Wednesday, July 29, 2009

45th - outstation is over

The objective of the business trip is finally accomplished. This is my first morning at Pekan as I never been in here before. It was a breezing morning due to the raining last night and the surrounding of this accommodation is extremely silence, such a peaceful place to stay.

We still need to do something before we could head back to the way we came from and the task is not so tough like yesterday. If yesterday, we just need to remove 75 pieces of batteries and put them under the trucks, today we need to take those batteries and locate them on the pallet, provided by the person in charge over there.

There's something that I want to complain about the workers over here. Seriously, I don't like all these people, they screwed me up with their annoying jokes. I'm never meant to offend anyone, but to face all these crap has just make me irritated.
  1. The person in charge was making a joke and it was subjected to us, the people he never ever made and I think he lost his respect to us as his special guest. We got an ear full and were offended deep down in our heart. Since then, I expressed out all curse and profanities only for him.
  2. They asked us to pay at least 50 ringgit for the forklift. Thing that we are not satisfied is, they want us to remove the batteries and transfer them at the other place, yet they don't provide us any transport until we decide to pay the fuel for the forklift.
Can you just imagine, we need to pay Rm 50 just for one trip of forklift which is didn't take more than 10 minutes time? The forklift is belonging to them, why they don't just lend us the forklift for a few minutes. Such a bunch of stingy. This is the world of business, they are practicing for no mercy!!!

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