Wednesday, March 31, 2010

burden in my head has not abated

After the discussion/meeting session with Mr D last night, which is one of the events that I classify as important and need to pay more attention at, another enormous problem is waiting to face me - CMID project is still stuck in design part.

Today, I came a little bit late to CMID class as I stopped by at concrete lab to meet hafis, afiq and yana - it took less than 10 minutes. They were assigned as trainer to show some demonstration in concrete lab to our junior - level 1 students. Then, I leaped away towards the class and I was fully conscious that I was late.

I reached to the class and realize only a few students were inside while the rest were still not coming. I checked my group members and find no one. So, I went outside to wait them. While waiting, more students were coming and they are not allowed to come in as the door was fully locked. Now, I was one of them and I'm the innocent victim :(

It just 15 minutes late and the door was locked. So, all the students were waiting stupidly outside for the door to open. It did open after 45 minutes later. I wonder why thing like this happens while it never happened before. Well, I don't put the blame or pointed out my finger to anyone and if I did, sure it goes to me first.

There is only probability which is causing this matter - All groups have planned to present tomorrow. So, to achieve their plan, they came late so that the lecturer will pick another group. Unfortunately, all groups are applying the same strategy. Well, that's enough to screw up the lecturer.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I down, a lot more are still waiting

Last night meeting with Mr D at his house was never futile and disappointing. I'm quite satisfied with all his comments after he went through my entire chapter 4. Well, he was commenting my introduction as more likely to HND students which is not good at all. I need to come out with deeper explanation and throw them out in more efficiently. Okay, I could say that I look forward to all his reprimands.

However, there is something still left undone as I have no idea how to draw the graph for the data collected ones it needs to find the correlation between them. I mean, I know how to draw the graph but don't know which type of graphs I need to choose and how can I explain the output later. Well, everything's solved after a solid favor from mr D.

He wasn't too strict during communicate with us and the conversation went away in non-formal between the students and the lecturer, unlikely what we practice in campus, even I can't deny that he checked our report quite stringent. Mr D was able to cover all students under his supervision and give some ideas and proper solution in writing the chapter 4 at the end of the discussion.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My heart's pumping me up....

Nothing much I did today since the message of meeting Mr D was sticking up in my head. The objective of meeting him tonight - he wants to check my progression in Chapter 4 - data collection and data analysis must be at least in the word documents form.

Well, it doesn't give much pressure to me at all today after I was brainstorming yesterday. All I did is just doing some adjustment where possible and editing some sentences where necessary towards all the elaboration of the data collected.

The time is approaching now and I need to get myself well prepared as ryan will pick me up within 10 minutes time. Seriously, I'm still quite nervous now and I'm not confident with my own report whether the collected data is good or poor, right or wrong, acceptable or not, reliable or not and convincing or not. All of them are making my head spinning *Sigh*

Sunday, March 28, 2010

FYP meeting is forgo...

I've been informed by a friend of mine that Mr. D wants to meet all the students under his supervision for FYP and the time is tonight. I got the message since the last week and unfortunately, no further endeavor has been made to look the FYP report progressed a little bit more.

figure 1: Total vehicle that traveled along the roadway of Mantin - Seremban

As the date and time is almost to come, I was struggling to make my FYP report looks more spick and span at the time Mr D checks on it later. I was painstaking to work a little bit harder than usual as I went to the site-location for taking-pictures purpose of the surrounding area. The sole motion is just want to see my report in hunky dory format.

Figure 2: Skid resistance value of Mantin - Seremban roadway

At the late evening, it's time to prepare all the word documents including the confirmation of the meeting tonight. So, my friend sends a message to Mr D and he was calling back a few moments later. He told us that the meeting that he wants to conduct will be held by tomorrow night.

I was quite happy at the moment I heard the news as I was preparing all the data in frivolously form. Meaning, I still have another 24 hours before the meeting is about to conduct and the amendment will be launched along the time gap. After all, all my hardworks today were not futile down into the drain.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

saturday's late good start

Saturday was great even it seems a boredom day for me initially. As I woke up without any to-do-list upon in my head for the day, I remained a less-forward-thinking person even I realized my FYP and CMID project still way far to accomplish.

Yana's call had changed everything in the afternoon. She and ana were planning to go to Seremban for shopping regime and they were eager to watch movie - Evolusi KL Drift. So, they asked me whether I want to join them or not as they knew that I'm suffered of boredom. Well, I was literally grateful that they were nice enough to invite me.

Most of the time, I prefer to sit alone at the provided bench and cling only with the newspaper that I bought. As everyone knows, girls are not easy to handle when they are possessed with all the commodities which are previewed at all shop facades. So they were roaming the entire mall without hesitation, like they were installing the energy recovery system in their body.

Obviously, this is the second hit from me for this movie and absolutely there is no particular reason of me to watch it twice. It was not tempting enough and I just want to kill some time rather than stay idle at home. To me, this movie is just average and not blast enough :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jumaat yang ok la aku rasa :)

Last night I went out with a few acquaintances of mine for a movie in cinema. The title this time is EVOLUSI KL DRIFT 2. So, we enjoyed the movie even we weren't like the hero at all. I rate this movie as 3.5 out of 5. I'm recommending this movie to those who have no weekend activity :)

The next following morning, I have Water Engineering class and I was extremely late due to the last night activity. Just imagine I slept almost at 3 a.m and the class start at 8 a.m. In my case, it's almost impossible to attend the class promptly at 8 a.m.

When I reached to the class, I saw mdm V was inside and Mdm H was not around. According to mdm V, she is the one who will conduct the Water class this time even she felt very weak after just back from Geo-camp in Langkawi. She summed up that mdm H is on leave. No lecture at all, I signed up my attendance and the class dismissed right away.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

career fair..part 002

Today is the 2nd day of the carrier fair. So the booth is nothing much different, the style and the way we run it is still same with yesterday. Observing others school, it seems that they just exhibit all their equipments without exhibitor to in charge. Only civil school still locate their exhibitor just want to show their full commitment in such events.

Mr A has cancelled the CMID class today after the lecture hall that we supposed to use is utilized by other people, regarding to the career fair speech. So, we just sign up the attendance after failed to find the free hall. To use the class is just absurd as it can't accommodate all the students.

I came to the speech as I was suddenly feel to hear all their valued ramblings. Some of the speaker is quite good with their performance and quite energetic in delivering their points and thoughts. Some of them are just annoying. But still, I'm quite satisfied with all the input I get in my head.

Okay, when it comes to career fair, basically we can find a few companies or organizations open their booth and offered you many types of jobs. Sure, they will interview you first just want to know your general background of any course. Unfortunately, there's no single booth that was opened and offer the civil engineering students a path or chance to become the next civil engineer. What a disappointment.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

career fair..part 001

I woke up in the morning to perform my Subuh and didn't sleep back after that, totally different with what I always practice. Usually, I'll sleep back every morning if my class starts at 10 a.m except on Friday as I have a class at 8 a.m.

From today until tomorrow, there is an event has been launched in this college which is the career fair carnival. So, once again all schools need to come out with all equipments or whatsoever for the exhibition purpose. It's more likely with the previous event last Monday but this time, the preparation is not really encouraging as no VVIP was invited.

CMID class is actually started at 10 a.m today. Yet, I came early to the civil school to help Syukri in organizing and setting up the booth for civil exhibition center. This time, we only preview all the posters that advertising the role and contribution of civil engineers and also a few projects from the past competitions that had been participated. So, my hands were full in the morning.

We were not necessarily to look after this booth for each second, so I decided to come to the class once the time was coming. This time, Mr A was the substitute lecturer as Mr D still in Langkawi due to the geo-camp. His performance will be commented in tomorrow entry.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I love today's water engineering

After a very tiring day yesterday, I knocked myself out to the bed till the next following morning. Nothing else I could do whenever I endured the severe painful joints even there were no bruises had been appeared.

Water class was so good and really inspiring today. I came a little bit late as usual and find out the class not started yet. So, today's syllabus was not so complicated and quite easy to catch up with. Mdm H delivered a good lecturer as I was over excited to do the exercise.

Initially she came out with a little bit theoretical about the procedure and a short brief of the steps of calculation. Okay, I wasn't copy those procedures until she caught me out while I was pretending asking her another question. It was shameful. Luckily, she's not a bad tempered-person, even the grumpy expression never comes.

Still, I felt guilty ahead of my own attitude. So once she gave us an exercise, I decided to pay more attention and strike and task until the last answer. It was the better way to pay back all wrongdoings I have committed.

Monday, March 22, 2010

University College - the launching day

Civil Engineering Team

Today was slightly different from yesterday after I put myself involved in one particular event. So, today was the launching day of Linton College after they get fully eligible and approval to upgrade their institution level from "college" to "University College".

Meaning, this Linton's institution is no longer called as "Linton College", otherwise it's called as "Linton University College" stating from today onwards. Surely, it's a very meaningful day to all of the organizations, staffs and not to forget to all the students here due to this achievement.

In order to make this launching looks more encouraging and happening, a few engineering and architecture schools had been assigned to arrange an exhibition of anything that might be pleased and impressed the minister of High Education - Dato' Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin.

Minister of Higher Education of Malaysia

Each school need to prepare all the equipments and achievements they have which is possible to symbolize about the reliability of this college to accept the "University" title. So, school of Civil Engineering also took part of this exhibition that was located along the corridor.

Me with Skid Resistance Portable

Okay, I was in charged for the Skid Resistance Portable as I used that equipment before. To make sure I could give a very good performance during the explanation about the equipment towards the minister, I did study all the features and try to memorize all it functions and procedures. A few questions that I never expected to be asked:
  1. Kenapa tak masuk IPTA, kenapa masuk IPTS?
  2. Kamu loan MARA ke PTPTN?
  3. Kamu asal dari mana?
  4. Ok ke tidak belajar kat kolej ni?
Can you imagine that the minister asked me such questions? hahaha, I bet you will never expect those questions neither. But seriously, I feel more confident with those questions as I have all the answers. Those questions are just a piece of cake :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

not a good weekend :(

As I always thought that my weekend would be sucks after no activity had been planned to fulfill all the leisure (do I really have many leisure after my FYP still not yet to be completed while the time is constraining me) I can sniff the boredom since the last Saturday as no one has come out with any weekend activity.

It seems that they are very busy with FYP and CIMD project. In Facebook, I'm aware that most of them have started to deactivate their online community for a while. Even on their YM status, it clearly stated a word "busy" or phrase that represents their frustration in dealing with their work. Sadly to say that I was bored to the death since I opened and closed my both eyes. That's why, no exciting updates for today's entry.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

a whining for Saturday :)

Weekend must be a great day for those who are pushing their self to the limits, working like crazy and be workaholic all the time to improve their life standard. Those people will enjoy their weekend with family at home or plan for a short trip to anywhere, mostly a trip that not need high endurance.

Yet, it's different on me. I don't feel that weekend is a great day to enjoy. To me, weekend is just a boring day just like the another. Even, sometimes I feel it worse than that. Do you know why? Because, from Monday to Friday, at least I still have classes to attend and have so many time I could spend with my friends.

When it comes to Saturday and the next day (weekend), I feel that I'm waiting stupidly for nothing at my own room. I don't know what else I could do apart from the FYP that never grab my attention. Most of my friends prefer for homecoming as their hometown is not far away. Mine is different, I need to take at least 3 hours before I could see my parents.

Friday, March 19, 2010

pointless testzzzzzzzzzz

As mentioned last Tuesday directly from MDM H, we had a test today about Hydrology subject. Again, I still not understand why she wants to conduct a Hydro test even we are in the water subject. Well, the question mark remains unanswered.

Whatever the reason, I managed to sit for the test and had a go for it even I came to the class with bare knowledge - I didn't even open any notes or books and study the contents. At first, she was previewed us with one particular slide regarding the hydro and its formula and I think that is a good thing.

So, we copy all the questions which is radiated through the projector and embedded at the white hard curtain. At certain question, I'm able to figure out the answer and the rest, Mdm H just gave all the answers at the end of the test session.

I wonder, why she didn't take our paper instead she allowed us to keep them. What's the point to have a test then? She also didn't express her anger whenever most of the students were unable to answer all the questions. It's kind of weird folks.

This is just my assumption - maybe we had covered all the learning outcomes in water engineering. So, to have this type of test could be act as "killing time regime" so that at least we still have something to do rather than just sit idle. Then why she didn't give us a test that related with water engineering itself as revision or whatsoever?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Smiles for Thursday :)

Today, I'm quite satisfied towards the weather. I was blogging about the extraordinary temperature previously and now it's slightly change today and I hope it remains the same onwards. Alhamdulillah :) It wasn't hot at all, it warms a little bit today.

Not just only the weather, even my class was pleasing me so much as CMID class finished quite early and absolutely, it was unexpected from all. Plus, no lecture at all as Canterbury group was the only group to present their design.

This class should be run for 3 hours. Just imagine, the lecture was over one hour and half earlier than it should be. Have you ever think, why should I'm not very happy for that? That's what all the students want for everyday to happen after all. The lesser the class, the better.

Night - I was interested with an advertisement from the college regarding the celebration of Maulidurrasul. So, I went to the hall just want to listen the speech. It's more likely to a religious activity and it could be a good inspiration for soul.

Furthermore, the speaker tonight is someone that I admire. He was a staff of this college last time before he decided to transfer to MMU and become a lecturer there.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CMID is getting tougher

Today's temperature was so high, beyond the human's skin capability to withstand the heats from the sun ray. It's not much different actually with the previous days that I went through. Well, it's the effect of the global warming anyways and it's unstoppable until all the responsible scientists take significant action.

Unfortunately, our performance in presentation for CMID subject was not ok. It was not slightly similar with the today's temperature. We were not as hot as today's temperature on the stage.

It was full of clumsiness as we don't know how to present the collected data. At certain part, we missed to write down the necessary data and we were just simply left the blank space. It was a big mistake from us as Mr D condemned utmost on it, indeed.

Currently, we are in Chapter 4 - Contract document. I believe all the students realize this chapter is quite complicated. Most of the contents are based on and coming from a real document and everything must be in formal statement.

So, to come out with our own statements are absurd and to copy and paste all the phrases are just inevitable. I pledge to myself to do better in the upcoming presentation (do I will improve? Perhaps so) Next presentation is a Design. So, I got to study and practice to recall all the basic steps in order to run the MXROAD software. *sigh*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tasty Tuesday

Today's life was just fine. I came to the class almost on time even I was late about 15 minutes passed 10 a.m. It was a good anticipation from me - as usual, the class not started yet. That's why I managed to come a little bit late today.

The lessons went so much well today as Mdm H was highlighting a few subtitle of water engineering. So we covered another learning outcome today. As always, I don't thing that I get the total input.

At the end of the class, Mdm H has tough us about Hydro - basically it's nothing to do with water subject, yeah I know it's related, but it's not supposed to be learned in this semester. Even in the learning outcome, it's never stated about hydro thingy.

As I can recall, we have this one particular subject a couple of months ago. I wonder why she intended to teach us. Plus, she reminds and insists us to do revisions for hydro so that she can gives a revision test in the next class.

Evening, just another problem meets the solution. The "meeting" was finally conducted. No more meeting after this except for the every week presentations. In just a few days, I believe for the feedback to be appeared in my mails box. Will see how the progress goes.

Pictures for your soul to digest. It's not relevant with the text above :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hiatus no more for Wednesday

There was an incoming call at the moment I wanted to go out for lunch. It was a calling from Mr D, informed me that CMID class which had been canceled beforehand will be back in schedule. Meaning, the cancellation is canceled.

He reminds me to tell others especially the rest project managers so that those managers will inform their group members via anything they want - It's not my business.

Still, he told me that the presentation session will be continued but only for those who aren't present yet. I was surprised by that as I thought that we just have a common lesson for that day.

Meaning, my group will have a presentation this coming Wednesday and the best part is, we are not properly ready for that :( Will make sure for the slide to be ready and will improve any lacks.

weekend activity - I enjoyed so much fun

This post is supposed to publish yesterday. Unfortunately, due to a few problems encountered, it fails to happen just like the way I want it to be.

I went to Jeram Toi yesterday and it was a great joy, indeed. It's a waterfall area and you can imagine how the place should be, with the cold water flows down from the upstream and the tranquility. Okay, the tranquility is just temporary, not until more and more visitors came by and devastated the atmosphere.

The staircase with handrail - new innovation

Concrete staircase with concrete handrail - perfect

It has been a while since I came here last time. Surely this place has changed a lot. It looks better than before as they provide many significant facilities for the visitors. Now they provide staircase with handrails if you tend to climb up to the upstream, they provide a proper toilet even they have a few rooms only, they construct many chalets and they provide even surface for anyone who tend to set up their tent.

Look at the water flows down, the momentum is quite awesome

You can find the crystal clear water at the very top of the terrain, yet you can't find the same sort of water in term of their color at the lowest terrain. It's suddenly switch after the water flows through several water platforms that accommodate many bunches of visitors. So it's better for you to climb up a little bit vertical so that you can find a great water platform with the crystal clear water flows and also a specific space for your own privacy.

Okay, take a look at the water. Its brown color

One more thing, please don't bring along too many persons with you. 5 persons are perfect but if you bring more than that, it's not a wise decision. This place can be classified as a small location, even certain water platforms will be packed only with 5 persons. If any of you plan to do a family day or any events that invited many people, this place will be crowded and your activity will be limited. So, no much fun anymore to attend the events

Typical stupid Malaysian - introvert and selfish. The cottage is build for the visitors to sit and rest, not to set up the tent in it. Such a crappy jerk.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

V3: samseng jalanan - macam syial!!!

Yesterday night, I was hanging out with my classmates and the plan was always prior to watch movie in Seremban. This time, V3: Samseng Jalanan was taken us the most. So, the phrase that should spew out from my mouth to express my ponder must be something like this: "What the fuck? I watched another stupid Malay movie again!!!!"

All of us can't wait since the preview of this movie has been shown for public view and become limelight movie's title since then. Everyone is so eager to be in the line for ticket and have a seat to enjoy this movie. So do with us. Plus, this is the first project directed by Farid Kamil, the foremost artist.

I've nothing to against or condemn the Malaysian movie. I admit that certain Malaysian movies have impressed me so much with their story line, elements they put in the story and it's so valuable. But I can't find them in V3. It's like rubbish, the storyline is hard to understand, the dialogue they used is not strong enough and seriously it's commonly use by the public.

Normally, movies are influencing the viewers by its dialogue that exists. The motif and lessons that they try to deliver to the audiences is blur neither. Okay that is one thing, another thing is, they are contented too many sexy girls in this movie for attraction purpose.

I believe that those girls are Muslimah and to equip them with sexy outfit is not right (Just imagine, their breasts almost to protrude out from the bra and the camera focus on their humps quite often). They look like a slut, a whore, a prostitute or whatsoever that makes this movie looks like even worse than rubbish. I believe this movie need to re-shoot again because of such elements they put.

What? the director claimed that Adnan Sempit imitated his movie. It doesn't make sense. Even Adnan Sempit did so, V3 still can't beat Adnan Sempit and Adnan Sempit is way better. As conclusion, this movie is not RECOMMENDED. It SUCKS!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Enjoying myself

Last night, my friends and I went to Seremban to watch a movie: V3 - Samseng Jalanan even some of us were possessed by Alice in Wonderland. So we moved early so that we can have our dinner first and not starving in the cinema.

Once we finished our dinner, we still have 30 minutes time before the movie was about to start. Afiq advocated for karaoke-ing even he realized the time is not sufficient and some friends also were against him. He not gave up and convinced us that we still can make it. Ok, everyone agreed and we were karaoke-ing for half an hour. I was able to cover one song that night. Times up, we were moving to the cinema to enjoy V3.

The origin plan for that night is to celebrate Odah's birthday. So we pick that night for the movie session and at the same time to celebrate that particular birthday girl. So, on the way back, we were not straightly going home but we stoped by at one place, nearby by the college's food court just want to mess her up.

Ok, that occasion continued until 2 a.m and everyone knew that we were having a water class at 8 a.m. Its 6 hours away before the class to start. I slept at 3 a.m. after cleaning myself.

Frankly speak, I was absent for the class even all my housemates were trying to wake me up but they failed. I was unable to control my eyes and decided to continue my sleep what ever it cause. And now, I'm regretting myself for not attending the class.

past time-line check list

I'm extremely fucking busy lately. It's hard for me to find some free space so that I can update my blog more often. My life has turned upside down since my FYP and my CMID project reach in the middle of it process.

Just imagine, I need to sleep at 2 or 3 a.m almost in every day to ensure my FYP and CMID project have progressed and improved. Okay, it's look so hopeless if I say that I put 100% concentration on them, some time I used to fooling around, chit chat more and do nothing or in general term, I'm wasting my time rather than I do my work. Yet, I'm just a normal human being and obviously, I can't resist the joy and temptation from the surrounding.Life is usually so hectic whenever I'm on pressure - the due date is approaching while lots of work still left undone. My biological clock has change the direction from what it should be. I feel the hardness and it's utterly so disappointing.
Past time-line check-list:

I've returned back all the cones and sign boards to JKR. Thanks a lot to Yana as she was willing to lend me her car. Thanks and highly appreciate to JKR for the favor that they have shown.

Skid Resistance Portable also has been returned even I was late about a day from the schedule. Thanks again to Yana as I used her car for the transferring process. Sorry to Mdm Su for the late return. I know I broke the rules that have been pledge last time. Oh, I almost forget that you are not checking all the equipments yet. Once you are willing to check, just let me know. We check together.

To Yana, if you spot any defection at any part of your car, please don't blame me straight away. I believe that your car is safe, no part is dented and no scratch on its steel body except a minor scratch in the plastic interface of your car. It's not scratched at all, it's disappeared once I polish it away.

Oh, my friends and I went out for a couple of times just want to release our tension and have fun. Most of the unforgettable memory is the movie part. I was enjoying Niyang Rapik so much. I just can't recall the rest activities as it has been deleted away from my memory.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Skid Resistance - when the rumors influence the better of you

Okay, I think I should blog this out before everything wipes away from my head. Better to express it now before it mess-up my mind sooner or later, or all memories is being replaced. I could sniff out something new tomorrow and presents :)

Saturday's early dawn, as I informed to all my friends that I will conduct my skid test at 3 a.m, everyone replied with the same expression. They ponder out that I'm crazy and out of my mind. They presume it doesn't make sense to conduct a test at 3 a.m at Bukit Mantin while I'm very serious. In whatsoever reactions, utmost all the replies is weakening me as they came out with negative side.

Seriously, I don't blame those people for coming up with that kind of impression. Some of you might know how there are so many haunted stories about that particular spooky area - Bukit Mantin. I was about to crown it as the most paranoia inducing experience I've ever felt in my entire life.

At the moment we arrived at the area, everything was silent and deserted. As if this place is not creepy enough during the day time, when the vehicles are still traveling and passing by this area, imagine being in that terror area alone at the night until the dawn time? Okay maybe not, I was with some friend that willing to escort me.

At the end, thanks god. Nothing that I really don't want to experience is happened or even closed. Everything just happened as what had been planned. I'm able to cover all three areas without any problem apart from the sweltering sun, the frightening moment and the reckless driver which was speeding up even we warn them to slow down. The sign board is not even helped me so much but it still useful to send the message to the driver.

I wonder, how they got their driving license. Apparently, after I put myself in the middle of the road, come to observe the real Malaysian attitude of driving, It can be concluded that most of the Malaysian drivers are:

all sucks, stubborn, fools, hopeless, stupid, reckless, annoying, jerk, mother-fucker, small minded, selfish, introvert, Ignorant and whatsoever.

Skid Resistance - an overview

Introduction (the basic idea) - Skid resistance is a force developed when a tire that is prevented from rotating slides along the pavement surface. Skid resistance is an important pavement evaluation parameter because:
  • Inadequate skid resistance will lead to skid related accidents
  • Skid resistance measurements can be used to evaluate various types of materials and construction practices
  • Most agencies have a responsibility to provide users with a roadway that is "reasonable" safe.
Visualize this: Situation 1
While you were driving your car at 60 km/hr during heavy rain and suddenly in front of you there is a car coming to a halt because there is an accident, what do you do? You push the brake abruptly and you heard sketching sound of your car and your car start to skid without stopping straight away.

Visualize this: Situation 2
when you are negotiating a sharp bend at a speed of 50 km/hr on a slippery road, do you suddenly feel your car is skidding along the road and you want to step on the brake quickly to avoid going of the bend? These are some of the real life scenario that warrants us as a driver to be extra careful whenever we drive on a wet condition road surface.

Those sketching sounds when you brake abruptly and tire marks on road surface especially at junction, roundabout, traffic intersection, and others, which needs us to constantly brake to slow down our car are called "skid resistance".

Skid Resistance Test - The appreciation

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to all persons involved in helping me to ensure my skid resistance test went smoothly. All your contribution and services are highly meritorious. Indeed. The credit goes to you guys :)

Even the skid resistance test is over since the past two days, the experienced and memory still remains linger clearly. The tiredness, the breathtaking and the harm parts are still overwhelming me until now. The tiredness, I bet it takes a while to wipe away.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Skid test - Bring it on fella!!!

Since I'm so enthusiastic and so much excited for tomorrow test, I would like to blogging now with a big smile carved and notched up upon my face after everything is set on the place. All cones and sign boards is ready after I took them from JKR in the morning. Everything is adjusted pretty well. Yeah, what a feeling I have now........

If I'm able to conduct the test tomorrow, it means that my research project is just a few percents away to success before the submission date. Yet, it still depends on the terms and condition applied by my supervisor. Hopefully, he will pleasure and impress with my work later. InsyaAllah.....

I still remember the way I struggled to ensure this test to become real. I mean, the endeavor I applied to make myself fully eligible to conduct this test without interruption/disturbance from any parties including police or any other local authority.

Do you know how a piece of paper becomes more powerful than anything else when you have business/mundane affair with another organization or individual? Even the technologies expand towards the ability in term of functions and services, it still looks invaluable when you face any management system.

Ok, let's switch this thing in different way so that it looks more understandable. We already know that we have printer nowadays. People basically use the printer to interpret whatever they type in the monitor by using their own fingertips. Think about it again, in what material or even surface that is required for the data to be printed? Most of us will come out with the same point: paper. I know some people probably would say something different such as plastic. Ok, I admit that they got a point to mention that as an answer.

Let's move to another situation. Have you ever meet the summon sheets, document tender, formal letter, magazines, novels, books, agreement sheets or whatsoever in plastic form. I believe no one have found it even for those who stays in the thrived country. See, how paper plays a big role in our life even the technologies keep discovering the undiscovered. No wonder some people will put their life at stake to become an illegal lumberjack - destroy the flora and change it to wide bare land and expose to jeopardy - because they know that they can generate luxurious livelihood on that way.

I just want to relate the above long babbling with what has happened to me. Enjoy this:
  1. I need to provide a formal letter to JKR - without paper, discussion is nothing, any agreement is completely can't be compromised.
  2. I need to provide a formal letter to Traffic department - without letter, no further responds from them.
  3. I need to provide a formal letter to police station - without letter, my saliva is just wasted and invaluable.
  4. I need to provide a formal letter to use Highway Lab - without letter, the grille will remains unlock

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A series of unfortunate moment. - must take note

This post is highlighting all the unfortunate things that happened recently. This should be a good lesson for me especially and take a good procurement step if I stumble upon the same matter :)

  • JKR forget to call and inform me regarding the application process after they promised to do so - Next time, I'll remind them for every 1 hour so that they more alert.
  • During presentation today, I prepared a quite good speech on the paper. I tried to memorize it so that I can present the whole paragraph without looking at it even just a glance, Unfortunately, due to the panic attack and some sort of nervous or anxious feeling, it has slightly devastated the speech - Will memorize any upcoming speech 2 weeks earlier before the presentation take place.
  • I want to withdraw some cash on the ATM. Unfortunately, it was out of service. Yet I try to find another ATM nearby with hope that it doesn't face the same problem - at the end, yes, it has the same matter. I strolled around to any gas station and any banking unit in Seremban but still failed to find the breakthrough - All ATM machines were running out of services due to unknown problem and my wallet remains cashless - I'll not keep my saving in the bank anymore, will find a safety box that I can locate secretly in my home.
  • We failed to draw some cash after we tried so hard. Then, it's time to have a lunch at somewhere by using a few ringgit that left. Quite shocked after we get the bills and luckily it still not exceed the money we had. It's so close actually - Next time, I'll eat Maggi until I can withdraw some cash.
  • I went to one particular shop at Seremban as my intention to grab something. Unfortunately, the shop closed today. Quite disappointed after I through a miserable journey - Next time, I should call first before I decide to come. Ironically, I have the contact number but to call the shop first never comes across in my head.
  • On the way back to college, I stuck in the severe traffic jam. Local authority was cleaning the trees and the branches that might be harmful for the road user. I wonder, why they don't do at the night time as there is a less road users during that time. Thing didn't get any better after I promised to Mr D to meet him in the evening - to get clear view of amendment about my research project. It somehow treated the appointment with him that can be a bad consequence to me as I can't be punctual - Will not set any appointment with any person in the evening.

JKR - the careless

2 days ago, I went to JKR for one particular aim - to meet the JKR director after I was finally successful to set an appointment with him. The purpose of this appointment is to get permission from JKR to lend/use a few equipments which is supplied by them.

Suddenly, he said that he is busy and ask me to get in touch with his assistance. Ok, that one is acceptable as I don't have anything to grumble. So I met his assistance and we went to the further discussion - At the end of the meeting, the assistance mention that she will inform me regarding the status of my application in the evening.

So, I was waiting the call in the evening but nothing came. I still believe for the call to come and look forward to it even I started to despair - I keep waiting until today and the results remains the same. Just now, I went again to the JKR office and directly met the person in charged (the assistance) It seems that the assistance is totally forget about my application and she just simply said "sorry" without concerning about my feeling. I almost uttered out "B**I" (well deserved profanity after all her afford) as I was so frustrated.

Luckily, the assistance was abruptly called the staff to entertain and was convincing me that I'll get whatever I want as soon as possible without through any compulsory protocol or ordinance. Just imagine what will happen if I stay silent and not tend to check my request? Surely I'll keep waiting forever

Oh, I almost delete this from my head - I still have a business that still not reach at the end point yet. I'm still waiting the feedback from the Police Station as I was required them to provide a full report of accidents statistic at Jalan Mantin to Seremban. Got to remind them somehow in case they forget.