Friday, July 3, 2009

23rd - proceed the test...

I would like to share a bit of what kind of test I'm running currently. As I wrote in the previous entry yesterday, It's something to do with the polarity tester and the short circuit tester. Both of these testers are highly required to maintain as it function to check whether the battery has an electricity flow or not. If the tester could trace the flow, the battery would be considered as reject and need to have a rework process for the solution. For better understanding, you have to know what kinds of materials are used, the ingredients and also the items before it could form a perfect battery.

Basic items which are very necessary to form a battery:
  1. container or casing
  2. seal or cover
  3. positive or negative plate ( certainly made from lead)
  4. straps or connector (certainly made from lead)
For container or casing, it's fully made from plastic component and so does with the covers. Basically, it comes with the various of sizes, weight and shapes, various of labels and appearances. Inside on each container, it has 6 partitions available to locate the specific numbers of plates based on the models or demands from purchasers.

Plates are certainly come from lead composition and it has two types of charges which are negatives and positives. Each charge has a specific role to play so that the battery could be activated towards something that need to be generated. These plates would be stacked inside the partition (available on the container) with the formation of negatives and positives plates alternately stacked. Both negative and positive plates need to be attached together at the plate's hook (each plate has this special hook) by using the connector and also called as strap. Not all these process can be done with human hands as it needs a serious and sufficient energy in term of temperature, pressure and many processes that is more complicated.

Once all these process are success and form a battery without covers (cover comes right after the test), it needs to go through the polarity test and the short circuit test to ensure for the battery is not facing any drawbacks. The objective of my test is, to make sure the polarity and short circuit tester is still relevant to use.

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