Thursday, November 17, 2011

The reason of moving instead of staying.

Everything that happens should be a reason behind it. So do with my case where I quit from my old job and move to a new workplace. Even I know very clear the salary differs from what I could gain previously.

If I work in the previous company, I could gain around 2.5 K - 3 K per month yet I need to deal with the tough and rough work, deal with the sweltering sun and danger, put my life at stake and jeopardized it.

It's because I worked for construction company as site engineer cum safety supervisor. So, clear your mind and don't be confused by wondering what kind of job until I need to endanger myself.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

update after so long :)

It has been awhile for me not to post anything in here, slightly different from what I used to do before - spend most of my time in writing. There are a lot of things have been changed over the period.

I'm now working in a not-so-well-known consultant firm as a civil engineer. This is the position that I aimed since I was undergoing my secondary school. It was like 7 years of time before I could realize my dream. I could say that I'm proud of myself.

Even though I could achieve one of my dreams, I'm still not satisfied yet. You know why? It's because the firm pay me unimaginable cheap salary compare to what I could get in the previous company. As a result, I need to endure the "lack of money" syndrome as I need to control and monitor my expanses properly.

I decided to work in this consultant firm because it gives me much benefit in the long run in term of my future life and career. I think that's all from me this time. This is just a warm up session before I go for more :)