Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Not About Raya, It's All About Bergaya

Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends all over the world and now, I'm in my college’s accommodation. Really bored to be here as this hell is extremely silent but not tranquilly at all. Ader hantu!!!!!! Haih! Just want to tell u about my experience for this raya recently. The meaningful raya ever.

I thought so because this raya, I have chances to assemble and being associated with my old schoolmates which I didn’t meet for a long time since 3 years ago. We spent sometimes together and came by to all my friend's house all day long. Reminiscing 2 or 3 years ago, I didn’t have this such wonderful time as I just stayed at home and only visited my closed friend and relatives. During beraya, I never forget to visit my teacher’s house which is cikgu Narima, the BM’s teacher when I was in form 4. She got 4 qiut kids now, hmm, so productive!

As usual, this raya, I got only a pair of baju melayu that was produced from my mom, the best sewer in the world. Even it just the only baju melayu I’ve for this raya, it's enjoying me sufficiently. Thanks ma! The color theme for this raya is purple, try to match up with my bike. It’s cool or not? Want to know the answer, you better watch by your own eyes.

But most of the people said, “wah! It's looking good to where it is”. So thats mean, it awesome on me. Actually, the truth is, I’ve no intent to choose the purple color for my baju melayu, it just happened in all of sudden after my mom called and told me that she already has a fabric 4 my baju melayu. So I juz agreed until the raya’s morning and surprisingly, the color is purple, same color with my bike’s cover set. She just got to be kidding me. Initially, it quite strange yet after that, it's really suit on me. Here I go, merely purple.

Talking about raya, it sounds awkward if there is no duit raya around us. But the problem now is, aku x dpt duit raya. Since the 1st raya until now and after over 50 houses that I came by, only 3 bucks that I was successfully gain, how disappointing. Haih! That is the thing which makes me depressed now.

I deserved to get at least 5 bucks per house. Furthurmore, I’m not 20 years old yet. How could I can’t get my money. Dammit! Compare to the past years, the amount is totally differ and decrease from year to year and the thing that I envious is, why everyone which is contemporary with me can gain a loads of money.

I tell you what, if someone scattered moneys everywhere, I’m the one who snatch that money 1st and for those who are sympathy on me, please remitting me half of your duit raya okay. Don't take it serious, I’m just pulling ur legs guys.

Hmm, it's farewell time for today entry. Before that, if I’ve commit any mistakes or error, it just coincidence, I’ve no intent to offend or insult you guys, please don't think that I’m a culprit, bandit, thug, crumbs, irritator, moron, crook, vicious or any bad faction. So, selamat Hari Raya and sorry for body and soul!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Tiredness Day Ever Before Raya!

Hello my friends, it has been a long time since 3 months ago I didn’t drop something in my blog. Got many things to recite, but I never thought that I can do that. Just depends on my finger’s ability to dance in the keyboard. Maybe, I should emphasize the important thing as it's wasting my time if I tell you everything and at the end you might never understand them.

Last Saturday was the tiredness and exhausted day ever. Moved out from my accommodation and went to Batang Benar’s commuter station by bus at 10 a.m. Through the damn sucks route after the Nilai/Pajam road was closed for the past few days due to the collapsing of flyover’s beam rightly in the road surface.

We just lucky after we decided to take a bus which is provided by college, if we took a cab or rode any other vehicles, perhaps you might be suffered. Your car is surely must be dirty and overwhelming by the dust, and no resort, you need to spend sum money for clean up your car.

After a few minutes in the crowded coach, we finally arrived at the place that we were looking forward to. Our initial plan was going on smoothly. No problems occured untill we get into the indoor chopping complex. The place was so crowded, so we get some problem to stick together

We decided to move apart and follow our intuition. Just after we got the things we want, we will assemble again in somewhere, at that time, no specific location had been determined. I, as usual, just strolled around and followed Ammar where he wanted to buy some t-shirt for up coming raya.

All commodities were quite cheap and dependable, no scaly fabric and everything was perfect but still over someone's budget, but for sure, not me la. Following Ammar make me pissed of as he such a damn selfish jerk. Can you imagine, he moved over to where he wanted without telling me 1st, so as a result, I was completely lost in the crowded area.

There’s no resort, I searched the empty space and just wait. Luckily, the other friends saw and called me and told me that there’s nothing that attracting and enthusiastic them to grab. So we decided to move up to the next level and went to the chinaware department. At this place, we can breath more fresher than before.

Took some advantages at this rate, we walked around and took some pictures together, just want to kill the boring moment. After a few minutes, we had no idea what to do, so we try to call the rest and asked them to meet back. Yeah, as the initial plan, we meet up together at somewhere, I can’t memorize the place, but still inside the same building.

Everyone was so happy after they got to fulfill their desire, but they were still not satisfied yet, there are more building need to explore, I don’t understand what the hell are they thinking about, in their mind, maybe just shopin..shopin..shopin..and shopin smpai lebam. So, I’was really desperate and all I can do is, just followed and keep my eyes on their backside.

Keep walking around in the other buildings nearby. the bright sky was suddenly switched to cloudy. Then, in the next 5 minutes, the rain came down. At that time, we are completely stucked into the HUGO and just sat on the floor surface and keep observed the people and the surrounding.

Just sat make my butt felt uncomfortable, so we planed to explore the whole building, almost every shop we came by, and some of my friends grabbed something which had attracted them. Luckily, we met someone special which is Ju, she’s an actress, (actually I never know neither her name nor her profession. Her name is Ju, my friend was told me that, then, without hesitancy, I tell you here).

But we ignored and watched her from a quite far. After a few minutes of walking, walking, walking and walking without no purpose into the building, the weather was drizzle, and we decided to move outside and went to Masjid India.

This is the toughest place than before, the crowd was doubled compare to SOGO and PERTAMA, the problem is same, hard to stick together with all of my friends. We kept walking while our eyes kept looking at each other, the commodities were wrapped nicely by the hawker to prevent the water splashed towards their commodities.

The situation was very busy; all hawkers tried to attract the customer. Everyone was very talkative and tried to negotiate about the price. After achieved the compromise price, it’s like a win - win situation as the customer paid the money and vise versa. I tend to watch their behavior from a quite distance, sometime it’s quite funny of observing their trait.

While everyone was excited of shopping, the rain came down again. This time, it came with a torrential wind flow. Feel like I was at the shore. We were searching the shelter and stay under quite sturdy umbrella. The water still splashed over us. After quite some times, the rain wouldn’t stop yet.

At the commotion situation, we decided to run over the building near by to get more comfortable space. Yeah, this time we were completely survive from the rain, but the other problem was occurred, we had lost somebody. Our friend was into the Masjid Jamek. How come he went so far?

I had no idea. This building is actually an apparel’s shop. So there are many clothes were sold here. Initially, there were a few people during we came, after that, the place was increasingly congested as everone needed a shelter. The funny thing is, I can see the sellers are pissed off as everyone came by just for a shelter, no intent to buy something. Pity sellers!

Few moments passed away, the rain had stopped and the bright sky rode again. We continued our journey.. My legs were lacking of energy. I feel like I was climbing up and descending a mountain, I’m so tired. I feel like to utter profanity to them but able to conceal my emotion ..haih!!! but, they all kept walking until they found something to buy.

Finally the suffer was over, no need to stroll along the market anymore and the lost member was regain back. We stopped at the Mydin Store because someone need to bought something. Once again, I kept waiting!!!!! Dammit… I juz complied everything until they fulfill their desire.

Yes, the time that I was waiting for such a long time had been arrived, time to get back to the way we came from, we went straight to KL Central and buy the train's ticket to Batang Benar. Considering the time, it was a twilight, so we made a decision to break our fast at KL central. Luckily, we arrived at the food court earlier. So, we booked our table 1st, Ammar and I felt like we set up our berbuka too early, so we went to outlet shop and buy some clothes.

As usual, Ammar left me at the very end during choosing his apparels. After that, we came back to the food court and ordered something to eat from all over the food stall. Yeah, finally all dishes were ready to serve. At this time, only time was the barrier between me and the food. Wait for azan la, aper lagi!!!! Argh, I’m starving man!!!

Then, azan berkumandang, I can’t stop my passionate stomach anymore. So I get my dishes and ate until I was completely full. Alhamdulilah. At that time, no reluctant comes out, keep eating and ignoring the rest.

After ate all dishes, we went to the train station and took the train from KL Central to Batang Benar. Luckily, this time, the train was empty. So, all of my friends can sat from KL Central until the region of Negeri Sembilan. I can felt more relaxing after walking and standing all day long.

During in the train, my friends almost felt asleep because they were too exhausted, they can’t handle it. Surely, then we reached over to Batang Benar and at this station we need to WAIT again for the college’s bus. The bus showed up to fetch us and we were heading back to our accommodation. Arrived at my apartment, 1st thing I did was sleeping tite.

Okies, that all for this time, this entry is probably the last 1 until after Raya as I got many significant works to do. At this oportunity, at this moment, I would like to apologize for body and soul to all of my friends even we never meet up or we have known each other. Ape pon, raya jemputlah datang rumah, ader lemang! Kalo nak main meriam pon , leh datang juga, duit raya tu kene consider dulu la.