Monday, May 25, 2009

senior's final project presentation...

I was spending my whole morning and went to catch up my senior's final project presentation. This is the first batch from UEL Degree program that will end up their study after two years being struggled in chasing after their bachelor. Well, I'm not going to miss this as I'll face the same thing in the next year and to explore any significant experiences is really necessary. Don't you think that this is the good inception for me?

This presentation is all about a research design that you have to explore by yourself and come out with the result. Basically, you have to emphasize more on the data analysis rather than any chapter. Each student will be given a different title and topic related to our field (CIVIL ENGINEERING) so that the possibility of plagiarism or anything related to the forbidden technique such as copy and paste trends or fully quoted style from anyone or sources along the research is under processed can be prevented.

The toughest part is during the presentation where students need to know clearly what is the project is all about and able to enrich every single point they have stated in the slide. Once the panels come out with the crappy questions or even sometimes a little bit out of the topic, students must know how to answer clearly and avoid in saying something erroneous should be highly concerned. More error you made, more unexpected questions will come over you. Your supervisor that you have snuggled with and laid your devotion on him as well could be your great enemy and condemn you more than any panels. At that time, you'll become a freaking mad and blur according to the situations that you never expect to come.

Just morning, I could see the panels were asking the "killing questions" to measure how wide the knowledge that the particular students able to get in order to complete their project. Even the questions seems to drop down your grade and performance, it's actually to develop your skill and shining it before you start your career. Sometime, the candidates were not have chances to defend themselves as the panels are always intersect whenever the students start to open their mouth.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

1st day of my semester's break...

I started my day time in a little bit late today as I woke up at 10 a.m even I slept quite early in the night before. Today is the first day for my semester's break and it's continued for the 3 months ahead. Yet, I didn't decide to put anything up for myself in my new daily routine and truthfully, I couldn't see the starting point from any angle. I do plan to have a part time job or two due to the long semester's break, unfortunately, the global economic matters are causing the limitation of many position in any sector and industries. Thus, no more job vacancies are available for me to take part. It's not easy to find a job nowadays and most of the employers are looking for permanent employees.

A few things I did today as a first step to adapt myself with this new life style where I'm free from everything especially from books and anything related to the education stuffs. Those things make my life misery and I need to rush in every movement I made. It was killing me gradually.
  1. I washed my dirty clothes
  2. I formatted my hard disk as it was full with many sorts of viruses. No anti-virus was installed since a few months back and no wonder it was full with the damn files corrupter agent.
  3. I played Takraw at somewhere in Nilai and it such a precious experience for me. It has been a long time that I didn't play with a bunch of skillful people and all of them are damn spectacular.
  4. I watched F1 race day which is telecasted live from Monte Carlo, Monaco. Such a brilliant performance from Brawn GP team after both of their drivers were able to dominate the P1 and P2 position once again. Ferrari has started to show out their actual performance but is still not enough to beat the Brawn GP team as they were occupied the P3 and P4. I'm sick of BMW performance in this track. Literally, it is such an embarrassing results from the BMW team.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

exam's over, yet, i'm not happy unless i got A's.....

3 days time has passed away in just a blink of eyes and I have been through the all 3 papers for my final exam for this semester. For 3 days in a row I have to limit my sleep time as minimum as possible and use the time available for revisions. I have to admit that sometimes, I wasted my time and went away to get myself enjoyed and throw all feelings far away even I know they'll come after me back. They'll set me free once the exam is over and the moment is coming now.

Geo paper was the worst among the three papers that I was sat for. I have to say that I didn't do well during the exam and I'll be grateful if the mark is exceeding than 50% after I was answering all questions in a flippant way. The lecturer does give the hints for the question, unfortunately the range of scope is too wide and she didn't simplify more. I don't ask for a spoon-feeding, but she supposed to understand our situation where we didn't learn Geo in a proper way. Anyway, I didn't put and point my finger to anyone and keep whining, yet, I should appreciate and be more a thankful person.

I was absolutely flying during answering the Eng math paper. Everything was inside my mind and all I have to do is just to spill out the idea in every pages of the answer script booklet. Special thanks and high appreciation should goes to Mr Johny as he always made our day easier.

My performance for hydro paper is just average as I able to answer the questions provided but not at all. Yet, in a few parts, I realize that I commit a few simple mistakes after I compared my answers with my fellow's friend once the exam is over. Some questions, I didn't have any idea to jot down on the answer script and for not letting the space empty, I'm nailed in based on my logical thinking. Such a frustrated feeling when I have to sacrifice so many things and finally I didn't get what I wish. Did I expect too much or beyond the possible?

I can't wait to know the results and meanwhile, I feel a little bit nervous in counting down the day for the results to come out. I don't want to take any supplementary exam in August instead I'm looking for flying colors this time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my hands were full within the past 3 days

I was abandoning this blog for three days in a row and put all my attention on Geo Camp reports. My hands were full within these three days in plotting the Outcrop and the Contour map for the proposed area. From the overall report, Contour map is pretty tough as my group didn't have a sufficient data and we have to assume by ourselves for every missed points. In total, we had been working for almost 2 days before we could find the breakthrough. So, no more Geo assignment after this and I was submitting the report in this evening after sweating out since yesterday. I missed my evening sport; I missed my night sleep and also my meals. Indeed, it's a valuable sacrifice that had been made.

United finds the end point of EPL league in this season after grabbing the trophy for the third consecutive victories. With just 1 point is remaining and their draw result with arsenal, it's enough to declare for United to retain the trophy in Old Trafford.

I gave a favor to Mdm Afifah last time in her house at Palma with contribute some energy and combine with others. Some friends were joining me and the task need to be done is so simple and easy, yet, it was required a sufficient energy and our energy is significantly needed. Some friends were preparing the refreshment for us and everything looks nice when everyone understood their part. I could say that I was enjoying this moment.

I went to swim for a couple of times in this week and it such a good way to forget everything especially when the assignments are coming and after me. Swimming could make my mind and soul more tranquil and such a good riddance for the pressure. I just can wait to have another go and plan to state this as my routine in my daily activity.

Friday, May 15, 2009

test's over and full attention goes to Geo reports

I woke up around 9 o'clock in the morning and once I opened up my eyes, the first thing that I'm looking for is my Eng. Math notes. I used to study a few topics yesterday and skipped a few parts but unfortunately I couldn't sit for the test. Yet, I don't think it such a waste and vain as I got another test today.

As I mention in the previous entry, I had a test for Eng. Math subject in the evening. This time I came early just to ensure myself for not to repeat the same mistake again like yesterday. I did it well and still have a few minutes time before Johnny announced for the test is about to start. So, I took the last chance to check and memorize a few complicated formulas before answering all the questions. Well, I didn't do well in the test as I skipped a few questions and answer the rest. I aware of my own performance is just average and I have to do more exercise later but it sounds hopeless.

Every single person in my class is concerning for the Geo-camp report as the submission date is around the corner. I didn't do much for my report as I always rely on my friends when Im in need of some instant knowledge. They were never disappointing me. I went through every piece of their works and notes in an attempt to pick a few points and ended up in my own paper. I arduously to get the data by myself and I'm looked so pathetic for that. Right now, I have to produce the Outcrop from the data available.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I missed the test and Geo report yg susah giler

I came late for Eng. Math today and Sir Johny was not allowed me to take part for the test. I came around 9 o'clock in the morning whenever the class was started at 8 and the test was in progressed. I entered through the front door without turned my eyes towards his face even he was sitting a few seconds away. Suddenly, I heard his voice out to deliver something over me but I just can't hear clearly as I'm still drowsing at that moment. I stepped out from the hall immediately without saying any and leave the hall by non respect way. Seriously, from the deep down in my heart, I felt guilty for that.

On the way back, I gave a phone call to a few friends and tried to reach them but no feedback available as they put their phone on silent mode. Surely, it was an order from Sir Johnny in the first place before the test took place and I'm not going to blame any individuals here. They just did their part perfectly. I just want to confirm a few words from Johny as I didn't get the picture of what he said just now. That's the point why do I have to call them.

When I failed to reach anyone, I gave a call on Johny's phone and luckily, he picked up the phone call. I uttered out my apologies to him in a good manner and asked his forgiveness due to my attitude. Then, he asked me to meet him after the class and said "no problem" as replied. Somehow, I felt a little bit relief when he still wants to converse with me even in just a few seconds time.

After 2 hours waiting, finally the class is over and I decide to meet him immediately. This time, he became so friendly to me apart from his fierce face before and didn't mind of what I have done earlier. I signed my attendance and joined my friends in the food court. Yet, I still have 1 more test for Eng math in tomorrow class and surely I'm not going to do the same mistake again.

I proceed my report by doing the contour today but it's seems pointless after I couldn't understand the procedure and methods that should be applied. I need someone who can guide me and get the entire task done. Later, I'll keep in contact with a few people and associate with them. Hopefully, they are able to help me out and get rid all this problem.

United is on the right lane to win the league title this season after defeating Wigan early in the dawn today. Just 1 point remain before they are officially announced as the champion. GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

when the pressure come....


I came for Geo class to absorb any possible input for the exam. This is the last class for Geo subject before the exam day and today, Mdm Vv declared for the class is over for this semester. I note down all the possible questions and I never think it would be helping me a lot during the exam. It's not so simple as I tough. She just gave us the wide range of subtopic and didn't mention the exact question. Most of the questions are not exactly the same with the exercise that we did earlier. I have to read and memorize more especially for the theoretical before I think I could make it during the exam day.


Hydro class also starts to emphasize the expected questions that will be appeared on the exam. Mdm Hema starts to deploy the all important data and hints so that we could able to answer all the questions and take the first class grade for the result once it come out later. Similarly with the Geo class, this is the last class for Hydro subject in this semester and no more class will be conducted after today, except with a few accepted reason or any changing is applied.

I sacrificed my evening sport in order to give my full attention on the Geo camp report. Still many things I have to do and the time is ticking really faster. So many things I have to catch up and have to work on it whenever I got a free time. Things are not getting any better when I face some problem with the raw data. We were not collecting a few data during the field work and this will make my report more complicated to accomplish. Right now, I stuck of nowhere in my own report.

Tomorrow is a test for Johnny's class and I need to recall back all the topics as he didn't mention any clue. In situation like this, to have any test is something not right and this start to make me piss off. Frankly speak, I start to feel the stress and it's annoying the hell out of me. FUCK!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hari selasa - tiada pengisian

Nothing much I could share on this entry and everything is remaining the same like yesterday. Still on the same routine where I was spending my time by came to the classes and learns something. I do have a cit cat with friends, teasing, bullying, making some noise and any other stuff that a normal students love to do. Most of the part is just to kill our leisure and nothing to do with revision.

Morning class was a Geo subject and like yesterday, Mdm Vv still takeover our class from Mr Dian. The situation will be continuing for a couple days in order to give a briefing about the expected question which is probably shows up on the exam's paper. So, we start to cover a few questions and a few more are still coming and will be discussed by tomorrow class. I suspect that theoretical questions will be asked as well and it will be the toughest part compare with the calculation. If I could make a choice, calculation will be the first one rather than the theoretical question. Clearly, in calculation, we just have to memorize the formula. Once we able to do that, it will lead us to the answers and its way easier than the theoretical question.

I was wasting so much time in the evening as the lecturer started to mark our assignment during the class was in progressed. So, everyone was free to do anything while waiting for their assignment to be marked. I got the first class grade and I could say that I'm quite satisfied after deserving this grade.

Back to report *sigh*

Monday, May 11, 2009

revision class and Geo camp report

This is a study week for bachelor students and it has started today where Geo class is the first class to take place for the enforcement. Mr Dian decides to replace his position to Mdm Vv to conduct our Geo class for some objectives and motives. We already know that Mdm Vv is a right person as he has so many experineces in marking the exam paper. So, Mdm Vv highlighted the questions that will be asked in the upcoming exam and a few tips and hints were deployed.

We don't have any idea for some questions which has given from Mdm Vv as we never learn a few particular topics before. Our former lecturer used to skip a few parts that he thinks he's not good on it and we are the victims from his stupid egos. Indeed, we have to start from the basic and fundamental again to cover back of what we had missed and lack.

I start to do my Geo-Camp report just now and everything looks fine yet the progress is flowing so slowly. The collected data is ready to process but the spirit to push me by doing that is still not coming. Maybe I need a little bit pressure so that I could work on it like a hell afterward. Any sorts of guidance are welcomed.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ibu, Man Utd dan F1

I would like to dedicate this first paragraph to wish "happy mother's day" to all mothers around the globe especially to my mum, Mdm Jahimah Binti Muhadi. There's nothing to compare with all your love and kindness you had pour over me while raising me up until I attain this age. Well, Do I know my mum better after we have been together since ages?
  1. She's good in nagging
  2. She's good in cooking
  3. She's good in baking
  4. She's good in teaching
  5. She's good in sewing
  6. She's good in discussing
  7. She's good in housekeeping
  8. She's good in managing the family
  9. She's a loving mother
  10. She's a caring mother
United is on fire nowadays after they are able to capitalize all games after their embarrassing defeat by Liverpool within a few weeks back. Like a new spirit is contaminating in the team, Once again, they were winning their game just now after defeating Manchester City by 2 goals. United just need to find another 4 points to let their dream comes true and dominating the EPL for the 3rd consecutive victory. Thing is getting better after they have a game in hands and absolutely have a big chance to collect more points in the next game. United closest rival, Liverpool keeps to give pressure on United and desperately to win the title for this season.

I watch F1 race day alternately with United's game as both sports were held almost in the same time. So, few conclusions I could conclude from Spain:
  1. Button has won the pole position and this is the 4th victories from 5th round in this season. He didn't do his best during the start and down to P2 after all drivers passed the 2nd corner. Then, he regain back his position and lead the race until the end.
  2. Barrichello ended the race in P2 behind his teammate and both drivers seized the maximum championship points for Brawn GP.
  3. The 3rd was Webber from RBR and he has shown a fantastic performance after start from the 5th before he placed himself in the podium position for RBR team.
  4. The young German, Vettel unable to regain his best position after trapped behind Ferrari and failed to overtake Massa after tailing the Ferrari for quite sometime. Just luck for this guy after Massa has to let him to go through in the last 3 laps.
  5. Massa had to save up his car's fuel in a few laps before the race ends as he didn't has a sufficient fuel. If he keeps pushing hard the car, he definitely unable to end the race as he runs out of gas. Meanwhile, Vettel and Alonso took the lucrative chance to overtake Massa and he down to P6 for that.
  6. BMW driver, Heidfeld was in the P7 after struggling and pushing hard as possible he can with his new car's modification especially in term of aero dynamic and no Kers system was installed.
  7. A disappointment from Kubica, Kovalainen and Raikkonen after these three potential drivers with the potential cars unable to gain any championship point.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday went away so soon

I went to Seremban with some friends of mine and moved away from the college promptly at 10 p.m. We just want to have a little bit of excitement and have fun as we able to submit an assignment in the evening. Actually, this is something like a celebration to symbolize our success after we get the job done. So we decide to go for karaoke in somewhere.

I'm rare to spend my time for karaoke, but now this thing is suddenly grab my interest. Even I know my voice is not quite good to sing and everyone will suffer an ear sore, I was still in the line and sang a few songs with the highest pitch. No one is there to judge me and I sang until I'm suffering a throat sore today. yet, I'm becoming so addictive on it and can't wait to have another go. Would anyone out there like to invite me?.

Nothing much I can do today as I woke up at 1 p.m and watching some programs telecasted with my face was unwashed and my teeth stays un-brushed. When my tummy felt empty and craving for foods in order to sustain my life, I took my lunch and let my stomach to full with it. A few moments later, I was sleepy and felt asleep again. well, I just want to clear something here, I'm not lazy nor I'm becoming one even sometimes, I tent to let my throat thirsty and don't want to lift up my lazy ass to the freeze even it just a few seconds away. So, the lesser you know about me, the better:) please don't judge me (mind you!)

I watched F1 qualifying when the twilight took place. As usual, I will come out with a few conclusions which are from my own perspective.
  1. Raikonen unable to put himself in the top 10 drivers. his performance is quite sucks as he unable to make himself through to the Q2
  2. Hamilton still unable to get the proper rhythm after unable to occupy the top 10 position for tomorrow grand prix.
  3. Button from Brown GP occupied the pole position after his last flying lap able to defeat Vettel's time.
  4. Initially, Vettel seems has a big chance to be in the forefront grid before Button made his flying lap in the last round. Even, Vettel looks a little bit much aggressive then any driver on the track.
  5. Massa has made the 4th place for tomorrow GP and this is the biggest achievement from Ferrari.
  6. Both BMW drivers still not improve anything even the paper says, BMW has made a few changes towards their aero dynamic especially on their rear and front wing.

Friday, May 8, 2009

As I pledge yesterday :Eng. Math assignment:

First of all, this would be the long nagging, the long babling and a very long mumbling.

Yesterday was the busiest day for me and I believe for every single person in my class could feel the same thing. Today, we have to submit our Eng. Math after almost 3 months the assignment brief was released out and I'm going to reveal something even this would be embarrassing me. During the 3 months of time period, I never ever read the content inside the brief or even the intention to touch the brief was never came across in my head.

Since Wednesday, I manage to join a few friends of mine and stick together in order to find the solution for each task. Each person was assigned to solve a different question and we planned to combine together the whole tasks and come out with the complete assignment afterward. Too good to be true if we able to solve every task in just one attempt and things became absurd when I was not interested to move my listless fingers to work with the pen, papers and calculator. I tend to sit idle and disrupting their work with my stupid attitude. Well, I'm reckoning it just a good sort of diversion for them to release away some frustrated feeling when they unable to find the answers.

Mathematically, I only have time less than 48 hours before the assignment submission take place. Realize with the situation, I was working faster and rushing to find some tasks which are still remain unsolved. Thursday class was canceled and it was a good inception for me to work with the assignment and copy down some steps of calculation on the A4 surface is only the best thing I could do in that morning. Since the morning, I drag the work until the evening and everything went so well. However, few task still unable to solve and those tasks surely annoying the hell out of me. Some friends came with supports and impetus me to keep going ahead.

Brainstorming makes my eyes very tired and the whole body were not working in their top-notch. So, I take a short nap to address this unwanted circumstances even it took more than 3 hours time. well, this is not a nap or even to call this as a quick break is surely not relevant and out of mind. Some tasks are required a theory or facts from the internet sources and it so difficult to find especially in term of mathematics equations and explanations. I was searching in any related websites before I stumbled into some web page that I think it has a very helpful contents.

I proceed in doing my assignment until the next following morning which is on Friday. I felt asleep around 5 a.m and woke up at 10 a.m after i get my tummy full in the dawn. All word documents were ready to printed out and Hafis has made the day easier. He bought the second hand printer since the past few days and I took a chance from it. All printed papers were ready to compile to form a complete assignment. Everything looks pretty well even there were some hindrance and obstacles that I have to go through no matter what and the mission is finally accomplished.

I passed up the assignment in the evening during the Eng. Math class and I was late for 30 minutes. Johny gives a weird sort of revision and meanwhile, I was freaking out as my head didn't rest enough. Later on that moment, he returned back our Excel report and asked us to give some comments on the section where applicable before he took the assignment back. I took a chance to check my grade and it is 70 points and surely I got a first class grade. It's not a proper grade actually and supposes it should be lesser than the first grade. I'm very grateful and thankful after Johny is willing to give me that mark even I'm not eligible to have it. Once the class is over, it is a clear sign for me to feel the freedom and stay away from any variable of books for a while before Geo Camp report come into my way.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bola sepak!!! (assignment nyer citer, aku post esok)

I'm going to describe a few things in this entry and it will be utterly the football. A football mathematical equation is none the less. Drama, more drama and more drama makes the football looks so beautiful.

I woke up early in this morning just want to catch up with Chelsea against Barcelona. Once I opened up my eyes, the game was already started and I missed almost 70 minutes of the match and all I can do is just enjoying myself for the next 20 minutes before the referee blew up the whistle to end up the game. I was literally sleepy and manage myself to sit so that I won't fall asleep again. It was really work on me.

Well, Chelsea was leading the game in front of their fans in Stamford Bridge after Essien scored the goal in 8th minute of the game. They failed to increase the goal and desperately to find the second goals so that their dream more alive. Every decisive strike is unable to defeat Barcelona defender and a few handball appeals from Chelsea weren’t entertained by the referee.

The situation became worst for Barca after Abidail was sending off and Chelsea failed to capitalize their chances due to Barcelona's handicap. Chelsea players were furious with the referee’s poor decision-making apart from the harsh sending off Abidail. While the stoppage time was approaching to the ends, Barcelona still attacked the Chelsea's goal for the very last attempt and it was fruity when Essien turned himself from a hero to zero after failing to clear the ball away and allowed Iniesta to drill in the ball back into the net for a spot in Rome.

The dream dies for Chelsea due to the Iniesta's strike in and suddenly they desperately need the second goal to make them return in the final and against United in Rome. Lampard was delaying every previous corner kicks and suddenly he rushed to have it with the different objective. The match is over and what a despair moment for Chelsea fan after Iniesta has broken the Chelsea's dream. The tears were out from the broken heart of the Chelsea fans.

Drogba kept provoking the referee after the match and he was shown the yellow. Chelsea lost on away goals after a 1-1 result at Stamford Bridge. John Terry won’t be able to avenge the defeat against Manchester United in the final last season and it won’t be another all-English in Rome.

Engineering Math will be submitted tomorrow and hope everything will be fine. Hopefully, The perfect report will be released out by tomorrow after I through the hard day today :(

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

assignment ibarat patah tumbuh hilang berganti

The alarm clock went off at 2.45 a.m and woke me up to watch whatever was remaining of the Man Utd versus Arsenal in the second leg of semifinal match. I was reluctant to watch at first as I was still dreaming but the moment the screen was switched on and Man Utd was leading by two easy goals in the early game has change everything especially for my eyes where they were slowly woke up. A wonderful effort by Park Ji Sung gave Man Utd the lead before the sensational player, C. Ronaldo is completely destroy the Wenger's dream through his magnificent free kick. Almunia unable to made the save and 2 away goals in 3 minutes time has make the goal's aggregate wider.

I was nearly fell asleep again until C. Ronaldo scored his 2nd goal for the match in the 61st minute of the game. Later on that moment, Giggs was coming in and it's good to see the LEGEND who is responsible for Man Utd to lift up so many trophies in the previous season is back in action. Carrick get his runs out and he looks good in midfield position as all passing ball ended up at United's player. On top of that, I could say all fergie's strategies were done perfectly as he wished.

In order to complete my hydro assignment, I've to sacrifice my morning class once again and deadly struggle to finish a few parts such as the conclusions, the pages sequences and any miscellaneous things which are influencing the grade later once it's marked on. Even everything was ready since the night, I was still procrastinating those parts and let it be undone until the pressure was coming and force me to settle up everything. Finally, all sheets were printed out and bind them together as a notebook before I passed it up around 2.30 p.m.

I came late about an hour past 2 p.m for Mr Dian class this evening due to the completion process of Hydro assignment. Today, he didn't teach us anything yet he was discussing about our 1st assignment that was submitted around 2 months ago. One of the foremost issues is about the improper grade that was given by our former lecturer. According to Mr Dian, all grades given by Dr Rasool is not make sense and the way Dr Rasool marked our assignment is not based on the real answer's scheme. Mr Dian got it right when almost 58 students able to get First class grade even the report is not complete and still lack of many things. So, we have to take back our assignment and re-amendment a few parts to achieve the grade that we already have now. If we failed to make it, the mark will be downgrade based on the existing data and to get the first class grade is just a dream.

Eng Math starts to burden me with so many crappy tasks and I can feel the submission date is approaching quite faster (*sigh*)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

no more hydro by tomorrow :)

I woke up early in the morning for Subuh prayer due to my obligation as a Muslim and stay up until 7.30 a.m. Then, I took my shower, clean up my body and prepared myself for the Geo mechanics which is started at 8 a.m until 11 a.m. The class went interesting when the lecturer unable to get himself to fully conduct the class as he has an important meeting which is accidentally crashed with the timetable. So he took almost an hour to give his speech out and I don't think he delivers any lessons there and dismiss the class about 90 minutes time earlier is just the right decision.

As usual, hydro is progressing very well and I assure for the report to be submitted by tomorrow at least in the evening before the office hour is over. I start to become seriously concern on this report since in the morning and forsake many exercises from Mdm Hema just because of want to give the full attention on the Hydro assignments. I do concern with the exercises, but this is not the suitable time as I've more important job that need to be enforced first. All answers for all questions are in my grasp now and ready to process before the submission. All I have to do now is just to get the report done and get ready to stress myself again with Eng. Math assignment afterward.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bring me the motivation please!!!

Today is Monday, a normal day where all people have to start their work back and manage to lift up their lazy ass away from home, except for those who works from home. Even the housewives have to implement the same thing for cleaning and tidying up their residency and get ready to serve the family. Well, this is clearly not relevant to the title instead this is just an introduction and a little bit warm up for my brain to spill out the ideas in the next paragraph.

Afiq was suggesting me to come out with formal apparel and connect his idea to me via SMS which is delivered to my phone mail box at 7. 13 a.m. Initially, my expression was a little bit confuse towards the plan, yet with sorts of convincing encouragement from my inner, it switched to another side and I was agreed to keep this on from the morning class until the evening classes. Furthermore, it has been a while that I didn't put my formal outfit on.

Come out with the formal appearance is quite rare for me and this is slightly different from the previous Monday as I tend to wear the casual outfit. Once again all eyes were staring and it was the limelight moment for us. Some people was wondering and asked, why do we have to wear something like this while their face sneering over us. Some people do reckon about to have an interview. Literally, we just want to wear it, so, we just wear it. It's nothing to do with interview or pressure from anyone. Everything is clear now pal?

All 3 unsolved questions finally find the breakthrough after invented from the wise people of my course mates. After the brainstorming session and associating myself with the wise students, a few fundamental steps able to fruity and it's continuity to the final answer. As usual, I'm the one who brings the very tiny quantity of contribution. From now on, I have to work more often so that the report is able to submit before the date line. (Ironically, I'm still blogging here)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Geo - camp mode, please go away..shuss..shuss...

I got back myself from Rompin since the past 2 days and within these two days, my brain is still under the Geo - camp mode. I don't know where the wrong part is and what has gone wrong until I lost almost my spirit and determination to commit my daily routine.

So today, I didn't even touch my assignment brief or put some effort to search any data from any websites available. Surely, all the data are purposely to attach and directly as a complement inside the reports afterward. However, I've no intention for that and I prefer to choose floating myself to nowhere.

Nothing much I did for the day long and what had I done is just watching movies, folded nicely my washed clothes, get my growling tummy full during the brunch time, lunch hour and dine time, watching football match, sit in front of the TV's screen for Top Gear program and linked it from a program to another where has caught my interest. That all for today activity and how bored my life nowadays.


(my day today was really worst, hope it would be a little bit much better when tomorrow is arrived)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Geo Camp - absolutely delighted!!!

Rompin gives so many memories and excitement to me and all of my colleagues in this trip. Yet, there were some parts we couldn't enjoy ourselves due to the terrible circumstances especially the field work session where we have to stand stupidly under the sweltering sun. Fortunately, after we sacrifice the minor part of our skin by exposed them directly to the sun, we finally obtain the required data and it's waiting to be processed afterward.

First day

  1. We assembled in the local hostel surveillance gateway at 6 a.m and the buses departed away to Rompin around 6.30 a.m after all participants able to get themselves in the assembling area.
  2. We got our Geo-camp t shirt just right before the bus departed. There's something wrong with the design. It's slightly different compare of what we had order initially. What a disappointment for everyone.
  3. After 5 hours in the bus, we finally reached over to the summer sets colonial and villas, which have been appointed as our accommodation for three days along the trip was taking place.
  4. Mr Dian distributed the room's key and every participant start to search their room with their partner. 2 persons in each room so that it would give us more spacious area and comfortable.
  5. We got our lunch meals and several of foods were available there. I just can't take all even my eyeballs were rolling extensively and my tummy was craving for every foods. unfortunately, all foods were not taste enough and it's way different of what I expected
  6. 2.45 p.m, we moved to the research site where there is a sand stone formation available. We start to set our boundaries and measure a few points early so that we could start the research by the next following days. The temperature was so damn hot.
  7. Evening, it's time for recreation activity and I believed, everyone was enjoying themselves at this moment.
  8. Night, we have dine and the foods were still remain un-tasted. Well, I still help myself to take some dishes as I paid for the meals. Just another disappointment.
  9. A moment later, it's time for discussion and each group was assigning the work to each member for tomorrow activity. Once it's done, everyone is free to do any activity and me, hang out with my friends to everywhere.
Second day
  1. Wake up early is a normal routine but its way different now where we were on a Geo camp trip. We took our breakfast and pack all necessary stuff for the field work activity.
  2. The morning sun is good and benefited for our skin as it's the natural sources of the Vitamin D. Yet, standing for quite long of time and expose the skin directly to the sun, it will change the benefit to the disaster like sunburn.
  3. Some of the students were unable to adapt this situation and most of them are from the International. The most embarrassing part is where the girls still can hold out longer than them.
  4. The sun was shining brightly and makes my both eyeballs like to protruding out from the orbit. Thanks for the glasses for made my day.
  5. The lunch time was coming and most of the groups were finished earlier than mine. So, they took the meal first while my group was struggling to finish our task and against the sweltering sun at the same time.
  6. This time, the meals were really delicious compare to the meals provide by the summer sets. This time, the fundamental of the meal is from the traditional dishes. No wonder it very tasty especially for the huge prawns. I love prawns.
  7. After lunch until the evening, most of the students manage to take their body rest and sleeping is the best way for total body restoration.
  8. Evening, once again, the recreation activity is the best part for this trip. I'm not the one who misses it.
  9. We have our dine later on that moment and proceed to the discussion at 9 p.m. discussion a little bit pandemonium as everyone tried to spill down many sorts of ideas and obviously it was different from each of us.
  10. Finally, we compromised to the final decision in every particular issue. It was late night and everyone is free to continue their activity.
Third day
  1. As everyone was informed, today is the last day and we will leave Rompin today at 11 a.m in the morning.
  2. Nothing much we can do in the final day here, we have our breakfast for three hours time starting from 7 a.m until 10 a.m in the morning. I took my foods around 8 a.m with the best friends of mine.
  3. Once everyone get their tummy full with foods, we went to the sports center there where we were killing the free time almost an hour with playing badminton and table tennis. I played both of the games and love both.
  4. Time was running out and we have to stop as we were seeing the bus is ready to leave Rompin.
  5. I packed all stuff and get my bag pack ready. I was rechecking again for any miss seeing stuff before I evacuated my room and went to lobby when everything is clear.
  6. So, Mr Dian was in charge for the keys and I passed the key to him. For those people who were given back the keys to Mr Dian, they were allowed to have a seat in the bus.
  7. The busses departed away at 11 something in the morning and reach over to the college area around 3 something. I'm reckoning the journey is pretty quick as the time was ticking quite faster.
  8. A few students still managed themselves for homecoming and continue their mundane affair even their body is so weak. Still, they stay on with their decision.
The enjoying moment was over, it's time for the reports and assignments which has been waiting to get completed. So many works are waiting and the exam week is getting closer. Nothing could make the pressure a little bit lesser when facing this circumstances. Ya ALLAH, please grant me the thick of consistency so that I could make it through. AMIN!!!