Saturday, October 31, 2009

my bro is fully restored

It's Saturday again and I have no idea why, I could feel the time traveled more faster than it should be - with a lot of works still left undone that makes the things didn't get any better - I keep delaying my project and still don't get any intention to proceed even it just a bit - I can feel the pressure growth on me yet, I don't get any plan to start my first leap. Hope something could spur me up soon.

For introduction ...

A year ago, he involved in a very terrific crashed while he was heading back to home from JB in the dawn time. He was riding his bike at the sideline of PLUS highway, and suddenly a drunk/sleepy driver unable to control his speeding car. He hit the highway's divider and bounces straight to my brother in just a few milliseconds time. There's nothing my brother could do at the moment and that was a very poor thing that happened to him. He has been through the very hard time since then and endure every bit of it triumphantly. Luckily, it just a temporary disabilities and he never succumb to any challenge along the healing time.

and now....

My younger brother had been hospitalized on last Wednesday in order to get further treatment of his broken leg. He used to follow up the medical checkup and medicine regarding to his broken leg in so many times before. But this time, it's slightly different. After almost a year he used the crutches for walking and support, now it's time for the era to end - He was undergoing a surgery to take off the steel which is used to support his leg's bone for all these while. I hope that he will be recovered and walk again soon.

He didn't do anything wrong - he was in the right lane and was riding with the constant speed limit yet he suffered for other people's faults and wrongdoings. This is the real life after all. Well, we couldn't predict any incoming harm upon us and the only thing that we could do is just to be extra careful.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Structure strikes in my nerves...part 003

And now, I'm undergoing my degree and still, the same problem is sticking with me. Structure all the time takes my attention - in order to torture the peaceful soul and harmony inner of my own. Now, let see what do I need to do to satisfy my crazy structure's lecture in order to fulfill all his requirement:
  1. I need to come out with design of new building that never exist even it so obvious that I am not an architecture student - I'm civil engineers to be and all I do is just calculate the loads and design the loads, not design a building. He asked me to produce related sheets in very little time.
  2. I struggle for the drawing and passed over him - I'm strongly believed he didn't check the drawing until now as he didn't utter any single word.
  3. We need to come out with a full report that contains 5 or 6 chapters inside. So, we have to submit each chapter gradually before it can form and bind together as a full report - the problem is, I submit chapter 1 for the lecture to inspect whether the project can be proceed or declined, unfortunately he never gives any feedback.
  4. Things become annoyed when he asked me to proceed chapter two and three. I don't have any clue to proceed until he gives his comment or any related suggestion and recommendation. Common, please mark up your mind Mister.
  5. In order to settle up all kinds of structure things, consequently I was absent both of my final project classes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Structure strikes in my nerves...part 002

Previous paragraphs are not the main issues why I'm able to spend my little time for blogging here. It just a warm up before I go further to the main issues and emphasize them. Lately, structure has tortured my nerves very brutally compare with another two subjects that I'm currently take. I'll list down a few things that force me to dedicate utmost my time to STRUCTURE rather than anything in the world and become a workhorse. You can read them by your own and you can ponder by yourself straight away once you finish your reading.
  1. Since I was undergoing my HND, Structure never went away from me. It got full attention and keeps coming from a semester to another.
  2. Structure always becomes a nightmare for every civil students until every time we utter out a word of "structure" from the mouth, everyone will follow by saying "susahnye structure"
  3. Even for those who loves number very much, will facing the very mighty complication in doing all structure tasks.
  4. Every time the assignment brief of structure is about to release out, everyone would be friend with lecturer or to the person who they think is brilliant in structure.
  5. We never done all structure assignment by our own, we do plagiarism very often. We got apiece solution from different people. So do with other students.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Structure strikes in my nerves...part 001

I would like to dedicate this first paragraph to congratulate and to show some appreciation for the new installation of the new Negeri Sembilan's monarch which is recently affected. Tuanku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir has been chosen as a new Yang Dipetuan Besar (great King) of Negeri Sembilan, succeeding his late uncle Tuanku Jaafar Tuanku Abdul Rahman. The installation of this new ruler would be the 11th constitutional sovereign king of negeri Sembilan monarchy.

Due to the installation ceremony recently, the entire state of Negeri Sembilan which is under the territory and ruled by its sovereign are having an officially a day off today. It turns to something a little bit better after my college is a part of the territory. To make my day more interesting, I have at least 4 days off from any lectures and classes since last Friday.


Saturday, October 24, 2009


Okay, I'll try to recap my last few days in this post before I knock myself out on the bed again - today is Saturday and its breezing morning - why should I waste this dandy moment after I'm craving for it all this while? Sleep is the best part for now before I got to hand over all my projects soon.

  1. Last two weeks were full with joy and excitement, my classmates and I organized for a movie trip after a long time - as we busy with projects and long semester break. We didn't get our footsteps together on cinema since the last 5 or 6 months. So we were in line and pick a movie with title "papadom" as our target to strike. This movie is absolutely fantastic and we enjoyed the whole scene. It's valued for money.
  2. Later, at the same night, we celebrated Afiq and Zuera's birthday altogether even they were not born in the same date - unfortunately zuera unable to participate as she ran away from us - she was suspecting us to celebrate her in the different way with stuff like tepung dan telur - it makes sense why she ran away. The party is just simple - the flow is more to show how we appreciate our friends. I wish them great success and happiness for the year ahead.
  3. Last Thursday, I went back to my hometown after a month - I predict in the next two months would be the busiest ever for me to manage all projects and there's no chance for homecoming - will be missing my homeland badly.
  4. My uncle organizes an open house last week and coincidentally crash with my homecoming. So, I could enjoy all foods before Shawal move away and it was the last open house I attended. Will looking forward in the next Raya.
  5. As Monday came over, my hands were full with tasks and exercises need to be done. From that day until yesterday, the tension has kicked in my head - I didn't sleep well, I didn't get myself well-prepared.
So today I decide to enjoy all moments to the fullest and I wish it somehow could mitigate the stress that overwhelmed me.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

takraw tourney

Since the last 2 weeks, It was an inter-school sport weekend organized by this fucking college, so I participated one particular game where I think I'm best on it. Takraw tourney had take my interest and the regulation is quite nonsense - Team must be set up based on school i.e civil, mecha, archi etc. To find 3 players per team with the same course is totally absurd. Not many students prefer in takraw rather than any other game. Obviously in every evening, to have 2 teams needs a lot of errands.

Okay, I was illegally in the mechanical school team - Civil school doesn't have skilled player in takraw except me indeed - On the first day, 6 teams were registered unfortunately, only a few teams could make themselves on the court. So we were looking forward on the second day and the situation became worst - more teams and individual unable to attend and support, only 3 teams left to continue this tournament until the end and we altogether were strive for the victory. We were looking for the next endeavor.

From the three official participated teams and less competitive tournament, 1st runner up is just fine for me :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

no tittle

I went to the morning class as stated on my schedule, trying to be a punctual person even I know I'm still a few miles away from that. Unfortunately, I was coming 10 - 15 minutes late and the fortunate thing is - the class still not started yet. Still many students were on their way to class.

It was a Geo class and began at 9 o'clock in the morning. But the class started almost at 10 due to 1 particular problem - the problem is unable to identify. So, I lost almost an hour without do nothing. If I can fill the whole hour by sleeping, it will be good for me for sure.

There are a few possibles that might be the cause of this an hour delay of lesson:
  1. The projector's plug is not function or in the other words, it's damaged.
  2. A problem occurs towards the electricity inside the whole block - we moved to the next class and surprisingly, we found the same matter.
  3. The projector itself has been damaged since the past.
UEL t-shirts have been distributed to all UEL students yesterday after I kept those shirts almost 4 months time. Well, it decreases the total amount of my responsibility a little bit somehow. Seems that a new CE batch has interested on this t-shirt - should I take some benefit and make some money from them? Just a lucrative opportunity is rolling down to me :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

I got a new lecturer

Like I always do, I will update my blog with the latest issue that happen to my life recently. It might not be interested for some people yet I don't care at all. I just want to spend a very limited time of mine into something that I like before I got so many things need to be done within this semester.

Since in the earlier of this semester, we have been told that our lecturer for Geo - mechanic subject will not stay with us for the whole semester - someone will replace her position and once we heard about this unfortunate news, everyone starts to despair about it. She's not going to resign or quit, she just wants to give a chance for this new lecturer to take over our class as this new lecturer demands for it - with a very skeptical reason - he thinks that he more comfortable to teach our batch, the final year student that busy with crucial projects need to be submitted.

So today, the previous lecturer is officially no longer with us as this new lecturer came to our class to start his first ever lesson under UEL program. He just a fresh graduate from nowhere and as usual, I don't expect too much from this guy based on his first debut today. Even I'm not so clear how far this guy could guide me in Geo, yet I still showed some respect to him and smile broadly every time we look at each other.

With the very simple introduction about him - he just informed his name and nickname, no more than that - he started the lecture with draw a few graphs, asking about the meaning behind each symbol that we could find in the notes. Well, I was dumbfounded. Poor me.

My friends at the back were unable to reach his voice. the sound is too soft and I've no clue for that. Maybe he still shies with us, unable to adapt the new environment and one more thing, his cloth was soaked after sweating out of many drops. I suspect this new lecturer is still in the state of NERVOUS. It's so obvious.

This is just a general issue and no specific name or individual has been stated along this article. For those who were in the situation, please do not be offended.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

presentation sucks

It has been issued by my own lecturer since a couple of days back that the whole students in my class who are taking the structural design will have a presentation session. A session to present our proposal that 100 percently come out by our own idea (of course plagiarism is not allowed) to the panel a.k.a our own lecturer.

This presentation is supposed to take place on last Thursday, yet it has been postponed for some particular reason as it was reported that our panel was not feeling well. So he canceled the date just at the night before the presentation took place. Surely, it was good news for me as I wasn't prepare anything even a single slide. What a lucky man in the world I am.

Finally, the presentation was held today and I don't think I perform very well. If I want to make a comparison with other presenter, it so obvious that I'm a big loser and if this presentation is counted in marking, it seriously would affect my final score later in the end of this semester. Luckily it was not. No doubt.

My title is "to design the Mantin Megamall". This title is accepted but it would be declined if I stay with the location which I wish to locate this mall at somewhere in Mantin region. I've been advised to move my proposed structure to somewhere else like Nilai or Kajang. The reason is because, Mantin region is just a small town compare with both cities. Furthermore, to design a Mall in Mantin is impossible due to the population here. It doesn't makes sense.

Back to the story, everything was flopped out and nothing has turned to something bettter. Well, I can't blame anyone for everything I get except myself as I decided to delay the presentation until the last minute time. I prefer to play computer's game all the time rather than anything and there is no chance for the presentation session to take my attention.

Ok, this is the main problem - obviously, I'm still fooling around with my study and it has touched my awareness somehow. I'm not focused and not fully dedicate my time for books and notes where these should be my priority for now.

I'm aware of this matter and start to change the habit. Unfortunately, it just takes a while before I'm practicing back my old habit.

No pictures available in here as I found my ass quite lazy for that ,yet my friend uploaded on her page. Please take a short tour on

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

new semester - it's getting hard

This is the 3rd week since the new semester is reopened yet I'm still looking the right direction to step on.

What do you expect after the 3rd week in the class, associate again with your old friends after the summer holidays or some people would call these as semester break- which is, it took for 3 months and half? - Come to the class and start to listen the lecturer's voice again - just take every single word that spewed out from their mouth.

It's great to mingle back with my lovely friends, we start to share our past activity during the semester break and keep talking until the lecturer's pissed off. Meanwhile, we have to face 3 projects which are required us to execute alone and those three projects starts to piss us by it's little progression - no more in group as we are undergoing bachelor now :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

when the desire kicks in

It has been a long time since I abandoned my blog about a month and half ago - the main reason why do I have to make this hard decision is - the internet connection was being sucks - At the mean time, it was reported that this college was undergoing the execution of upgrading work from LAN connection area to WIFI city. Well, it sounds great isn't it? yet, I was the victim of the great deal of this upgrading process.

Since that moment, I missed a lot of things which I thought I could share some of them with my fellow friend, unfortunately it was completely absurd as the internet connection keep disconnected. And since that moment as well, all possession or enthusiasm were fade away to the drain.

It something like a new stimulation or new perfect temptation has been injected recently in me - suddenly the desire to update my blog has kicked in - like the old days, I'll try to active this blog at least once per day or once in a while.

What the hell I'm babbling in here?...