Thursday, July 16, 2009

34th - new machine was setting up and new testing

As I expected since yesterday, today is the busiest day for some people especially from maintenance department. They need to set up the very new production line from the various types of machines which are arrived since a few days back. This task surely is not quite easy as I thought, only for those people who are really understand and have a special skills could manage and play with these complicated machines.

Unfortunately, not every single machine is easy to setup in just an attempt, some of them would be functioned after 3 or 4 times of trying and some of them is still can't be used after those maintenance back there were keep trying and trying all over again. So, they need to hire some professional from nowhere to find the breakthrough of the problem eventually.

Well I do reckon that even though this company is hiring so many skillful people in order to maintain most of the machines used in here, yet it still need to hire more professional people from outside and I think that it's such a big waste of spending out the money.

Change the story, today my superior was assigned me a new testing, which is to enforce a testing regarding one item called inserts at the battery's cover. For your additional knowledge, insert is a small pipe with a circle of shape and made of lead. The purpose of the insert is to locate the positive and negative terminal that will be installed at the assembly department.

Basically, each cover will have two inserts as I mention just now (for negative and positive terminal) and the size is slightly different where positive insert is much bigger than the negative. It also comes with different types of mold and sizes according to the battery's models.

The point of this testing is to investigate whether the machines could detect in case the installation of both inserts are for negative terminal. Some of the mold could detect by showing a specific sign of defection around the insert once the molding process is finished. Unfortunately, some of the mold would show no different around both terminals and we could consider the mold has a problem and need to adjust.

This testing takes a long time to finish as they took many hours before they decide to chance another mold. Here, they have at least 20 types of mold and they only can change at least 2 mold per day based on the types of battery's demand from the customer.

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