Thursday, July 9, 2009

28th - the sequel of feeling good time

My superior was not around for 2nd day and so does for the manager as they have a business trip to other branches which is in Ipoh. A business trip to explore deeper about the motorcycle plant, to study how the people over there manages the factory, the hospitality they used and the way they process the batteries before all management system would be transferred to Semenyih in the next a few months. After this, no more motorcycle batteries are from Ipoh, instead all batteries will 100 percently from Semenyih branch soon.

Not much I did today and all activities committed is quite similar like yesterday, sit still while reading newspapers. Sometimes, I have a talk with the engineers and talking about something not specifically about the work, sometimes it turns to our daily life and confide our stories to each other. It nice to be in here actually except when my superior and the manager were sitting in their place. If I keep doing like what I did today, It so obvious that I skip away from my work.

Even this office is just like an old fashion room, do not have a spacious place to occupy many people, the interface is simple yet concise and it's so freaking tranquil to relax. It's not pretentious at all yet it just fine with the air conditioner could function very well.

The new procedure has been implemented before I can enter the hostel area, apart from scanning my matrix card. Could you believe this, they won't let you in until your convincing pass from the H1N1 scanner? The point is, they just want to ensure no such diseases from contagiously free around the accommodation. Let see who is the first to be infected. I hope that no one from this region.

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