Saturday, July 25, 2009

42nd - aku benci seseorang!!!

I spend almost 8 hours time by doing nothing today as no more testing need to conduct. The previous testing was done triumphantly as all results were come out right on the time and I handed the result's sheets away to my superior and let she continues the rest.

Normally, if I don't have any testing to run, my superior will assign me as a temporary inspector at motorcycle department which is, still no QC inspector is available over there. I've been informed that, the new QC will start to be hired in the next few weeks and surely the management will locate him or her at this department. It just a sweet escape for me as a lazy worker in term of observing something without do nothing. It screws me up dammit!!!!

Well, even I was hanging up in the motorcycle department in so many times, I still unable to adapt myself with one particular person over there. The person that I mention just now is a supervisor and honestly speak, he quite cocky towards me, everything I did or even the workers did are all wrong from his eyes. He thinks that he is the one who could settle everything without letting any of us to ponder about. This is a very frustrated feeling to work with typical people like this. Feel like to smash his face into a thousand pieces.

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