Monday, July 20, 2009

37th - randomness

Last night, I was with my friends and hung up around the cafe, located at Kota Seri Emas after the friendly match is over, just want to soak back the thirsty throat after it all dried up.

Just imagine, in a friendly match like that, no drinking water was available or provided from the home player for the guests. I didn't ask much but at least to put a container that full with crystal clear drinking water is just fine. I'm so grateful if they could provide that.

While waiting for the food to be eaten, we have a chat about the randomness stuff until one of the topics has grabbed my attention. Is there any possibility for me to have a public leave tomorrow due to the reminiscing of Isra'k MIkraj's night? (Does the spelling correct?) Is there any possibility for TKYB give this public holiday to all employees especially for Muslim?

For those people who are working under the state of N9, surely, they'll have but not for the people who are working around the region of Selangor. Moreover, the company is belonging to someone who is non-Muslim.

So, to have the better decision, I was phoned out to Kamil, Abidin and not to forget, my superior. All of them were saying the same thing, it's a working day for sure. Obviously, no chance for me to not come in the next day (I mean today, it's Monday)

Next morning, the topic change to the lazy morning, walking down to the canteen of TKYB company and have a chat with friends, usually with a warm water for me and teh tarik for them on the table, waiting to be drink. The issue is about my new hair design and the mood only happens in a bright and relaxed setting. Some of them didn't realize me until they turned their face for the 2nd or 3rd time. I got so many feedback from their perspective, listening on their reckon is all that I can do.

My superior was under her alternate leave since the management was pleased to announce the new working hours for 5 days per week effect from last 15th July 2009 as a group initiative to provide quality weekend to all employees. So, I'm a little bit free and could be anywhere without apprehensive, only the manager I need to beware in case he figures me out :)

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