Friday, July 10, 2009

29th - still in the concised office

At the first time I stepped in through the main gate of Tai Kwong Yokohama Batteries industry, I aware that today is not going to be the same day like yesterday where I put myself as a manager of this company. I start to find my superior and looking for some new instructions from her if possible. I make myself looks enthusiastic to work so that she doesn't have intention to ask me of what have I done for the past two days and got suspicious.

As I tough in the first place, there must be some tasks available for me to run. As usual, I accept whatever the task she gave me and I'll try to finish it as soon as possible triumphantly. This time, the task given is to produce a guidance card for motorcycle plant. As I told before, motorcycle plant is a new department and most of the machines are really new and most of the operators are still fresh. These cards need to be attached on each machine for guidance purposes so that all operators could refer on this card whenever they got confuse on any particular machines and processes.

To get this job done, I need to bring along some items with me such as camera and any other portable devices. Surely, It's not belong to me and I just took it from the closet inside the office. Each item must be registered out before we took them away so that if anything happen towards the items, they could trace who is supposed to take the responsible for compensation. I never expect that this kind of task needs me to work together with computer's application and do you know what does it means? It's clearly means I could stay in the office for one more time.

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