Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Geo is still in the line..cao!!!!!!

For two days in a row starting from Tuesday and the day after, All the UEL students will not have classes as all lecturers are having a camp regarding to the Master Program that will be start in a few months ahead. Well, as everyone aware, this college is starting to develop their standard so that they will attract the people around to join this college. Well, it's looking so profitable to Mr Ooi. Isn't it?

Well, as everyone compromised, all my group members are willing to assemble in the library this morning. It is regarding to the slide show that will be present on this upcoming Thursday. Not to forget, one of the discussion agenda is also talking about the models. For gua, Afiq and Hafis, we are greatly busy within these two days (REALLY BUSY????, well, it's not that serious la). Morning session was finished and we continue in the night. We are in hurry!!!!

what's the models are all about?

These models are about a few layers of soil which are filled with water (saturated soil) and what are we going to do afterwards, we will show to the panel how the Preloading and Surcharging method will help to unsaturated the soil. I pray things will happen as I hope especially for the models.

Despite my report has been submitted, suddenly I've spot a few part that was totally wrong. I just give the wrong ideas inside the report and wish I could do some amendment. Hope Dr. Rasul will allow me so that I'll not worry anymore when I'm thinking the result. Actually, I start to aware this problem when I had a talk with my group members during the presentation's discussion and hope things will be overcome soon even I know that I'm a little bit late for that.

Monday, March 30, 2009

1 down, few to go

The Geo- mechanics assignment has been submitted yesterday right on the time. It's complete after I was put all effort towards the assignment along the night before the date line. Some of the data was fully quoted from related websites as I did during my diploma's days in order to complete my assignment triumphantly. Each minutes, I wish someone could share their reports, but plagiarism is strictly prohibited. We all know that.

I do search a raw data from the websites and also try to obtain any related information and facts regarding to the surcharging/preloading method that implement in this nation. We also try to get a good deal with a company that willing to help us on this. Well, there's someone is contributing more effort for us to form a good report. The guy is Afiq where he able to find many interesting and important facts to attach in the report. furthermore, all the facts are in PDF format and surely, its easy to use once we download and stored in the memory device.

Actually, there is one part that we are not done yet. It's about the presentation and we have to give a short brief about the models. My group will present 3 models during the presentation part but no discussion is made till now. So, have to work on it afterwards.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The chronology of good moments

My hands were full since last week as I couldn't have even a space to update my blog. I was busy with completing my Geo-mechanic report. Plus, the intention to jot down some post was never come even I've been through so many remarkable things and some of them, I was never experienced before. Suppose, I'm very excited but, it’s not happen on that way. The ideas probably tend not to pan out to share my every day story with my regular blog's readers. Some people asking me to update and after brainstorming, I put this opportunity into myself and here we go, the update :).

“The title race is still wide open”. That’s what the commentator said once the match between Mu and Fulham is over. This the second lose in a row after United was beaten by Liverpool 2 weeks ago with many scores. Due to the unexpected result, few teams able to get back their self in dreaming the EPL trophy. Things a little bit absurd for Chelsea after lose the precious point regarding their defeated.

“Earth hour” is one of the campaigns for the mankind to realize the drastic climate change that happen nowadays. The objective is to drive the human to reduce and if possible, to stop from done anything that caused any pollution and directly distorted the climate. I was turn off all lights for an hour and the whole house was dark but different things happen for the international students. I’ve no idea whether they didn’t know or pretending that they didn’t know about the campaign.

This is the most interesting paragraph among others, for the first time, I was challenged myself to climb up the Legenda’s Water Supply Tank for the BUTL area. Some friends were joining this mission and those guys are Epul, Syuk, Gua, Apis and the specialist climber, Mohd Afiq Syazwan Bin Mohd Nasir. We were sneaking inside the area through the narrow space in the dark night and start to climb the ladders. After pass a level to another level, finally we reach at the last platform but still not at the top. We have to climb the vertical ladder and walking to the tank side while our hand is on the handrail. For the first time, I could see the whole Legenda City boundaries from the top and the view is just amazing. You should try this crazy thing where you will enjoy the fantastic view at last. For advice, please don’t try this during the cloudy or you’ll be strike by the light.

5 things that make my retarded face might be punched.

  1. Afiq didn’t feel tired while I was breathing like a hell
  2. Afiq didn’t trembling while my legs were shaking
  3. Afiq stays calm while I’m getting a little bit clumsy once I saw the ground
  4. Afiq’s hands were still on the phone’s keypad while I put the max energy to grasp the handrail
  5. Afiq’s reaction was normal like nothing’s happen while I was amazed to the god’s creation.

Afiq must be proud to the max once he reads this.

(Afiq, gua mintak ampun jika ada salah dan silap)

Sunday, 29th of March, the day that I was looking forward since October last year finally reached out. It was the F1 GP and I admit that I’m obsessed on it since I was a kid. The first round was held in Melbourne where there are many changes regarding the rules and regulation. The objectives are to make this sport to more breathtaking, more competitive and exciting. New record has been created after the new team called BRAWN GP was winning the pole and second position. This is the first appearance for this team and winning the 1st and 2nd place is just a stunning start for them. But, sorry to say this, the looks of all F1 cars are really ugly starting from the downforce, their front wing and the rear wing even the sets of tires are really sucks. After all, that’s the new regulation order.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

mari belajar menge"tagged"

I've been tagged since a few days back and as requested from my colleague (it more to invitation actually) and now, I'm presenting all parts that indicates in this set of questionnaire. All answers are based on my purely thoughts and ideas. I'm barely get the right time to give myself a try and throw away all frustrated things. Yeah, initially, I was forsaken this until my intention suddenly grow to give a shot towards something different. This might be the funny thing for those who can feel it. Just give your best shot pal!

anda perlu menjawab soalan2 dibawah, tapi dengan syarat...
hehehe... kena jawab dalam loghat NOGORI SOMBILAN! hahahaha...

ok! soalan bahasa baku, tapi jawapan mesti loghat nogori tau!!!

soalan-soalan nya ialah

1. nyatakan tempat tinggal anda sekarang
eden tinggal dokek Batu Pahat

2. sudah berapa lama anda berblog?
eden raso, adola tigo tahun lobeyh. jenuh den monuleh, x do sapo pon mahu kasi den anogorah ha.

3. kenapa anda berblog?
eh, ikut suko atie eden la, eden raso eden nak buek belog, eden pon tuleh la. tapi, biasonyo, eden sajo2 jo, suko2 dah x do kojo, nak men game pon, eden lotih.

4. adakah anda akan terus berblog pada masa akan datang?
itu eden tidak pasti lagi la, ado maso, eden tulih la, x do maso, x do kojo eden nak menulih. banyok laie uruse dunio yang eden x buek lagi ni ha

5. apakah loghat negeri sembilan yang paling baru anda pelajari hari ini?
eden raso, godang kot. bukan gudang tu the, eden kato godang atau lobih dikonali sobagai bosa

6. pernahkah anda mendengar NEGERI.FM
eden rasa eden tidak ponah dongar. Radio pon eden x do ni ha.

7. apa pendapat anda tentang blog Eden Budak Nogori?
blog tu memang bagus la. bnyak informasi yang eden dapek tu the.

8. anda suka blog yang berloghat?
eden onn je. eden ni universal reader. kalo dapek loghat sabah ngan kolantan lagi eden goti.

9. adakah anda akan membuat post mengikut loghat negeri anda pada masa akan datang?
itu, eden toray

10. nyatakan orang yang ingin anda tag
eh sapo raso nak cubo, cubo la, x do salah tu do, kang, eden x jomput, ado yang merajuk tu kang.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Saturday is the best day for me to complete any work or task that I couldn’t complete since Monday. Most of the task are regarding to the assignments and reports. I don’t have any problem with the notes as I always attend to the class even sometime I’m really not understand what was I’m studying. Sometime my attention will change the direction to something that has a nice little diversion from the real world. Luckily, there are friends come to pour out their favor to let me understand better.

And again, I got a problem with Eng. Math. It’s hard to find the solution for each question. I’ve a good inception in a way to find the solution but, in the middle, the question becomes annoying. I start to tension after I give them a try in so many times but the result is still beyond the possible. This question is starting to piss me off. So, I should find someone that could help me out but at the mean time, I don’t want to hear “you should understand the concept” anymore. I’ve been working on it by myself but I still didn’t get the pictures. All I want right here is just a little bit guidance.

I could understand the importance to try to grasp everything for my future. But yet I’m indolent to make any effort to improve. So, I try to put myself a little bit of pressure so that I could use my mind to work more often towards the matter. But, people always see me in calm without knowing the real thing that come across in my head.

*Mu vs Fulham and the match is around the corner. Got to go*

Friday, March 20, 2009

today is a bad day :(

Got an eye sored, throat irritation, got a runny nose and some of my body parts are listless. I could feel my body is too weak right now and it start to heat out to the fever. It might be happen because of the extraordinary hot weather and followed the raining days alternately. Walking down under the sun and exposed my skin suddenly to air-conditioner makes the body system gets shocked. Without enough supplements for my antibody, it would ruin out my endurance. I'm not going to wait for it to heal by itself, but I have to find the sufficient vitamin instead!

Good news for all my classmates after Johnny class will be postponed until next weeks and possibly on Friday morning. If this confirmed, it would be hard for the next Friday as I’ll have an Eng. Math for the day long. 3 hours in the morning and continue with another 3 hours in the evening being stuck with calculation and digits absolutely make me insane. Some people like to have this where they could feel the satisfaction once they got the answer for the particular question and make the desire link to another question. perhaps, I'm one of them :p

Do you know how people sometime intently to speak out the wrong ideas to avoid the stupidity inside them? Especially when it’s an awkward discussion, sitting together with wise people around that know things better. When you are waiting for your turn to deliver your opinion to the weird strangers that is sitting next to you. When you prefer to remain as a mute and writing down the ideas from the certain people to avoid from looking at their face by pretending to look busy. It is my friend where he claimed that he knows everything. But the truth is, he's nothing but trouble. This young little jerk just amusing me nicely:0

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love my "Superbike"

It's been a quite sometime I didn't get my "superbike" clean. Finally, today is a good day and suitable moment to get rid all messy things that overwhelming my bike as I could feel it is in extremely miserable condition now. Almost every day since early mid of February the rain was coming down and I couldn't find the best chance to clean up my "superbike".

Well, I planned to wash my bike together - gather with afiq in Mantin. I'm the one who advocate for this since a few couple of weeks ago, but time is always against us and have to adjourn from time to time. Plus, raining day didn't makes thing any better.

Just evening, we went to Mantin with the sole intention to find any car wash there. We already know about the certain car wash available. Unfortunately, most of the car wash is full with cars and we decide to find another place. Finally we find it and let the workers to do their part.

washing in progress

*After few minutes waiting, the bike is ready to ride*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Geo mechanics - in progress

I just got back from Melaka after almost a half day being there. The new mission was accomplished where my group needs to attend one appointment regarding to our Geo project. The project title is Surcharging or Preloading and we have been asked to find one site regarding this method and produce a model.

Well, for general info, I’ll brief based on what I have done so far and if any of you aware of the mistakes, even a teeny – weeny, you are allowed to deliver your opinion, suggestion or even comment. Write down in any section that you think is suitable. There’s nothing wrong here as long as it is not an offensive situation. I’m open to accept any criticism and I’ve nothing to against it.

So, preloading or surcharging is consolidation accelerates under a few meters of placed fill and almost stops when surcharge is removed usually in place for about one year before construction. Meaning, let say, there is a weak soil formation (saturated soil) that unable to restrain the load from building, surcharging will be act as temporary load at the top of the soil. At the same time, the water from the saturated soil will be drained out and the settlement will occur. Well, u got the pictures?

The situation goes like this, my friend’s father (En Nordin) help us out with finding one site for our Geo project. With his help, we able to have an appointment with one consultant that involve in geo field but still not a specialist in this field. It’s not the problem to us as long as we could see the data or any important explanation. The consultant is O&L (juruteta perunding) and the engineer is Mr. Fadhil. He’s a cool man, and very knowledgeable as he knows almost every project that currently in progress all around in Malaysia.

The worst thing is, we were not prepared enough, we still not clear about the surcharging and we have no idea what types of question should be ask. Things not even better after I was appointed as a leader on the spot once Mr. fadhil ask about the group leader. I was a little bit clumsy as I’m not ready to hold that position. I was suddenly getting promoted. I’m not trembling but a bit nervous when he asking me what do I know about the Preloading. Well, I try to answer him with whatever words that comes inside my mind. Few friends come for the back up and I could say I’m saved :)

Unfortunately, the site is not currently available. We try to find the vertical drain project that possibly in progress so that it easy for us to process the data. According to him, it’s rare to find any vertical drain project nowadays. Most of the contractor prefers to use another method to reduce the cost (vertical drain is the most expensive method).

The meeting continues for quite some time before we decide to stop. Still many things need to pursue before we come back to college. We went for sightseeing as it’s hard to have another chance to travel in Melaka and Afiq needs to take his Mara agreement form at Tampin. The journey takes time and we have to move early.

At first, Mr. fadhil couldn’t hand us the data because he has to find it first, but someone (Nordin’s friend) has something that we wanted so badly. Well, we were not going back with nothing; at least, still have a few data that we able to obtain and will be processed later.

On the way back, we have stop by at Afiq's for quick break. We left Afiq's and went to Ampangan after someone is planning to eat "roti john". I could say that it is the delicious "roti john" i ever eat. Even it's quite expensive compare than usual "roti john" that easily to find, but I'm very satisfied. It was the great dine and I can't wait to have another go :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is the best thing you have ever bought during the Pc fair?

Some paragraph is not relevant to the title itself, yet, still help you to learn something new in order to proceed your daily basis or even your social activity.

Well, finally my hard disk is full and need to look for a new one as soon as possible. This time, I'm looking for 500 gigabyte for sure as the price is slightly cheaper nowadays. If possible, i would like to have 1 tera but depends on the price whether it's logic or not.

Currently, my CPU has internal storage device with capacity exactly 240 gigabyte stored in and the space is still not enough. It's full with videos, songs, movies, tons of pictures, assignments and miscellaneous stuff. So, any unnecessary data is going to be deleted in order to find more free space so that my processor able to run freely. I'll do afterwards once I'm free

Seems that my storage device hunting is way easy more than I expected. That what was I guess initially once I saw the banner advertised about the PC fair in my college starting on 16th March continuously until 18th March. Unfortunately, thing's not happen as i wish.

When we talk about PC fair, our mind will generate an ideas related to the electronic gadgets, it must be full with booth that selling their things, their hardware and mostly about the computer's part. But here, I'm just can't to stop laughing during writing this post.

From my point of view, I could say that some commodities are relate enough to computer's stuff but not at all. Some stuff is nothing to do with computers. Plus, only a few booth is open for run their business and it's clearly that this PC fair is not like what everyone's really wanted so badly. Not many person or alliance involved and took part can support my statement. I wonder if this event could be the yearly activity.

I thought this PC fair would help me out in overcome my problem but its pointless. The price is way expensive compare to the market price. They might think that this would be profitable by using the "PC fair" good name. This could be a good platform for those who think they can expand their business but not for the greedy. Hope they didn't misjudge this.

In my case, I'm asking about the internal hard disk with capacity of 500 gigabyte or 1 tera if possible towards the seller and he replies, "oh sorry, there are no such thing in our store". Then he shows us the another brand new hard disc and from there I could know that he never do a research about the price. So, have to wait again till another day for my storage device hunting.

I'm screw up. The assignment submission date is fortnight ahead and the progress is damn slow and almost nothing. So, gotta do something. Fully quoted from any related website if possible and to whom it may concern, could you make an extension regarding the date please?. Perhaps u say "ok" and I'll buy you lunch set :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

the journey ends ~ part 2

Monday morning, the start of a new week and many dread to get themselves back to work after a relaxing weekend or Sunday. but, I'm not relaxing during my weekend day. oooo great!!!!

Arrive to my house 10 minutes past over 7 p.m. and I entered from the back door make my whole family members get surprised (except my father, he’s not around and went to Surau). Telling them what exactly happen, my mum collect all documents required before I off for photocopy session. At the same time, I show her a few parts that must have to be signed. If one sign is missing, I probably miss the contract. Perhaps, it’s not going to happen la kan. The form isn't complete on that way, still many things need to fill down but I’ll do the rest later.

Time goes by very fast and I don't have a time for break until the midnight. After everything is complete, I went to sleep right away so that I could wake up on the next following morning. Just a blink of eyes, it was a Monday morning and I’ve to rush and catch my shuttle bus. So, mathematically, I was in my home for only 13 or 14 hours and I don’t have time to rest sufficiently after my energy is working out more than usual.

This time, the bus station is not crowded like yesterday. It’s easy for me to walk everywhere without problems. Search for my ticket center and got an early ticket at 9.30 am is a good start today because I’ve a class in the evening. The bus seems pretty interesting where it is a new bus and the driver just push the acceleration's trigger to travel, no more gears to change, no more time to waste, and no more annoying momentum. I absolutely love it :)

After 4 hours in the way including from Seremban to Mantin, finally I was reached in this college safely. Give a phone call to my friend so that he could fetch me at the junction and after few minutes time through a few situations, I could see my room at last.

Enough for this time and I think this is a long babbling. I should stop here because my tummy is suffering. I’m starving and will grab my dine set now.

the journey continue ~part 1


So, I reached into this college since this afternoon around 1.30 p.m. and rushed to my apartment to get myself prepared so that I could attend my Geo-mechanic class promptly on time. But I was enter the room at 15 minutes past over 2 p.m

The journey continue,

the journey begins promptly at 2.30 and heading to Terminal 2. At first, the bus is not full with passengers but once the driver went to fetch some people in Terminal 2, the bus is suddenly get congested. I couldn’t see any single seat left and obviously all passengers couldn’t sit comfortably.

And, I want to reveal something here that I never been in a double-decker bus ever and this is the first time I’m traveling with it. Nothing is different compare with the normal bus except I could see the top of any vehicles along the road. Once I know that I’ll travel with the bus, I’m planning to sit at the front so that I could see the clear view without hindrances. Unfortunately, I’m not quite fast for that because someone is sitting there already. So, I’ve to sit a few rows back away from the front sit. Pity me.

Sitting for few hours in narrow space and without any movements make my hips feel so uncomfortable. It’s getting better once the bus reached over the station and I’m looking for a shuttle bus right away. I try to reach to my home before the twilight take part as I manage for homecoming on that way since the very beginning.

Starring the surrounding, there are a lot of people and some of them are crumbs. So many freaks do strolling around to nowhere. Most of them are foreigner worker and I could feel that I’m on vacation in Bangladesh, Indonesian, Myanmar and Nepal as well. Not to forget for the local youngster, wasting time around the station and do weird things. Not being nosy, but their attitude is not show a good civilization of Malaysian people.

To be continue….

I have an evening sport now. I’ll be back in shortly.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quick updates...

I'm in Aladdin cybercafe which is inside the Terminal 1 shopping center, around the retail shop facade and I've no idea which level. I'm trying to kill my free time while waiting for my bus to depart to Johor. So, I'm directly blogging in this cybercafe :)

Oh shit, I lost in thousands words now...think kamarul...think kamarul..ok, i'll make this simple:
  1. I was oversleep this morning until my housemate woke me up at 10 a.m by knocking the door and try to pull the knob.
  2. But, the door wasn't open as I forget to unlock before I sleep in the night. So, he knocks harder.
  3. Reach to the Terminal 1 at 11.30 a.m and without wasting times, I'm looking for the ticket to Batu Pahat.
  4. Unfortunately, the latest bus was departed at 10.30 a.m and I've no option except to buy the ticket for 2.30 p.m as shown in the bus traveling scheduled.
  5. I got 3 hours time gap without any plan and here i go, I'm in Aladdin cybercafe for killing boring time.
  6. Gaming and Chatting as the main objective followed by games and navigating a few websites.
Many things happen since Friday and I'm not going to elaborate more as I have too limited time here. In Friday evening, I got a phone call from EF (Education Facilitator) that MARA agreement has been arrived and I've to fill all the form. So many blanks space need to be filled make my wrist in painful. Plus, I've to go back to my home town again after just a week in college. So, what I'm going to do now is, i need to make a few photocopy of my parents identification details, account's book and the most important part is, all the photocopy sheets must be recognized first before i could attach to the form. That's compulsory and I'm going to surprised my family once they see me.

On the Saturday night, the big match was held between Mu against Liverpool. This is the game that everyone couldn't miss especially the fans of MU and Lpool. But finally, as everyone know, Mu lost the game with many goals after defeated by 4 goals to a goal. So embarrassing result from the Old Trafford make MU's fan depressed. Plus, mocking by the Lpool's fan make the circumstances worst. Once again my ear's full with annoying voice. I never think Sir Alex is on pressure now because Mu is still in the line to the victory. If anyone ask me :

"Marul, are you going to change your direction to Liverpool?"..and I'll reply,"I'm still remain as Mu fan, win or loose, red devil is always in my heart as long as my cardiovascular able to pump up my blood". Full stop

The game was an absolutely breathtaking in the early. MU got a first goal by penalty kick after Park was stumbled down against Reina challenged. Vidic just not perform well in that night where he unable to stop Torres from score the equalizer. Thing is getting worst after Gerard stumbled inside the MU's penalty box cause by the vital tackle from Evra. Sir Alex do a few changes and use all substitutions he could have to change the set of formation for more attacking style. Nothing good is happening as he hopes where Vidic was send off by the referee after his reckless pressure against Gerard. From this moment, Lpool is on fire where they increase the goals from 2 to 4 goals in 90 minutes match.

Later that night, my friends and I plan to do some Mathematical problem that we got yesterday. we just start the new topic where it is more challenging than any other topic before. we plan to go to McD. The main reason why we choose this place is because there's no time boundaries so that we could able to find out all the solution tranquilly and not under pressure.

*Time is ticking quickly and I've to go now. The bus is waiting and I'll updates later. The journey begins*

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The next obsession after Sumandak!!!

I went for sightseeing yesterday and saw something that grabs my attention on the spot. It was a black Mitsubishi Airtrek travel along the way to Seremban, it’s a fully modified where the front and the rear bumper has been change that makes the Airtrek more fancy. It’s hard for me to look at the rims and the brakes while it’s moving fast and surely it costs a lot of money.

To be frank, I never realize about the existence of this model and it was in the market for ages. Seriously, I fall in love with Airtrek since the first time I saw it travelled along the road with pride and honors (it’s a lame statement, isn’t it?). Airtrek now is one of the greatest cars on my “dream list”.

The most part that attracting me are the design of interior and the exterior of the car itself. You should check it out by yourself from the suspension until the aero dynamic. I’m not interested anymore to Honda Jazz as I'm dreaming of in the first place but I start to obsess with the most recent car I found just now.

So, I browsed on the internet and find out many related links that caught my eyes instantly. I went to investigate the contents and obviously, I could see many different version of Airtrek after a few modifications was made and downloaded it into my PC. I viewed to the whole pictures over and over again and it’s loaded with my compliment.

Unfortunately, I’m failed to gather any further information about the features and characteristics of the engine where some people is very obsess on it. But I believe, all engines part must be a hi-tech machine so that it could be balance and produce an outstanding performance towards the Airtrek itself.

*back to assignments*

Check the pictures out. All views are so adorable.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bengong punyer cerita!!! cao!!!!

I just got back from a movie trip with a few classmates in Seremban where the movie’s title is Dragon ball Evolution (DBE). Honestly, It’s a really suck movie I ever watch. What do I mean here is, the rumors claimed that this movie will going to be the best selling in worldwide once it release out as everyone eager to watch. It’s pretty good that this anime is finally being made into a movie but finally, it disappointing everyone. It just embarrassing you and make yourself look really dump and ridiculously stupid. Do you? What the fish!!!

Some people are complaining about the unclear story line, casting and what so ever and most of them are from the DBZ fans. But for me, all parts are just flopped the movie and no one is expecting the outcome will be worst like this. Anyways, I’m noticed a few parts that make me so pissed off even I’m not obsessed on DBZ. The parts are:

The favorite character is always GOKU and yet letting a kid that not even an Asian to play the role of GOKU is just not right.

BULMA with black hair and she can't even fight. That's not natural.

The next worst part is PICCOLO. He looks horrid.

The origin GOKU isn't from the earth and we all know that.

The ending is not thrilled enough and something is missing.

It might be a bit too annoying to watch in the first place but I was in the line to watch it. Well, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not going to judge something without seeing it first. After all, the title is DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION and not DRAGONBALL Z. For better expression, take a quick tour on related website and explore by yourself my friends

And for the last but not least, to all Level 3 students, good luck for your presentation and all the best. Apa yang penting?....kerjasama......

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Glory Glory Man Utd!!! (sing out loud my frend)

Woke up early just want to catch football match where my favorite team against Inter Milan for the second leg. I miss the match for 30 minutes early as I overslept and forget to lock my alarm before I sleep. I found out that MU has score a goal in early match time make my eyes suddenly fresh to stare on the screen. I miss the good moment as well for sure.

Mu is completely control the game even Inter Milan is always threatening the MU goalie to find the equalizer or a winning goal. After 49 minutes game, the Theater Of Dream is shaking again by the roar of MU fan after Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the 2nd goal.

So, mathematically, MU is qualify for the quarter final by wining aggregate goal to 2 – 0 after defeating Inter Milan. One step ahead to catch the trophy and I am not one to boast about my love for MU but I got quite an ear full when MU were draw with Inter Milan in the first leg.

The Title race is wide open now. Three games remain in hand and hopefully MU will be able to capitalize and winning all matches. Jose Maurinho and Juan de Ramos claim the UEFA champion league has lost their magic. Benitez is more vocal after his surgery. The UEFA champion league is just about to heat up and that is why it’s the BEST league in the World. Even though I have never been to Manchester or will I ever live there but I am supporting them with pride, win or lose, A Red devil is always a Red Devil!!

Drama! More Drama! And More Drama! That’s the beauty of football.

*Class will start in 10 minutes time. So, got to run now*

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pressure start to flare up in me. I could feel it.... dammit!!!

Went to laboratory since this morning until lunch time to conduct two types of lab works which the purposes are to determine the coefficient of discharge and the determination of laminar and turbulent flow. These lab works are the compulsory part of the Hydraulic subject that I’m running now and it is a prerequisite to each student to get the first class marks. After all, it’s one of the terms and condition for the student to graduate from this UEL program.

teaching flume

We form a group in couple weeks ago before we could start the research. The 1st activity is quite easy as we have done and experienced before. By using a teaching flume, we are requested to take a reading as a raw data before we have to transfer into the particular equation. There are various types of weirs available that we have to install and uninstall before we could note down all data. This work is progressing very smooth as everyone able to understand all kinds of applications and also the function itself.

minor part of the laminar and turbulent flow machine.

2nd activity is quite tough where this is the 1st time we do a research by using that machine. It’s not too hard to implement, but lacking of information and blurry instruction didn’t make things any better. Plus, once we plan to start the work, the machine is not working until the maintenance came to take a look on it. After few minutes times, the maintenance able to figure out an error on that machines. The “emergency Stop” was stuck into the socket and consequently, the electric power couldn’t be connected.

Even the machine can be function now, but it still not fully recovered. There still a drawback where the laminar tube still can’t be use. So, we skipped that part and proceed to the next one. Something is not right with the reading’s mark because it moves too fast and over the scale (we have to use a stopwatch to count every second when the mark on the reading’s scale arises). So, we decided to stop and wait until the other group turns to see what they able to do. Plus, the lecturer is not around to guide us.

Few minutes waiting is not passed us freely, we do a short exploration of each part of the machine until another group arrived. Have a quick discussion with them and let them conduct this 2nd experiment. Initially, same thing goes with them where they couldn’t take a reading. Luckily, there are a few brilliant people able to understand how to conduct the machine properly (they spot an error and they are the most intelligent people in my class). We do it once again until we are able to obtain the data (to be frank, I’m still doubt with the results).

Next step that I’m going to proceed are to analyze the data, take pictures of every single apparatus, calculate some particular equation and combine them to form a complete report. For the laminar data, my lecturer will take a responsible by spoonfeed us. So, I’ll work with series of numbers again.

*back to work*

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wise in spending

I realize that I’m losing loads of money recently while I’m happy to spend it. The money is flow out like water through along the pipeline once the hose is open. So, what I’m going to do now is to trace back the money so that I could be able to see the outcome in each investment and expenditure I did. Some people do reckon the money wouldn’t be refundable but it still useful as a reference to the next expenditure. I’ll start to do the money trackbacks.

Most people usually have monthly tracking of their expenditure based on their income whether side income or regular income. Some people also do in weekly due to the budget they have. But for me, I did both weekly and monthly depend on the usage that I have to spend during my Diploma days. The plan helps me to make sure that I’m still within the budget (for real, sometimes it went over the budget). But since for the past few months, I never do any trackbacks as I’m spending my money so freely.

For starting, I’ll do a weekly tracking because I think it's easier on that way, at least then I’ll know precisely how much that I can spend weekly rather than monthly (if monthly tracking, there are so many days to count which at the end of the month, I believe it must be over the budget. Isn’t it?).

So, to train myself to be wiser in spending, I’ll jot down my expenditure during my recent holiday as inception in shortly. It’s absurd for me to do the trackback starting from a couple months back. Meaning, there are so many purchases I was made and I can’t remember each one of it. I’ll avoid from buy any unnecessary stuff for sure. Not for being stingy or miserly but I’m learning to save money for future. Maybe for further education, any emergency case, get married :), for fancy cars and massive bungalow.

Back to calculation and equation *sigh* (eng. Math sucks!!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

I never know live is so fabulous

Three days duration is almost over exactly in 12 hours remaining and I'm arrived in this college just now. Feeling a bit tired after ride my bike since 7 o’clock until 10.30 o’clock in the morning and somehow, I’m getting relief after I could see my room.

Reminiscing the past two days when I was in BP, nothing much I can do except dedicating myself on my auntie’s wedding. Everyone was busy preparing the events including my whole families, friends and also the villagers (no wonder why everyone was so busy, we live in the same residential area where everyone need to work as a team to ensure my auntie’s wedding is perfectly successful).

Well, even the situation couldn’t be as I wish in the early, I’m still satisfied with a few things that I tough it possibly not going to happen. It’s probably a goodness that was granted by the god to me as replies of something that I couldn’t get from him before.

Things that I wish I could do:

  1. Able to see FAEZA (who’s FAEZA????)
  2. Eat Keropok lekor nearest to the shore
  3. Visit some old friends while all of them are on leave (probably Ridwan, and Izwan)
  4. Play Sepak Takraw with some expert people
  5. Jalan – jalan batu pahat
  6. Watch movies (I never went to cinema since last year and the last movie I watch err…..i just can’t recall)
  7. Do some revision (the possibility is low)
  8. Menyapu sampah (the possibility is very low)
  9. Lap tingkap (the possibility is ZERO)
Things that I did along the past two days (completely different with the initial plan):
  1. Fetch my younger sister from her tuition classes
  2. Guard my house while everyone’s away to somewhere only they know. (I was strictly prohibited to left my house…hek eleh…..)
  3. Give a big amount of energy and favor during my auntie’s wedding in progressed (serious shit).
  4. Wherever I have time to relax, I’ll fall asleep as long as no one tends to wake me up.
Few pictures that I'm able to snap while everyone didn't aware of my cheap camera is about to appear:

washing all plates that were used by all guests

some people tend to sit and have a cit cat. i consider them as "orang lamo"

dry out the plates

team work + team spirit. (chey~wah)

nasi is about to serve

budak - budak basuh cawan. kerja senang jer tu

I've no idea how come this guy aware of my camera but he got a style.

jenuh ler nak membasuh!!!!

I'm fine with both kids but not the guy with the stripe's shirt, he just skipped away from his duty. Bad boy

periuk - periuk ni mahal harganya

*no caption's available here*

"My responsibility is to do all inspections and ensure all works are progressing well"
(aku tipu)

The way how this people served all foods in any big events such as a wedding ceremony are still the same since the ancient time. Nowadays, they still follow the tradition and let it lives alongside their life, same thing what the ancestors did. Nothing much is changing. Since I was a kid, only a few things were changed after they think it is necessary follow the time revolving.

I do reckoning, after all, this is a better way to maintain this tradition from disappeared and at the same time, it will create and develop a prosperity and peaceful life among the tribe.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm not around for few days

"I'll start my journey on Saturday, 7 o'clock in the morning and will be back after 2 days where it's on Monday"

I never think for homecoming since i was enrolled myself in 2nd semester for my bachelor. I was told by my classmates that we will have a leave in this coming Monday as our respect for the born of prophet Muhammad S.A.W. As his mankind, I'm very grateful and very thankful to ALLAH as I was born in Islam and become a Muslim.

So, as everyone could see, i have 3 days off in a row where those days are starting from Saturday, Sunday and including one public holiday (Monday). Its a very useful chance for me actually. As a student who is studying away far from my family, this precious time would be a chance for me to come to my home town and meet them. That's what I'm looking forward now and I'm start to count it down from now on.

So, there's nothing to think about, i should grab my bag pack and packing all necessary things now. I tend to carry a light bag pack so that my back is not in pain. I'm thinking to bring some notes so that I would make some revision regarding what was i had learned in the class back then. Alright, my bag pack will be ready in shortly.

"to do list" during the holiday:
  1. Study - do some revision and exercises
  2. farming work (tanam ubi kot)
  3. contribute something for my auntie's wedding. (we used too closed in ages and now she's gonna be someone's wife. Congratulations cik indah:))
  4. Menyapu sampah (too good to be true)
  5. Lap tingkap (too good to be true)
(Seems that my hands will full for few days ahead. Sigh*)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

i wish life was as nice as it used to be :)

There is Pasar Malam in this college yesterday. As usual, I went there with few friends to buy some foods for dinner. Everyone is not stingy or even cheapskate. The sole motivation of us painstakingly to spend our money is because we were starving. Even the smells from the surrounding have stimulated our appetite.

There’s a loads of food available in front of us and we couldn’t resist the temptation but we were unable to finish all. Everyone’s full and no more space in our tummy is available. For the balance, we take away and keep it in the freeze so that we could finish it later. I’m still wondering, what happen to my biological cells? I do eat many sets of heavy meal so that I could be able to gain more weight, but the result is pointless and hopeless.

Night wasn’t over in that way, at 10 p.m. my friends and I have a futsal invitation for friendly match at Seremban. This match didn’t please me because my stomach is still full with variable types of foods. If I know things will happen like this, I’m very sure that I’ll reject the invitation in the first place. During the match, we were never serious even we were against the team that we never know where are they come from (They are totally strangers for me).

we realize that we are playing with the very experienced team. They play with very tactical formation and most of them are very skillful. Compare to our team, we just a beginner and rare to play futsal. Most of us are into Rugby, Takraw and etc. but the best things is, we were not under pressure instead I can see the opponent team is quite stress with the way we played. We just enjoy and never dream to win over the game. Plus, a few members from our team have a fever.

Non-stop play for an hour is really making me suffered. It force my hearts to pump the bloods rapidly way from it supposed to be. Once the match finish, we take a short break for a couple minutes before we decide to play table tennis. I prefer to play table tennis rather than a futsal. Futsal is killing the hell out of me. No extra charge for the table tennis makes me more enthusiastic on it. After a couple of minutes, we heading back to the way we came from.

Mu is on fire. This club is leading the EPL League after winning over Newcastle by scores 2 – 1 in Thursday early morning. I missed the match but it doesn’t matter for me as long as they keep winning.

Class was started on 8 o’clock in the morning while I was still awake at 2.30 a.m. in Thursday morning. Luckily, I was able to wake up to attend the class even my body is very exhausted after friendly match last night.

Obviously, I’ve been busy in every night that full with unnecessary activities; I should reduce these unnecessary activities and spend more time for books. Probably, my pop will lose his temper once he finds out (impossible, Encik Nordin is more tolerable and understanding now, he is getting older). Everyone's getting ready for the future while I'm still stuck in the present.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sate Kajang :)

Went to Kajang last night with a few members and moved out from the accommodation surveillance's gateway promptly at 10 o'clock in the night (it's not promptly at 10, its 10 something, around 10.20 or 10.30 in the night). we moved by two cars which are belonging to syabiz and epool, we decide to stop by at pekan Mantin to settle down some fundamental business. Draw some money and filled the car's tank with sufficient gas before we move straight to Sate Kajang Haji Samuri.

There was no traffic jammed along the way and also, the road wasn't congested like during the peak hour time makes our journey was really smooth until the location. The place is located near by to the Stadium and the distance is not too far from our accommodation. It just about 20 to 25 km (based on my calculation) and it takes only 20 - 30 minutes (based on my assumption) but still depends on the road situation, condition and the car's acceleration.

Reach out to the venue at 11 o'clock, I can say that the place was just fine where it's not too crowded (it wasn't a public holiday). Without wasting any seconds, we make an order follow everyone's appetite and desire. I managed for not take any foods since the evening so that I could enjoy myself the taste of greatest foods there. Clearly I'm starving like a hell.

After a short time of waiting, sate was served and ready to eat. obviously, i eat until my mouth unable to digest the meals. After all, my stomach has a limited size and cannot sustain the meal anymore after reach over the capability. The taste was great and it start to stimulate everyone's appetite. There is a minor different regarding the price for each sate where it is more expensive than before but it still affordable. The management and hospitality also stunning, absolutely stunning.

its time to go back after spending almost two hours there with eating and chatting. on the way back, we decide to make a stop by and stroll around the Metro Kajang area. we just want to observe the transvestite people for fun and it didn't take long. few times were passed, we were crawly move back to d apartment through the dark night.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reality is sucks

Internet connection was disconnected since two days ago and it's well functioned like the way it used to be now. It just took a few hours time (almost 2 days) but enough to pissed everyone. All activities were interrupted and need to delay until the connection to recover back and consequently, got a bunch of works at the same time will irritating everyone's head.

Same thing goes to me, I couldn't online my messenger, couldn't open any web page while I need them, can't search any information that required and so on. This is uncommon situation for me who always used the network as my good resources. Hopefully, it's not happen while I'm trying to complete my assignment at last minute time where the due date is almost over.

My sanity is suddenly break down where I need to be alone for a while. Maybe I'm over stressed due to a few problems. I have to find some space to relax and stay out from any mundane affairs. I'll be fine soon. Its just happen once in a while where your mind and inner are pushing over the limits. Got so many problems now and the major part are from Engineering math, few electronic gadgets are not working properly and Fluid. Those problems didn't make things any better except worst.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Stop fooling around kamarul!

"I wish I could be stronger enough so that I could be able to live by myself"

This semester is the suckest semester I ever had. Almost three days in a row, my class will start at 8 o’clock in the morning which are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (class will start at 10 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday and Friday respectively). There are 6 – 5 hours of lectures time for those days except on Thursday and Friday where only 3 hours of lectures are taking place.

Due to the situation above, I have to wake up at 6.30 a.m. for subuh prayer and obviously, there is no chance for me to continue my sleep as I do previously. I’m going to make a confession that I missed my subuh in so many times, I have to do something to prevent this from happen continuously. I do to set my alarm clock in 3 different times but it doesn’t make it. Plus, the extraordinary cold weather didn’t make things any better. Sleep early should be at the first place so that the determination and willpower would be come first.

Today is one of those days where I have to wait until the clock shows up the time at 7.30 a.m. I’ll take my bath, puts my shirt and pants on, put some perfume and tidy myself before I step out to my class. The other thing that pissed me off, all classes will start promptly on time and also finish promptly on time. We are insisted to rush towards the class or all doors will be locked from the inside. Dammit. Time to go, I’m running out of time now.

Still not to forget, assignments brief was released out since the 1st week. Those assignments could be annoying the hell out of me. The submission dates are still way to come, so, its honeymoon. (Off to class).

I know that I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than this guy

even a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than them

As I expected, MU won the Carling Cup title after their struggled against the spurs during the final match last night. The champion was determined by penalty shoots out where the scores are 4 - 1. Ben foster is awarded as “The man of the match”. GLORY GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!!!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Engineering math is pretty TOUGH

Engineering Math is getting annoying from time to time as the time goes by. The same thing goes with Geo-mechanics and Hydraulics. There are tones of formula, equations and symbols need to be memorized in order to solve a simple question but still complicated. All three subjects that I'm taking in this 2nd semester for my degree are all about calculations where it's very benefit for those who loves numbers

Feel like my brain is going to explode for thousands pieces, I keep trying all crappy questions since the last class which is on last Friday evening (this statement is clearly not true, i tend to have a cit cat with some friends). The question is quite simple but the way to find the answer is pretty hard. it's so complicated where I need to remember every single steps starting from the 1st, followed by 2nd and proceed to the last. My emotion is breaking down during this process and it's not working out as i wish (sigh).

Reminiscing for 3 or 4 years back, I was learn this kind of calculation during my high school. But now, I completely forget what was I learned. Nothing much I can do now except to refer back all notes and make some revision. I should do more practices to ensure my brain to work as is suppose to.

I would take 10 minutes time for break after those questions stick up around me for quite some time, annoying the hell out of me. Could someone take all books and notes away from my sight please?. 10 minutes time passed already, got to work back :(

(10 minutes time is not enough to restore back my emotion :()