Saturday, April 10, 2010

good news, bad feeling

Even we were presenting our safety policy yesterday, I feel very disappointed with our pace. There are a few moments that I have not divulged yet, something happen behind the scene and I want to share this:
  1. We don't expect Mr D allowed us to present our safety policy yesterday as he told me that he wanted to see my design beforehand even it just a single dot.
  2. As I was determined to present my not-done-yet design yesterday, nothing else was prepared apart from the design slide.
  3. We canceled the presentation for design part and replaced with safety policy. Unfortunately, the slide was not ready yet.
  4. While others group were presenting their project, mathematically we had only one an half hour to get the slide ready. Within the time constraint, we struggled in making the content as great as possible.
  5. During presentation, a lot of questions and critics had been given and most of them were making us look so much pathetic.
Morning: As the date of FYP draft submission is tomorrow and my report is not done yet, still many things need to touch up and no proper arrangement is made, I have no option left except to take the forbidden resort. I was absent for Water class today :(

Evening: We suppose to be free from any evening class today but in order to replace a few slot of lecture sessions that were canceled beforehand, the lecturer decided to conduct the replacement class today. Mr D announced the date of FYP draft submission is postponed until this coming Thursday. Thank god, I have enough time now to settle everything in the report.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Design oh Design

Previously, I mentioned about Mr D that wants to see my roadway design, unfortunately, I was not prepared anything and the design is not ready as well. So, to make sure I'm able to fulfill the lecturer's order, I took a few drastic actions to reflect with the unexpected situation.

So I was looking for Gerald and luckily, he wants to help me out. Well, I have a good start for the design and I can see the fragment of light at the end of the tunnel. Learning MXROAD from him was so convenience, indeed. I'm highly appreciated all kindness that he has shown to me :)

He was helping me a lot last night as I insisted him to guide me in designing the roadway. He just gave me simple instructions and step by step procedures so that I could run the software by myself. I wonder how come he knows pretty well each step and sequence in order to run the software properly. Surely he was putting much effort on that :)

However, it is not easy to utilize this software. You need to practice many times and get familiar with the panel that pop out in your monitor once you click at certain buttons. As a beginner, there is no option for me except to nod approvingly Gerald's instructions. At the same time, I need to work closely with the manual handout :(

After working on it for the whole night, I need to admit that I failed to complete the design - only 25 % of the design is done. However, I managed to present whatever the outcome, regardless the comment and the mark that I'll get.

Morning, before the class is about to start, I confessed to Mr D that I'm not ready to present my design. He replied that I need to present whatever I have that time to avoid my group's progressed left behind the schedule. So, I asked him back whether is it possible if I want to skip the design part and present my safety policy. Well he agreed and I was officially present the safety policy today.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bad day, bad luck :(

Sadly to say that today's life was pretty much hectic. It began with our suck performance during the presentation. Simply to say that all our hard works for all this while and time we had dedicated to look this chapter 4 more fantastic is just pointless.

We came to the hall with a big hope and high expectation to become the most effective and has high quality group but all of them were ended up with a huge bunch of disappointment. Well, I think that I should blame myself as I didn't apply some of the wording standard. Not only me actually, but to all my group members, we should analyze back the mistakes we had committed.

Things didn't get any better after we were the first group to present and we were not well prepared for that. I was a little bit clumsy and completely lost my direction after the lecturer keep condemned each slide that we presented to the audience. I was totally struck by the constant panic attack until to present my slide, I was speechless.

The most horrible thing is, Mr D wants to see my highway design tomorrow and I didn't do anything even the single line. Will try to find Gerald and seek for his favor as he is the one who knows how to run almost all the applications in MXROAD software.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

presentation - we are so much ready :D

Well, today was a busy day like any other days before but still, I could manage everything pretty well. I was conducting two different meetings with my group members in order to complete some parts of our CMID project.

Everyone knows that the presentation session had been canceled last Thursday. Obviously, our group was missed the precious time to present the utilities part after being effected due to the cancellation of the class. So, this coming Wednesday (tomorrow) would be the replacement day and the judgment day for our performance in delivering the utilities part of the highway project.

I was conducting a mini-meeting last night as some of my group members had grabbed some important data and necessary layout after went back from their appointment with one particular consultant. It seems that our work is easier as everything is ready to elaborate and only a few things need to have a significant modification. Yet, still a lot of works need to do.

Morning, water class was great, Mdm H started to focus on assignment and we covered a few questions from the assignment brief. I get myself the solution for a few problems and will be typing them out in word document later. Will figure out the rest questions as well.

Evening, Once again I gave a call to all my group members and try to complete everything so that we don't need to conduct another meeting at the night. Seriously, I'm fed up with it and I just can't take it anymore. Anyway, I got to discipline myself and be more assertive leader :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

FB temporary ban competition

It's Monday today, the first day in every week which all people will continue in doing their work, responsibility, task force and so on after they get their body fully restored in the entire Sunday. Well, Monday is just another day off for my classmates and I as we don't have any class today. YEAY!

Today, I start to focus on my FYP and manage to complete everything that indicated in chapter 4. Still, I got a few parts in my grasp that I need to skip first such as the layout to depict certain location of my project which I need to use my poor ability in Auto Cad software. Will try to sketch by my own rather than seek any experts.

Oh, my friend comes out with crazy suggestion. It's like a competition - Say no to FB from today until 30th April. Meaning, those people who are interested to take part in this kind of competition, they need to deactivate their FB community account over the time range.

It's likely a temporary ban for FB. All contestants are not allowed to comment or reply or even to open the page along the time period. The winner will be determined to anyone who is able to retain himself/herself from break the terms and conditions until 30th April. By the way, no specific rewards for the winner even the consolation prize will never show up. Well, this competition sounds lame isn't it?

Yet this is such a good way for us to concentrate to our FYP and CMID project. When I come to think about it again, most of the time, certainly when I'm doing my reports, FB will be always distracting my attention as I keen to think about it especially whenever I have any incoming email in my mailbox. Am I addicted to FB? no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crunch time = saat genting

Last time, I had a meeting with Mr D at his home and before we were allowed to go back to our accommodation, he gave us some sort of schedule as guidance for us to follow. That sort of schedule is all about the time and session that we have to meet and then let him to inspect our progress. From the schedule of time, it's requiring us to submit the draft and rendezvous at his place again to conduct a meeting at Monday's night which is tomorrow.

Just now, my phone was ringing and from the indicator tones, I knew that it was a message. I checked my phone's inbox and found a slice message from Ryan. The message's sounds like this:

"For all final project students under Mr D's supervision, please take notes that Monday's meeting has been canceled and will be replaced to the Thursday's night because Mr D is on leave. we will finalize all chapters 4 and 5, including the references. Forward to others"

Well, It was a perfect relief even I know that it just for temporary before I need to put my ass back to work and become the workaholic person. Meaning, I have at least four days before the second meeting. I wonder how far I can go over the time period. hmm...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

F1 dan EPL

Well, I was so excited to spill down anything that came across in my head in this blog of mine just now. But suddenly all the ideas are disappeared to nowhere and my enthusiasm faded down into the drain. Now, I should carefully think the best part that I can share to all my regular blog readers, something worthwhile for me as well. Oh, does anyone read my blog? Do I have any regular blog readers? It's not important anyway as long as I could do something towards my passionate in writing skills. That is literally enough for me to feel the contentment.

After took a few minutes of considering about my today's life time, perhaps, only these things that I believe necessarily interesting to enlighten:
  1. I did my FYP slothfully and you definitely can predict how the progress is - it's bad
  2. I watched F1 qualifying in the evening, broadcast live from Sepang circuit and I was keen to see the 7 time world Champion, Michael Schumacher in the poll position or at least in the top three even the track was sluggish due to the torrential rain. Well, he failed to do so and will be starting at P8 tomorrow. I think he can do better as the commentator, Martin Brundell has labeled him as "Master of the Wet Track". Isn't it?
  3. Just another gloomy day after Man Utd was beaten up by Chelsea. Argh, now Chelsea has 2 clear points ahead of Man Utd and clinch the top place in EPL. I hope that Man Utd could dominate all the remaining games and to Chelsea and Arsenal, please lose some points in the next game.

Friday, April 2, 2010

"Release the Craken"

Even I'm still in the state of damn busy semester that I do not yet to find the dot point, I still have a chance to steal at least a few hours for movie. It just happened last night after my classmates and I enjoyed the Clash Of The Titans.

So, I watched just another fiction movie that some of my friends really know about my less intention in such type of movie.

Truthfully say that I'm a person that has a problem to understand the storyline of fiction movies. Since all the characters are freaking out my mind with their complicated abilities and magical power, so I find out those fiction movies are not intriguing me enough.

Even in this movie, I need to pay full attention and didn't want to miss out any seconds so that I could follow up the story until the end. However, I was still struggling to catch up with.

Today was Friday and I had an early morning class - Water engineering. As I slept quite late last night, it's a trouble for me to wake up. Yet, I was able to manage myself to attend the class even I was late for almost an hour.

I heard that Mr D was in our class early in the morning to check the student's attendance and he found only 3 students were in the class. And the rest were still not coming. I have no idea why he was suddenly eager to check the attendance for Water class despite he knew the students attitude pretty well of coming late to the class.

Furthermore, he is not the Water engineering's lecturer and he came to check the attendance early in the morning. For sure all students were still on their way. Even me, I was an hour late after the class start.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

CMID class is canceled....

All my group members realize that we still have a problem upon the CMID project especially at the utilities and the design part. So, we have been called to conduct an urgent meeting to figure out the best solution. So once again, we decided to have the meeting in McD.

So this week, we know that we need to present either the design part or the utilities of our project. When I come to think about both two, I decided to present the utilities part first as it's fully theory which I can just browse in the net and quoted all reliable statements rather than the design part.

To design the highway is not an easy task. Plus, I need to use software that I never get familiar with and to start the design in just a short time is totally absurd. I did come to the training of how to run this particular software last time but it just once and I think it does not enough. I need to expose more and it's requiring me some time to explore the entire fucking software.

Back to the story, after we spend a few hours to get some ideas of the utilities, finally we had done the entire requirement that need. Then we prepared the slides like what we did previously and start to memorize some explanation so that we could perform an excellent presentation.

Earlier in the morning, my friends told me that the class is canceled. I think it's a good news even I know the consequences is going bad. Surely after this, the class that canceled need to be replaced and more works will be overlapped to each other between the CMID project and FYP. To see whether it makes sense or not, only time would tell.

Well deserved photos after all that effort :)