Sunday, December 27, 2009

Balik Kg!!!!

Tomorrow would be my homecoming and I'm quite excited right now. As I could remember, the last time I was being in my home sweets home was during Aidil Adha and it's more than a month now. I'm going to pursuit my bag pack...

Afternoon, as I realized my bike (my official transport since ages and still on that way for a few years ahead) isn't in the well condition, I went to workshop for minor adjustment and repairs. I can feel all irritating sounds whenever I pull over the throttle as I'm the regular rider, maybe some of my friends are unable to spot the different yet I do. The soar of the sound make my ears unpleasant, indeed.

I like purple

What the hell in the world is going on around this college? Why it's so hard to find some food nowadays? I mean in this college area only, Mantin area has a different issue. Well, I don't ask for something exotics or traditional dishes or old school foods or expensive menus that hardly to find, I just want a common dishes that can be easily found in any restaurant or stalls like before.

Yeah I know, last Friday was a Christmas and most of the students managed for their homecoming - three days in a row off from classes, which bastard didn't want to go back? For businessman especially for those who earn their livelihood by depending on students money (students bought some commodities by them especially foods), automatically they feel the bad consequences.

Unfortunately, those sellers or that so called as food's entrepreneur decided to close up the stall and restaurant. If you could be on the scene, it seems that this place is deserted. What a wise movement they do? Only Shahirah manages to run their business but only chicken rice is available. As conclusion, two days in a row, I didn't find a common food that I always took to stuff in my tummy. The digestion system would be freaking out right now.

The taste is heaven while the absence of the rice

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Does money play hide and seek?....

Okay, I was looking for my money since a few days back and finally I found it hidden in a chink inside my old notes this evening. I knew it since the beginning, the cash is in somewhere but I've no clue where I keep them.

Last month, my mom handed over an amount of cash to me. So I managed to use a minor amount of it and I kept the rest in somewhere (I don't keep yet I hide them). After quite sometimes, I want to take another amount as I was broke after all kinds of expenditure. Since that moment, I aware I was losing that money and I start to panic. I try to recall in so many times but everything is pointless. Problem solved after I ransacked every single part that has a very high possibilities and high anticipation.

Moral of the story: make sure you recognize very well the place you choose to keep anything that you think is worthy or something that valuable for you. Losing something because of your own mistake would be the biggest regret in your entire life.

Is that enough to grab a new BMW ???

Friday, December 25, 2009


This entry is the continuity of the previous post as we not ended the night yet. After we celebrated a farewell party, we send back Dr Fathoni and his son to their apartment. So do with some friends, they were unable to join as their final report is not done yet.

The next plan was to go for karaoke-ing at somewhere in Nilai as it still early and the time is way far from the midnight. We were moving by two cars and 7 persons altogether.

As everyone knows, I'm not a good singer and whenever I start singing and heard my own voice, it's always irritating me. I can't get along with it. Well, I don't have this type of talent even all of them keep supporting me. It takes me a while to warm up, maybe I have to practice more and get myself in the mood so that I could adapt my own creepy voice..hahahah..... It's completely sucks ok!!!

When I was sleepy

I wasn't singing, I read poem

I was very passionate

superstars - to - be

Dr Fathoni - u'll be remembered...

We organized a simple farewell party for our beloved lecturer at Semenyih due to his resignation at the end of this year (the only strategic location we could found as he's not feeling well at that time). The person that I'm talking about is Dr. Fathoni Usman and he is the good lecturer I could say.

Seem that this college has lost another quality and very knowledgeable lecturer that rarely to find. The impact is not goes to the management but the students that he has educated since his first day in here. For our class, Dr Fathoni is likely a good supporter, he impetus us in almost everything, always willing to help in any condition and situation even it's not related with the subject he has assigned for. Sometimes it has nothing to do and slightly different from his jurisdiction.

In the other side, he is so friendly with his students likewise with our batch, we are closed together, not only just like lecturer - students bonding yet even more than that. We could feel the enormous different when he has no longer with us later as he moves to UNITEN - He'll continue his career but at the different workplace and different surrounding as well.

Dear Dr Fathoni, I wish you very good success for the future ahead. If you have a dream, fight for it. Good luck Dr.

Dr. Fathoni and his super cute son, Yusoff Abdullah

After we took the dine

A souvenir from my class members special for the imminent resigned lecturer-to-be

MARA's 30% discount - a misconception..

The next day after I had a very good fun in Melaka, we had planned to go to MARA in KL - to clear cut something that related with the scholarship they have funded towards our course's fee and it is very important.

I came along with my classmates (mostly similar persons who had traveled with me to Melaka yesterday) and they also have an affair with this particular organization. In some part, we got a similar problem and the rest is absolutely different case. A few things have been issued by me to the person's in charged - with help by the officer, everything is solved now except one particular case.

Since the past couple of months, MARA has funded me including my monthly expenditure. It is very convenient and the only privilege and benefited for those who have signed a contract with this organization. Unfortunately for the monthly expenditure they provide, the fund comes in a check sheet formation, So I need to liquefy the check first before the amount of the cash can be used to buy something. So, my sole purpose is to appeal with them to change the monthly check system to directly bank-in to my account so that I won't waste much time to go to the bank again.

My father asked me to confront with MARA as he has figured out the advertisement regarding the discount they offer for those who want to pay the MARA's advance (I wrote MARA's advance here, not MARA's loan....mind you!). Initially, I thought it was 30 percent discount from the exact amount that we have borrowed. Well, finally I found my judgment is all wrong. They will give that 30 percent discount from the balance that still unpaid. Meaning, in case you have borrowed Rm 1500 and you already paid Rm 900. So, you still have to pay another Rm 600 isn't it? (before the 30 percent discount is applied). So the 30 percent discount goes to Rm 600 that u still owed. So, the total 30 percent from Rm 600 will be deducted and you have to pay Rm 420 only.

I dumbfounded once the officer told me and quite shock with the system they implement. It makes every single student fall into the confusion just like me. Plus, it's benefited for those who still have a big amount of debt and completely unfair for those who paid almost the total amount.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Trip to A Famosa - I enjoy this pretty well...

This is a very long post as I got a lot of story to share with. Feel like I have been injected with enthusiasm of writing lately. This post might be have a sequel - to write everything in just an attempt is absolutely impossible....

within 48 hours just right after the exam was officially to declare it's over, I got so many unforgettable memories (I wish) and experienced a very great joy in my entire life until I'm temporarily forget about my studies and other problem-related. No problems come at all, everything is fade away down into the drain - I just feel the real diversion from the real world.

I'm going to summarize a series of these fortunate moments I had since yesterday (we spend almost an entire day in Melaka) and I'm glad to say that the day was full of joy. I wish I can turn on this feeling whenever I'm trapped or stuck in difficulties. Well, it just a piece of hope and totally absurd to become real. Everyone knows that :) The chronology of moments is shown in a numerical format as follow:

  1. We were departed from college to Melaka by a car, pack for 5 persons (Gua, Syuk, Yana, Rasyid and Yusoff anak Dr Fathoni) around 10 a.m, having a brunch at Mantin before we moved.
  2. Afiq and Odah were joining us but they came straight away from their home (as their home is located nearby from A Famosa Resort). They brought along their siblings for more excitement.
  3. Unexpected problem arose - the ticket price is Rm 40 ringgit and it's slightly different with the price they have advertised in the net. We had check the price in their official website before we come out with this plan, it just Rm 20 for each person.
  4. To clear the confusion - we went to the counter for further explanation. Okay, I don't know whether they make profit by fraud or we just can't understand the statement they advertised on the net - "For those who are staying or renting in this resort, they'll be given discounts almost 50 percent from the origin ticket price" - that's what the person in charged told us.
  5. We fine with that and we could accept the reason of the price is slightly different from what we checked in the internet. But now, most of us didn't bring loads of cash (as we tough the ticket is cheap and I never think to withdraw any cent from ATM).
  6. We accumulated every single cents we had and start to count all of them - Obviously, the total amount was adequately to accommodate for 5 persons. That's enough to keep us moving forward.
  7. We thought this place isn't crowded as the day wasn't a public holiday (even the suspicious mind told me it still the school's holiday). That's why we chose Wednesday in the first place. Unfortunately, it's getting crowded from an hour to another.
  8. So, we still stand a chance to try all the thrilled and adventurous sliding games available yet we had to wait for the turn. There were a lot of people and we had to be in the queue line. Patient always comes in the first place and highly considered.
  9. We spent almost 4 or 5 hours, I'm not sure as none of us wore a watch except Raudah's little sister and we never think to check the time as we were excited with the water.
  10. The dark cloud crawly covered the atmosphere - given a clear sign for the rain to come down - we decided to leave before the rain comes.
  11. The next plan is to go to Raudah's for sending her back and at the same time to visit her family members as well. But the main agenda is different - to ensure Raudah is able to follow us back to college and convince her parents that we got something important to look after in the next day. Furthermore, her parents aren't allowed her to drive during the night time without companion.
  12. We reached at the college area at 10 after a few minutes time of driving - managed to have a light supper before we took off to our apartment. Without hesitation, I felt asleep once I laid down on the comfortable mattress. Tomorrow, another plan is ready for us, we are going to KL!!!!
Still, even I through so many unforgettable memories, there are a few things that sometimes would be pissed me off if I keep thinking about it. Just want you to ponder about the things that are written below:
  1. This is the school's break season and sure there will be a lot of parents come along with their children, purposely to have some fun, but everything is expensive and for some particular service, they increase the fee by double the price. It doesn't matter for those who come from the wealth family.
  2. To keep our luggage or stuff safe, we have no option except to rent a locker. We need to buy a token depends on the size of the locker we want. This special token is valid for one time only and you can't regain it back once you insert the token on its slot. Meaning, when you unlock your locker, you can't lock it back until you buy a new token.
WTF is that!!!..See how they run the business here. The way they make profit is ridiculously stupid and can't be acceptable!...

Pictures for you to enjoy:

me with Yusoff at Raudah's


All individuals who are participated

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

excitement moment

It has been planned since before the exam took place that a few classmates of mine and I agreed to manage a few events before we moving back to hometown. One of the events is to have a great time in Melaka or more specifically in A Famosa Resort..... It would be a very convenient trip.

Now, the moment is approaching and in less than an hour, we'll be moving to Melaka as a symbol of celebration for us after we have succeeded through a very hard semester (even the paper is not marking yet and the result hasn't been revealed). This is just another way how we release our tension. We just want to have fun together before everyone away to their hometown for holiday. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.

Unfortunately, a few members are unable to join and make their self not available. But the plan need to proceed as scheduled no matter what it takes. I'm quite excited and just can't wait to have a go....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

an update!

It has been a while since a few busy weeks back for this blog has lost my attention. During the time range, my hands were full with many tasks need to be done mostly for assignment and presentation.

Literally, this semester is quite tough and I never expect that it would become on this way. Compare with the previous semester, I'm very frustrated with all three subjects that I ran and the worst part is, it happen because of my own time management. Everything was not following the time schedule and I experience the aftermath at this moment.

I just want to change the subject rather than to channelize the blame on myself after everything happen. Finally, the worst semester is over and I only have at least 3 weeks holiday before the new semester is reopened.

Yet, it doesn't mean I could enjoy every bit of the time. I still have a final project need to run and it takes a year to accomplish. It has started since last September and right now I'm still working on it. It has progressed drastically and that is the only reason I have top put back my focus in this final project.

Even the exam is over, I don't feel happy at all. I still worry about my result once it comes out later. To be frank, I didn't do well during the exam, there is not enough time to do the revision even the question has been revealed.

What? how come I couldn't score in final exam. For both subjects I took, I know every single question on the exam paper yet unable to answer all the questions properly. I just commit a real big mistake as I let the chance to go away. I'm really disappointed over myself. Very - very disappointed!!!!