Tuesday, July 28, 2009

44th - outstation

I'm currently blogging in Pekan, Pahang due to a business trip. Got something need to be done in here as I'm one of the special force team in order to enforce a special mission. With 3 persons were escorting me, we've been given a special task, to remove a big amount of batteries from 75 units of Isuzu DMAX pick-up trucks.

All the trucks were located at the flat area, it's something like a very spacious field of bitumen. I just can't imagine how big this area and it's full with many units of vehicles from the various types of models. The place doesn't have any shelter or shade that you could hide yourself from the sun and just imagine how we worked under the high temperature circumstances. This is truly a wonderful experience indeed.

Isuzu DMAX pick-up truck
Hicom perkasa

Suzuki swift

The moment before I traveled to pekan, the story goes like this:

I already know about my job schedule for today as I've been told that I need to be in the production line for the second time within 2 days. The QC in charge was still not coming, without any special leave's letter or at least a short note of excuse.

So, I took the challenge and secure all check points even sometime I'm whining over. Seems like yesterday, it didn't take a long time and the issue is different from yesterday, no more machine breaks down for today. The exact reason why I'm so excited is because, I'm going for a business trip within two days from today until tomorrow. Well, I'm so hilarious at the moment :)

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