Saturday, July 11, 2009

30th - malas, penat...bla..bla...

The recent task still not find it's end yet. I'm still working on it and tried to delay the task from getting done very soon so that I could stay in the office longer. I'm suddenly get myself to become a procrastinator. I'm not a procrastinator at all or I'm not becoming one, I just want to enjoy the moment a little bit but for how long, I don't have any idea and I don't know why I'm so enjoyed in here.

I snapped a few pictures of samples for the guidance card and I done it already since yesterday. It looks perfect when I reviewed those pictures on the digital camera's screen but once I uploaded into the PC, It turns to blur and got fine lines were messing up around the pictures. Not all the pictures were infected but it was almost. I've no idea what has gone wrong and snap back those samples is all that I can do.

Office is extremely silence today as a few engineers were on their alternate leave including the manager. It looks fine when he is not around but my superior has ruined down all those feelings as she was not in the same alternate leave with them.

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