Friday, July 24, 2009

41st - new testing for me : battery's handle testing

Seems that my schedule for this week is quite pack as a series of testing need to be implemented. Things is not getting any better when those testings need an instant result as urgent requirement from a few parties, apart from QC department.

This is the very new testing for me as I never done this before and this is the first time for me to run this testing. I was a little bit shock when my superior told me that she unable to help me out and she just relied everything on me to perform the whole testing. Yet she already gave a clear briefing, a several tips and complete instructions beforehand.

This time, the testing is significantly to test the durability and the restrained ability of the battery's handle or some people would call that as a battery's holder, attach on the battery's cover. This testing is quite easy if you could understand the objectives and how to well manage the testing yet, it's quite dangerous and full with risk. You have to play with many kilos of concrete loads and you should watch your foots all the time during this testing is conducted.

The idea of this testing is appear when the management of this company wants to create a new design of handle. The want to come out with a new design to change with the old design, where they believe that this new kind of handle is more durable, more sophisticated, more easy and comfortable to grab and long lasting.

There are 6 types of handle that need to be test. Each handle would spend a long time to analyze before the final result would be emerged. I'm going to explain this testing in a general way:
  1. I need to take a cover which has a handle is already attached and hang it at the special machines (specially for this kind of testing).
  2. Then, I need to take two special steel bars with a tray. To measure how many possible weight to make the handle fail to restrain.
  3. I need to put many kilos on that tray until the handle failed down, all I need to do is, record down the total weight in a special form.
  4. The testing done.

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