Saturday, August 1, 2009

travelling to Perak..part 001

I'm planning to go to Perak, not for a business trip but to attending my close friend's wedding reception somewhere in Taiping. This plan was issued since the past two weeks in order to get everyone's approval and setting up everything accordance to the event based on the group's compromising. The event is exactly on Saturday and I have no option except to take a leave for a day.

I move out from my apartment and through the accommodation surveillance gateway at the midnight and headed to Nilai as someone was waiting me at somewhere. In a way from my apartment to Nilai, there are many haunted places that always been talking utmost everyday by the population here. So, I've to go through alone all these horrifying place that full with hair-raising rumors of ghost story at the middle of night. You just imagine how scared I was at that time.

I met Jang at the Nilai's Tol Plaza and we had a short conversation before we continue our journey and headed to Ayap's in Sentol. Jang was coming from Melaka as he works over there since 6 months ago after he graduated from this college. It has been a while that I didn't meet up with this guy.

We were in Sentul after a few minutes time of riding and united with some friends over there and manage to find any stall that still run their business at the very late night. All of us will join the trip to Perak and tomorrow will be more person would like to escort. With the relax setting and with a few cups of drinks get served on the table, waited the hot drinks to reduce the temperature a little bit lesser, we start our conversation with the variable of topics and most of the topics are related in what we are up currently.

Most of us have our own carrier apart from me which is still a student and obviously no special commitment to take care of. It has been a while that we didn't hang up like this since all of them graduated from undergoing their HND during the old days. From my point of view, they don't change much and show no different at all. They still stay with their own personalities that I know before. Having this change to mingle with this people is a very lucrative moment.

Time was switching into the dawn and everyone decided to split away to their home while me and Jang moved to Ayap's which only a few seconds away.

the journey will be continued. A plenty of dramas still to come....

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