Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yg best, Yg tak best Dan Yg tak boleh blah

Just want to drop something in my blog even there’s no exciting moment. Yet I believe it could release my tension somehow. Just want to tell about my 2nd and 3rd weeks of this year raya. Its too good to be true if I jot down here that everything is fantastic. Actually, there are a few things that depressing me well, so at this leisure I would like to inform you about a few things.

First of all, just after a week of raya, my group project need to make a presentation at Ikram a.k.a KLIUC. The main purpose is to gain a data of soil nailing which is the title for our group project task. Actually, we had been over there, about a month ago for the same reason. Unfortunately, we were dumped as we were completely lost from the main title. Our presentation was sucked because we didn’t fulfill the requirement.

Luckily, the engineers give us the 2nd chance. Hmm, now, we are able to apply the proper slide show for them and you know what, all my group members had been decided that I’ll be the representative and the only presenter as well. What the fuck!. How can those crap make a such unfair selection.

Fortunately, at the day that we have compromised with, all engineers were busy except the general manager, En Taufik. He insisted me not to make a presentation, just previewed what we had done. He was satisfied and because he was rushing for something more important. Wah, syukran, he called his staff and gave us all the data that we need as promised in our 1st met. But the data is still not enough, so, we need to come again.

Regarding the RAYA festival, it's strange if we didn’t hear about the OPEN HOUSE. So, the thing that get me the most is open house, my friend’s open house. Got so many invitation, over 15 houses but just a few houses that I'm able to come by. The journey become more exciting after I went to Farah, Afiq, Apis, Syed and Asrul’ open house which are located at Melaka, Kuala Pilah, Pj and Subang respectively.

For those who I didn’t come, I’m so sorry, terrible sorry as I don’t have enough time to spend for you. Furthermore, the place or time is the main factor as well. For the 1st time after knowing my close friends, I never come by to their house, at this Raya, I’ve an opportunity to do so, after seducing, they agreed to made a such occasion for all students in our class. Their house are quite big, have a fish pool and their father is a cow’s and fish’s charmer. Next time, we make a trip to my house. Okay pal?

The thing that depressed me the most is completing the STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS DESIGN’s (SAD) assignment. Plus the trait of the lecturer to us make the task become tougher. The lecturer didn’t want to help us but accuse us that we have not implement any effort to completing the task.

Come on, give some faith over us. So we decided to make the assignment together at our college’s food court. About 12 students struggled to figure out the answer by applying the appropriate method. But the result was disappointed.. I’ve no idea why the crap doesn't want to help us and because of that, we decided to refer to Dr Fattoni, the other lecturer but lecture the same subject in the other class.

We were successful to get the answer, but our origin lecturer was so frustrated. You now why, because Dr. Fattoni told her and I thought, she was so disgrace and starting to offend us.What the heck. At last, the assignment was completely done and need to submit on. I can’t remember and the 2nd SAD assignment has published out. The time gab between assignment 1 and 2 submission is just a week.