Friday, July 17, 2009

35 - I'm the new engineer

My superior has informed me yesterday as she would be not around today and she has left me a few tasks to be done, to complete a daily report of rejected battery. The total number of report need to conduct is only 2 reports but in order to finish them, it takes so many hour. it's not difficult at all yet it's complicated.

Meaning, I was in the office and staring the monitor all day, let my fingers danced on the keyboard and typing down all data according to the rejection check sheet, provided by her yesterday. Actually, all these work is not under my jurisdiction, plus I'm just a normal QC inspector and not an engineer like my superior.

When she gave me these tasks, I just grabbed them without thinking further even some people whispered over my ears "this is not your job, your superior should take this responsibility, completing the report is not your job and QC like you is collecting the data, not completing the report". I dumbfounded and just smile while my inner said, "that's not important as I could enjoy myself with this job"

Being in the office for the whole day is such a wonderful day as I rare to be in here for most of the time. But it's such a hectic life for those who were always being in here. I could experience what always happened in here during I was outside. Engineers always whining out for their workers, in charged under them after they encounter some terrible discord and so on.

I was working in the apprehensive situation with the door was creaking up and slamming shut repeatedly all over again and again. It wasn't because there was an apparition roaming around but it was a bunch of people. So many people came in and out on each minute and some of them are from office and other departments.

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