplify them. I just highlight things that would be significantly driving me to the certain level.

I have dreaming about to become rich where money never ever against desire, living my life in harmony and prosperity, having a happy and loyal family where they still support me even I'm in the deepest point. Maybe I sound exaggerate but it's the fact!

I found this entry is just too long and manage to write down the resolution in the next entry... bye bye :D