Monday, June 18, 2007

An Absolutely Fascinating,Tremendous and Fantastic Performace From American GP

Hello to all my acquaintances. As usual, in a real damn boring day, after try to kill time by playing all kinds of games which have installed in my desktop and my wrist and fingertips are freaking numb right now. So I decide to write down something in my blog.

Today is MONDAY and the time is quite late right now. It's 4.00 o’clock in the dawn. I tend to stay in my room all day long, there was nothing interesting out there to make me enthusiastic of curiosity over something.

I guess, the best way of enjoying myself is spending most of my time by playing computer's games. I got nothing to tell you about my circumstances right now as I guess, there’s nothing that would be attracting you pal.

By the way, today activities were just ordinary and common. Nothing was extremely special. Let me search what kind of entry I would like to share with you guys. The person that has influenced me the most....(not interesting I guess),… Why KL was flooded…(also not interesting)… bla..bla...bla...

Oh, I got it! Maybe we can try this - THE FORMULA 1 GP in INDIANAPOLIS, US. Perhaps you all like this. Indianapolis circuit which is the name is moto speed way track is located in US. which part tu, I’ve no idea lah. I just tell you based on my knowledge and understanding.

With 4.192 km long and the fastest lap record holder for this circuit is Rubens Barrichello in year 2004. He sets the time in just I minute and 10.399 seconds when he drove for Ferrari F1 team before he moved out and transfer to HONDA F1 team. And surprisingly, the record is still standing until now and never broke up by any driver even the F1 legendary , Michael Schumacher.

Moreover, the temperature of this track is among 53 – 58 degrees, every single racer need to through about 73 laps before they reach over the finish line. The total distance is quite far, it's around 306.106 km and the thing that linger in my mind is, they all make it in just 1 and half hour. If we compare with the ordinary car’s engine, we are absolutely cannot done that. So, can u imagine how fast the F1 car’s engine running their obligation without breaking down or destructed during in their duty.

The F1 technology is absolutely fantastic and unquestionable nowadays. From all 12 F1 teams, only FERRARI team has impressed me out very well and their performance is the best team after dominating almost every race in this track in every season. And the driver that always dominate this circuit in every single laps is the F1 legendary, Micheal Shumacher which is also from FERRARI team.

I have no idea why if we merge this both driver and the FERRARI team, the result always outstanding. They always grab the poll position and there’s no chance for other drivers to be the champion. But at this time, there’s no point for Shumacher to win this track as he has retired after he completed his career as the F1 driver in 2nd place behind Alonso last season. And now, everyone have a bright chance and opportunity to grab a trophy rite here.

Okies folks, where shoud I start. I like to recite this article from revised to the previous race. The 6th round of F1 GP. The sensational of McLarent rookie, Lewiss Hamilton has made a perennial history after he becomes the 1st nigger won the round 6 of F1 championship and leads all the driver points. This guy just be a limelight all over the world as he is still young and moreover, this is the 1st season for him in F1 championship.

Since yesterday, he has made an incredible drive after won the poll position in the starting grid over all drivers including his team mate, the two times world championship title, Fernando Alonso. After all, this is not the 1st time he made it, it’s second. He never freaking stressed of doing his job and drive his car frugally until the end of the qualification session and embezzled his teammate hopes to raise the poll position.

Starting in forefront of the starting grid, there’s no problem for this driver to handle his car. He's probably feel absolute ecstatic after contribute a good willpower of doing his job, he has finally once again won the round 7 of F1 championship after just made the same thing last week in Canadian GP.

He is absolutely made a fascinating job and definitely raise up his points and expand the point margin over every single driver by collecting 48 points. It's quit similar with the Canadian GP. Fernando Alonso who is the new driver for McLarent team this season after transferred from Renault team, still in gloomy circumstances after just won only 2 circuit out of 6 rounds.

This two times world F1 championships title during with Renault team was in 2nd placed behind his fellow driver, Lewiss Hamilton. Furthermore, his relationship with Lewis and his team management is not good recently. According to the newspapers and news, Alonso had a misconception with his management about the treat of McLarent team over him.

I’ve no idea what the hell is going on, but to me, Fernando just prejudice against his team due to the stressed and criticism that he got after his poor performance. As we can see, revise to the previous GP, he just finished in 7th placed after successful to start in 2nd place in the starting grid behind his teammate.

Moreover, plus this situation, he stressed and he tried to avenge his teammate. After all, it just my suspicious mind and you guys, I’m just kidding and don’t take it serious. But seriously, hope Alonso never ever to vengeance anyone even his partners.

There’s no big problem that they need to fuss around and they need to act as a professional driver. He has befriended to everyone because right now, every particular action that he make is completely be a limelight to everyone.

Base on the latest result (American gp), after starting in the 2nd placed behind his fellow and in front of his main opponent, he drove his car well and no mistake has occurred. But he never ever made a superbly pass over Lewis after pushing hard himself and still remain in the 2nd placed until the race over. Even though he never passed his teammate, he still gain 8 points and expand his margin over both Ferrari drivers.

The foremost Ferrari team still struggle to place their team in the top position of car’s constructor. Their drivers also try to keep up with McLarent's drivers to regain the driver and car’s constructor championship title after 2 years they lost the title.

They all too pathetic after was beaten by the under dog team, which is Renault team twice. It's really embarrassing with this fact, Ferrari particularly take an essential action that can improve and recover back their performance. After 6th round, they are definitely successful to defeat Renault team, but there’s 1 team that improve well and more fast then Ferrari team, the new villain that can threat their mission is McLarent team.

So, they need to work hard to prevent it from happen. But it's quite tough after Massa had disqualified in the previous race after disobey the race constitution which is monitored by FIA. Yesterday qualify session, he is in 3rd place behind both McLarent team and still trying hard to defeat those 2 drivers.

Revised to the American GP, he finished in 3rd place behind both McLarent drivers as well. But it still good afford after pushing hard, tried to adapt his car which is completely slower compare with McLarent’s car. Kimi Raikkonen doesn’t seem famous in this season after all reporters just provoke a sensational of 3 drivers which are Hamilton, Alonso and including his teammate, Massa.

I don't know why the situation happens, but I still can say that Raikkonen still most of the best driver and still have a chance to win this season campaign. To grab the position, he needs to be a workhorse and do something worthwhile that can improve his performance. By yesterday performance, he was in 4th placed behind his teammate which is the 1st driver for Ferrari team after Shumacher, the Brazilian – Massa.

Since from the starting grid, he just a bit slower of inception and need to catch up back after felt behind a few racer. After struggled with his fancy car, he regained back his position in the 4th

placed and keep chasing and pressuring his teammate, Massa. This trait needs to exemplary by every person as he never gives up and despairs after he commits a mistake, he tried to challenge anyone even he was left behind.

After 7 rounds of F1 GP, he just able to be in 4th placed of world championship drivers points. And for Ferrari team, they are probably stressing out after this race, it's already reveal their shortcomings which is the car performance is slower than McLarent. It's better for them to find out the solution and try to get rid the damn matters.

BMW SAUBER, the foremost newcomer last season after combined with Petronas, had made a drastic improvement after completely successful to be in the top 3 F1 constructor behind McLarent and Ferrari team.

It's really impressed all their fans worldwide and I never expect that they can improve this far so soon. With two drivers which are full of talents and experiances, there’s no problem to make any new history in F1 championship and for this team, they have a good car, have a good fantastic facilities, have a great massive infrastructure and there’s no reason or excuse for them to show poor performances and failed to gain points.

Nick heidfeld, the senior driver and most knowledgeable person was the 1st driver for BMW team. Derive from german which is same with BMW team home, he always made an incredible performance and never fail to obtain points in every single round in this season. After all these sacrifices and dedications, now he's in 5th placed behind 4 drivers from McLarent and Ferrari team.

Refer back in the previous race, he made a stunning surprised after reached over the finish line in 2nd placed and the 1st podium for him in this season.. He such a successful driver after raise the precious 8 points for his career and for his team. Yesterday qualify session, he's in 5th placed in front of the Renault new rookie, Kovalainen. During the race, he made a good inception after felt to 4th place before through the 1st corner and made a big margin of distance over Kovalainen and Raikkonen.

After drive with full willpower and confidents, he made unexpected mistake after running wide at the particular corner of the circuit. So, the renault rookie and the Ferrari driver had made the conversion of the distance margin. It’s really disappointing and Heidfeld needs to maintain back his current position at the time.

After past a few laps, the new notion and calamity overcome, he was eliminated from the race due to the engine failure. His car had faced a hydraulic problem and he needs to retire from the race and stop at the sidelines of the track. There’s no point for him to continue the race and the affect, he doesn’t raise any point even once. Dammit! Wreck! Heck!

The 2nd BMW driver in this round 7 was Sebastion Vattel. He also a new rookie and a new comer in this championship. He needs to take part in this round 7 of championship as replacing to the injured Kubica, the 2nd driver. Kubica was involved in a terror accident and had been hospitalized last week in Montreal.

The kubica’s represented which is also Kubica's coroner mentioned that Kubica just got a minor injuries in his knee and the condition is totally stable, nothing to worry about. The BMW team management had made a determination and compromised decision to declare kubica needs to take a rest and free from any stress as he still in phobia and in petrify circumstances.

I guess that's the right action that need to take as Kubica is still in torture of what had happened to him last week. Back to the lucky young guy, surprisingly, he just barely 19 years old and derived from German. Can you imagine, how can this young boy involve in the fantastic ever motorsports championship particularly F1?

Start to associate with BMW team since he attained to 18 years old, he never yet show his truly performance. So far, he just a test driver and the 3rd driver for BMW team. I’m absolutely very impressed into this guy and if I'm in his shoes, get this kind of recognition is really invaluable and definitely I’ll commendable and put it as my novelty perennial experience ever.

I'm very envy and jealous because he is such a runny nose boy but still can make an incredible performance after finished the qualification session in the 7th placed behind the Renault rookie, Kovalainen. I’m wondering, how far his improvement and achievement stays along in his career path. Well, let see what we have here for this runny nose guy, he finished in 8th placed and raised only 1 point for his career and for BMW team.

Actually, it's not quite good enough, I’m really sure, he can do better then this but he needs to gather more experiance, knowledges and more competency in the future. After all, this is the 1st time he took part in F1 race, he's probably feel a bit nervous and anxious for this critical situation.

As what I can tell you here, in the starting grid, he made a bad start after completely late to push the engine's trigger. Due to that kind of mistake, before the 1st corner, he felt to 11th placed from the 7th placed. At that time, all cursed spewed out over his name but the important thing is, what ever happen, at least he tried his best to achieve the best position rather than he just petrified on his car and did nothing.

Hmm, maybe this is the last performance for this young guy. After this, Kubica is likely to take back his work. By the way, may I ask you something Vattel, what is the main prerequisite to become the F1 driver like you?

Okay pal, that's all for tonite, I’m sleepy as the time now is 4:45 in the dawn. And I need to remember that tomorrow I have a morning class around 9 o'clock, and perhaps I’m not missing my Subuh prayer and missing my class. If you want to know, I'm exactly want to upgrade my wisdom.

Before that, if u need to know more about all F1 racers or any other informations, feel free to login any F1 website.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Dream Which Puzzzle Me Around - PSB

Staring at the clock, the time shown is 1:10 a.m early in the morning. But I still can’t sleep and there’s no particular reason. Today is Thursday, a day that full of important moment, as I pledge to all my acquaintances in the past few days about the crucial match which is to ensure whether we might be able to move on from the preliminary stage to the next stage or our dream and hope just bury off in this football tournament.

You want to know more either we won or lose, then you should read the entire entry. This is the introduction, as stated on the schedule, today is the 3rd match between our team PSB against OWEN, a group of students from this college as well.

Reminiscing back the past 2 matches, we obtain 3 points after won once by defeating MUMBA team. The other one, we were defeated by STAFF team in a real big scores last week. After mourned by the previous match, we realize that our journey for victory is not easy instead, we need to struggle and be a workhorse to win another 2 matches remaining including this last evening game.

As preparation for this evening match, we had spend most of our evening time to made an incredible training and fantastic formation. For the purpose, I think, you guys know right? For sure, the purpose is to win this 3rd match triumphantly. We need to regain our last 3 points that already lost and provoke our outstanding spirit to achieve what we are aiming.

We are really desperate to beat this team whatever it causes otherwise, if we lost in this evening game, all our precious afford that we pushed out are certainly vain and the affect, we will be placed at the bottom of the table.

The deal goes like this, each group (both A and B), only the top 2 teams will enter the next round which is the semifinal. I’ve no idea why the management doesn’t follow the sequence from quarter final until the final. They just skip the sequence without any particular reason.

Every players in this team are completely 100 percent fresh and for those who were extremely injured are recovered and ready to dedicate their afford in this team. Everyone get too hasty and can’t wait to perform.

Refer to the time schedule, the match will be held at 5.30 p.m at Bandar Universtiti Technology Legenda (BUTL)’s field. So we need to rush and reach early at the venue even the field is not too far from our accommodation. Just a few minutes of walking as the field is inside the campus area.

Went early to the field is not just for fun or play around otherwise, we need to warm up every single part of our body to retain us from lacking out our energy very easily. Furthermore, it's probably can prevent and retain us from vulnerable of hamstring. So we need to ran among 2 – 4 minutes to make sure our tendon is literally in good condition.

We just made a slow jog to prevent our artery from processing the blood in our body rapidly over the ability. It's certainly might affect us such as dizzy during we are on action. While we were on jogging, we were not round over the field either follow clockwise or counter clockwise, definitely not! We just run over and came back to the way we begin.

We don't want to waste more time and energy. After that, we need to made an importance crawled movement by following the sequent as a complement of our warming up session. It just a basic movement actually. Staring at the field surface, there were a few parts which are totally drowned by the rain water. So we need to adapt the surface as it might be slippery and make ourselves unpleasant and uncomfortable with the environment.

At certain part, it just a muddy area which is irritating us whenever we step over for chasing or after the rolling ball. It will sticks on our shoes and burden us a bit. We supposed to more careful or otherwise, we will stumble over the mud. For sure, we never want to mess-up with those crappy area.

Okies, back to the point, as usual, we need to form the best line-up for this match and the player that was choosed is really mighty and tough. Then, the leader, the player that full of experiences and most knowledgeable person give us a briefing about our notch and strategy that will be used. He insisted all player to push up and all out the afford in this match.

We must win to make sure the chance to put our team in the top two of group B is bright. We still have a chance if we just draw, but it seems an absurd to done, but if we lost in this game, our ambitious is nothing as we are totally failed to occupy the top 2 team in group B. And the rest, we just observed the match from the sideline and gave them our full support.

A few conversions need to do, the defender, the midfielder and also the striker. We aligned back the particular player to make our team sturdier. Our notch today is attacking and defending to the opponent’s territory and gave them more pressure. We need to get the early score to provoke our assure and keep the spirit on until the game is over.

Furthermore, this match was judged by the knowledgeable referee and most intelligence linesman. The essential part is the referees and we are really complacent about that as there was no skeptical action from the referee when he made a decision. The linesman also done a great job. Big hand for the referee and his assistances.

But, I realize that whoever the judges, it's certainly not vouch us a winner. Moreover, I like the credibility emperor and all their contribution need to commendable with lofty praises. I’ve no intention to try any kinds of damn bribery with them. Just let the emperors do their obligation without any pressure.

Ok, let me tell you about the 1st half match, begin from the referee blown the whistle, all players trespass into the field, make a line up in the mid field and give some respect to the audiences. Then, the match we countered to win was started. We need to play properly to against this mighty team. Passed the ball, dragged the ball into the safe area.

Try to juggle the ball with the opponent, and then through the ball to the striker to score goals. The opponent also play well today, they were always threatening our sturdy defender and our keeper always made a fantastic fingertips save. Our game is fairplay, no fuss or misconception in every single player in the field that can be dragged to critical situation

The match is completely balanced where both teams had an ambitious and desire to score goals. Occasionally, every single try we made to the opponent’s goal just through closely and was retain by the opponent’s goalie. We feel a bit despair of that as the luck that we need at the right time wasn't appeared. We ignored and run back what we planned in the early such as passing long, passing short, made an incredible defend, produce the crucial tackle, give the opponent pressure and control the ball well.

After a few minutes of playing, suddenly our player was tackled by the opponent and the best part was, it occurred right into the penalty box. There’s nothing to object, the emperor saw it clearly. Without no hesitancy, we decide that someone need to take the responsibility of taking the penalty shoot out.

After a few seconds, the decision had been made, someone will take the shoot out. While we feel the excitement after the penalty gift, unfortunately the penalty kicked had failed, the kicker just missed the goal when the opponent’s goal keeper retain the ball by his fingertips. We missed the best chance, we missed the opportunities. The moment that vouch and pledge us an early lead.

Same question appeared, where’s the luck that we need at the right time? But we just let it go, there still a long time to go. There are also a few faults that occurred by both competitive team, no card even yellow was showed out by the referee. The match still under controlled by everyone. This 3rd team that we against is completely tough and strong.

Our tries to acquire the early goal had always vain, we had nothing to do to the opponent’s solid defend since we had tried very much in order to destruct the opponent’s defend and it was still pointless. We are completely failed to annihilate the defender wall even once. They such a nuisance.

We must be patient and exposed the right space before we shoot. We need to switch a few positions that were currently in the field, just want to raise up a new spirit and opportunities and more efficient attacking to the opponent’s territory. After trying to score a goal and absorbing all pressure from the opponent's attacks, the referee blown the whistle to inform the 1st match is over. No goal had scored by both team and still 0 – 0 until the match continued in the 2nd half.

The 2nd half will be continued soon, and the bright weather was distorted to rainy day. So the leader take the time gab and briefing about shortcomings of every single player. After discussion and negotiation, we agreed to made conversion to recover our shortcomings that revealed. Then, the whistle sounded again.

The second half started. Without change any substitutes and formation which was sturdy enough, we continued our struggling. This match is really tough, every time, we need to push up our afford because there’s no time for walking and having a rest even a single minute. Everyone is busy of attacking and defending their territory and tried to avoid from made mistakes.

Sometimes, the sound of torrential shoot just smashed the cross bar of the goal. The opponent was shooting and hit that part by 2 times. The conclusion goes like this, they are also ruined out by the LUCK. So the game is really fair and square. Our team as well had made a crucial shooting and the ball just stop by at the goal post. What the heck?

All acquaintances and substitutes just sit at the sideline while observing the match. What the hell are you thinking that I was doing right there ? I gave them my full support to make them more resist to the opponent. Our strategy is still same, we attack the opponent’s goal constantly and keep trying.

After a few minutes passed away, we got a really dangerous feedback from the opponent. They also done as we did which was, try to shoot the ball torrentially over our goalie but it was vain as our goalie is hard to defeat. Until a few moment after that, as usual, the opponent tried from the right side, the opponent’s midfielder just crossed and swing the ball into our penalty box.

In the chaos situation, suddenly the opponent team strike by heading the ball into our goal’s net. Our keeper try to retain the ball by his fingertips but it was too late, he juz touch a bit and the ball bounced into the goal. It was the first goal from the opponent.

I was totally in fallacy circumstances, how can the ball freely come over the player? It's really odd somehow. At that time, we think we need to more rebel and resist to get the equalizer goal. After aligned back our position, we played as usual, pushed all over our afford and the time to avenged is came. From the right side, also same as the opponent’s goal, our right winger had crossed the ball right on our striker head.

Feeling free from the opponents, he was heading the ball. Surprisingly, our goal is almost same as the opponent’s goal. It doesn’t matter, as long as we still get the equalizer goal. We need to thank to bro AMY as he’s the savior. All our acquaintances were smiling broadly as interpreting their happiness After the equalizer, we just played as usual and tried to double the goal.

Every single player was turned to more energetic individual. We don't want to draw in this match so we need to become mighty and avoid from act as a transvestites. Not surprisingly, from that time, we need to use all over our substitutes as a few current players were injured and got the damn hamstring. From their faces, they really dedicate their life and health for the sake of this match. I’m proud of them!

The time reached over the time. The emperor had blown his whistle to insist the game is over, sitting around on the ground, discuss all over our performance after we just DRAW by 1 - 1 with OWEN team. There’s a lot of weakness and shortcomings need to prevent and get rid the situation as soon as possible.

We still have only the precious last chance in next Tuesday. The last significant match against the RB team, in the other hand. This team is also the super villain and super mighty for our road of victory. In this draw match, the only words that I can say is, it might be our perennial moment as we absolutely cannot switch the time back.

The most thing that attracting me is, 1 of our player just made a fuss over the linesman. He spewed out a bad cursed and disgusting words over the linesman. I’ve no idea what the hell he was thinking back then. That worst vice supposed not to come over in every player. This jerk absolutely embarrassing and as the affect, the linesman was totally offended from that misconception with our player.

Luckily, there was no fighting or big quarrel occurred. From 3 matches dat we went through, we got a won once, lose once, and the most recent result, the draw. My mind is puzzling me whether we still have a chance or not. Actually, if we still can reach until the final, it such a novelty for me as before this, I never passed the preliminary match after 3 teams that I have associated with.

I eager to grab the champion title, my intuition convinced and assured me for the day will come soon. It just a hope back then. We mourned once again and after a few minutes of rest, the twilight came over, so we need to move back and continue the rest at home with the gloomy feeling.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I watched the fantastic Formula 1 Gp in Montreal, Canada in the morning. This circuit is the 6th round of 2007 season. This circuit is rare for hosting any motor sport event except F1 GP. This circuit is slippery as the pavement surface is quite dusty. It's because the track was not active with the motorsports events. So, the dusts has overwhelmed and covered the track surface every single day.

All drivers who take part in this 6th round need to more careful and need to adapt all corners and surroundings which can interrupt their focus. Revising the past years of this harmful circuit, Michael Shumacher is still standing as a record holder by winning on this track in so many times.

Ferrari team also still holding the record as the team has won on this track by eleven times. It seems that the both personality of Micheal Shumacher and his team is such a good combination. Moreover, they merge the tires and fuel quantity suitable with the surrounding and car condition. It needs to made a literal inquiry before achieving the magnificent performance.

After follow the sequent of tracks in the schedule, there are 3 teams which are really interesting me as those team are really competitive to each other and I would like to tell you folks, the 3 teams that I mentioned in the early are McLaren Mercedes, Ferrari and BMW Sauber, the Malaysian proud investment by Petronas. As we know, Petronas is the premium partnership with BMW in BMW Sauber F1 team.

Ok, I’m very impressed by the sensational younger rookie, Lewis Hamilton from McLaren team as he just won the poll position triumphantly in this 6th round and now he leads the world championship points after raise 48 points in front of all F1 drivers. Its good inception for this guy. Furthermore, this is the 1st season that he participates in f1 GP.

He has done a great job by avoiding many mistakes during the race. He drove carefully and controlled well his car from hitting the barier or smashing the ground. Reversely, Fernando Alonso which is from the same team with lewis hamilton and act as the 1st driver for McLarent team is in second position of world championship point after finished in 7th placed behind the Japanese driver, takuma sato in canadian grand prix.

Compare with the previous superbly performance, his performance today is really bad after 3 times that he had overtaken in the 1st corner of this track. Starting from the 2nd position in the starting grid, he juz fall into the 3rd position behind the BMW driver when the race begin.

He also had been penalty after made a mistake while he was in the pit to change the tires and refueling. The other drivers had take all advantage from the bad luck that happened to Alonso. I’m not sure the position that he occupied in the middle of the race, but for sure he just lost a lot of seconds behind all drivers.

After a few moment of pushing his afford, he regain back his truly spirit after made many extremely amazing passes before get the 7th placed. If this both driver won the race by 1 -2 position, it seems that McLarent is trying to threat the Ferrrari as no. 1 F1 team. So what will happen to Ferrari?

I’m very disappointed with Ferrari team this weekend. Come on Ferrari, don't provoke me paddy dammit!!!! Their notch of increasing the points and regain back the poll position is always failed and nothing made me satisfied or pleased. This is the team that I admired mostly since Michael shumacher joined this outstanding team.

Every their work hard is vain as Felippe Massa had disqualified in this race after he got the 4th placed. I don't know what the brazilliant driver made wheather he slept during the race or playing around in the car. Massa also had made a mistake as same as alonso, but this time, compare to Alonso, he made unforgiveness mistake after went out from the pit while the traffic light is red.

The function of the red light is, to restrict the driver to go out at the time, so the driver supposes to wait until the red light turn on to green. If the driver disobey the law, there are many prospects that possible to happen. And the most prospect might be involved in an accident with others car.

So, Massa had just lost a few points that he is confidently grab if he don't smashed the law that stated by FIA. His teammates, Kimi Raikkonen, also in gloomy situation after never won any poll position since he transferred into Ferrari team. Even the Ferrari team had produced a really impressive great car for him, but he still missed the opportunities and failed to help Ferrari to gain more points to compete the McLarent.

Just like the previous circuit which was in Monte Carlo, Monaco, he hit the barriers and as a result, he damaged his car and failed to proceed the qualify session. Every notch that they plan was completely pointless and it's really mourn everyone.

Watching the Ferrari team which stuck with problems and matters, we realize the decreasing of their performance which makes us completely despaired. They need to find the shortcomings and get rid the situation to convince us that the real Ferrari is coming back. For me, whatever happen, I still have confidence in this team. I‘m really eager to see Ferrari win this season GP.

The 3rd and the final F1 team that impressed me well is, BMW Sauber F1 team. After 2 years of combination between BMW and Sauber Petronas, the performance is growing pretty well. In 3rd position of constructor championship points after through 6 circuit, we can see the drastic improvement in this team.

Two stunning drivers which are Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld, has done their job well after keep in top 6 drivers behind the 4 potential racer. In Montreal, Heidfeld had finished in 2nd place after challenging his afford and his best, used all afford and the experienced that he gathered. With two pit stops for changing tires and refueling, he kept chasing the no. 1 rookie from McLarent team, Lewiss Hamilton.

Even, most of the time he always left behind among 10 – 15 seconds, he never gives up to the senior racer of BMW team. The new last season driver, Robert Kubica from Poland also 1 of the big potential in this F1 campaign. This young man starts to join the team for a past couple of years as a test driver for BMW.

As a successor for jaque villaniuve which has resigned in the last mid year to become an artist, Kubica has showed their outstanding existence. He drives his car with an amazing spirit that no 1 can catch him easily. Despite, he is a new comer, he never treat himself as a new driver, instead he has beaten the rest drivers in every circuit that he took part.

But in this 6th round in this season, he failed to raise any important points after involved in an awful accident. His car was totally smashed down and every part of the car had turned to a thousand pieces and spreading all over the circuit. Let me clarify the situation, Kubica who drives BMW F1 car tried to pass the Toyota team which drived by jarno trulli.

When he tried to pass the Toyota car, his behind tire had made a contact with the Toyota front tire and affect his handling. So as a result, he drove through the ground, then hit the damaged car on the sidelines before flyed away and smashed the concrete wall. This is the terrors part of the accident, the car was spinning and somersaults among 3 – 4 times.

Surprisingly, Kubica is still breathing but he is in unconscious circumstance affect by the crash. His car completely damaged and there’s no point of trying to fix, it's definitely will be banished on somewhere, maybe at the open dumping around the circuit…heheheh… The race was cintinued yet the “safety car” need to use to control the race while all particular workers had significant job to sweep out and clean all tiny parts of the car.

After a few rounds controlled by the safety car, the race is proceed and there was still a few laps remaining. According to BMW represent, the coroner said, Kubica just had a leg broken while his condition is totally stable and surely, he’ll be a cripple and use crutches soon. No scars and serious injuries make everyone relief a little bit.

For kubica, maybe this is the new moment that will be a perennial experiance in his career. My question is, can you imagine how safe the F1 cars nowadays after with 200 miles of speeding and smash the concrete wall, but the driver still alive. Amazing or miracle?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Night at KL Downtown, Dataran and Somewhere in Semenyih.

Since yesterday (Saturday) I got nothing to do with my leisure, sitting at home, watching television and surfing internet were the only activities that I had. While Hapis has made decision to go out with his friend to somewhere in KL. He mentioned to me before he went out, but he didn’t told me the exact destination.

After he came back at 9 o’clock in the night, he told me that they went to KLCC. He got a mundane affair over there which is visiting the Aquaria. The place that full of freaking amazing animals that assemble together in the whole transparent aquarium. He told me that he was enjoyed and impressed with all kinds of freaking animals over there.

Everything we watched in national geographic program, now it has been formed in front of his eyes. Every animal is big and had a massive body shape which is compare to human being body, we need a few people to compete with those massive animal's size. He mentioned that we can find a white shark, ray fish, squid, frog, tarantula, some snakes and many more.

Everything is incredible. But the main purpose of this exhibition is to show the folks about the animal that almost obliterated and disappear from the earth. From his story telling, it makes me be more literate and thrilled to go to the place soon. I’m really interested about that even I’m not a fishing person.

10:30 o'clock in the night, I got a message from kechik, invite me to join his crazy plan. Join his trip to KL downtown with a few members that not comfirm yet. I keep thinking for a moment before I made a crucial decision wheather I should go or not. After a few minutes of thinking, influenced by all activities with them that just forgo before, I decided to follow them.

Initially, only 4 persons want to come with us, but we think if there are only 4 persons, it’s not happening and exciting, we need to persuade a few comrades to join us and it seems a mutual response as we have another 4 persons decided to join us. We completely success at the end.

The thing that mourning me is, we had take over 3 hours of negotiating and assuring them to join us. But I don’t mind, we proceed our plan and start our journey in 2 o’clock through the accommodation’s surveillance. Our journey was smooth and no barriers and hazardous came.

The time showed was 3 o’clock, we reach over the Cheras KL downtown eventually. We parked our vehicles nearly forefront to the trade area to make sure that our worth things are not be stolen by crooks. The thing that amused me mostly is, we didn’t have bucks in our wallet and we didn’t think even a bit to withdraw our bucks before we reached over there.

So we decided to represent someone to withdraw our dollar in ATM machine nearby. As usual, I spend out a few bucks from my livelihood to buy something. While we wait the money to withdraw, we had through all the path in the area, we strolled around every where, many stall still in operation by selling their stuff.

Keep persuading their customers and negotiating the prices, everyone tried to fulfill their desire and want to reach the win – win situation. And the rest, they just do their own affair. We just don't have enough money to buy anything, so we decide to wait our friend come back. We just had overtaken the time because right now the time is 3:45 o’clock in the dawn.

After we revised back to the trading area, everything is switched to a little bit silent. A few hawkers already packed all their commodities and only a few stall that still running their business. Compare to the 1st time we strolled around, there’s nothing commodities and accessories that attract us.

Everything is already packed off. Only a few unnecessary stuff that still open for trade to everyone and the stuff completely not in my fundamental list. I don’t buy anything, maybe next time I would come again, my friends bought a few nice t-shirts and shorts.

Afterwards, we discussed about the next place whereas the time is still EARLY. So we decided to go to dataran. Furthurmore, our friends from college which came back to their home the day before also was there (Ras and Ayap) It seems a great idea, from there, we can find all kinds of riders, mat rempits and any types of people.

Everyone is damn odd, everyone showed their stunning skill which is full of art and brave. Showed the dangerous skills that surely involved to the death. They were confident in everything they did as they willy, wikang, they were speeding up and etc by their motorcycle.

They feel no guilty or nervous otherwise they tend to ignore their safety. But actually, they just a bunch of funny people. I observed from the sidelines, don't want to try anything that full of hazards. Don't want to follow all jerk’s vice even something novelty as it would makes me in trouble and every bad prospects is totally possible.

Obviously, they such as crumbs that embarrass all Malaysian citizen. But, thrutfully, I’m really enjoyed of watching their showed - absolutely fabulous action. Suddenly, the calm circumstances turned to chaos, everyone tried to abandon out from the place rashly. Well, the police made an operation at this place, try to caught the crappy riders.

The corps just destructed the performing show. Without wasted any time, we started our engine and went away from dataran even we know we are innocent but the corps are unpredictable, they would catch you even they know you just a spectator. There’s no telling, our life is full of experience about corp’s trait.

We were struggled to escape from the corps, we made decision to keep moving to avoid those corps detected us. So we kept round and round and round around KL city sampai lebam. A few minutes went away, we came back by sneaked over to dataran. Everything is clean and clear, the magnificent show started again until the dawn even they know that stunning skills is very harmful.

Until they had gratified us enough, we decide to moved back to our accommodation, handshake with Ras and Ayap, we are heading back. After a few minutes on the road, we crossed the KL demarcation and ride through until we arrived at semenyeh district. At this place, we just made a stop by at 1 restaurant, but I’m not sure the name.

The clock showed 7 something in the morning. We had a breakfast over there and I ate a plate of mee goreng with omelets. This is the 1st meal since last night that I didn’t taste any food except steamboat right in front of KL downtown.

While we ate the food, we got a cit cat, made jokes, talked everything that spewed out spontaneously. Everything was great and outstanding. About the food, the taste is not bad, we were really happy and satisfy about the meal.

Time to pay the bills personally because this time, everyone had an adequately bucks, no terms whether whose derive from wealthy or poor. We continued our journey and heading back to college’s accommodation. After a few minutes, we arrived over the destination, cit cat for a moment and because everyone was sleepy and a bulk of tiredness are overwhelming our body, everyone came back to their apartment.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Persatuan Sepak Bola @ PSB

Title: football match between PSB against STAFF

Time/date: 5.45 p.m/ 8.06.2007

Venue: Bandar Universiti Teknologi Legenda (field)

This is the deal, just evening our team just finished 1 of the important match which is our team, PSB a.k.a Persatuan Sepak Bola against STAFF (College's maintenance Staff). This match supposed to occur for the past couple of weeks but it was completely done today.

This match has been delayed for 2 times because it was clashing with the midterm exam week and 1 week holiday. There are 10 teams that participate in this league season and need to be divided into 2 groups which are group A and B. After voting procedure, our team (PSB) are placed into group B which is in the same group with the other 4 opponents.

The group members are STAFF, RB, OWEN and MUMBA. So we need to play 4 matches before we step into the next stage. Actually, this league had begun since a month ago and plus the latest match, we had run 2 matches out of 4. Right now, we still in preliminary stage and need to workhorse to raise more points to pledge our team in pole position and go trough to the next stage.

In the 1st matched, our opponent was MUMBA and not surprisingly we won the match. We won after scored 4 goals and conceded only 2 goals. Afterwords, the final result is 4-2. Yeah bebeh!!!!!! Against MUMBA team make our team more matured and make us more prepare for the next match because it had revealed all out our shortcomings.

The result for this evening match, we had just defeated and lost 3 points after we against the STAFF team. They beat our team by 5 - 2. I’m not sure what our team’s status in the schedule right now after we had won once, lose once and raise only 3 points. After all, we still have 2 chances remaining and of course we don't want to miss the opportunities.

With 18 members take part in this team including me, our target is to reach the final and we are aiming the victory. With our fitness, our passion, our sacrifices of money and energy, our talent and our training, it must duly to the result showed. It must be impressed and absolutely outstanding. All members are very talented and very skillful except me. With humble, I’m just amateur player that still learn how to kick the ball.

By the way, I tend to observe them during their action in the field from the sideline rather then join them against the opponent. So. I prefer to act as a substitute, it is not because they tried to exile me from this team and forbid me to play, but it's my willingness. I realize that they are better than me, so I just let them to fulfill the 1st eleven players.

If I’m the 1st eleven players, it's probably hard for the team to gain a goal. Instead, our team will be probably left behind for many goals. I don't want to be a destroyer. I only will be in action if there are an emergency situation such as a substitute for the wounded player, substiture for the banned player duer to red card and not enough players.

The truth is, I still happy as long as my team can reach over the highest title of this season football tournament campaign. If we lost, nothing that we can say because we know that we had try our best and there is no luck with us.

So let me clarify the latest match for you guys. Feel free to read this okay!

1st half

After warming up our body and put our leggings on, its time to list down the 1st eleven player and I'm a bit shocked as my name had been attached on the player list. Guess what, my position is a midfielder, the protagonist player to built chances and opportunities for striker to score goals.

I tend to take this chance as recognition from my friends. Oh no, I feel a bit nervous, but still can handle it. After that, our leader made a briefing about this evening game. Both plan and strategy had decided and everyone was agreed. The emperor had blown his whistle and it was the sign that the game to begin.

So, we played as planned, passing short, passing long, controlled the ball well. Made a through pass over my team members. Our strategy is keep attacking the opponent territory and give them more pressure and it seems fruity as we almost got the early goal.

Sometime we get a real dangerous feedback from the opponent and occasionally they also made our goal keeper a bit busy of saving the ball. Our defender also played well and confidence by making a crucial tackle. Unfortunately, the thing that we didn’t expect suddenly come.

1 of the STAFF player freely kicked the ball into our goal and for sure it’s a goal. Dammit! I don't now where the wrecker got the space to made a shot and it must be dawdled somehow as the goal source is from the opponent through pass and controlled well by the STAFF striker.

Truthfully, our mind is stressed out affected by the opponent's goal, but we keep to calm down. We played again as we planned in the early. As usual as passing short, passing long and eventually, the time that we were waiting for a long time came over. We got a goal by Arin after he got a trough ball from someone.

He controlled well, juggled of every opponents that try to seize the ball and finally the opportunity just arrived. It's enough space for him to shoot torrentially the ball right through the opponent’s goal.

His style of scoring is really amazing and I liked to tell you that is what the best player do in their game - They scored goals. The goal completely humored me as we just had the equalizer goal. The goal is really dazzling everyone around and fore sure, my team member’s confidantes.

So, we keep attacking and try to intimidate the opponent player by gave them a pressure but it still not enough to make them crazy or a bit insane. Just make them loss control of the ball possession. From their face, I can see that they always keep despising over my team. After played a few minutes more, the emperor blow the whistle again to informed us that the 1st half is over.

From this 1st half, the thing that I can say is our opponent is a super mighty and there is no chance for our team to double the goal. STAFF team is completely hard to defeat and the first match is totally competitive and venom. Some players had wounded and need a few days to recover.

2nd half

Our leader made a briefing again refers to our 1st half performance while we take a break until the 2nd half continued. So, we decided to made a few changes to make sure our strategy produced well and more efficient. 1st, a few players including me need to replace out as our energy are completely lacking out. With new fresh player, we aligned back our defender, our midfielder and our striker.

The whistle sounds again, the 2nd half match started. Play and play for the sake of our team's victory. Everyone is pushing hard over their energy, everyone is all out. They are really dedicate their skills on this match.

In this 2nd half, we were completely control the game. We keep trying to get a goal but none of every shot that we made had succeed. It always crossed over the goal bar. Furthermore there was no ball smashing the goal bar or the goal post. It make our team feel unpleasant because every try that we made was just pointless. it's just vain.

After that, the STAFF's player made a real big mistake. He just made a high profile tackled over my team members. The best thing is, he did inside the penalty box area. Surprisingly, in this desperate circumstances, we get a special opportunity which is a penalty shoot out. In just an adequate kick, we get a 2nd goal. Yeah, we just double the goal.

But, football is not juz luck as the situation is completely fluctuated. After a few minute, the opponent got a penalty shoot out also. I don't know what happen actually, but according to my friend, the ball had just touch our team member’s hand outside far from the penalty box but referee decided to gave them a penalty.

Oh, referee just a stupid little jerk person. Seriously, I don't know from where the management hired this moron and the big mourn is, the linesman also stupid person, just made a decision refer to the outsider. STAFF player made a kick and they not miss a chance as they scored for the equalizer.

Thinking about the opponent's goal make our team depressed but we still need to proceed the game. We attacked back and use all afford that still stick with us. But it's vain. Maybe we should plan back and find the opponents shortcomings and attack the weakest part.

While we were busy of attacking, our player had abandoned their position. This time, the enemy take the avenue and advantage in the empty space as when the STAFF player launched their attack, there’s noting can be prevented, the defender just loose of chasing the STAFF’s striker.

As a result they scored again. Now the goal is 3 – 2 and we were completely left behind them. We played back and our strategy is completely failed. Our strategy was not same as the early match, evrytin turn to chaos.

In this moment, the opponent keep pressuring our team and they scored again. After a few minutes ahead, they scored again. Argh! From that moment, we realized that we don't have any chance to win this match except miracle. We confidence that STAFF's team now is playing for fun and keep playing around until the time’s up.

As I expected, the emperor blow his whistle to inform the game is over. As usual, our leader made a speech related to this poor performance. They told us that our game today is great. Not bad, Just need to fix a few shortcomings that revealed.

He also insisted us that all that happen in this match is just a game, don't try to blame ourselves as we will suffer all night long of thinking about that. The sun set appeared as sign that the day is starting to twilight and interpret our mourning.

The analysis of this 2nd half is, this match are completely unfair. With the emperor decision, the linesman, it can’t be apologized. Referee made a decision by referring to the audience, not base on their observation.

I don't know what kind of this shit referee and where he gets the certificate and who declares he is good enough to be a referee. I'm reckoning, he just a jerk and totally moron and for the linesman, I think he doesn't know to judge an “offside” position but act he knows well. They such an arrogant but in the other hands, they now NOTHING.

That's all for tonight. I represent my team to say thank you for all supporters that supports our team. There’s nothing can compare with your sacrifices guys. And now, we need to keep training harder and harder… go!!! Go!!!! Go!!! PSB!!!!! See you in the next match, we pledge you a winning match!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Back To The Old Life

I’m back after 3 days off and today is Monday. Actually, I’m supposed to come back to this college yesterday, but I got something more important that I should settle down 1st. It's not that important, just want to spend more time with my friends, doing this and doing that.

The whole day was full of uncommon activity. Everything we did is very happening, to feel the real enjoy, I decide and declare that this day (Monday) is public holiday but for me only, for the rest, keep come to your class okay pal? So the conclusion is, I break more longer then it should be. Now, it has done already and the no 1 rookie is back!

Since the day I came home, I met my family and gave handshake to each person. Everyone is healthy (Alhamdulillah) I arrived at 3 o'clock, then I took a nap until maghrib and kept waiting until isyak. After prayed, with blank stomach, I ignored the food that was ready in the dining room, I don’t looked back and arranged my bed for more comfort and slept until the following morning.

Argh! I slept well as no nightmare came over and feel like I’m sleeping only a minute. Suddenly, there’s a voice that woke me up ”kamarul bgn!!!!!”.That’s my father, it's already subuh and he forced me to pray.

In the morning (saturday), the fun begun but before that, I planned to visit my grandfather which is not far away from my house. After 5 minutes walked, I reached over there and greeted and hug him tightly. Then, we had words and sat together. After a quite some times, I asked him to leave and he permitted.

It still early, so I made decision to call over my comrades which I didn’t meet since a month ago. The main purpose is just want to ask them to hang out anywhere and get some breakfast. After we make an appointment, determined the venue and the time, we met up. Chipul, Boen, Ketam, Kopet, Kobis, Bok bak, Ipap, Abg boyo were joining the plan.

Everyone look healthy and no one looks crippled or wounded. Maklomlah, everyone always spend their leisure only in their house, no xtream or harmful action except in the evenin, they made an activity such as playing sepak takraw, playing soccer, panjat pokok kelapa n etc.

In easy terms, They do what they are interested in. It's happy to see all my friends stick together, have a cit cat, make a joke, but it still not touching or offend anyone. Everyone is enjoyed. It's feel like I wake up my idea when they all tell about something and I was listening. So I can gather something that happened in my village recently. Since we get a cit cat, we never forget to order some foods and drinks to recover our thirsty.

After we spend few hours by siting at kedai kiman, we need to dismiss as my stomach not feeling well and everyone had their own affair. The bill was paid by mr. Bok bak. Thank you bok bak as you such a generous person. After all, you are completely from a wealthy forefather isn't it?

So next time, I’ll pay back all ur kindness, but maybe in a different way ok!!!!! Our conversation was not over right there. Accidentally, my neighborhood had planned for wedding ceremony tomorow for his adorable daughter. So, we as a teenager at our village are invited to contribute our energy and favour for preparation for the wedding that will be held tomorow (Macam rewang, @ bhasa melayunyer gotong royong.!!!!)

At the evening, we did what we supposed to do such as build a tents, arranged the chairs and tables, wached all dishes, swept and banished the trash and etc. Want to show all the villagers about our existence as a bachelor. They think we are nothing but trouble, we did this just want to avoid from any protagonist that keep spreading a bad rumors about youngsters which is always reviled by the people around.

Whereas we act such a workhorse and contributed all over our ability, the transparent fluid started overwhelming our skin. So, we took a break after the whole evening struggle. Get some foods, cakes, drinks n others that produced. So our stomach was completely full and I can’t stand anymore, I decided to go back and took a rest as tonight we got other mission that need to accomplished.

We are the kompang players (the only instrument that I think I can play very well) We need to practice well because tomorow our kompang group will escort the adorable bridegroom straight away to brides’ house.

On the Sunday morning, (the day that I should came back to my college), all of my friends planned to go to the beach that almost 3 km from my house. I agreed as everything had set up, we moved over to the beach. After wecreached over there, we didn’t waste our time and take off our apparel and put my swimming trunks on. Then, we all mandi ngan GUMBIRANYER.

Everyone show their own acrobatic skills and try to show their best, this show became more happening when everyone is rebellious to each other. We kept fighting and a bit quarrel but it just a joke and just for fun. We enjoyed it.

Staying for a long time in the cold water make our skin became wrinkled and every my body part was shaking as it was damn cold water… Huuuuu!!!! After gratified inside the water, we aboard to the shore and regain my apparel. My knee was still shaking. It also a great idea even we need to aboard so soon as we got a job to do (Main kompang).

So, we were required to keep up our healthy. The time to show our performance had came, everything was great as we planned. We played as usual, keep steady, relax and cool. After a few round of slappering kompang, we were done. Our performance is really unquestionable as it was absolutely sensational, absolutely magnificent performance showed by us.

No person try to despise or turning down our performance, instead they spewed a lofty praise (wah!!! I’m rily proud maaa at d moment) For you guys out there, if you want to hire our group to escort or done anything, don't be shy to tell me.

Sunday night, nothing much to do, felt so exhausted and I need to take a rest as tomorow I need to ride away to my apartment. So I felt asleep more earlier then usual even I’m not packing my bag pack yet (Ah!!! My intuition told me to do tomorow)

The sunrise came over and I’m falling in fallacy once again. I need to segregate all cloths, which one that I need to wear and left (sakit kepala sedara mara!!!!!) When everything is ready, I made a moved after made a handshake to each my family members and now I’m staying back with my old life as a student.

For those who consider me as their friend, we are being a friends since we were a childish and it seems over a 15 years and one thing that really impress me is even our relations has taken a long time and through any obstacles, but it still standing, we never break up yet and hope it will be like this forever after

Ok young man, see you next month and take care because I’m sleepy rite now. You know why I’m so sleepy? It's because the time now is 3.50 a.m in the dawn. I don't realize it's dawning right now as dawdle of completing this entry. Dammit! So I have to go to bed now since tomorow class will be started at 9 in the morning.

Friday, June 1, 2007


Dear folk,

The time shown is 12.15 o'clock in the noon and the day is Friday, fabulous Friday actually. I’m really excited now and can’t wait for homecoming. After over a month that I didn’t meet or see my entire family, I really miss them so badly. I’m trying to come home in every 2 weeks, but its forgo and totally vain as I’m busy of mundane business rite here.

Today is the day that I’m always counting at. Since last night until right now, I’m quite busy of filling my bag pack with necessary things that I should send back to home. It's pretty tough at the early and I’m totally fallacy when I start to pack my bag pack. I need to segregate all stuffs which one that will be worthwhile in the day ahead. For the rest, I just left them here. I don’t want to burden myself carrying them. On my bag pack list, there are only a pump, a perfume, phone, some shirt, some trousers and so on. It still heavy actually and hope I can reduce something and make it lighter.

Staring at the sky, there is no any sign for the rain to come down. The only thing is the clear cloud is moving crawly. But, as we know, weather is simply fluctuated and unpredictable. Hope my journey to come back to the way that I came from is clear neither from any notion, problems, nor barriers that can cause me trouble. It's really terrible if those crappy problem happen to me today.

If I have to go through the rain, I need to ride carefully and moving crawly in the rain as the road will be suddenly slippery and harmful. If I’m juz ignore and ride as usual, maybe I’ll be banish out from the lane. That what I’m supposed to do if it just a normal rain, if there is a torrential rain, there’s nothing that I can do. The only way is just make a stop by at any shelter that has provided from local authorities or individuals. Yup, there is no resort accept make a stop by at somewhere. If the day is clear, there’s no reason for me to ride slowly, just hit my throttle trigger to the maximum. But still follow the road constitution or if I don’t do so, and the police finds out, oh no man, I’m a dead meat!

Today, I decide to make a move to the boulevard of my homecoming on 3 o'clock in the evening. Starting from my block and through the accommodation’s surveillance gateway and riding away to seremban which is someone is waiting for me. I guess, I don't want to make him to wait for a long time as I’m such a punctual person ..hahahahaha!!!!

His name is wannita, what a qiut name isn't it? He’s a guy and he is the only man that will accompany me until we reach out to my destination. We just ride a bike all the evening and I guess, I’ll reach over there after 3 and half hour on the road. Then, I’ll take a rest for the whole night long (of course after isyak prayer, if I’m just sleep, my parents will accuse me that I’m not doing my obligation as a muslim in this college and start cuddling me)

I’m really sick and tired of riding and you think it’s amusing? Nice ride huh? Only a BIKE or you all have something better than this, a car myb? Please donate to me ok? Obviously, only a bike can bring me to my home right now. After all, this bike is a present as recognition from my father for me after I’m done something that impressed him out but I don't now what I had done. For sure I like and appreciate the worth gift.

Before I begin my journey today, I have changed someting on my vehicle such as tyres, engine oil, put my stripe on and etc. just to make sure that this “kuda” is totally in good condition. All that checklist are already done yesterday and it cost me a big amount of bucks. Even it cost me quite expensive, I’m really satisfied with the results. Perhaps, it makes me ride comfortly n maybe more safely. Who knows rite?

Hope, this stuff will duly work out as it's function. Finally, all the preparation and everything is ready. If I reach in my home safely, I’m really thankful to god and it’s a very gratification that I couldn’t interpret by words. Maybe when you read this article, I’m on my way or almost arrive. So please pray for my safety my friend.