Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Geo camp mode :p

I'll be off to Rompin for 3 days in a row starting from tomorrow morning promptly at 6 a.m until this upcoming Friday due to the Geo - Camp trip. This is what everyone is looking forward since they enter this semester in last February. This camp is about to do some researches of the rock and soil formation at the existing area that was decided by Civil School Management.

There are 58 students will take part and 6 supervisors will escort us in this camp and surely no one is going to miss this as it is compulsory program for the students to eligible for first class grade and it's related to our graduation later. If any personnel fail to involve her or himself in this trip, surely, they will fail for this subject as well and have to repeat once again in the next year but not in the next semester. So, before they decide for not coming, let they ponder the consequences if they stay with their decision and obviously, they are welcoming the inconvenience circumstances.

For the accommodation there, we were informed by Mr Dian where the location is nearest to the shore but for our project's site, the distance is about 10 or 15 minutes time if we travel by bus from our accommodation. So, in 3 days time period, all students will work under the swelter condition where all types of temporary shelters like umbrella or cap looks necessary required. This could be the precious experience once in a life time and I can't wait to have a go.

Still, hydraulics assignment do not find the ending yet, a few problems still remain unsolved and if anyone could invent the breakthrough for the problems for number 8, 9 and 10, please let me know immediately. Thank you.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bahrain GP and Geo class

Bahrain GP analysis:
  1. Congratulation goes to Jenson Button after he able to end the race in the pole position for the 3rd time in this season.
  2. The young German, Vettel down in P2 and failed to retain his winning during the China GP last week. Even so, he showed a remarkable performance and the commentator was reckoning for the bright future on Vettel carrier.
  3. Trulli unable to keep his position as a race leader starting from the beginning after Button and Vettel took over the leading during his pit stop. He ended the GP in the 3rd place.
  4. Hamilton was showing a significant improvement for Mclaren after occupied the 4th place. He was struggling to pass Trulli and tailing the Italian driver in many laps but still, he failed till the end.
  5. The 2nd driver of Brawn GP team, Barrichello just able to place himself in the 5th place and contribute a few points for the team. He still be one of the competitive driver after keep to put pressures on the other drivers.
  6. Ferrari team able to obtain a few championship points through the 6th place of their driver, Raikkonen.
  7. The using of KERS system was helping a few drivers to defend their position somehow. The kinetic energy will be transferred to the extra power and boost the engine performance to the maximum level after they pass every hairpin to generate more pick- up.
  8. Poor performance from Massa due to the failure of KERS system and unable to get the maximum benefit from the system. The engineer claims for the Electronic system which is connected to the KERS was not working.
  9. Both BMW cars were showing the worst appearance and as one of the supporters, I'm so disappointed due to the embarrassing performance. The nightmare continues for BMW team.
  10. Since the beginning, this GP was absolutely exciting when there was a smoke floating into the air due the breaking tires of the cars once it through the first hairpin. Rear and front wings were flying away and it's a sign of the crashed.
  11. The commentator said, "it's good to see new faces and teams in the podium where this is the beginning of the transformation in F1 world". I'm agreed with him if BMW able to stand proudly in the podium.
Today classes were progressing as usual except the Geo - mechanics where Dr Fathoni took his turns to give the explanation about the Geo camp. This is the last preparation to ensure that we are fully ready for this camp. He was highlighting the using of compass in order to measure something that I'm not really sure. Well, it takes a while for me to warm up and perhaps, I could conduct this stuff very well during the field work later.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

United - Out of Blue

I missed United match last night where I felt asleep after 5 minutes the game was started. What a waste after I was waiting since the twilight and frustrated myself when I saw Liverpool was winning over their opponent by 3 goals scored apiece by Alonso and Kuyt. So, Liverpool was in the top of the table for a while. I check the results in the internet once I woke up and found United was left behind by two goals in the first half and staged the stunning fight back in the second half before yielded 5 goals scored apiece from Ronaldo, Rooney and Berbatov.

According to United manager, Sir Alex said that his team is too casual during the first half and he had to change a few key players to set up the new strategies. He brought in Tevez and Scholes to hunt an early goal for the team and somehow they were able to pandemonium the opponent's side. The first goal was scored by Ronaldo after his tranquilly penalty kick and Gomez didn't make the save. The goal starts to impetus all United players to search an equalizer and proceed to the winning goal.

I just missed the breathtaking moment during the match last night and my reaction is surely disappointed to the performance initially. Plus, knowing Liverpool was in the top of the table didn't make things any better. When United started to perform well in the second half, I would be more ecstatic in here as I saw United was keep scoring from a goal to another. Obviously, united is coming back to the summit with 3 points over their closest rival and a game left in hand. This is bad for Redknapp as he was not satisfied to the referee decision for giving a controversy penalty to United. Well, this is a football and you could see that variable of drama and drama in here.

Hydraulic is progressing very well after I was giving some effort yesterday. Excellent Kamarul!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

hydro and bahrain gp

I start to do my hydraulics assignment today with some prudent people from my class and it was fruity when we covered most of the task. This assignment is not a theory but fully calculation except for both introduction and conclusion where I have to produce based on my understanding. Actually, this is something like a group discussion that was held in SI 03 (most of the students here labeled this room as "study room") and they rendezvoused there promptly on 2.30 p.m. I was coming a little bit late and joining them afterward until 6 p.m.

From the 3 hours of discussion and sometime we used to have a little diversion alternately, I could say that this is the lucrative meeting where I could solve 3 questions while my friends able to solve another 4 questions. Clearly, we yielded the solution for 7 problems from 10 problems stated in the brief. Perhaps, we will continue to work on another 3 remaining problems later.

This week is the 4th round of F1 GP and this time Bahrain circuit will hear the soar and roar of the powerful F1 machines. Not like other nation, the temperature here is much hotter and it could be the greatest rival for every driver. Since from the qualifying session today, I could see all drivers were sweating out and they use all techniques to decrease the heat. As everyone knows, Bahrain is folded by a dessert for almost of their ground, a little bit stormy and dusty. A few basics info from the qualifying session:
  1. Surprisingly, Toyota occupied the 1 -2 position and will start in the forefront grid.
  2. The commentator suspects the Toyota team probably carried a low fuel during the last qualifying lap.
  3. Vettel was the quickest driver on the track for Q1 and Q2 but unable to hold the P1 in the Q3 after Both Toyota drivers set the fastest lap.
  4. Disappointment from the BMW team after both of the drivers unable to place themselves in the top 10 position.
I'm supporting the BMW team and so eager for them to do something significant changes to the team. I'm craving to see this team to lead either the driver championship or constructor championship in this year even I know it's quite hard for them to make it real.

Friday, April 24, 2009

excel went off from my way and hydro is taking place

title: yes!!!! Eng Math assignment is submitted already

date: Friday
time: 4.45 p.m

Mathematically, I abandoned this blog since last two days as I'm just focusing to the great bullshit Excel application. Now, I could understand why this assignment is only consisting with two questions and its way different compare with another assignment. I started to do this since a week earlier and become more serious when the date line was only a day left. However, still many things were not done yet as I skipped too many parts until the very ends of submission. Right now, I feel a little bit much better after the assignment was successfully submitted even I passed it 15 minutes over 4.30 p.m (it's supposed before 4.30 p.m).

Problems occur before I submit the assignment.
  1. I asked Syukri to print out my sheets and he gets the job done. Unfortunately, some equation parts were not appeared on the paper. (All problems start from this point)
  2. I've no option except re-edit again but emphasize only for the equation and not necessary for the theory as it looks good to where it is.
  3. Once I done the amendment, I was looking for my assignment that was already printed out by Syukri but it was failed. I search around my apartment all over again but it was pointless. I start to think to print the whole assignment again.
  4. I was panic at the moment and start to curse with all sorts of profanities and obscenities came out from my mouth and pointed to nowhere. Everything is not under control anymore.
  5. Hafis misplaced my assignment and I found it in Afiq's. It was under his bed and finds back the losing stuff just make my panic a little bit lesser.
  6. So, I printed out the new particular sheets in Afiq's and arrange it back based on the page number. When everything was set up and follows the page sequences, all I've to do now is binding.
  7. Unfortunately, still many things were against my business, the shops were full with customers and I had to wait until my turn took part. Obviously, I wasted my precious time on that way.
  8. Thank god, everything was done and I rushed to the office while the time shown at 4.35 p.m.
8 problems I've to face today before I could sleep tight afterwards. Without supports from some friends, I don't think I could make it and handle every bit of it. Next problem will be Hydro assignments and those crappy questions would never set me free.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Excel - the new problem

Eng. Math has push me to start working with Windows Excel this week as it's required me to solve some questions by using Excel application. This assignment is not tough at all compare to others for this semester, but it such a complicated thing to solve all of them by using Excel.

The implementation for this assignment is something like this where I have a mathematical problem and I have to solve it in two different ways which are by using the manual and the other one is by using Excel. Once I done both ways, I have to explain the step by step techniques related to the commands that have been used and I need to produce two problems in the assignment as well. So, that will be a problem for me as I'm not used to work with excel. yet, I'm really enjoyed in learn this sort of application and this might be useful during my working time.

In order to explore deeper in Excel application, I've to go back to the basic and start to memorize some simple commands and equation. It's quite hard initially to learn but I'm getting familiar with the symbol and any basic button where applicable. I just give a try in every application and from there it'll reveal the actual function for the button itself. Honestly, I never used Excel in any term before as the consumption wasn't enhanced during my past studies.

Thanks to all my friends who are willing to spend their time and guide me in how to deal with Excel.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ordinary Monday and United miss the FA cup...

Monday didn't bring anything stunning in my daily life and most of the moment is just an ordinary. Nothing interesting to share after I was brainstorming to take out any best ideas consisted in my head due to what I've been through for the whole day. As a normal routine on Monday, I woke up early and went to class on 8 a.m and sleepy during the lecturers time. Thing does not getting any better after few students do their presentations about the new Hydraulics subtopic. They are the chosen students and have to present about the "PUMP" that using in Hydraulics engineering nowadays. Most of the slides are all about the function, the features and the application of the pump itself.

In the afternoon, Mr Dian's class took part but we were lucky after the 3 hours time of lectures need to deduct by 2 hours as he has an appointment afterward. Within an hour time, nothing much I could learn and most of the part that he mentions is all about the upcoming Geo Camp in Rompin that will be held on 29th of April. He highlighted a few things regarding the tools and miscellaneous stuff that will be required during the camp later. Well, I'm supposed to take note for some worthwhile advices which is alternately come from him especially for the report when we have the outcome from the research. One of the advices is about the plagiarism which is totally restricted for any facts and statements. Hopefully, everything goes well later.

Last night, I watched FA cup semifinal between United against Everton in Wembley stadium telecasted live to my TV screen. Everything looks pretty measurable since the beginning starting from the line up where most of the players were unfamiliar while all seniors were substituted. Most of the players were attain to the age of 18 and obviously, they are still lacking of experiences, yet this is not a problem for Ferguson as he convinced for the team to beat Everton on the match. Ferguson take an excuse as he mention about the next match will be quite tough for United and he has to keep the main players. We just can't use the same players for every match where the time gab is just a two or three days. It makes sense after all.

Well, United was lost in the match by penalty shootout after both teams were failed to score in 120 minutes time. Everton made it through and was announced as a winner of the semifinal match and eligible to the final stage after their winning due to the penalty shootout with 4 - 2. Tim Howard was the foremost person in Wembley after his crucial saving the penalty kick by Berbatov and Ferdinand. A little bit disappointment from Arsenal manager after he whines for the sucks field condition has contributed to the lost of his team.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chinese GP from my point of view

As usual, I'm not going to miss the F1 GP in China where this is the 3rd round in this season. From the race today, a few circumstances happen and some new records have been made from a few particular team. The weather was raining and it's quite similar with the previous GP but still has a different in term of the time. The heavy rain was coming down just right before the race to start and it's switched to the drizzling after a few laps.

For the first time, RBR team has followed the trace of Brawn GP after winning the 1st and 2nd position in Chinese GP. The younger rookie, Sebastian Vettel has won the pole position while his teammate down in second place. And this is the first time ever for the RBR team to dominate the maximum championship points after they form this team a few years ago.

Button just able to be in the 3rd place and he's completely fail to retain his winning title. And still, he is leading the championship title after his 2 consecutive winning in the both previous GP and plus with 6 points from this Chinese GP. His teammate was set the 4th place right behind him. It's not too bad results for the team I guess.

The most improvement team is from the McLaren after both of the drivers are able to be in the 5th and 6th place. Clearly, this achievement is effected by the using of KERS and DIFFUSER systems that has been installed by the teams's mechanics.

Ferrari team is still looking for the very first championship point and they are unable to gain any points after the 3rd round. This upset moment could be share with the BMW team after they fail to gain any point in this Chinese GP. How sad.

Well, few conclusions from the Chinese GP:
  1. The race was not start from the starting grid as they have to follow the safety car due to the raining since from the very beginning.
  2. Without the starting grid, the race has lost something interesting to watch and of course it's not thrill anymore.
  3. Some drivers still commit a simple mistake even they just need to follow the simple rules. They were lost their concentration and overshoot during tailing the safety car.
  4. After 7 laps, the safety car was come into the pit and it gives a clear sign for all drivers to start the race. So, no accident happen in the first corner of the circuit and this is slightly different if they start in the starting grid where you could see many accidents are possible to happen.
  5. This is the second time for all drivers to race in the wet condition after Sepang Cirduit and basically, the fully wet tire is the best option to use in order to have the best grip for the car.
  6. I couldn't see any spectacular action or movement from any drivers as they prefer to give their full attention towards the car's handling and avoid the car from spinning on the track.
  7. I could see the water was spraying up and floating in the atmosphere once the car travels on the wet surface and it looks like a smoke is coming from the engine. This is the disadvantage for the driver who is tailing someone's car.
  8. Every hairpins existed, every milimeter and every inches of the circuit is a great vital for every drivers and every single risk taken is subjected to the disaster. Racing in the wet track doesn't make thing any better for them.
  9. Few cars were involved in the accidents and all of them are safe after the big impact caused by the crashed. Well, technology nowadays is just awesome especially in F1.
  10. The using of DIFFUSER and KERS system somehow is helping a few teams to occupy a little bit much better position after the cars reach to the finish line. Special thanks for the setup's team after their work on it in the last minute time due to FIA deem the using of both systems is allowed.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

brand new assignments and Chinese gp

2 assignments were released out last week for Eng. Math lab and a month ago for Hydraulics and both of them need to be submitted in the next week where the date is around the corner. Both of the assignments are about the calculation and it's quite complicated for us. This is not a fully theory assignment that we can easily find the answers in the website and copy them down to the word file. That is for the disadvantage and now I want to talk about the advantage where every numbers and equation need to do by our hands. Basically, all students will produce the similar solution but the way we present the calculation's step must be totally different. So, my hands will full within 5 or 6 days ahead before I could enjoy my Geo camp in Rompin.

I watch the F1 qualifying this afternoon and as usual, many changes happen during the qualifying session for F1 grand prix in Shanghai, China. The qualifying result seems pretty fluctuate as every cars are pushing hard to get the best position for tomorrow race. Not like the previous season where almost top 5 positions were always be capitalized by Ferrari, McLaren and BMW team. Few conclusions I could made based on my observation:
  1. The fresh rookie, Sebastian Vettel from RBR team was set the fastest driver on the track.
  2. Fernando Alonso in P2 after he tried his best struggling with his car. I don't know from where it comes for him to hold that P2 as I expect that he doesn't have a big change in the beginning.
  3. RBR team seems pretty impressive after Mark Webber able to occupied the 3rd position on the grid
  4. Brown Gp team didn't make a good lap after both of their drivers which are Barrichello and Button down to P4 and P5 respectively. Bad position for Button for this round after he able to manipulate the P1 for both previous grand prix.
  5. No more Ferrari, McLaren or even BMW in the top 5 drivers like they used to be in the starting grid for tomorrow Chinese Grand Prix
  6. BMW is still struggling to be one of the competitive team but still not fully improve at all. They aren't look so strong in this qualifying after both of their drivers unable to place themselves in the top 10 position.
  7. Accidents free today as nothing ultimately extreme happen along the qualifying session even a few cars were running a little bit wide from the track.
  8. The using of KERS and DIFFUSER systems are officially allowed after the FIA released the clause to clear cut the doubt of the car's constructor towards the using of both systems.
(A plenty of drama still to come on tomorow Chinese Grand Prix)

Last weekend, I was spending about an hour to watch a program called "Top gear". One of the issue is about how to drive the powerful engine of F1 car. There are too many features and engine classification to write down here so I'll skip this part. One of the hosts was given a chance to drive the ultimate machine and as I know he's good in driving on the road but not for the racing car. He still need to learn more how to drive this ultimate machine even he used to ride a very fantastic super cars in every time this program telecasted on air. So, it's not easy to drive F1 cars while I'm dreaming to have a go on it every day.

Friday, April 17, 2009


It didn't take much to convince me that I wanted something new, something ragged, something that makes everyone go 'aaaaaa~' at the sight of it. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages and all the existing tribes around the earth's surface and not to forget for the god's creation from the outer space, I have crossed the holy grail of my desire and have stepped on to a new horizon. well, I'm just want to announce that I've my hair cut today.

Some individual doesn't like to absorb any pressure on their head even they are insisted from the people around constantly. This type of person will not change anything as long as they do not find out anything wrong from their point of view. Lately, they will think it back of what everyone said. Still, they are human that has given a heart and mind to work duly on its normal function. Maybe some people will classify this type of person as a stubborn, headstrong or anything bad according to his or her attributes, but I prefer to call them as a person who has a high determination. I'm not quoted this from anyone but the source is coming out based on what I'm thinking and feel. Thus, no wonder if you couldn't find this fact anywhere except here.

Just like today, no one insist me or even force me to cut my hair and the desire is suddenly keep playing inside my brain from nowhere to somewhere. It's still linger inside until it drives me to make a different decision of my mission and vision where I pledge myself to keep my hair longer and longer so far. Time was ticking around 11 a.m and from the heart to brain as witnesses, I hereby declare that I'm going to cut my hair short. Having a long hair is something that I'm wanting to experience and this would be the best thing in my life and as a good remembrance for the rest of my life.

Once I enter the class today, I could hear the roar of voice out with so many comments from the people around and I just let them to ponder as how good or bad it actually is. Well, my mum is the happiest person in this earth to hear this as she always asked me and teasing me to cut my hair. Sometimes she pinched my ear lobe after I was fooling around and ignored the order. I'll give her a call later and every pinched she made, I assume as a very good way of mother - son bonding.

Next week, If I'm not mistaken, 2 assignments need to be submitted which is for Eng. Math and hydraulics subject exactly on 24 and 28 of April respectively. And also, Mr Johny provide us a bunch of questions today regarding to the new subtopic and I was totally blank during the class as I didn't come yesterday. It's served me right. hell yeah!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Futsal, absent again and the succesful United

I went off for futsal last night at Seremban with some colleagues of mine and combine with some people over there that I didn't even know the people as I never ever met them before. Initially, I'm not interested to join but finally with many sort of encouragement from afiq, I decide to follow.

I'm not a good footballer or futsal player and that is the fact. I know how to kick the ball and that is not enough to classify me to become a good player. I'm not a skillful and I couldn't juggle or dribble the ball like others people. Well, do you know that every time the ball is rolling down to me, my sight will turn to the darkness and the surrounding goes the same thing as well. Just imagine how sucks I played last night and I could see some faces were unpleased with the performance. It has been a while that I didn't get a contact with this sort of game and I guess it takes a while for me to warm up to adapt.

Well, United has won the second league of quarter final match this early morning after beating Porto by a goal and surely United is one step ahead to retain the championship title. Porto was defeated in their home land by United and their dream is completely vanish for this season. For record, this is the first time for the England team able to win over Porto in Estadio Do Dragao and surely it was United.

The high appreciation should come to Ronaldo when he scored the goal with a stunning kick. From distance about 40 yards away from the goal posts and with 64 kmh of ball acceleration, he able to defeat the Porto's goolie. Literally, I'm still not satisfied with this winning after United has scored only a goal while the other team able to score with the big numbers. I'm not going to boast my support over United but getting mock from the people around after United was draw against porto during last week match is just not the best thing I'm suppose to have.

I missed again for today morning class and this time is Johny class which is Engineering Math. I came home late this morning around 5 o'clock in the dawn and fall asleep after took my bath. I do lock my alarm with two different time but still unable to alert me to wake up. The alarm was not made my day today. *sigh*

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the hydraulics report went off from the line.

Well, on this post, I'm not going to tell anything except my hydraulics assignment. I'm going to reveal the assignment's flow starting from the beginning until I reach to the full stop. The story is telling about the way I gather the data in order to calculate the coefficient of discharge, the things that I contribute in my team to boost the team spirit, the way I'm pampered myself and do nothing for all calculation and being stupid for some reason. Everything will be recite here as I dedicate this blog to express out my sanity thinking and feeling.

Indeed, I'm such a quite lucky person after Mdm Hema placed me in the group that always:
  1. Enhancing their responsibility towards their study.
  2. They'll put all effort they have to find the solution and expand the knowledge to the maximum level.
  3. Every note they bought will stay along with them so that they could refer on it when they have to.
  4. All written notes in the white board will be available 100 percent similar on their notes. They rare to miss any important part of it.
  5. They were sitting in the forefront row just want to get the clear message from the lecturer.
  6. Then, they'll be the first persons who will grab the data once it transfer out from the mouth and come across into their ears before it's proceeding to the mind and memorize it.
  7. They work really fast and no wonder they done all calculations early
A week before the submission date, I was asking all the group members and advocate for a discussion related to the hydraulics lab report. I was surprised when they mention that everything are almost done and decide for not to agree with my suggestion. Without the compromise, there's nothing I can do except try to dig more about the data from them. So, I've to approach those people in a good way to have all the data and make some photocopy for sure.

At first, the enthusiasm to do the assignment is very strong when all data were in my grasp but suddenly the desire is gradually stay away from me. The intention has switch the direction to something that has a nice little diversion from the real world. It's coming back after the pressure start to flare up on me when all my classmates were busy by completing their reports.

Since yesterday evening, I was searching and browsing all related facts to attach inside my reports and everything is looking good even I just randomly click on any related websites. Every click I made has produce a proper material and I'm sure every single facts available are able to tickle the lecture's heart. After quoted the main point, I have to make an arrangement of all data and transfer it to the word file. The report must be indicate with the proper assignment outline so that the lecturer could see the data flow smoothly and easy to understand. Once the lecturer got the messages that I'm trying to present, the lecturer will grant me a high mark and of course it's a first class grade. Well, I'm expecting too much here.

The report is not over on that way, since from the twilight, I have to stay up and spent my all night long in calculation. Even, I already have the full set of complete calculation, but I just want to check it all over again and at the same time, I could practice something toward the calculation that I missed. To copy down it back on the plain A4 paper with tiny numbers and symbols just make my wrist a little bit unwell and it start to mess up the papers somehow. This problem is continuing until the dawn shows up.

On the next following morning, the calculations are almost done but is still not finish yet. Within a few hours, the theory is ready to print out and the calculation is ready to attach before binding. In order to finish up this assignment, I have to sacrifice my sleep time today and didn't come to the class for the whole day. Seems that I didn't come to the class more often this week and surely I'll have a big problem with my attendance if I keep choose for absent. All this happen due to the last minute work and I'm a last minute person that never take any lesson from it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what ever!!!

And again, I still keep doing the same mistake even I know that I'm not suppose to repeat this in so many times. Just morning, I came late for Mr. Dian class because of overslept. It's not about 10 minutes time or 20 minutes passed over 8 a.m, I just make it more than 45 minutes late. As usual, I'm not alone at that moment and few friends were accompanying me together and come inside the hall through the front door. Normally, in other lecturer's class, we used to take the back door if we accidentally came late but this is Mr Dian class, no one is brave enough to against his laws.

Obviously, the lectures was already started and we were just disrupting the class by came inside without feel any guilty. All eyes were keep on us and Mr. Dian has a freaking face once he saw us. Then, he asked me right away about the reason for being late. Initially, I was nervous and a little bit confuse to pick up the concrete reasons and you could imagine how clumsy I was when I have to confront with him directly face to face back there. Well, on the situation like that, my brain wasn't working on it's best and the timing is just not right to defend myself . I've no option except to tell him the truth. "yes sir, I was overslept this morning". I told him on that way and he was sneering at me and said something offensive as his replies due to my answer. Well, seems that I have to set my sleep time again starting from tomorrow onwards. (seriously, thing's not that bad actually, he was in the good mood and not angry at all. thanks god)

The unfortunately fate is slightly changing to something even better during the evening. Yesterday, I absent for Hydraulic class and today Mdm Hema allowed me to sign my attendance for that class. I'm just a little bit lucky once I'm just gambling to ask her permission about to sign in my attendance for yesterday class and she spontaneously replies "ok fine, sign it now but this is the last chance I could give to you, no more after this". Well, please do not misunderstanding this issue, this is not a privilege from her to a few students from the class, it's just the way you implore in order to get something. I have to clear this or things will be worse when somebody got envy. Clearly, I did a stunning job and probably my decent behavior indirectly grants me that. who knows? hahaha, poyo giler gua!!!

Hydraulics report is still in progressed and the time is keep ticking faster and faster. I'm rushing now in order to complete all tasks right in time and as the due date is tomorrow. Well, ironically, I'm still wasting my time for blogging here. I'm better hurry (*sigh*)

Monday, April 13, 2009

ponteng, x der air ngan Mr dian....

I was absent for morning class today due to the water crisis in this college. Actually, the water was starting to flow out from the host but it’s still not fully recover as it use to. Since last night, I had decided for not to come due to the Hydraulics report that still not find the end’s point. Plus, the water crisis is still not over yet makes my initial intention more stronger for not to come.

I’m confusing regarding to the replacement lecturer for Geo – Mechanic subject. Today, Mr Dian was come in to continue his new responsibility and starts to teach us the new subtopic about rocks. Well, seems like I’m still not sure about my own geo lecturer while everyone knew it since last week. Clearly, I’m still dreaming and never have pure intentions to study. After all, students have to recognize their lecturer for each subject that they are undergoing at. Isn’t it?

So, as I didn’t know the real replacement lecturer will be given to Mr Dian, I was coming a little bit late this afternoon and luckily his not there yet. Starts from that moment after I have a cit cat with some crazy friends, they told me the real thing about the issue and I just aware that I'm misunderstanding the fact so far. Yet, I could tell you the real replacement lecturer from today and ahead. It’s Mr Dian.

Well, Mr. Dian came late to the class today about an hour. But it’s not a problem because most of the students are prefer on that way and they tend to make some noise with the people around. It’s normal for student’s life and please don’t pretend that you’ll depressed once your lecturer isn't coming for lectures. Such a nerd and you look damn sucks for that!

Hydraulics reports start to torture my social life now. Every leisure time I have, I will think about the lab report and surely I couldn’t enjoy every happy moment. I can’t feel any excitement now, shit! Well I’m stuck in here; with book opens upon my face...need help!!!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, what a day?.

The brand new hard disc that I bought yesterday has been installed in my CPU and the total number of my hard disc memories are attained around 860 gigabytes now. Previously, I just got only 240 gigabytes of memories with 2 slots of hard disc installed in the CPU. Unfortunately, it's still not enough and I have no find another hard disc so that I could save and paste more folder and documents especially movies and series. Fortunately, the internal hard disc is slightly cheaper nowadays even it's not popular among the people who are obsessed to the computer's gadget as they more prefer to bring anywhere their external hard disc. Anyway, I've nothing to do with the popularity whether the hard disc is popular or not. To me, the most important thing is, I could take benefits from the function and I don't care about what people said even they try to persuade me to pick up an external.

Once everything has been installed, I manage to format my PC as it was infecting with some errors. The Win32 program was always appears when I was running my processor and it will defect some applications especially my sound card. To make the system disappear and all application to work back as it used to be, I've to restart my PC and no resort. Then, it's looking good for a couple of minutes before the system appears back and make some defection again. I'll do the same thing to overcome the problem. I just can't format the PC on that time because I save so many documents in my C's folder. I've to wait until today so that I could transfer all files out from the C's folder to the other new blank partitions.

Well now, everything is top-notch. No more an error come out to mess-up the monitor and I could feel my processor is working perfectly and absolutely stunning. With just a click and within a second, you could find the folder that you are browsing for. New partitions has been set up and more effective folder arrangement, it's easy for me to manage files in the future and it's hard to find all data become a little bit chaos and jumbled up to each other when any particular partition is full.


This paragraph is going to elaborate the current condition in this college. Right now, I couldn't get the internet access in my room and I'm so desperate to do my assignment as the submission date is getting closer and closer. Sometimes, the connection's sign is very strong but suddenly it's disconnected and no more internet access after that since last night. The worse part is, all legendarian have the same problem where we couldn't get the clean water supply today. When I open my host's pipe in the afternoon, the water was flowing out so slowly and things that make me pissed is, they never want to inform us in the first place. Both worst situations are just annoying the hell out of me. CAO!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm going to rock on my PC!!!

I'm looking forward for something since late year 2008 and it's finally successful to achieve. I just got back from KL Convention Center where the Pc Fair is on progressed for 3 days in a row. The eagerness is suddenly stopped when I could grab two items from there after I sacrifice some amount of money. Well, it's nothing to me compare the service that I could get from those items. I was spurred on by my 240 gigabytes hard disc where it's full already and no more space even at least a gigabyte. Even to paste some movies on the existing partitions, I have to erase any unnecessary files first before I could enjoy the story.

Two items that I mention above are 640 gigabytes internal hard disc and 4 gigabytes Kingston thumb drive which cost me around 240 Ringgit and my priority goes to find the internal hard disc. Initially, it's quite hard to find the internal hard disc because they hide and didn't reveal this kind of storage device to the public and some of them were not selling it. Even the promoters were prefer to promote the external hard disc to the people around, maybe because of the price is more expensive that Internal hard disc. So, I keep browsing all exhibition halls and not missed even a single level just for hunting my hard disc and finally I found it. With helps from someone, I bought this Internal hard disc as he recommends me to choose the item based on a few good features as shown below:
  1. With capacity of 649 gigabytes memories
  2. 16 Megabyte of data transfer rate
  3. The price is just 210 Ringgit
  4. 3 years warranty of time period
  5. Product by western Digital
Obviously, this is a new experience to me and everyone knows that we learn something new every day. Well I'm going to share this new experience with the readers out there and surely, this will be a long article if I decide to write and put everything here. Thus, I've to skip some parts and simplify the articles if I have no option.

  1. I decide to go to Pc fair with some classmates of mine and all of them are Chinese and I'm the only Malay. Some friends were not coming due to their financial matters and I'm so desperate to buy a Hard disc. I've no choice except to join this group.
  2. So, the total of us are 6 person and the things that amusing me was, we were wearing a different types of shoes but the fundamental colored are same. We were wearing a white shoes (Ini pon gua nak cerita ke?)
  3. We were standing in the train from Batang Benar until we reached over to Kl Central. All seats were full and to kill some boring, we have a talk and most of the topics are about girls. Sometimes we changed to a divine topic and we just want to share the basic knowledge.
  4. Inside the Pc fair, the place was already crowded with people. it's quite hard to survey the items all around the facade and everyone was moving crawly. Some people decide to stop in the middle just want to hear the explanation from the promoter. Such a nuisance.
  5. I was surprised when one of my friend mention that this is not a fantastic Pc fair. According to him, nothing much is interesting here even in term of the price and the product itself. Compare to previous Pc fair back in year 2008, it was much better than this year. (He used to be in Pc fair in so many times)
  6. Few hours time passed away and everyone got their stuff, We were planning for strolling around the KLCC and try to discover the uniqueness of this twin towers, the Malaysian's proud of building. The exploration makes my legs were freaking numb. SHIT!
  7. Associate with those Chinese guys are not a big matter for me as I could understand some English and Malay language. Even sometime they have an argument towards anything by using Chinese, they still informed and translated every single word to me even it seems insignificant.
  8. I lost almost 40 Ringgits just for foods and transportation but I don't mind as long as I got what I'm looking for.
  9. Both of my legs start to pain out even sometimes I took a rest for a while and it's not make things any better. I was walking and standing too long I suspect.
  10. On the way back. we still took a train and we were quite lucky because we able to occupied the seats provided. Well, I could feel a little bit of relieved once I put my ass down to the seat.

Just a few words are going to explain a simple facts from yesterday class. It was an Engineering Math which is conducted by Mr Johny. For yesterday class, he required everyone to bring a lappy as he wants to teach us in how to do some mathematical application in Excel. Well, it's quite benefit for those who have a lap top but different thing goes for those who is using a PC. This case is suddenly turning out my desire to have a lap top and this it's really benefit to me when I'm going to undergo my Final project in next semester. Should I have one now?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mr Munir is not the right "successor"

I'm going to dedicate this first paragraph to clear something indicates inside the previous post. I would like to correct some wrong facts that written by me regarding to the article that was posted on 8th April 2009. It mentioned that Mr. Dian will take over all the Geo classes from our former lecturer for the next few months. This statement is just not true. Last time during the morning class, he took 3 hours time as a special slot to conduct a short briefing for our upcoming Geo camp. Well, this is what will happen if you just blindly believe the rumors without questioning the factual evidence of the subject matter.

Last Wednesday, I came to Geo class promptly on time as my classmates got warns from Mr. Dian because of being late. Once I reach to the hall's entrance, I could see my classmates were stupidly waste their time and hang out happily. A question was coming across in my head and I asked them directly about Mr Dian, whether he is in the hall or not arrive yet. They replied me with the doubtful statement which is, the Geo class will not be conducted by Mr Dian anymore, but Mr Munir will take over our Geo classes. I tough they said something nonsense.

At first, I could said that this is the breakthrough for our problem to find the greatest lecturer that has a high capability to educate. To be frank, all assumptions about this new lecturer that will lead us to understand Geo in better way is just pointless. He has a few similarities with our former lecturer where Mr Munir is originally from India and migrant to Malaysia since few years back. Few facts I would like to share about him:
  1. He doesn't know anything about Geo and you could see him took out his note every time he tried to explain something even it just a basic ideas.
  2. Sometimes he still blur about the Geo facts as he's not purely lecturer in Geo field, he used to teach management of construction and it's an absolutely different topics.
  3. He loves to use his hands gesture and work together with the lips to interpret every single words he said. So, all students able to catch up easily of what he is trying to deliver.
  4. He wrote down a long question in the board and asked us to find the solution, yet he never told us which module we have to refer. Humbly, we are not a wise people especially me.
I was attending a speech about "misconception in understanding Islam" last night where the venue is in DKA 1/1. The speaker was invited from nowhere yet he was originally practicing Jews before convert to Islam in year 1997. This speech is to clear the different between the pure Islam's practice and the culture of Muslim's practice nowadays especially the Malaysian folks. The total of audience is quite poor as this event accidentally crashed with another 4 events which happen in the same moment. I could stimulate more new inputs from this speech where the speaker able to explain clearly one by one every single points he brings along the speech.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I woke up in an early morning so that I could catch up a few football matches which are taking place for the UEFA champion's league campaign. Football fever is simply exciting after the UEFA Champion's league has continues their quarter final action on last two nights in a row. There are 8 giant teams still remain as a challenger to each other and participated in order to ensure the UEFA trophy back to their home stadium. A tough task goes to united where they have to defend their current title and the trophy as well after they grab both on the last season. Most of the teams are very tremendous strong and has a big names all around the world especially in Europe.

Well, I'm not going to elaborate all recent matches even I was watching most of the game. Normally, I prefer to give any statement based on my observation where necessary and for those who are not pleased with it, I hope that you just skip this and move to another post so that you can't start to provoke me. Yet, you are still allowed to post some comment if you tend to do so and please jot it down in any section where applicable. Thus, everything is utterly Manchester United here.

It's hard to describe how despaired I was yesterday after United just able to draw against Porto even they played in their home stadium. All I can say is, they wasted the precious chance as they played in Old Trafford and didn't take the full benefit from it. Indeed, it's quite tough for United to survive in Porto for the second leg in next week and they have to win whatever it takes. Bribery is one of the ways that I'm recommending here.

Well, that wasn't United's day while I extremely convinced United would easily win. As a common fan, I spotted a few drawbacks to the set of formation and shortcomings from the player's line up:
  1. United defenders were easily lose their marking, so, Porto's players were freely moved to anywhere.
  2. Every passing ball was not millimeter perfect while Porto's player played well.
  3. Every crossing ball they made was always denied by the Porto's defender.
  4. United's player wasn't concentrate on their commitment while Porto's players were busy to defend their goal posts.
  5. No vicious pressure was made by United's player and as a result, Porto attacks the United's territory more often.
Football match results
fully quoted from livescore.com

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Change our mind set for the sake of Dian's class.

Yesterday morning, Mr. dean was in our class once I entered the hall through the back entrance door. This is not the first time for Mr. Dean to enter our class, but this time, he came in with the different purpose which is to take over our former lecturer's job that has resigned recently. He came early today promptly at 8 o'clock in the morning to continue the Geo subject that was left by Dr Rasool as he wants to get rid all his problems and ran to INDIA.

I came late yesterday around 15 minutes passed over 8 o'clock in the morning and I was a little bit shocked once I saw him, standing in the front of the hall and setting out his lappy. Initially, I tough this class will be delayed until the management finds the right person that capable enough to teach us and I never expected that Mr Dean will take that position. well, the rumor that Mr Dian will teach us is just an absolutely right.

At first, I manage myself to attend the class just for dig more information regarding Dr Rasool but lastly, I have to attend the measurable class of Mr Dian. Well, only that issue has painstaking me to attend the class yesterday morning and I never intent to raise any input of knowledge, seriously. It's fine for me as I could bear with it and able to gradually adapted this situation from time to time.

Few facts that were happen in the first Mr. Dian's class:
  1. Most of the students were coming late as they know the lecturer for this subject is no longer in Malaysia
  2. Mr Dian gave an excuses as he concerned for the late students and he warned us for not be late in the next class. If we still couldn't make it, he wants us to give a concrete reason for being late.
  3. Before he started his lecture, he was briefing about what actually happen to Dr Rasool but all related facts from him are really suspicious. Plus, he mentioned that some information are not for student's consumption. well, what does he means actually?
  4. Still, he tried to hide something as he told us that Dr Rasool has a family matter in India due to his emergency resignation. (Is he too desperate until he has to resign? Why he didn't take a few days leave instead?)
  5. Everyone was giving their full attention as they scared to Mr Dian from raise up his voice, shouting to the students and asks for silence. This is an abnormal situation.
  6. Mr Dian gave a short briefing regarding to our upcoming Geo camp that will be held in early May. The venue is in Bandar Muazzam and I don't know where the exact location is. According to my classmate, this place is a rural area where it's way far from the town.
  7. Lucky for our seniors after they had a fantastic place for their Geo camp last year where the place is all around Langkawi Islands. Obviously, it's quite impossible to us to do our Geo camp over there due to the big numbers of students from Year 2 Sem A batch. It's hard for the lecturers to monitor us later. So, poor me.
  8. Before he went further on Geo camp's explanation, he starts to tell us about his experiences and his education backgrounds. This is not the first, not the second, or even the third but more than five times he re-phrases the same thing. We as seniors are not quite interested, but most of my juniors were really concentrate on him especially the international students. (Senior la sangat!)
We form 6 groups for our upcoming Geo camp and each group indicates 9 or 10 students. Well, I'm not going to elaborate more about others group but I just want to emphasize mine. The situation goes like this, I have 10 members in my group and 6 of them are from the international students and the rest are from the local including me. As you could see, the majority is coming from the International students. I'm not being a racist here and I just want to share the problem that possibly to happen where, I'm surely will facing a big complication later once the Geo camp is in progressed. How do I know? After all, I used to work with them during my Surveying camp in the previous semester.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dr Rasool in memories..he's no longer with us

This is the breaking news for all Civil Engineering students especially for degree program after the notorious lecturer of Geo-Mechanics subject is suddenly resigned since yesterday. I was surprised once I heard from one of my classmates recently. At first, it's hard to believe and I never expected for Dr Rasool to resign so soon even I was hearing many sorts of bad rumors towards him since he was assigned as a Geo lecturer. This issue is suddenly being the foremost story from nowhere.

Literally, everyone was keep talking about the resignation of Dr Rasool and it starts to convince me somehow to believe the truth. Even me, I didn't get the real pictures of what actually happen behind the scene until he manage himself to resign in all of sudden. At the other hand, there are so many sorts of rumors are spreading among the students like the dust scattered away by the wind. Well, some people are still not realizing this especially the HND students due to Dr. Rasool resignation.

Few rumors are still been talking by others and some cases happen due to the related matters:
  1. He felt in seriously argument with the dean and the serious part is, he makes the dean pissed off. This happened last week after he tried to defend his student that was supervised by him.
  2. Later that moment, he put an anger face and stares to the dean's eyes like a hell.
  3. Some students who are undergoing their project and supervised by him surely will face serious problems. They have to appoint their new supervisor sooner or they'll fail on particular subject.
  4. He resigns early after he knows that he will be sacked at the end of this semester and he might be aware of the School's management has start to seek his successor.
  5. Our latest Geo assignments suddenly disappear after his resignation. There's a rumor that our assignments have been hidden by him to show his protest and dissatisfactions. Fortunately, all assignments has been found safely.
  6. He is facing so many complaining and some of the students start to blame him once they got a problem regarding to his lectures. To be frank, he's really bad on calculation.
  7. Even the syllabus, he just accumulates all my senior's notes and re-produce to us like he takes some effort to educate us. (WTF!)
  8. Our dean would take over his class for couple weeks and as everyone know, this class surely become a decent class automatically.
  9. Everyone knows that he has more than 26 years experiences in order to educate people especially in Geo field, but this is not the right place for him and still many places for him out there to survive. (Wow, I'm so brutal)
  10. The biggest part is, we are dreadful if our Dean suddenly tends to marks on our Geo assignments. Everyone will be the death meat due to the plagiarism that almost in every page of the reports.
  11. Maybe you have tried to give the best during your lectures, but we as a students never monitor it on that way. The only thing that crosses in front of our eyes are just a clown, trying to describe things that he doesn't know either. (Wow, I'm too much!)
I still want to say my thank you to him even though he couldn't teach me much and not play his role properly, but from my point of view, he's still a good man, well-mannered, high determination, generous and tolerable lecturer as well. I'm representing all my classmates, want to say "thank you" as a last regard to pay back all his kindness that he has shown in all different ways. We have been together since our Surveying Camp in last year and from that moment, we start to know each other better.

well, I'm reckoning that, a lecturer must be able to communicate, interact and creat a bonding of understanding with the students. After all, the objective of education is to enlighten, to stimulate, to promote growth and to motivate further development.

Back to hydraulics.*sigh*

Monday, April 6, 2009

United is still alive...

Well, I'm very happy of no reason and let it stays on that way before it switch to the diversity of emotion later. I was watching a few football matches last Saturday and Sunday night where most of the match are involving the top 5 teams in EPL.

From the match result, Livepool has defeating Fulham with a late goal by a goal to nil. The goal has been scored by the Israeli due to his fresh legs after being substituted in the first half. Benouyoun finally able to loose himself from the opponent defender. I was so frustrated when he scored a goal just right in the time added, few seconds before the final whistle blown up by the referee. What a disaster and this is the first time for the Reds to regain back the poll position after was seizing by Red devil since late 2008. Same winning moment goes for Arsenal and Chelsea after beating Man. City and Newcastle respectively on last Saturday.

The super Sunday match was showing United against Villa at Old Trafford stadium. Luckily, this match is winning by United with 3 goals to 2 goals after their deadly struggle to defeat the Martin O'Neill team. Initially, the game was belonging to united when Ronaldo scored an early goal and bring the happiness for the United fans. Things are not getting better after Carew, the brilliant striker heading the equalizer goal for his team. Villa start to set the good play where each passing ball is producing a little bit better attacking to score the second goal.

United manager try to bring MACHEDA, the 17 years old striker on his new set of formation for better effectiveness in order to find the equalizer and possibly for the winning goal. With 10 minutes remaining, Ronaldo once again scores the 2nd goal and indirectly revive back the lose spirit of Red Devils. 5 minutes time added is not being wasted and once again, the younger rookie, Macheda has scores the winning goal for United after penetrates himself into the villa’s defender. This is an absolutely astonishing of nowhere to somewhere and an absolutely breathtaking match I watched.

Well, United just missed 6 points after 2 consecutive defeated and gain back the precious 3 points to put their team in the top of the league. I start to wonder if United able to win all 5 trophies after watching their unconvincing wins against all their opponents.

Different individuals have different preferences or tastes. Therefore, from a die hard fan point of view, a manager may be good for his or her team, but may not be good for others. From personal experience, good managers are the ones who have astounded me with their uniqueness, eccentricity and distinctive character.And I believe, Sir Alex is one of them.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

F1 race day, the EPL and the happy Hafis

The EPL has start to warm up the weekend again after all teams start to busy with their routine. More football drama are heating up in a race to grasp the EPL trophy. Meaning, it's still wide open for all teams especially for the top 4 in the league table to win the title this season. Among the 20 teams in the league, only 5 teams have grab my attention currently due to their bright possibility to be the trophy winner. More football check in tomorrow post and i just can't wait to see my favorite team to regain back the top of the table. GLORY GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!!

As I promised yesterday, It would be plenty of drama are still to come and this happen during the race day just now. At first, my decoder unable to receive any sign from it center due to the raining. Hapis try to access the sign manually by using his PHONE CHARGER and I could say it was successful. well, I'm not going to elaborate more in paragraph, but, I'll make it in series of numbers because I think it's easy on that way. well, enjoy your stay.

poor image quality
  1. Button remains as the winner for the second round after his superb performance while his teammate has down to P5
  2. Heidfeld is eligible to put himself in podium position after occupied the P2. Even he was starting at the back and I've no idea how come this guy able to make it in P2. I was surprised when Kubica wasn't able to proceed the race due to his engine failure since from the beginning.
  3. As I expected, Glock, from Toyota team is in P3 after struggling with his car against the Brawn racers while his teammate has down to P4 after start at P2 in the starting grid.
  4. The gloomy day is continue for Ferrari team after none of their driver could obtain any points after 2nd round.
  5. Most of the drivers has a bad started from the starting grid especially the first two rows and this matter has drag Jenson Button down to P4 before he regains back the P1 after his convinced effort.
  6. This is the first time I could see the using of many sorts of tires due to the climate change starting from the soft tires, fully wet tires and lastly, the intermediate tires
  7. The pit stop was suddenly congested where each car desperately to change their sets of tires due to the raining day. Even the pit's team, the race stewards and the race controls are quite busy with their responsibility.
  8. The weather forecast has shown the clear sign that the rain will coming down around 15 minutes after the race start. Even so, I could see the gray cloud is gather right on the top of the Sepang Circuit atmosphere.
  9. all drivers are just give their best and drive as fast as they possible could be. Many drivers were trying to get pass other's cars and at the same time trying to defending their position.
  10. After 32 laps (not sure the exact number) the race is quickly stop due to heavy rain to prevent any disaster from occur. This is the normal crucial action taken from FIA management once the heavy rain was coming down.
  11. Many drivers couldn't manage their car well after spinning in the middle of the track due to the slippery surface.
  12. I could see the rain water flow away on the top of the track and most of the track surface are fully covered by the fluid. Some part of the track was submerged.
  13. After 30 minutes waiting for the rain to stop, the race control announce that the race will not be continued regarding to the time range regulation. According to the commentator, the race will be automatically stop if the race takes more than 2 hours, and here, the regulation was implemented just now.
  14. Due to the announcement, it's an easy podium position for Button, Heidfeld and Glock while other drivers able to obtain some points for their teams. the other 24 remaining laps were automatically abrogated.
  15. A little bit disappointment for every spectators as they couldn't find the excitement of F1 GP till the last laps.
  16. It's hard to find the stormer driver in this 2nd round of F1 GP where all drivers unable to show their competitiveness until the ends.
  17. For the P1 until P8 drivers, the points that they could obtain is only a half from what they supposed to get due to the race that couldn't finish all 56 laps. It's one of the regulation order.
And lastly, this is just a simple advertising but it's more to announcement I suspect. Just want to share with my regular blog's readers that my house mate has won triumphantly the 5 sided Rugby Touch competition that was held in MMU, Melaka yesterday. Since yesterday, his life is full with smile carved on his face and no longer retarded. His name is Mohd Hafis Bin Abd. Malik or more known as Pilah and me, as his closest friend ( iyer ker kawan baik?) really proud of his winning. Well everyone, lets give a massive applause to him and congratulation!!! (well, all encouragements that I give to him are not vain. Otherwise, he takes all advice and tips from me without wasting any)

please be informed that all Grey colored words in bracket is just to make myself popular and nothing to do with the reality.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

F1 qualifying session

F1 qualifying session has ended up just evening where the Brawn Gp is in poll position for the second consecutive time. This season, the qualifying session has start a little bit late compare to the previous years where it was start around 5 o'clock in the evening and took around an hour to finish. It was delayed for couple hours ahead due to particular reason. At first, I was wondering why there is no sign for the qualifying session once I check on my sports channel list. Then, I took further exploration before I figure out the exact time.

Watched it live from Sepang and directly on air in Star Sports Channel, few conclusion I could made:
  1. Brawn team continue to capitalize the Sepang's track after Melbourne. Poll position for Button and p4 for Barrichello is strong enough to win the race tomorrow. This team is absolutely flying.
  2. The new sensational rookie from RBR, Vettel is just stunning after occupied the third position, right behind the Button and Trulli. He has a big potential to win due to his car performance
  3. Trulli from Toyota has set the second fastest lap behind Button. The Toyota team has improve drastically since few years back and start to hunt their first victory.
  4. What a disappointment from BMW Sauber after both drivers, Heidfeld and Kubica is not eligible to put themselves within the top 5 drivers. It probably take them a while to warm up for this season. lets wait and see.
  5. Worse performance from Ferrari team after Massa is just in P16 after knock out from Q1 session while his teammate, Kimi is struggling with his car to be in top 10 drivers.
  6. For the first time, McLaren team was not in the top 10 list for tomorrow starting grid. A big calamity for the Mercedes engine and they are desperate to make a few changes on the engine.
  7. Most of the cars are running a little bit wide when they try to pass the corners due to the new sets of hard tires, I suspect.
Reminiscing back the legendary of F1, Micheal Schumacher, which has win the 8 times world championship title, it's just an absolutely remarkable performance from the German . I couldn't forget the way he took every laps and set the fastest driver on every tracks. Winning almost every races and got himself into the podium and raise a maximum points he could be. Wow, what a nostalgic.

A plenty of drama still to come tomorrow. I just can't wait

Friday, April 3, 2009

...morning class and the freak man..

This day is not a common Friday where I've to attend the replacement class in the morning starting at 10 a.m until 1.p.m. As usual, it's not only me, but involving all my classmates. By knowing since yesterday during the presentation session, everyone's feel so frustrated when they heard the whispered announcement being made from Syukri. Everyone's keep whining on themselves as they are not willing to come because we supposed not to have any class in the Friday morning. Furthermore, for muslim people, we have to set time early for Sembahyang Jumaat and a sufficient time gab between lunch and rest. Evening, the Eng. Math took part as stated in our official time table (I was sleepy and really slow during the lectures)

Well, there's a quite funny experience and this moment happen just evening. The story goes like this, during the Eng. Math, I was sleepy and manage to get myself into the gents for particular business. At the mean time, I was standing in front of the mirror, suddenly, a stranger from nowhere is coming inside and once he looks at me, he got surprised while standing idle nearest to the entrance for seconds. Then he went out just want to check the gender sign again that was drawn at the entrance door. Once it conformed, he came in again while sneering at me. I conversed with him and some of the parts are as follow:

stranger: I thought I was in the wrong side once I saw you, even your face is similar with a girl.
: No sir, you was in the right room just now, It's fine, some people already through the same thing as you (with smile)

Afterwards, he spontaneously smile and I drive myself out from the toilet. Then, my inner says, he should get an eyes inspection due to his sight problem. Initially, I was freaking surprised and when I think it back, this is the funniest moment I ever had so far and this would be a good memories for the rest of my life.

To my seniors who were presenting their final project just evening, korang belajar la betul2....later, assignment korang kasi kat gua.....:)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

.........geo, completely accomplished.....

Just morning, all my classmates including year 2 SEM A and SEM B were gather in DKA 2/1 for the same reason, same purpose but the different title and appearance. What was we did is to give a presentation about our title regarding the SOIL IMPROVEMENT methods. If I'm not mistaken, this is the 5th time I mention about this, so, you should bear with it.

Too good to be true if I'm telling you that our group did a good job. If you could attend and take a seat to watch our presentation, you'll see the weaknesses and the shortcomings happen everywhere during the presentation.

I believe that not every single person who took part in this presentation is satisfied with the way their present. Plus, facing with the annoying panels didn't make things any better. Few things make our group look really dump and ridiculously stupid:
  1. Each group were expected that they will be given at least 15 minutes time to present anything they got starting from the slide until the model. But it wasn't happen, 10 minutes time for present everything is just not right.
  2. Our group was disrupted when the presentation is in progress. The panels was interfere with some crappy questions even the Q/A session is way to come. Thus, 10 minutes time was distorted.
  3. The panels keep complaining about our model. Indeed our model is really poor compare with the rest, but you couldn't judge by it look. Please judge based on the way we elaborate and the facts that we want to deliver to the audience.
  4. The face's expression from the panel was horrified makes our movement and speech is so lame. well, I know it just a psychological therapy but it was annoying the hell out.
  5. once the presentation 's over, we have to face a bunch of questions and we didn't have a chance to defend ourselves.
Well, I'm the first person who start the presentation and I could say my part is quite easy like a piece of cake. Just give an introduction and explain a few things in the presentation outline as I could bear with it easily. But different things happen for my group member, problem goes to them as they present the most important part. Everyone try to give their best in explaining their parts and it's unquestionable performance

Regarding to my assignment's amendment, I was lucky actually when Dr. Rasool permit me to attach some notes inside my assignment. It's something like a complement for the existence report and ensure a high mark if possible. I implored to him at first but not until my knee down and at last, I got the deal. But still, I'm not going to change my perception about him where he knows nothing :). He 's not suitable for the modern learning system.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

....potong rambut pon ader masalah....

Yesterday (Tuesday), it's suddenly turns out to have my hair cut. With few best friends of mine, we moved to Seremban in the evening after a long discussion in the library. We travel there by Liyana's car and you could imagine how trembling I was, driving her car as she so worried of unfortunate things. I was on pressure and with humble, I'm not a good driver after all.

As recommended from Godfrey, we went to KM plaza nearby to Terminal one shopping center. I search the particular saloon that was mention by Godfrey before and walking around the retail shop facade. A moment later, I found what I'm looking for. After procrastinating for a year, this is the first time I'm willing to cut my hair.

Right before the cutting process, I have an argument with the people that I've invite to escort. It's something like a different of opinion and it's way far from mine . Those people insist me to cut short my hair and of course that is not what I want. They just misconception the term of "hair cut" that derived from me. I just want to trim my hair, to make it more easy to manage.

I was greatly despair once they start to condemn me, yet I still refuse. I never retreat even the way they express their critics are so improperly. Sometime I could feel like they put their steps all over my head and it's quite rude actually. well, I have a right to decide and I pay for the service. For those people who were escort me yesterday, I just want to apologize and terrible sorry for everything and hope the friendship will long lasting. (we are not in serious argument and it's not that serious) :)

This is a little bit embarrassing to reveal, but ............................

(before hair cut)

.............My late grandfather said that I'm resemble to Indonesian laborer. My friends say that I'm look like a girl and my mum says that she has another daughter. kata ibu, "rambut kamu kembang setaman"..........

(after hair cut)

................My friends claim that I'm still look like a girl and they didn't see any difference while I can feel the changes. Tidak la terlalu kembang setaman sangat................ well, I have a good determination........

..............the old me..........

.............those who says that I'm look like a girl, go get your eyes inspection..........