Wednesday, July 15, 2009

33rd - praticing to no tea break

The management from Ipoh has started to move gradually all their equipments and stuff starting from their old fashion machines. All machines were arrived a few days back and they are located at the motorcycle plant based on its function, to produce more motorcycle batteries soon when it's started to function.

Each machine is build for different purposes due to the specific process. Meaning, it came with many different types of models, sizes shape and looks. Then, those machines need to combine and form a long set of production line yet it must follow the sequence based on the process. From here, you can see how the batteries are build from a piece of plate and form a complete battery that you can use afterward.

This might be make your head spins to understand. This is so simple if you could see with your own eyes and experience the process by yourself. It's something like a very long machine with the detachable parts. The purpose is obvious, In case they need to move this long machine, it's easy for them to take out some part and move them from a part to another.

This is the first time ever since I'm working in here that I was practicing for not having my morning and evening tea break. I feel the day is a little bit longer and to wait the lunchtime or to return home make my head cracked, my heart squashed and my sanity breakdown.

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