Friday, July 31, 2009

47th - stuck in the state of bored

I still run some errands alone as I usually did since I was in here, specifically when no testing needs to run, which is to be in the production line and monitor the employees, give some guidance if necessary towards on every single wrongdoing they have committed.

Since yesterday, I know there is no testing would be assigned for me and realize today would be a long day for me indeed. Not many things I could do today and I'm really bored to the death. I was becoming one of the slowpokes on this earth as my body didn't sweat even a drop. I need something that could an adequately kick my nerves to move and generate all my body cells so that I could be more energetic. Well, I don't have that for now.

It just a big lie if I said nothing happened on every moment that I went through today. I do through many things but it just the same circumstances, no extraordinary stuff happened to show any different. It's something like the same old drama that I wrote it all in the previous entries.

I never have intention to write it all over again as I know it would be a crappy and boring article to be. I'm also frustrated and fed up to write the same thing every day. I wonder when all this could change to something way different than this.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

46th - batteryrejectandstillintheoutstationmode

I'm still tired today even I was reaching at home around 3 o'clock in yesterday evening after a very long trip. We start our journey and left Pekan around 10 o'clock in the morning and took almost 5 hours before we found ourselves in the Mantin territory.

I was one of the passenger and didn't drive the vehicle even a meter, but I'm still unable to stop my body from feeling a very tiredness. I don't know what happen to my biological sleeping clock as I feel sleepy all the time and lazy if I couldn't fall asleep.

I'm still free from any testing and the only think I could do right now is, standing and cling stupidly around the motorcycle area with the sleepy eyes and force them to protrude. Yet, there's one thing that still need to get my attention, to count the total of rejected batteries of motorcycle and record them into the rejection check sheets.

I'm quite shock once I'm done the counting. The total amount of the rejected batteries is out of my expectation. It's more than 350 pieces in four days and this matter was never happen before. Well, no wonder why this matter come arise.

Currently, the motorcycle plant have 2 primary shifts which are in the morning and evening. The production rate is pretty quick and so do for the rejected battery. It increased from a day to the next and the problem will finally goes to me. What I'm supposed to say to the maanger?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

45th - outstation is over

The objective of the business trip is finally accomplished. This is my first morning at Pekan as I never been in here before. It was a breezing morning due to the raining last night and the surrounding of this accommodation is extremely silence, such a peaceful place to stay.

We still need to do something before we could head back to the way we came from and the task is not so tough like yesterday. If yesterday, we just need to remove 75 pieces of batteries and put them under the trucks, today we need to take those batteries and locate them on the pallet, provided by the person in charge over there.

There's something that I want to complain about the workers over here. Seriously, I don't like all these people, they screwed me up with their annoying jokes. I'm never meant to offend anyone, but to face all these crap has just make me irritated.
  1. The person in charge was making a joke and it was subjected to us, the people he never ever made and I think he lost his respect to us as his special guest. We got an ear full and were offended deep down in our heart. Since then, I expressed out all curse and profanities only for him.
  2. They asked us to pay at least 50 ringgit for the forklift. Thing that we are not satisfied is, they want us to remove the batteries and transfer them at the other place, yet they don't provide us any transport until we decide to pay the fuel for the forklift.
Can you just imagine, we need to pay Rm 50 just for one trip of forklift which is didn't take more than 10 minutes time? The forklift is belonging to them, why they don't just lend us the forklift for a few minutes. Such a bunch of stingy. This is the world of business, they are practicing for no mercy!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

44th - outstation

I'm currently blogging in Pekan, Pahang due to a business trip. Got something need to be done in here as I'm one of the special force team in order to enforce a special mission. With 3 persons were escorting me, we've been given a special task, to remove a big amount of batteries from 75 units of Isuzu DMAX pick-up trucks.

All the trucks were located at the flat area, it's something like a very spacious field of bitumen. I just can't imagine how big this area and it's full with many units of vehicles from the various types of models. The place doesn't have any shelter or shade that you could hide yourself from the sun and just imagine how we worked under the high temperature circumstances. This is truly a wonderful experience indeed.

Isuzu DMAX pick-up truck
Hicom perkasa

Suzuki swift

The moment before I traveled to pekan, the story goes like this:

I already know about my job schedule for today as I've been told that I need to be in the production line for the second time within 2 days. The QC in charge was still not coming, without any special leave's letter or at least a short note of excuse.

So, I took the challenge and secure all check points even sometime I'm whining over. Seems like yesterday, it didn't take a long time and the issue is different from yesterday, no more machine breaks down for today. The exact reason why I'm so excited is because, I'm going for a business trip within two days from today until tomorrow. Well, I'm so hilarious at the moment :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

43rd - less fortunate..

I was struggling yesterday for my victory and my body didn't have sufficient time to restore properly. Today is Monday and I need to go to work, all my body parts are listless and not very well at all. Thing's not getting any better after my skin switched into darker due to the sunburns. I'm not very sensitive with the sweltering rays, yet to have a black skin cover up all over my body is not something that could please me :(

Not so many work had done and no testing anymore need to launch on this day. Moreover, my superior wasn't come due to her alternate leave and I thought that I could have much time to spend only for relaxing. Things didn't happen as I wish after my superior was calling me from nowhere and turn myself into apprehensive mode, she insisted me to be in the production line for a while to replace one of the QC over there. She told me that the QC in charge were unable to come due to the personnel matter. I start to realize the call was ruining down my day :(

The phone call went off and I start myself to frown, feel a little bit aggravate towards my superior. How come she knows the production line was lacking of QC and desperate to need one as temporary successor? and why she was pointing her finger on me to find an ideal solution? I still accept the task and did anything that necessary especially on checking and recording part. Fortunately, it didn't take long as one of the main machines broke down and the maintenance in charge were unable to do anything until the special force get involved later. So, the production line didn't have any option accept to stop the whole line.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

weekend - out of the blue...

Yesterday evening, when the sun started to hide it's ray, one of my friends gave me a phone call, asking me whether I'm free or not this weekend and he planned to put my name on his team list for Takraw tourney somewhere in Mantin. Initially, I wasn't interested with that as I tend to sit back and have the relax setting during the weekend after 6 days of being a workaholic person yet, he insisted me to get my ass in and convincing me that we are going to win this tourney. He is such a determined person indeed.

I don't know why I'm so excited of no reason to start writing down in this second paragraph and next. But I'm very sure that this is the very stunning, very dazzling, very sensational, very remarkable, very outstanding, very outrageous, very fascinating, very tremendous, very fantastic, very magnificence, very superb, very amazing, very fabulous and very marvelous weekend as our team has a very convincing winning the title of Takraw tourney.

Start from the preliminary stage, we got almost 16 teams took part and more than 50 participants were endeavor of playing to the death to strike the title. We have to face all of them no matter what. Our team is just a sudden-form-team and I never played with them apart from my killer as we were played together since ages. It's quite lucky when all my team members were on their top-notch, everyone played well until the final even the sweltering sun was burning the skins.

After we sacrificed and nail it everything we had in every match, finally we able to bring back 5 massive hampers. This is something out of the blue and I never think to win this. The winning momentum will keep me smile and I'm going to strike a new title next week, the ping pong tourney. Oh shit, should get myself on training yet I'm still wonder, where do I can find the people who could train with me?
my great teammate

of course this is me :p

Saturday, July 25, 2009

42nd - aku benci seseorang!!!

I spend almost 8 hours time by doing nothing today as no more testing need to conduct. The previous testing was done triumphantly as all results were come out right on the time and I handed the result's sheets away to my superior and let she continues the rest.

Normally, if I don't have any testing to run, my superior will assign me as a temporary inspector at motorcycle department which is, still no QC inspector is available over there. I've been informed that, the new QC will start to be hired in the next few weeks and surely the management will locate him or her at this department. It just a sweet escape for me as a lazy worker in term of observing something without do nothing. It screws me up dammit!!!!

Well, even I was hanging up in the motorcycle department in so many times, I still unable to adapt myself with one particular person over there. The person that I mention just now is a supervisor and honestly speak, he quite cocky towards me, everything I did or even the workers did are all wrong from his eyes. He thinks that he is the one who could settle everything without letting any of us to ponder about. This is a very frustrated feeling to work with typical people like this. Feel like to smash his face into a thousand pieces.

Friday, July 24, 2009

41st - new testing for me : battery's handle testing

Seems that my schedule for this week is quite pack as a series of testing need to be implemented. Things is not getting any better when those testings need an instant result as urgent requirement from a few parties, apart from QC department.

This is the very new testing for me as I never done this before and this is the first time for me to run this testing. I was a little bit shock when my superior told me that she unable to help me out and she just relied everything on me to perform the whole testing. Yet she already gave a clear briefing, a several tips and complete instructions beforehand.

This time, the testing is significantly to test the durability and the restrained ability of the battery's handle or some people would call that as a battery's holder, attach on the battery's cover. This testing is quite easy if you could understand the objectives and how to well manage the testing yet, it's quite dangerous and full with risk. You have to play with many kilos of concrete loads and you should watch your foots all the time during this testing is conducted.

The idea of this testing is appear when the management of this company wants to create a new design of handle. The want to come out with a new design to change with the old design, where they believe that this new kind of handle is more durable, more sophisticated, more easy and comfortable to grab and long lasting.

There are 6 types of handle that need to be test. Each handle would spend a long time to analyze before the final result would be emerged. I'm going to explain this testing in a general way:
  1. I need to take a cover which has a handle is already attached and hang it at the special machines (specially for this kind of testing).
  2. Then, I need to take two special steel bars with a tray. To measure how many possible weight to make the handle fail to restrain.
  3. I need to put many kilos on that tray until the handle failed down, all I need to do is, record down the total weight in a special form.
  4. The testing done.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

40th - new testing implementation

Straightforward to the point as I'm running out of time in my untidy room, with the time is showing 30 minutes pass over the midnight. It's a bed time and I'm supposed in my dream, have a good time probably somewhere around Paris. I was negligent for quite some times as I watched Transformers 2, the revenge of the fallen for the 2nd time, downloaded by my housemate a couples of days ago. I forget to update because this movie is fucking awesome.

Seems like I can't stand any chance to have a relaxation day as a new testing is need to be implemented. This time, to form a battery by using the second grade material particularly the negative and positive plate. Second grade material is a raw stuff that has a minor defection yet still can be used. In this case, I need to form a battery by using the defected plates.

Second grade plate could be determined by observing the plate surface. If there are many holes on the plate (in Tai Kwong, they called this defection as a powder drop), it would be considered the plate as a second grade. If the plate have a serious powder drop, the plate can't be used anymore and need to re-process.

Usually, second grade plate could be used but one condition needs to apply which is in one battery, you are not allowed to use 100 percent defected material. Meaning, you have to grab a small amount of defected plate and stack alternately with the flawless plate. This is what they always practice if they find the second grade plate.

And now, they try to change the style, change the solution of the second grade plate and try to use 100 percent defected plate to form a battery. They want to investigate whether the quality of second grade plate could be much similar with the non defected plates. If this testing finds a good achievement, surely no need to distinguish the plates anymore apart from the serious powder drop plate during the staking process.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

39th - x tahu nk tulis tajuk apa....

My superior showed up today after she put herself on unavailable mode. As usual, she'll start to become energetic again as she was leaving all her works for the last two days. Even though, she still has intention and interest to ask about the testing that I'm running currently. She prefer for its progress and wanted to see the result. The testing is just fine and everything went smoothly. Only a few parts are still not accomplished yet but I'll try to endeavor on it when the right time comes.

It's not overdue if I tend to write down a short brief regarding the motorcycle departments. There are 3 production lines available nowadays after the 3rd line of production line was recently arrived. Meaning, this department would become a noisy place similarly with the other department. I'm wondering where is the next place I could go to release some tension and cooped myself out from this real world.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

38th - I hate blood test

My superior was not around today as she need to attend a special practice in somewhere, I'm not sure the exact location but for sure, she would be in the practice room for the whole day. This is the second day that I didn't meet her and frankly speak, I feel that I've lost some guidance from her. She leaves me away without saying any, even goodbye and didn't brief me what I'm supposed to do. She has to prepare my complete schedule beforehand.

I got a blood test today in TKYB, not only for me but also for the whole worker especially operators whether they involve directly or not. Even the staffs which stay in the office and rare to expose themselves and inhale the lead powder need to take part on this test. For those who are trying to skip away, surely they'll got a warning letter inside their mail box.

I'm quite scared of injection tools and to have this blood test was scared the hell out of me. I never have been injected for quite some times and suddenly the nurse needs to take my 4ml blood fluid. What? I though they just cut my skin and take only a drop of blood specimen and the test done.

Things that happen to me during this blood test:
  1. My body was trembling, I was thinking to run away until all QC members calm me down.
  2. My hands were suddenly freaking numb, my face turns to pale and lips wasn't in red anymore.
  3. The nurse didn't find my blood artery. So she holds my arm and make it warm a little bit. A moment later, the artery starts to show up.
  4. The artery does show up, yet it's too tiny and the nurse need to chance the small size of the sarcastic injection.
  5. I was screaming when the needle start to puncture my artery. I got an ear full when everyone was laughing to their death.
  6. Everyone only took 4 or 5 seconds to have 4ml blood in the special container, but I need more than 10 seconds before I could completely flow out my 4ml blood.

Monday, July 20, 2009

37th - randomness

Last night, I was with my friends and hung up around the cafe, located at Kota Seri Emas after the friendly match is over, just want to soak back the thirsty throat after it all dried up.

Just imagine, in a friendly match like that, no drinking water was available or provided from the home player for the guests. I didn't ask much but at least to put a container that full with crystal clear drinking water is just fine. I'm so grateful if they could provide that.

While waiting for the food to be eaten, we have a chat about the randomness stuff until one of the topics has grabbed my attention. Is there any possibility for me to have a public leave tomorrow due to the reminiscing of Isra'k MIkraj's night? (Does the spelling correct?) Is there any possibility for TKYB give this public holiday to all employees especially for Muslim?

For those people who are working under the state of N9, surely, they'll have but not for the people who are working around the region of Selangor. Moreover, the company is belonging to someone who is non-Muslim.

So, to have the better decision, I was phoned out to Kamil, Abidin and not to forget, my superior. All of them were saying the same thing, it's a working day for sure. Obviously, no chance for me to not come in the next day (I mean today, it's Monday)

Next morning, the topic change to the lazy morning, walking down to the canteen of TKYB company and have a chat with friends, usually with a warm water for me and teh tarik for them on the table, waiting to be drink. The issue is about my new hair design and the mood only happens in a bright and relaxed setting. Some of them didn't realize me until they turned their face for the 2nd or 3rd time. I got so many feedback from their perspective, listening on their reckon is all that I can do.

My superior was under her alternate leave since the management was pleased to announce the new working hours for 5 days per week effect from last 15th July 2009 as a group initiative to provide quality weekend to all employees. So, I'm a little bit free and could be anywhere without apprehensive, only the manager I need to beware in case he figures me out :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

weekend - potong rambut, takraw kat nilai

Weekend is coming back and I already have a big plan for killing some leisure that I might have today. It was running in my head for a long time until I made the most hardest decision in my life (I think) and without no hesitation, without solid pressure from anybody and without critical thinking, with my heart wide open and the willingness of myself, I was going to get my hair done somewhere around Mantin.

Within less an hour, the result was come out after waiting the barber finished up her job and the new look of me is freaking sucks!!! argh, I don't like the way she cut down my hair, this is not the style that I asked her to do. I just can't stop myself from laughing to the death when every time I'm standing in front of the mirror, stare my own freaking face makes me screwed up, really!! mmg berdekah!!!! Every time I try to relax, the bad dream emerge and linger inside my head, those people outside are going to make fun of me, mocking me until the tears out. argh!!!!!!!

Well, I still have guts to through all possibilities from the people around, do some significant adjustment towards the hair which is necessary and applied a little bit of gel, Surely it will looks fine. In a few days ahead, surely I could bear with this unexpected situation. F**k la, how come the barber does something measerable like this on me? I still can't except this recent unfortunate thing.

Evening, one of my fellas was calling me, inviting me to join a takraw friendly match, somewhere at Kota Seri Emas, Nilai. I do think that not many people know about this place as it's a new development area, populated less than a thousand people I think (it just my assumption, don't trust me at all, mind you!!!) So, it such a wonderful offer and I decided to have a go.

The total number of us is 3 persons which is an adequately enough to form one team and we were there from evening until the twilight came over. Well, I could see the real game of sepak Takraw in here, most of them played very well, everyone is eager to win and defeat all their opponent is always the main target. It was quite hard games indeed and I could gain some knowledge from them and getting a new network is a must, in case we want to challenge each other, surely it must be in a good manned :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

36th - back to normal

Two reports accomplished yesterday and both of them already submitted. Surely today I'll return back on my routine, to run a test regarding the inserts installation at the battery's cover.

As I mention before, it takes a long time to accomplish, so most of the time I was roaming around the factory, more specifically around the motorcycle plant and have a scenic view of the mountain's peak as the background.

It's so attractive and full with aesthetic value created from the Almighty and literally could tickle everyone's heart whoever see it. Moreover, the breezing wind is blew directly from the mountain could give your skin some refreshment whenever your skin's exposed.

Around 11 o'clock in the morning, I got a phone call from my superior in all of sudden, asking me whether I'm busy or not. She has a new task available for me, to replace one of the QC inspectors at Assembly department as the person in charged need to go home for a particular reason and it looks like an emergency case I suspect.

I accept the job and ready to take the responsibility. I used to do this job before this and I'm quite familiar with the check points that I need to secure. Getting confuse is out of the question and my commitment is unquestionable as I'm the great great employee (amacam, cukup poyo x?..)

Friday, July 17, 2009

35 - I'm the new engineer

My superior has informed me yesterday as she would be not around today and she has left me a few tasks to be done, to complete a daily report of rejected battery. The total number of report need to conduct is only 2 reports but in order to finish them, it takes so many hour. it's not difficult at all yet it's complicated.

Meaning, I was in the office and staring the monitor all day, let my fingers danced on the keyboard and typing down all data according to the rejection check sheet, provided by her yesterday. Actually, all these work is not under my jurisdiction, plus I'm just a normal QC inspector and not an engineer like my superior.

When she gave me these tasks, I just grabbed them without thinking further even some people whispered over my ears "this is not your job, your superior should take this responsibility, completing the report is not your job and QC like you is collecting the data, not completing the report". I dumbfounded and just smile while my inner said, "that's not important as I could enjoy myself with this job"

Being in the office for the whole day is such a wonderful day as I rare to be in here for most of the time. But it's such a hectic life for those who were always being in here. I could experience what always happened in here during I was outside. Engineers always whining out for their workers, in charged under them after they encounter some terrible discord and so on.

I was working in the apprehensive situation with the door was creaking up and slamming shut repeatedly all over again and again. It wasn't because there was an apparition roaming around but it was a bunch of people. So many people came in and out on each minute and some of them are from office and other departments.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

34th - new machine was setting up and new testing

As I expected since yesterday, today is the busiest day for some people especially from maintenance department. They need to set up the very new production line from the various types of machines which are arrived since a few days back. This task surely is not quite easy as I thought, only for those people who are really understand and have a special skills could manage and play with these complicated machines.

Unfortunately, not every single machine is easy to setup in just an attempt, some of them would be functioned after 3 or 4 times of trying and some of them is still can't be used after those maintenance back there were keep trying and trying all over again. So, they need to hire some professional from nowhere to find the breakthrough of the problem eventually.

Well I do reckon that even though this company is hiring so many skillful people in order to maintain most of the machines used in here, yet it still need to hire more professional people from outside and I think that it's such a big waste of spending out the money.

Change the story, today my superior was assigned me a new testing, which is to enforce a testing regarding one item called inserts at the battery's cover. For your additional knowledge, insert is a small pipe with a circle of shape and made of lead. The purpose of the insert is to locate the positive and negative terminal that will be installed at the assembly department.

Basically, each cover will have two inserts as I mention just now (for negative and positive terminal) and the size is slightly different where positive insert is much bigger than the negative. It also comes with different types of mold and sizes according to the battery's models.

The point of this testing is to investigate whether the machines could detect in case the installation of both inserts are for negative terminal. Some of the mold could detect by showing a specific sign of defection around the insert once the molding process is finished. Unfortunately, some of the mold would show no different around both terminals and we could consider the mold has a problem and need to adjust.

This testing takes a long time to finish as they took many hours before they decide to chance another mold. Here, they have at least 20 types of mold and they only can change at least 2 mold per day based on the types of battery's demand from the customer.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

33rd - praticing to no tea break

The management from Ipoh has started to move gradually all their equipments and stuff starting from their old fashion machines. All machines were arrived a few days back and they are located at the motorcycle plant based on its function, to produce more motorcycle batteries soon when it's started to function.

Each machine is build for different purposes due to the specific process. Meaning, it came with many different types of models, sizes shape and looks. Then, those machines need to combine and form a long set of production line yet it must follow the sequence based on the process. From here, you can see how the batteries are build from a piece of plate and form a complete battery that you can use afterward.

This might be make your head spins to understand. This is so simple if you could see with your own eyes and experience the process by yourself. It's something like a very long machine with the detachable parts. The purpose is obvious, In case they need to move this long machine, it's easy for them to take out some part and move them from a part to another.

This is the first time ever since I'm working in here that I was practicing for not having my morning and evening tea break. I feel the day is a little bit longer and to wait the lunchtime or to return home make my head cracked, my heart squashed and my sanity breakdown.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

32nd - I bring the changing

I've see many big things change since I'm in here. Most of the changes are involving all crews and departments, the way it happened is pretty drastic and a little bit hasty as well. I mention about the 'big change' just now due to the truth situation. How come I can't consider this as a big change after they have practiced something for many years (it's so obvious to consider it as a culture) and suddenly they need to follow the new freaking lame regulations, probably provided by the top management to gain more profit I suspect.

A few changes happened so far since I'm in here are shown as follow:
  1. The whole maintenance departments has change to somewhere at the very end of the factory's boundaries. So, those who are in this department don't have any choice to walk in a very long distance.
  2. QC department would be change the location to somewhere but the place is still not confirm yet, still waiting for the latest decision. Surely, I'll be the victim to contribute my energy and hands.
  3. They are closing down their branch in Ipoh and transfer all management and production in semenyih, unite together and will be managed under the current management
  4. They change the working days from 6 days to 5 days a week but this privilege is effect for all engineers only.
  5. Normal worker as me didn't effect at all, yet our 15 minutes tea break time in the morning and evening has been annulled. What??? it's going to be a long day to wait indeed.
  6. Instead, they take 30 minutes time from our morning and evening tea break and accumulate with the lunchtime. So, we got an hour for lunch. What the hell, I'm not the one who take 1 hour time just for lunch then, when I finish my foods, what I'm going to do next? sleeping but where? I'm going to be the dead meat.
The office claimed that this is a part of the group's initiative to provide quality weekend to all employees. it didn't make sense, this is annoying!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

31st - got incentive

Monday morning took it's turn pretty quick than I thought and Sunday went away in just a blink of eyes. I didn't feel that I was sufficiently enjoyed the weekend to the fullest and when I woke up today, what??? It's Monday and should got myself prepared and off to work.

It was a breezing morning and the weather was just fine, sometimes the torrential wind blew away against my direction and consequently, I was freaking numb and my legs were trembling a little bit. It's normal when you are traveling to anywhere in the morning and feel the extremely cold is not supposed the top issue. err.. f**k, this entire paragraph is so freaking pointless.

I'm working in here for a month now and this is the week number 6. So that's mean, my working day in here has attain for 31 days (not including the public holidays and my boring weekend). Got another 2 months remain before I could set myself free. I wish the time could tick a little bit faster then.

Oh yeah, I never expect that I deserve some incentive from this company. Meaning, I got bonus today even I just work in here for 30 days and imagine, how lucrative I'm for working in here. Even the amount it's not much compare with other people (seniors) yet to having something like this makes me smiles all day long and boost back my interest in here.

Actually the rumors about this bonus has spread all over this company since the past few weeks, but I don't think I deserve this kind of incentive until one of my friend (he's a new joint as me) show me his pay slip with his dull face. Afterward, I just sneered at him and find the QC's clerk immediately to confirm, wait for miss Phoebe to hand over the cash and I got my bonus :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

weekend - become a better man

well..well...well... I'm just stuck in a common weekend I guess, nothing was stunning to share and I couldn't get a chance to put myself on any exciting moment, everything is annoying the hell out of me and killing me at the same time. Surely, this might be just another boring entry especially for those who were regularly stumbled upon this fantastic blog (waa, I'm so full with myself :p)

Do you believe that you could change your bad habit or behavior (especially your evil part) to something that your family and relatives or even your girlfriends or boyfriends could proud of by doing something avail repeatedly. I believe on that and it just happened on me today.

In my case, after being woke up around 6 o'clock almost in every morning for the sake of my sucks working day purposes (except weekend), suddenly today, I could woke up around 6 o'clock by myself and surprisingly it happens without the crappy sounds rang out loud from my alarm.

yup, surely I didn't lock the alarm as today is a public holiday and manage myself to oversleep. Since I started to become an employee, I never missed to lock up the alarm as it helps me out a lot and made my day away from looks pathetic.

Could you realize the way that I'm improving myself? That's the point why I'd like to share this, to help you in developing your own life, even it won't effect yours at all yet to have a little bit changes is just fine. Just do it repeatedly without pushing yourself so hard and I assure that you'll see your life is improving along with your new appearance. I don't think you'll facing any difficulties. I experienced this earlier than you and I never met one :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

30th - malas, penat...bla..bla...

The recent task still not find it's end yet. I'm still working on it and tried to delay the task from getting done very soon so that I could stay in the office longer. I'm suddenly get myself to become a procrastinator. I'm not a procrastinator at all or I'm not becoming one, I just want to enjoy the moment a little bit but for how long, I don't have any idea and I don't know why I'm so enjoyed in here.

I snapped a few pictures of samples for the guidance card and I done it already since yesterday. It looks perfect when I reviewed those pictures on the digital camera's screen but once I uploaded into the PC, It turns to blur and got fine lines were messing up around the pictures. Not all the pictures were infected but it was almost. I've no idea what has gone wrong and snap back those samples is all that I can do.

Office is extremely silence today as a few engineers were on their alternate leave including the manager. It looks fine when he is not around but my superior has ruined down all those feelings as she was not in the same alternate leave with them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

29th - still in the concised office

At the first time I stepped in through the main gate of Tai Kwong Yokohama Batteries industry, I aware that today is not going to be the same day like yesterday where I put myself as a manager of this company. I start to find my superior and looking for some new instructions from her if possible. I make myself looks enthusiastic to work so that she doesn't have intention to ask me of what have I done for the past two days and got suspicious.

As I tough in the first place, there must be some tasks available for me to run. As usual, I accept whatever the task she gave me and I'll try to finish it as soon as possible triumphantly. This time, the task given is to produce a guidance card for motorcycle plant. As I told before, motorcycle plant is a new department and most of the machines are really new and most of the operators are still fresh. These cards need to be attached on each machine for guidance purposes so that all operators could refer on this card whenever they got confuse on any particular machines and processes.

To get this job done, I need to bring along some items with me such as camera and any other portable devices. Surely, It's not belong to me and I just took it from the closet inside the office. Each item must be registered out before we took them away so that if anything happen towards the items, they could trace who is supposed to take the responsible for compensation. I never expect that this kind of task needs me to work together with computer's application and do you know what does it means? It's clearly means I could stay in the office for one more time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

28th - the sequel of feeling good time

My superior was not around for 2nd day and so does for the manager as they have a business trip to other branches which is in Ipoh. A business trip to explore deeper about the motorcycle plant, to study how the people over there manages the factory, the hospitality they used and the way they process the batteries before all management system would be transferred to Semenyih in the next a few months. After this, no more motorcycle batteries are from Ipoh, instead all batteries will 100 percently from Semenyih branch soon.

Not much I did today and all activities committed is quite similar like yesterday, sit still while reading newspapers. Sometimes, I have a talk with the engineers and talking about something not specifically about the work, sometimes it turns to our daily life and confide our stories to each other. It nice to be in here actually except when my superior and the manager were sitting in their place. If I keep doing like what I did today, It so obvious that I skip away from my work.

Even this office is just like an old fashion room, do not have a spacious place to occupy many people, the interface is simple yet concise and it's so freaking tranquil to relax. It's not pretentious at all yet it just fine with the air conditioner could function very well.

The new procedure has been implemented before I can enter the hostel area, apart from scanning my matrix card. Could you believe this, they won't let you in until your convincing pass from the H1N1 scanner? The point is, they just want to ensure no such diseases from contagiously free around the accommodation. Let see who is the first to be infected. I hope that no one from this region.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

27th - I feel good,

As my superior went off for her outstation to Ipoh for a couple of days and forth, somehow I feel that I have a space for myself to be independent enough, walking around to nowhere and get some new friends with only a smile as a start up. I was informed by my superior a day before about her left, I mean yesterday (ckp yesterday kan senang, lagi mahu belit2) and thing is getting better when my manager decided to come along with her. It such an extra happiness as no more people are protruded their eyes on me for the whole day.

So, I spend the very pleased moment mostly at the office. Reading newspapers and have a talk with the engineers back there were all I did, I was enjoyed utmost all the moment and I could say they are friendly when we start to know each other better. Albeit, I couldn't stop them from lodge a report to my superior about my activities today and hope they could spare me this time. On top of that, this is way different from the first moment I met them where, they were a little bit arrogant, show their retarded face in every time I said out a "hello".

Too good to be true if I say that I'm just sticking my ass around the office. Sometimes I'll walk out to nowhere and ran some errands lonely, just want to make sure that, no one especially Qc inspector suspicious of something and get envious due to my free time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

26th - just a series of boring day...

hmm, I'm running out of ideas once again, don't have a clear hint to pen down some words in here. Even I through a long day today, but nothing was able to get myself enjoyed or at least grab even a bit of my interest. I feel like I was wasting almost a day of my life by standing stupidly with do nothing. Ok, frankly speak, I confess that I did a few things but it was not under my jurisdiction and it was not under my responsibility as well. I'm so distracted and couldn't take this anymore, When it happens again later, I'll make some move, something that would take me away from this fucking miserable life.

For record, QC department has recorded the highest number in term of changing their inspector regularly compare with any other departments available in Tai Kwong Battery industries and it happens every years. In fact, the current Qc inspectors nowadays never plan to end up their life in here and will resign anytime. Until now, this company never stops in advertising and still offering this position due to the lack of of the QC inspectors they have. For those who are passionate with this kind of boring job, your chances are still wide open, welcome to the boulevard of the boring life.

Monday, July 6, 2009

25th - today is my day...

I managed to put my ass back to work after a day being cooped comfortably in my apartment. I didn't come to meet my superior like I did usually as I realize that the given task from her was still not over yet. Even after 3 days in a row I've been working on it, I still can't done this particular task because of a few reason. The most solid reason and the biggest hindrance is, I need to wait the approval from all line leaders in charge and I can't commit the test wherever I want. They just gave me an option, to wait until their lunchtime. This testing is quite simple and clearly didn't take too much time, yet to cooperate with some small minded people in here makes me loss some composure.

As I tough in a first place, my superior was asking me about the full report regarding the recent testing, supervised under me. I was accidentally bumped with her and spontaneously I told her that I'll hand over the report just right after the morning tea break. Everything was ready actually, but I didn't combined all results to form a complete report. So, I took a few moment to compile everything and passed it right on the time. She was impressed and afterward, I got so much compliments based on my effort. PERFECT day!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

weekend - big things had lost my attention

At the moment I'm running out of some ideas to jot down, suddenly I feel like I missed a lot of things happened not exactly into myself, but also to the mankind around the globe for the entire last week. I used to write down my daily work all the time and the intention was never come out for writing down any activities apart from my working life.

After failed in the first attempt to make my first ever debut in Alamanda's cinema, I never stop to find the ideal time until one of my friend come out with his own plan and suggesting to watch Transformers in Seremban. Surely, it was at the night as I'm admirably hardworking in the day. Even this movie was released almost a week ago, the cinema was still full with a bunch of people. Could you believe that no single seat left? We were lucky to occupy one for our ass.

No one expected that MJ would died so soon, left behind forever his carrier and his fanatic fans and wouldn't be seen anymore forever ever. Everyone is so familiar with his voice and the music he brought up for the audience. He is a non-replacement legend and he is one of the most widely beloved entertainers and profoundly influential artists of all time, leaves and indelible imprint on popular music and culture. Most of the people didn't believe he's gone. Everyone is going to miss him and some of them are still crying over. Thanks so much for the great music and memories you left, you were definitely an inspiration to all musician around the globe. Rest in peace MJ.

Movies mode is still warming up the night as many new movies were released out. The next big movie after Transformers is Ice Age 3. It's a funny - cartoon - movies with some cute cartoons character and play their roles very well along their amusing action. It's very entertained me and highly recommended for those who are still not watching this.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

24th - line leader bodoh

I'm still undergoing my previous testing and it takes a long time to finish. Today is the 3rd days and probably the last day for me to conduct the test and come out with the final results. This test covered 4 production lines and each line has a single polarity and short circuit tester. So, the total number of testing that I need to run is about 8 tests with the different types of models (each line produce a different models).

Polarity and short circuit tester are very crucial machines and without these two testers, you wouldn't have any idea to know whether it can be used or not before the customers keep the battery for their use. If the customers find out the battery can't be used, they have a right to issue a claim and surely this situation would be ruined down the company reputation, consequently, it's leading the company to close down.

To run this testing is not just a straight way. I have to communicate and associate myself to all line leaders who are in charged. I have to ask their permission first and trespassing is something not allowed in here. I have to show some respect so that they could give their cooperation. Unfortunately, not every line leader was giving me a chance to enforce the test and some of them refused. So, I have to drive myself to encounter attachment disorders as a result of unwanted discord with them.

Friday, July 3, 2009

23rd - proceed the test...

I would like to share a bit of what kind of test I'm running currently. As I wrote in the previous entry yesterday, It's something to do with the polarity tester and the short circuit tester. Both of these testers are highly required to maintain as it function to check whether the battery has an electricity flow or not. If the tester could trace the flow, the battery would be considered as reject and need to have a rework process for the solution. For better understanding, you have to know what kinds of materials are used, the ingredients and also the items before it could form a perfect battery.

Basic items which are very necessary to form a battery:
  1. container or casing
  2. seal or cover
  3. positive or negative plate ( certainly made from lead)
  4. straps or connector (certainly made from lead)
For container or casing, it's fully made from plastic component and so does with the covers. Basically, it comes with the various of sizes, weight and shapes, various of labels and appearances. Inside on each container, it has 6 partitions available to locate the specific numbers of plates based on the models or demands from purchasers.

Plates are certainly come from lead composition and it has two types of charges which are negatives and positives. Each charge has a specific role to play so that the battery could be activated towards something that need to be generated. These plates would be stacked inside the partition (available on the container) with the formation of negatives and positives plates alternately stacked. Both negative and positive plates need to be attached together at the plate's hook (each plate has this special hook) by using the connector and also called as strap. Not all these process can be done with human hands as it needs a serious and sufficient energy in term of temperature, pressure and many processes that is more complicated.

Once all these process are success and form a battery without covers (cover comes right after the test), it needs to go through the polarity test and the short circuit test to ensure for the battery is not facing any drawbacks. The objective of my test is, to make sure the polarity and short circuit tester is still relevant to use.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

22nd - hujan dan test baru

I woke up from my sleep early in the dawn and I could hear the roar sound from outside, It was raining heavily. It was cold and I couldn't stop myself to grab my warm blanket, cover up all over my body so that I could start to gain some heat. In such a very pleased moment, I couldn't endure myself from felt a sleep again. Yet, it wasn't take long as my alarm rang out loud, a signal to prepare myself and have a breakfast.

It was still raining outside but not too heavy, it's already switched into the drizzle and got my raincoat ready. From the weather features, it was convincing me enough to roll out. I wore the old raincoat so that it could cover me from to get soaked. I thought the weather would change after 5 or 6 km ahead, but it wasn't change and keep raining until I reach to the destination. Things were going bad in the middle of the journey when my raincoat torn along the sleeve. Every drops from the sky came in and things are not getting any better when the muddy from the road is splashing over me. I was fully soaked and looked gross.

Most of the engineers were absent today due to the weather and my superior was not one of them. It was disappointing me actually, with my tousled hair and rumpled outfit, I was thinking to sit idle at somewhere until my apparel is fully dry. But, she didn't think on that way and start to brief about the next testing, surely for me to run. A test to ensure for the polarity tester and short circuit tester are still efficient to use.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

21st - he's lashing the machines brutally

First of all, today was a boring day and I was freaking sleepy from 8.30 a.m until 5 p.m indeed. I was in the motorcycle plant all day long and nothing much I could do. I start to feel that I was leaving in the hell and didn't step in the real world, full with plight moment and directly shove to the hectic day to go through.

Do you know that we couldn't always act so decently towards something that we called machines or robots or any other stuff which is made from high tension metal or steel and control them with our fingers? Sometimes we have to treat them harshly so that it would be something that we want, something that can follow our desire.

I saw with my own eyes how they (motorcycle crew) threat the machines here, It was horrified the hell out of me as they brutally hits the machines by using the hammer and so on so that the machines could function again and back on its track. I got surprised and frowning my face as it was something rare to see and shrugged off when the outside people asking me what actually is happening in here.