Monday, July 6, 2009

25th - today is my day...

I managed to put my ass back to work after a day being cooped comfortably in my apartment. I didn't come to meet my superior like I did usually as I realize that the given task from her was still not over yet. Even after 3 days in a row I've been working on it, I still can't done this particular task because of a few reason. The most solid reason and the biggest hindrance is, I need to wait the approval from all line leaders in charge and I can't commit the test wherever I want. They just gave me an option, to wait until their lunchtime. This testing is quite simple and clearly didn't take too much time, yet to cooperate with some small minded people in here makes me loss some composure.

As I tough in a first place, my superior was asking me about the full report regarding the recent testing, supervised under me. I was accidentally bumped with her and spontaneously I told her that I'll hand over the report just right after the morning tea break. Everything was ready actually, but I didn't combined all results to form a complete report. So, I took a few moment to compile everything and passed it right on the time. She was impressed and afterward, I got so much compliments based on my effort. PERFECT day!!!

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