Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Congratulation to all graduants :)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages and Mac Lovers, I have crossed the holy grail of formal education cycle and have stepped on to a new horizon. Where my future life looks easy to fill up the vacancies, gaining the holy source of money for my own livelihood, to feed and sustain without much effort.

I was having a chance to attend a wonderful convocation once again after I sacrificed 780 ringgit. This time, the convocation is to show the end point of my bachelor degree after I undergo this sweets program for almost 2 years. The total fee was including for my parents seats that I brought along during the ceremony and for a few particular photos of me during the scroll of honor was handed down to me. Meaning to say, I paid 600 ringgit just only for a couple of hours in order to sit, listen and watch the flow of this event, which I reckoned that it didn't take me the most. Well, money is something worth, I'm supposed to deserve more great of joy which is suitable with the money that I have invested. I need something value for money.

Maybe some people would say, such event like this needs to be the greatest memories as it happens once in a life time experience. Its fine, these people do nothing wrong. Unfortunately, I'm not a person who is concerning in keeping memories in my head, or at least to frame any photo and hang them in the wall, staring on it all days even it just a glimpse. It just a waste indeed and make my brain a little bit messy. Literally, keeping memories is not my stuff, still many things need to think and I don't want to make the brain jammed when all of these matters are jumbled up. It's going to blow into a thousand pieces later.

From the whole event, I could come out with a short summarize even I'm not so much pleased on this ceremony:

Legenda Education Group (LED) held its sixth Convocation Ceremony on Sunday, 17 October 2010. It was held recently at IOI Resort & Hotel, Putrajaya. The Convocation Ceremony started with the lighting of the lamp of wisdom by the Chief Guest Dato' Haji Hasan bin Malik (Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister) and other guests of honor.

If I has been given an honor to choose which convocation that satisfied me enough between my degree and my diploma convocation back a year ago, I would like to say that my degree convocation is way greater. I come out with this decision after I go through the service they provide during the convocation in progress. Plus, since I'm graduated from University of East London, it's such a great pleasure after my scroll of honor was handed down directly to me by Mr. John Shaw (Pro - Vice Chancellor International, University of East London) during the presentation of Bachelor Degrees to University of East London graduants.

All students graduated in their respective fields of studies. All of the students had graduated in various fields, namely Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Business Information Systems and etc. All graduates received their scrolls of honors from Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister, Dato' Haji Hasan bin Malik at the Ballroom of IOI Resort & Hotel.

p/s: Please be cleared that I've nothing to against the tradition or culture that was created since ages. It just my point of view, the way I see how I wasted much time and cash. After all, from my point of view, convocation is nothing. It doesn't help us even a bit in pursuit our carrier. So do in determining our next future and achievement. Dear folks, please do in believing me.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I've Everything to Gain and Nothing to Loose...Part 003

This is another sequel from the previous entry...

In this two months training, there are two sessions of learning process available in order to achieve the aims and objectives of this safety program. In the first month, we were scheduled to spend almost 8 hours in the classroom and ran a few indoor activities such as listening to the trainer telling their experiences while showing the related pictures. Those picture were successfully captured to visualize the real accident scenarios which were occurred at the construction site. Those images are used for learning purposes as well.

There are more than 5 trainers with different backgrounds, different experiences, different work places, different companies and different education background. Even their experiences and backgrounds come in vary, yet the responsibility is quite same - to ensure the safety implementation is applied at the construction site which is inspiring to achieve the accident free level.

In the second month, it was site work attachment or I prefer to call this as an outdoor session. In this session, all the participants will have a chance to go for a site visit. All participants will be exposed to the real work culture at the construction site which is well known as the most extreme dangerous workplace. I just want to share about my feeling once I heard about this "site visit" thing last time. I just can't wait to have a go and once I completed, I was thinking to have another go :)

As for the site attachment, we went to SEGEDET ( Seremban - Gemas Double Electrified Track) site and LCCT 2 at Sepang. These two constructions sites are considered as government mega project and the progress of both are quite active. In order to get clear understanding in term of the safety plan for both projects, we were escorted by safety manager and safety officer so that they could cover any questions that might come across in our head.

After through this safety training, it can be concluded that this is such a very useful program for those who wants to take safety as their profession. Program like this is needed before someone could involve themselves in the safety industry where they have to undergo various step by step procedures and methods.

I couldn't imagine how complicated your working life and clumsy you are once you are directly hold any safety position at any construction site without a proper training like this. Without this training, it's hard you to survive in the industry as it takes a long time to understand what safety is all about.

~The End~